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Perfil cognitivo de pacientes con trastorno obsesivo compulsivo: resultados preliminares
Rodríguez Biglieri,Ricardo;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2008,
Abstract: the article presents preliminary findings from a doctoral thesis framework assessing the cognitive profile of obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd) patients. the obsessive belief questionnaire and the thought-action fusion scale were completed by 30 obsessive-compulsive disorder patients (ocd), 30 patients with other anxiety disorders (ac), and 32 community controls (cc). the comparisons showed that cc group had signifi- cantly lower scores than both ac and cc groups in all variables evaluated. the ocd group had significantly higher scores than ac in importance and control of intrusive thoughts, responsibility for harm, overestimation of threat, and in moral and likelihood for events happening to other people components of thought-action fusion (taf) beliefs. there were not statistically differences between ocd and ac groups in perfectionism and need for certainty, and in likelihood for events happening to oneself component of taf beliefs. therefore, these later beliefs could be understood as common factors related to all anxiety disorders, instead of specifically ocd related beliefs.
Por una ética de lo real
Jorge Ricardo Rodríguez
Límite , 2006,
Abstract: El presente trabajo procura reflexionar sobre la actualidad del psicoanálisis en el mundo contemporáneo. En primer lugar contrapone la práctica psicoanalítica a las prácticas psicoterapéuticas actuales que responden desde el discurso del Amo a los pedidos de liberación o evitación del trauma, desconociendo lo real en juego. En segundo lugar se sirve de algunas vi etas extraídas de la película de Woody Allen La vida y todo lo demás (Anything else), para confrontar una ética que toma bases en los derechos del consumidor frente a la ética que propugna el psicoanálisis, advertida del encuentro insistente con lo real. En tercer lugar redefine la dialéctica entre las categorías de lo real y el sentido, basándose para ello, en las ense anzas de Jacques Lacan de los a os 70. En cuarto y último término, el trabajo concluye reafirmando que no existe la clínica sin una orientación ética del terapeuta.
Matías Maestro, José del Pozo y el arte en Lima a inicios del siglo XIX
Ricardo Kusunoki Rodríguez
Fronteras de la Historia , 2006,
Abstract: El artículo es un acercamiento al arte lime o de inicios del siglo XIX, centrado en las figuras de Matías Maestro y José del Pozo. Se intenta ir más allá de definir este período como neoclasicismo, al centrar el análisis en las motivaciones de los comitentes y artistas. Para ello se ha recurrido a distintos tipos de documentos, sean cuentas de cofradías, sermones o periódicos, contextualizando así las piezas artísticas. En una sociedad corporativa y monárquica, el impacto de la Ilustración y el retorno a los modelos grecolatinos no generó un neoclasicismo en el sentido estricto, sino, como en toda manifestación periférica, la superposición de estratos estilísticos. El buen gusto impuesto por la labor de Matías Maestro y José del Pozo significó en realidad la subordinación de las manifestaciones artísticas locales a las de la Metrópoli, al imponerse dos artistas espa oles y sin formación local en el gusto oficial y de élite.
DFT and belief revision
Fermé,Eduardo; Rodríguez,Ricardo;
An??lisis filos?3fico , 2006,
Abstract: alchourrón devoted his last years to the analysis of the notion of defeasible conditionalization. he developed a formal system capturing the essentials of this notion. his definition of the defeasible conditional is given in terms of strict implication operator and a modal operator f which is interpreted as a revision function at the language level. in this paper, we will point out that this underlying revision function is more general than the well known agm revision [4]. in addition, we will give a complete characterization of that more general kind of revision and will show how permits to unify models of revision given by other authors.
A critical revision of the empirical literature on Chinese outward investment: A new proposal
Rodríguez Carlos,Bustillo Ricardo
Panoeconomicus , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/pan1105715r
Abstract: Research on China’s role in the globalization of economic activity focuses mainly on its involvement in trade and on its competitiveness as a manufacturing location for foreign investors. However, since the mid-1990s China’s outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) has become an important part of its integration into the global economy. This dimension is poorly understood, and few empirical studies about the drivers behind Chinese OFDI have been published thus far. After reviewing critically the empirical literature, which provides ambiguous results about the explanatory power of some of the large list of determinants put forward, we aim to provide a more accurate description of the motives behind Chinese OFDI. Using a panel data approach for the period 1995 to 2009 and for a large host country sample, we identify some key drivers. We find that host market size, natural resources and FDI openness are of paramount relevance. However, the asset seeking hypothesis is not confirmed.
Size Structure and Biomass of the Panama Grunt (Pomadasys panamensis) from Bycatch inthe Southeastern Gulf of California  [PDF]
José Alberto Rodríguez-Preciado, Juan Madrid-Vera, Ricardo Meraz-Sánchez
Open Journal of Marine Science (OJMS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojms.2012.21001
Abstract: A population analysis was made using data of the grunt Pomadasys panamensis. The information is from the catch from 260 hauls in estuarine waters, open-ocean waters, and off the coast of Sinaloa and northern Nayarit, Mexico, in the southeastern Gulf of California. The area of influence is about 120,000 km2 and includes about a third of the drag area of the largest shrimp fleet of the American Pacific. The average length in the population was 210 mm. The maximum length was 430 mm and the minimum was 50 mm. The analysis for the frequency distributions of the lengths and the multinomial solution produced representative modal groups for 160 mm, 190 mm, and 230 mm. The simulation of the biomass density gave an estimate close to 90 t, with 650,000 organisms before starting the fishing season in the region. The density was 0.19 kg ha–1. The colonization was 0.42% or 42 %. The model was validated using the Aikaikae criterion (AIC). The results provide an overview of the initial biomass densities and population structure of the species caught as bycatch, demonstrating the importance of this species abundance in the shrimp fishery, and generating a source of monetary income to the crew of the fishing fleet. The persistence of the species to fishing provides an example to study the mechanisms of survival.
A soil test for determining available copper in acidic soils of venezuela
Rodríguez,Belkys; Ramírez,Ricardo;
Interciencia , 2005,
Abstract: copper deficiency can become a limiting factor in crop production in venezuela due to the adoption of more intensive cropping systems by farmers. in spite of this, there is no calibrated test for proper soil cu determination. the purpose of this study was to evaluate five chemical methods used to estimate plant available cu in acidic soils. five cu extractants: dtpa, dtpa-hcl, edta, hcl, and mehlich 1 were used in a greenhouse experiment using corn as a test crop. cu extracted by dtpa, dtpa-hcl and edta was well correlated with soil clay, organic matter (om), ph and cation exchange capacity (cec). determination coefficients were used to measure the prediction power of cu extractants. dtpa-hcl and dtpa prediction capacity for separating responsive soils to cu from non-responsive soils was 69%, followed by hcl with 56%, edta with 55% and mehlich 1 with 51%. this suggests that dtpa-hcl and dtpa extractants could be a useful index for predicting cu deficiency in acidic soils.
Adaptación argentina del Cuestionario de Creencias Obsesivas
Rodríguez Biglieri,Ricardo; Vetere,Giselle;
Interdisciplinaria , 2008,
Abstract: this article is based on a doctoral thesis framework which assesses cognitive profiles in obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd) patients. we have divided the process into the following two studies: a linguistic and conceptual adaptation of the obsessive belief questionnaire - obq (obsessive compulsive cognitions working group, 2005) and an assessment of the psychometric characteristics of the adapted questionnaire. in the first study, original obq items were translated into spanish and then back into english, as is generally suggested by cross-cultural research methods. we achieved a revised and abbreviated version of the instrument consisting of 31 items. the results, based on a sample of 260 community controls (120 men and 140 women), were factor analyzed and divided into four sub-scales called: (a) perfectionism and intolerance for uncertainty (pic), (b) importance and control of intrusive thoughts (ict), (c) responsibility (r), and (d) overestimation of threat (ot). the above mentioned factorial categories accounted for more than 60% of total variance and were similar to those found by the authors of the original version, with the exception that ot and r sub-scales became two independent factors, while in the original version they were grouped in only one factor. internal consistency and test/re-test reliability, assessed over a 30 day period, were found to be excellent (α = .937; r = .83, respectively). in the second study, the obq-31, the beck depression inventory and the yale-brown obsessive-compulsive scale were taken by 30 patients diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd), 40 patients with other anxiety disorders (ac), and 120 community controls (cc). we also factor analyzed data from this total sample (n = 190) and obtained identical results as in the first study. in order to examine the convergent and discriminant validity of the obq-31, we did a series of analyses. on the one hand, the results of a one-way anova showed significant differences acr
Carlos Alchourrón y la inteligencia artificial
Carnota,Raúl; Rodríguez,Ricardo;
An??lisis filos?3fico , 2006,
Abstract: the main lines of research that carlos alchourrón developed in the philosophy of law, were connected, from the beginnings of the 80' s, to some critical problems in the artificial intelligence (ai). his contributions to the construction of a logic of norms were rapidly linked to automatic deduction and the legal expert systems. his concerns for the conflict of obligations that could arise in a normative system when a judge has to issue a ruling taking some particular facts into account were associated in his work with the more general notion of "defeasible conditionals" and with the formalization of non monotonic reasoning. but his most relevant contribution was the one derived from the search of a solution to the problem of multiple outcomes resulting from the derogation of a norm in a legal corpus, which may be considered -within an epistemic framework- analogous to the contraction of a set of beliefs. the constructive approach he worked out with david makinson converged with peter g?rdenfors' axiomatic, giving rise to the formulation of the theory of rational changes of belief (agm), which was adopted in ai as a model for the specification of the updates of knowledge bases as it usually involves a new belief that may be inconsistent with the old ones.
Una aproximación al análisis de las cadenas migratorias en Espa?a a partir de la encuesta Nacional de Inmigrantes
Revista de ciencia política (Santiago) , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-090X2010000300006
Abstract: this paper focuses on the first national immigrant survey in spain from the perspective of the migratory chains as an explanatory paradigm of migration processes in the country. the first part provides a literature review of key aspects o) the concept of migratory chains. in the second part, we identify and discuss the survey results related to migratory chains, such as: contacts in spain before arrival, influence of contacts in the decision to travel, money transfer, contacts in the immigrant's home country and intention of bringing relatives.

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