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?El pie del taekwondista?:: exploración ecográfica a taekwondistas de la preselección nacional cubana
León Valladares,Dayneri; Villanueva Cagigas,Emilio; Anillo Badía,Ricardo; Roche Egües,Hilda Elena;
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 2009,
Abstract: introduction: the anamnesis, the physical examination and conventional radiographies provide limited information on acute, subacute and chronic injuries frequent in the tae knon do athletes. due to its harmlessness, relative low cost and high resolution, echography is a value method of complementary imaging exploration. the aim of present paper is to describe the injuries present in articular and periarticular structures of feet and ankles of tae know doe athletes. methods: a cross-sectional and descriptive study was conducted in 100 non-sportsman young peoples (control) and in the 20 members of tae knon do male cuban short list. they underwent diagnostic echographic exploration of feet and ankles according to methodology of imaging laboratory from sports medicine institute. data were processed by descriptive statistic. results: in the 95% of sportsmen evaluated there were distortions in ecostructure of this anatomic area, characterized by presence of heterotopic calcifications and osteoarthritis changes in foot dorsal area, findings suggesting the presence of early degenerative alterations called by authors as “tae know do athlete foot”. conclusions: the “tae know do athlete foot” may be a new clinical-imaging entity of sports “overuse”, related to direct and systemic traumata own of this sport. the degenerative changes of the intertarsal and tarsometatarsal joints of these sportsmen may to interfere with their future quality of life, thus it is recommended to deepen in this study to support better results.
Valor de la ecografía en la exploración de la rodilla de deportistas cubanos de alto rendimiento
Anillo Badía,Ricardo; Villanueva Cagigas,Emilio; Roche Egües,Hilda Elena; León Valladares,Dayneri;
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 2008,
Abstract: objectives: to show the possibilities of ultrasonography in the early diagnosis of alterations in asymptomatic athletes′knee structures, and the predisposing endogenous factors related to sport "overuse" lesions and to introduce it as a methodological procedure in the medical control of training of high-performance cuban athletes. methods: a descriptive cross-sectional study was performed on asymptomatic 300 non-athlete persons and 100 cuban olympic athletes. a novel methodology of sonographic scanning for the knee was used including static and dynamic studies, according to the sportive specialty, to determine the normal patterns, to detect alterations in joint structures as well as to estimate the sonographic rab (stands for ricardo anillo′s acronym, main author). an alternative to determine the misalignment of the extensor mechanism was created. the statistical processing used summary measures to compare sonographic alteration ratios observed in the knees and also chi square test. percentiles were calculated using data from 600 knees from non-athlete people and all this information was processed through the spss statistical program. results: fifty seven subclinical alterations were detected in the knees of 100 studied athletes, distributed as follows: 30 with synovitis; 26 malalignment of the extensor mechanism, 15 distorsions in hoffa′s fat, 14 changes in meniscus echostructure, 11 alterations in ligament echostructure and 7 in articular cartilage. conclusions: preventive sonographic diagnosis proved to be an effective imaging method for the biomedical control of athletes training. statistically significant differences were found in athletes and non-athletes in terms of frequency of sonographic alterations in the knees, being the athletes more prone to it.
Tratamiento quirúrgico de la hernia discal cervical por vía anterior (artrodesis intersomática)
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 1998,
Abstract: it was conducted a retrospective study of the patients with cervical soft disc herniation surgically treated at the "frank país" international scientific orthopedic center, from january, 1985, to december, 1994, using the intersomatic arthrodesis technique by anterior approach and the autologous graft of the iliac crest by the robinson-smith′s procedure. the most frequent levels of affection were observed in the c5-c6 and c6-c7 spaces. the best results were attained in patients aged 30-39, and the poor ones among those between 40 and 59 years old. all the males had satisfactory results with this technique, whereas half of the females had poor results. those results evaluated as poor were found in patients with a presurgical evolution time from 4 to 6 years.
Enfermedad de McCune-Albright
Marrero Riverón,Luis Oscar; Rondón García,Vilma; Melo Víctores,Martha; Chao Carrasco,Lina Aurora; Roché Egües,Hilda Elena; Roche Sánchez,Jorge Luis;
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 2005,
Abstract: the study of the diagnosis and follow-up of mccune-albright′s disease in a male patient aged 8 years affected by this rare entity was conducted.
Reparación microquirúrgica de las lesiones traumáticas del nervio cubital
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 1996,
Abstract: 31 patients with traumatic injuries of the ulnar nerve received surgical treatment in our center from january, 1988 to december, 1992. these injuries were more frequent among the male patients and at the ages from 15 to 44. the best results were obtained in the injuries repaired before the six months of occurrence and where the nervous interfascicular graft was used as a surgical technique.
Exploración ecográfica al pie de patinadores
Hernández Yanes,Yoany; Villanueva Cagigas,Emilio; Anillo Badía,Ricardo; Roché Egües,Hilda Elena; León Valladares,Dayneri;
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 2011,
Abstract: introduction: the convergence of factors leading to skate friction on some areas of skater's feet during trainings provoke nodular injuries. objectives: to explore and to describe the imaging features of these circumscribed excrecences present in the skater's feet as consequence of sports overuse. methods: a cross-sectional and descriptive study was conducted in 100 young no-sportsmen (controls) and in the 15 members of the cuban pre-selection of speed skating in april, 2009 (10 boys and 5 girls), all of them with more than 10 years of systematic sports practice. then underwent a diagnostic echographic examination in the institute of sports medicine to assess the condition of articular and periarticular structures of this area and data were processed by descriptive statistics. results: there were demonstrated echographic distortions in 100% of assessed sportsmen, mainly due to: circumscribed dermic thickening (100%), tendonitis (33,3%) and exostosis bursata (20%), manifestations included in an affection identified by authors as ?skater foot? whose external clinical expression is the presence of retrocalcaneal nodules, dorsal and/or foot medial region. conclusions: the skater's foot may be a disease entity with an imaging support and is related to direct and systematic friction of skate, characteristic of this sport and that not only involve the teeth's skin but it may to interfere with treatment or competence due to its association with other injuries.
Influencia de la corrección del metatarso primo varo en la cirugía del hallux valgus
Labrado Berea,Galia de la Caridad; Marrero Riverón,Luis Oscar; García Estrada,Elsa María; Remón Dávila,Xiomara de Jesús; Roché Egües,Hilda Elena; Guzmán Vázquez,Mariela; Roche Sánchez,Jorge Luis;
Revista Cubana de Ortopedia y Traumatolog?-a , 2003,
Abstract: this paper presents a retrospective study of 20 patients operated on from january to december, 2001 because they presented with hallux valgus and metatarsus primus varus, foot deformities characterized by angulation of the first metatarsophalangeal joint towards the midline of the body resulting from the increased value of metatarsophalangeal angle of the great toe and an increased value of the first intermetatarsal angle respectively. the results of the surgical treatment with correction or non-correction of the second deformity were analyzed.
Knowledge, Perception and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change among Farmers in Southern Agricultural Zone of Nasarawa State, Nigeria
ES Salau, EG Onuk, A Ibrahim
Journal of Agricultural Extension , 2012,
Abstract: Climate change is perhaps the most serious environmental threat facing mankind worldwide. The study was designed to assess the knowledge, perception and adaptation strategies to climate change among farmers in southern agricultural zone of Nasarawa state. The specific objectives were to: identify the sources of information on climate change by respondents; assess their knowledge and perception of climate change phenomenon; identify adaptation strategies used and the factors militating against their adaptive capacity. A multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select a total of 150 respondents from the zone for the study. Data collection was through an interview schedule. Simple descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage and mean scores were used to achieve the objectives. The null hypothesis was tested using a multiple regression model. The mean age of the respondents was 48 years. Majority (89.33%) of them were males while their average farming experience was 27 years. Most (38%) of the farmers in the area had no formal education and majority (76.7%) of them used inherited farmlands. Annual income level of the respondents was encouraging with a mean of N326, 461.30 per annum. Most (68%) of them relied on radio as their major source of information on climate change. The perceived indicators of climate change included excessive high temperatures, low and irregular rainfall pattern and low crop yields among others. Adaptation strategies used by the respondents included agro-forestry practices, crop diversification, use of organic manures, planting of early maturing and disease/drought resistant varieties. The major constraints to adaptation by the respondents were inadequate finance, poor infrastructures, unfavourable government/trade policies and poor technology. It was recommended that adult education programmes should be strengthened in the area to reduce illiteracy among farmers. Extension agents in the area should incorporate climate change information in their extension messages while government should intensify efforts in the area of integrated rural development.
APAC: An exact algorithm for retrieving cycles and paths in all kinds of graphs
Tékhne - Revista de Estudos Politécnicos , 2009,
Abstract: this paper presents an alorithm for retrieving all paths and all cycles between two vertices in random directed or undirected connected graphs. this algorithm can be easily implemented and is highly modular; with minor changes it can be adapted to obtain different parameters from the graphs. it is also demonstrated that the complexity of the algorithm increases linearly with the number of paths. the algorithm can be used in a myriad of applications. aside from calculating all the paths and cycles in a graph, it can be used to calculate all the paths with length l between two vertices in the graph, as well as a solution to the clique decision problem. thus, it has applications in computer networks, material science and electric networks, as well as in any problem where it is necessary to know the number of paths (not the optimal paths) in a directed or undirected connected graph or in multigraphs. the algorithms currently available in the literature, such as the depth-first search (dfs), are unable to solve this type of problems in a straightforward way.
Dietary Potassium Does Not Negatively Affect Blood Calcium in Periparturient Cows Fed Pasture
Roche JR,Kolver ES,Roberts A,Morton J
Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica , 2003, DOI: 10.1186/1751-0147-44-s1-p70
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