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Intraoperative Glycaemia Following Paracetamol with and without Glucose: A Randomized-Controlled Trial  [PDF]
Ricardo Mota Pereira, Fátima Gon?alves, Jo?o Costa, Filomena Couto, Carolina Sá, Isabel Neves, Lucindo Ormonde
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2013.49074
Abstract: Background: Hyperglycaemia is conversely a risk factor for perioperative complications. We are currently using a generic 3.3 g glucose containing formula of intravenous 1000 mg paracetamol for perioperative analgesia. Our main goal was to compare the trends of glycaemic values after administration of a generic 3.3 g glucose containing formula with a non-glucose containing branded formula of intravenous 1000 mg paracetamol. Methods: A exploratory proof-of-concept randomized clinical trial was conducted with 150 patients scheduled for elective gynaecologic. Patients were randomly assigned into three groups: control group (saline); active-control group: intraoperative administration of a branded non-glucose containing 1000 mg paracetamol formula; experimental group: intraoperative administration of a generic 3.3 g glucose containing 1000 mg paracetamol formula. The primary outcome was mean change from baseline in glaucoma. In case significant differences were found, the following secondary outcomes were explored: the proportion of patients with high glycaemia values (>150 mg/dL) and the proportion of patients with negative glycaemic variation. Results: Mean glycaemia change was higher after generic 3.3 g glucose containing paracetamol formula both in comparison to placebo (16.3 mg/dL [95% CI: 6.1 to 26.6]) and active-control (19.1 mg/dL [8.2 to 30.0] groups. Similar results were found in the intention-to-treat analysis. In only the experimental group, patients had high glycaemic values (11.3%). Conclusions: This study showed that in non-diabetic, under non-cardiac surgery, administration of a generic glucose-containing formula of intravenous 1000 mg paracetamol was associated with poorer glycaemic control. These results raise the question of a possible increased risk among these patients. Further studies using diabetic patients are recommended.
Prevalence of erythrocyte alloimmunization in polytransfused patients
Roberto de Oliveira Cruz,Mariza Aparecida Mota,Fabiana Mendes Conti,Ricardo Ant?nio d’Almeida Pereira
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: To determine the incidence and the rate of red blood cellalloimmunization in polytransfused patients. Methods: A polytransfusedpatient was defined as having received at least 6 units of red cellconcentrates during a 3-month period. The records of all patients(n = 12,904) who had received red blood cell units were examinedretrospectively by searching the computer database at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in S o Paulo, Brazil, over a 6-year period, between 2003 and 2009. Results: During this time, 77,049 red cell concentrate transfusions were performed in 12,904 patients. There were 3,044 polytransfused patients, 227 of whom (7.5%) presented with irregular erythrocyte antibodies. The prevalence of alloantibody specificity was: Anti-E>anti-D>anti-K>anti-C>anti-Dia>anti-c>anti-Jka>anti-S in 227 polytransfused patients. We found combinations of alloantibodies in 79 patients (34.8%), and the most common specificities were against the Rh and/or Kell systems. These antibodies show clinical significance, as they can cause delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions and perinatal hemolytic disease. About 20% of the patients showed an IgG autoantibody isolated or combined with alloantibodies. Interestingly, a high incidenceof antibodies against low frequency antigens was detected in thisstudy, mainly anti-Dia. Conclusion: Polytransfused patients have a high probability of developing alloantibodies whether alone or combined with autoantibodies and antibodies against low frequency antigens. Transfusion of red blood cells with a phenotype-compatible with RH (C, E, c), K, Fya, and Jka antigens is recommended for polytransfused patients in order to prevent alloimmunization and hemolytic transfusion reactions.
Evaluation of adenosine deaminase seric activity in the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis
Silva, Márcio Roberto;Mota, Pedro Moacyr Pinto Coelho;Leite, Ricardo de Miranda Henriques;Lobato, Francisco Carlos Faria;Leite, R?mulo Cerqueira;Lage, Andrey Pereira;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762006000400008
Abstract: determination of seric levels of adenosine deaminase (ada), an enzyme produced by monocytes/macrophages and lymphocytes, has been used in the diagnosis of human tuberculosis (tb). in the present study, ada seric activity was evaluated comparatively to the comparative tuberculin test in the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis. two hundred fifty-six cattle were classified by origin and by the comparative tuberculin test as tb-positive animals (n = 52, from herds where the mycobacterium bovis had previously been isolated), and tb-negative animals (n = 204, tb-free herds). the mean ada seric value from the tb-positive group (4.45 ± 2.33 u/l) was significantly lower (p = 0.008) than that observed in sera from the tb-negative group (6.12 ± 4.47 u/l). when animals from a herd with clinical cases of enzootic bovine leukosis of tb-negative group were withdrawn from analysis, the mean ada seric values of tb-negative group (5.12 ± 3.75 u/l) was not significantly different anymore from that of the tb-positive group (p = 0.28). there was no agreement in the diagnosis of bovine tb between comparative tuberculin test and determination of ada seric values, using two different cutoff points, being 6.12 u/l and 15.0 u/l, (kappa = -0.086 and kappa = -0.082, respectively). in conclusion, the determination of ada seric activity was not a good auxiliary test for bovine tb, because it was not able to distinguish between tb-positive and tb-negative animals.
Building Grassmann Numbers from PI-Algebras
Ricardo M. Bentin,Sergio Mota
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: This works deals with the formal mathematical structure of so called Grassmann Numbers applied to Theoretical Physics, which is a basic concept on Berezin integration. To achieve this purpose we make use of some constructions from relative modern Polynomial Identity Algebras (PI-Algebras) applied to the special case of the Grassmann algebra.
Endocardite infecciosa valvar submetida a tratamento cirúrgico: análise de 64 casos
Ribeiro, Demóstenes G. Lima;Silva, Ricardo Pereira;Rodrigues Sobrinho, Carlos Roberto Martins;Andrade, Pedro José Negreiros de;Ribeiro, Marcos Vinícius V.;Mota, Rosa M. Salani;Torres, Jo?o Martins de Sousa;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382005000100016
Abstract: objective: to identify some aspects of the infective valve endocarditis treated by heart surgery, as well as antibiotic therapy, in a public hospital, in the city of fortaleza, ceará state, brazil, from1988 to 2003. method: a retrospective and observational study of 64 patients with infective valve endocarditis who required aortic and/or mitral valve replacement, tricuspid vegectomy and repair or pulmonary valve valvulectomy, as well as antibiotic therapy, during their in-hospital stay. they were analyzed in respect to gender, age, time elapsed from hospital admission to the surgery, time elapsed from hospital admission to hospital discharge, valve lesion, blood culture result, surgical treatment and mortality. results: infective valve endocarditis treated with heart surgery was more frequent in the third decade of life. most of patients (81.2%) were males. the patients who died spent a shorter time from hospital admission to the surgery than the patients who survived. the aortic valve was affected in 65% of cases. positivity blood culture were seen in 42% and staphylococcus aureus was isolated in 52.4% of these cases. valve replacement was necessary in 93.7% of cases. the in-hospital mortality rate was 14.1% which was not influenced by the age of the patient or the blood culture result. conclusion: infective valve endocarditis treated by heart surgery was more frequent in men and in the third decade of life. it mostly affected the aortic valve. staphylococcus aureus was the more common pathogen found. almost all the patients needed replacement of the infected valve and the in-hospital mortality rate was 14.1%.
Produtos alimentares tradicionais: hábitos de compra e consumo do mel
Ribeiro,Maria; Matos,Alda; Almeida,Armandina; Fonseca,Arminda; Fernandes,Belmiro; Mota,Carla; Gon?alves,Engrácia; Garcia,Elga; Pereira,Etelvina; Gar??o,Helder; Guedes,Helena; Rodrigues,Manuel; Neto,Margarida; Abreu,Ricardo;
Revista de Ciências Agrárias , 2009,
Abstract: to determine the honey consumer?s profile and to describe purchase and consume habits are the objectives of this study. a cross-sectional survey was carried out in a probabilistic sample including 172 individuals of the braganza region population. after, a descriptive analyses is done to characterize the sample and purchase and consume habits of the inquiry. in this study participated 172 individuals, of which 41,9% are male and 58,1% are female. it was verified that the smashing majority is honey consumer (94,8%), they prefer the national honey because it is more available, it is tastier, it is quality and it is trustworthy (70,9%). the main form honey use is mixed with other foods (60,5%), the favorite place for the honey purchase is near the producer (51,7%) and the most important factor in the purchase decision is the palate (52,3%).
Análise da estabilidade elástica de treli?as espaciais
Pinheiro, Leonardo;Silveira, Ricardo Azoubel da Mota;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672004000200003
Abstract: the present work supplies a stability study of the spatial trusses using a nonlinear elastic formulation, based in the finite elements method, where the second-order effects and the structural geometry changing are considered. special attention is given to the stiffness matrix and the internal force vector calculations. from thus, it was made a computational implementation for the analysis of the spatial trusses behaviour. at the end of this paper, using structural examples found in the literature, the computational implementation efficacy and the formulation proposed are verified.
The influence of silane evaporation procedures on microtensile bond strength between a dental ceramic and a resin cement
Pereira Carolina,Buono Vicente,Mota Joao Mauricio
Indian Journal of Dental Research , 2010,
Abstract: Aim: To assess the influence of silane evaporation procedures on bond strength between a dental ceramic and a chemically activated resin cement. Materials and Methods: Eighteen blocks (6 mm Χ 14 mm Χ 14 mm) of ceramic IPS Empress 2 were cemented (C and B) to composite resin (InTen-S) blocks using a chemical adhesive system (Lok). Six groups were analyzed, each with three blocks divided according to ceramic surface treatment: two control groups (no treatment, NT; 10% hydrofluoric acid plus silane Monobond-S dried at room temperature, HFS); the other four groups comprised different evaporation patterns (silane rinsed and dried at room temperature, SRT; silane rinsed in boiling water and dried as before, SBRT; silane rinsed with boiling water and heat dried at 50°C, SBH; silane dried at 50 ± 5°C, rinsed in boiling water and dried at room temperature, SHBRT). The cemented blocks were sectioned to obtain specimens for microtensile test 7 days after cementation and were stored in water for 30 days prior to testing. Fracture patterns were analyzed by optical and scanning electron microscopy. Statistics and Results: All blocks of NT debonded during sectioning. One way ANOVA tests showed higher bond strengths for HFS than for the other groups. SBRT and SBH were statistically similar, with higher bond strengths than SRT and SHBRT. Failures were 100% adhesive in SRT and SHBRT. Cohesive failures within the "adhesive zone" were detected in HFS (30%), SBRT (24%) and SBH (40%). Conclusion: Silane treatment enhanced bond strength in all conditions evaluated, showing best results with HF etching.
Projeto e constru??o de um bioreator para síntese organica assimétrica catalisada por saccharomyces cerevisiae (fermento biológico de padaria)
Pereira, Ricardo de Souza;
Química Nova , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40421997000500017
Abstract: a model for the construction of a simple and cheap apparatus to be used as bioreactor for reactions catalyzed by baker's yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) is described. the bioconversion and separation of cells from products and residual substrates are obtained at the same time. the reactions carried out in this type of reactor are faster than those catalyzed by immobilized cells. yeast cells can be cultivated in this bioreactor operating with cell recycling at appropriated conditions using glucose and other nutrients.
A crian?a no Estado Novo: uma leitura na longa dura??o
Pereira, André Ricardo;
Revista Brasileira de História , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-01881999000200008
Abstract: this article analizes the discourse that justified the launching of a chilcare programe by the estado novo regime, in 1940, with the foundatiton of the departamento nacional da crian?a. i argue that this discourse belonged to a conservative view of the dualist metaphor concerning adults and children behavior as a struggle between evel and goodness, started in the xviii century. here, the discourse is depicted into its fundamental elements and compared to two differentes interpretations on the same issue: the feminist moviment project of social care and a critical study by the sociologist guerreiro ramos. i argue that simbolic elements of a collective mentality can be read in different ways.
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