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Determina??o de fatores de empilhamento através de fotografias digitais
Soares, Carlos Pedro Boechat;Ribeiro, José Carlos;Nascimento Filho, Moacir Batista do;Ribeiro, José Carlos Lopes;
Revista árvore , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622003000400007
Abstract: the objective of this work was to analyze the accuracy of piling factor estimates using digital photography and software especially developed for this purpose. six trucks carrying five piles each, owned by acesita energética ltd., were used in this research. the analysis revealed that the average difference between the factors determined by the photographic method and the actual factors was approximately 3.2%, with a tendency for over estimation of the values obtained by the photographic method. the "t" test analysis suggested that the differences observed between these factors were mainly due to the the poor piling up of the wood.
Determina o de fatores de empilhamento através de fotografias digitais
Soares Carlos Pedro Boechat,Ribeiro José Carlos,Nascimento Filho Moacir Batista do,Ribeiro José Carlos Lopes
Revista árvore , 2003,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho foi analisar a exatid o de estimativas de fatores de empilhamento obtidas através de fotografias digitais e de software especialmente desenvolvido para esta finalidade, em pilhas sobre caminh es. Para isto, foram utilizados seis caminh es com cinco pilhas cada um, pertencentes à ACESITA ENERGéTICA Ltda. Após as análises, verificou-se que a diferen a média entre os fatores obtidos pelo método fotográfico e os fatores reais foi da ordem de 3,2%, com tendência de superestima o dos fatores obtidos pelo método fotográfico. Pelo teste "t", verificou-se, também, que os fatores obtidos pelo método fotográfico diferiram dos fatores reais, principalmente devido ao mau empilhamento da madeira.
Determina??o de fatores de empilhamento através do software Digitora
Bertola, Alexandre;Soares, Carlos Pedro Boechat;Ribeiro, José Carlos;Leite, Helio Garcia;Souza, Agostinho Lopes de;
Revista árvore , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622003000600010
Abstract: the objective of this study was to evaluate the use of the digitora software to obtain piling factors. thus, stacks of eucalyptus wood were piled up manually on the soil. after the analyses, it was verified that: a) the digitora software provided precise piling factor estimates; b) there was a slight tendency towards overestimating the factors by digitora; c) the operator training related to classification of the points on the photographs in digitora is an essencial condition for obtaining precise piling factor estimates; d) the photographs should always be taken with activated flash and zoom.
Compara??o dos efeitos de duas técnicas fisioterapêuticas respiratórias em parametros cardiorrespiratórios de lactentes com bronquiolite viral aguda
Pupin, Melissa Karina;Riccetto, Adriana Gut Lopes;Ribeiro, José Dirceu;Baracat, Emílio Carlos Elias;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132009000900007
Abstract: objective: to compare the expiratory flow increase technique (efit) and vibration accompanied by postural drainage (pd) in terms of their effects on the heart rate (hr), respiratory rate (rr) and spo2 of infants with acute viral bronchiolitis (avb). methods: infants with clinical and radiological diagnosis of avb were analyzed. the hr, rr and spo2 were registered at four time points: prior to the procedure; and at 10, 30 and 60 min after the procedure. the patients were divided into three groups: submitted to the efit; submitted to vibration/pd; and control. results: we included 81 infants, 27 per group, with a mean age of 4.52 years and a mean weight of 6.56 kg. using anova, we found that the efit and vibration/pd groups presented no significant differences in relation to the control group in terms of the mean values for hr, rr or spo2 (p > 0.05). considering only the four time points evaluated, the mean rr was significantly lower in the efit and vibration/pd groups than in the control group (p < 0.05). conclusions: in terms of overall improvement of cardiorespiratory parameters, neither the efit nor vibration/pd provided any benefit to infants with bva. however, over time, respiratory physical therapy seems to contribute to decreasing the rr in these patients.
Aduba??o organica na produ??o de piment?o
Ribeiro, Luiz G.;Lopes, José Carlos;Martins Filho, Sebasti?o;Ramalho, Silvano S.;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362000000200012
Abstract: with the objective of evaluating the effects of the organic fertilization in the production of sweet pepper (capsicum annuum l.) cultivar nacional ag 506, two experiments were carried out: one experiment in the greenhouse and other at the agricultural center of the federal university of espirito santo (caufes) experimental station, in the city of alegre, brazil, from march to october, 1994. in the greenhouse six levels of earthworm compost were tested (0, 220, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 g/pot) associated with the absence or presence of chemical fertilization. the experiments were set up in a complete randomized blocks design, with five replications. only one plant was used per pot. after 45 days the dry matter production of plant tops and roots was evaluated. in the field 12 t/ha of earthworm compost (600 g per pot) were compared with 20 t/ha (1000 g per pot) of cattle manure, in the absence and presence of chemical fertilization. the experiment was laid out in a complete randomized block design, with four replications of ten plants per plot. in greenhouse the maximum top dry weight was obtained with 561.9 g/pot of earthworm compost and with 323.1 g/pot for maximum root dry weight. decrease in dry weight production was observed when higher amounts of earthworm compost were used. in a field experiment, sweet pepper production with organic fertilization was 7.0 t/ha higher when compared to chemical fertilization. there was no significant difference among sources of organic fertilization (earthworm compost and cattle manure),
Os periódicos de maior impacto na pesquisa contábil Brasileira e Norte-Americana: uma análise comparativa baseada nas cita??es em teses de doutorado
Mendon?a Neto, Octavio Ribeiro de;Cardoso, Ricardo Lopes;Oyadomari, José Carlos Tiomatsu;
Perspectivas em Ciência da Informa??o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-99362011000300006
Abstract: the main purpose of this paper is the construction of a ranking of the english language journals that most influences formation of the accounting thought in brazil, based on citations in doctoral theses. the paper has a descriptive characteristic; an archival procedure and quantitative approach has been adopted. in the construction of this journal ranking, we have used the methodology of chan and others (2009) based on citations analysis to facilitate a comparative analysis with their study which was the american case. the data base used was the doctoral theses on accounting from the faculty of economy, business and accounting of s?o paulo university defended between 1996 and 2009. the results are in accordance with those of chan and others (2009), and also provide evidence that rankings of top journals vary by specialty area and research method. in the brazilian case, the top journals cited are journal of accounting and public policy, the accounting review, the journal of finance, accounting, organizations and society.
Estudo de adapta??o da escala de satisfa??o com o suporte social (ESSS) a pessoas com diagnóstico de doen?a oncológica
Santos,Célia Samarina Vila?a de Brito; Ribeiro,José Pais; Lopes,Carlos;
Psicologia, Saúde & Doen?as , 2003,
Abstract: the aim of this study is to analyse the appliance of the escala de satisfa??o com o suporte social (esss) from ribeiro (1999) to a sample of cancer patients, and its psychometric proprieties. we also wanted to know its conceptual relationships with coping and quality of life. the esss was applied to 385 cancer patients, essentially female, on overage 55 years, low formal education, with a variety of recent cancer illness (time of diagnosis <3 months) without known metastasis and in the majority didn't still begin treatment of the disease. the component factor analyse and convergent-discriminant validity confirm the conceptual structure presented from the author with four domains (friends/friendships, intimacy, satisfaction with family and with social activities) although the sample documented a tendency to associate the satisfaction with friends/friendships to the intimacy. the scale showed a good reliability in all the domains (alpha cronbach from 0,66 to 0,89) but it is the friends/friendships that best explains the total variance of the scale. although presenting weak correlations, the scale showed to be sensitive to the conceptual interrelation with coping strategies and results in health, as quality of life. it is also sensitive to the demographic characteristics of the subjects in analysis. we can consider that esss is a reliable and valid instrument to evaluate the satisfaction with social support on cancer illness. however, we suggest other studies to reanalyse the properties of the scale especially in other phases of the illness.
Estudo de adapta??o da escala de ajustamento mental ao cancro de um familiar (EAMC-F)
Santos,Célia Samarina Vila?a de Brito; Ribeiro,José Pais; Lopes,Carlos;
Psicologia, Saúde & Doen?as , 2006,
Abstract: the aim of this study is to analyse the results of the translation/cultural adaptation of the mental adjustment scale to the cancer scale partner (eamc-f) and to study its psychometric properties. the original framework, called mental adjustment to cancer scale-partner (mac-p) was developed by watson and his collaborators with the basis of a mental adjustment to cancer scale (mac scale), in order to evaluate the strategies of coping and the emotional reactions to the cancer illness of the partner. the original version was translated into portuguese, replacing the words "cancer" by "illness" and "partner" by "familiar" in order to have a better acceptance in health services and a higher application in the familiar group. it was applied to a sample of 179 familiars of cancer patients with different anatomic localizations, six or nine mouths after the medical diagnosis. after a principal components analysis and convergent-discriminant validity of the items, 13 items are excluded from the original scale, staying the eamc-f with 27 items. the scale is made up of four components that describe the main styles of confrontation with the illness (hopeless/fatalism; fighting spirit; anxious preoccupation/disgusting and acceptation/resignation). the results show that we have a reliable, valid and sensitive scale. we conclude that eamc-f is an independent and specific framework recommended to evaluate the strategies used by the familiars of the cancer patients and their emotional answers. however, we recommend the necessity of new revalidation studies.
Métodos de extra??o para quantifica??o de cobre disponível em fertilizantes
Bastos, Ana Rosa Ribeiro;Carvalho, Janice Guedes de;Lopes, Alfredo Scheid;Alcarde, José Carlos;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832007000200005
Abstract: in this study available cooper (cu) content in different sources of this micronutrient was determined using several extractants. the cooper sources were: coppper oxide p.a. + copper powder p.a., copper oxide 40 ind., cuso4.5h2o p.a., chalcopyrite ore, copper powder p.a. and copper oxide p.a., and they were used in the following extraction procedures: total cu content and soluble cu contents in water, citric acid at 20 g l-1, neutral ammonium citrate (1 + 9) and dtpa at 0.005 mol l-1. the cu solubility in the latter three extractors was assessed after shaking the sample for one hour and boiling it for 5 minutes. alongside, growth and cu uptake by rice plants (oryza sativa l.) cultivated in an orthic quartzpsamment, fertilized with the different cu sources at rates of 0.0, 0.75, 1.5 and 3.0 mg dm-3 of cu, were evaluated in a greenhouse. the fertilizers differed in soluble cu as well as the total cu content. all tested sources were efficient in supplying cu to plants, although higher doses were necessary when the sources containing chalcopyrite and copper oxide 40 ind. were used, since these sources resulted in lower amounts of plant-available cu. a residual effect of cu was observed in the soil for all sources after the second rice cultivation. in view of the differences of the sources regarding cu solubility and agronomic efficiency, the use of a second warranty control is suggested to determine the cu content besides that of the total content. the extraction procedure using neutral ammonium citrate (1 + 9) at 1:100, with boiling for 5 min, proved adequate for the determination of the available cu content in fertilizers.
José Carlos Tiomatsu Oyadomari,Octavio Ribeiro de Mendon?a Neto,Ricardo Lopes Cardoso,Fábio Frezatti
Revista Universo Contábil , 2008,
Abstract: As pesquisas têm demonstrado que existe um gap entre a teoria e as práticas de contabilidade gerencial. Entretanto, a abordagem Value Based Management (VBM), por meio de um de seus mais representativos componentes, o Lucro Residual, tem sido apontada nas pesquisas como uma das mais adotadas pelas empresas nos últimos anos, embora a sua conceitua o seja bastante antiga. Para elabora o desse trabalho, recorreu-se à Teoria Institucional com foco na New Institutional Sociology (NIS), a qual tem sido utilizada por pesquisadores para explicar a estabilidade e os processos de mudan a das práticas de contabilidade gerencial. A escolha da NIS tem como grande motivador o foco dado por essa abordagem ao isomorfismo. Este ensaio, teve como objetivo identificar as contribui es da Teoria Institucional para explicar a institucionaliza o da VBM com foco na NIS. Como resultados, reflexos de uma análise crítica que comparou os acontecimentos com as teorias da NIS, concluiu-se que a institucionaliza o da VBM sustentou-se fortemente no pilar cognitivo-cultural, com utiliza o do mecanismo mimético. Outro fator causal relevante foi a necessidade dos administradores legitimarem suas a es perante os acionistas, o que se materializa pela ado o da VBM. Reconheceu-se, também, o papel institucionalizador das empresas de consultoria e da mídia especializada. Research has demonstrated that a gap exists between theory and practices in Managerial Accounting. However, research indicates that Value Based Management – VBM, by means of residual income, its most representative component, has become one of the practices most used by corporate managers over the last few years. This paper uses Institutional Theory, with a focus on New Institutional Sociology (NIS), which has been used by researchers to explain the stability and processes of change of managerial accounting practices. The choice of NIS is largely motivated by the focus this approach gives to isomorphism. The main purpose of this article is to identify the contributions of Institutional Theory to explanations of VBM institutionalization, with a focus on the NIS. The results, reflections from a critical analysis that compared events with the theories of NIS, concluded that the institutionalization of VBM is strongly sustained in the cognitive-cultural pillar, by use of the mimetic mechanism. Another causal factor was managers’ need to legitimate their actions to stockholders, which was materialized through the adoption of the VBM. They also recognized the institutionalizing role played by consulting companies and the spec
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