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Filosofía y universidad en la polémica entre Manuel Sacristán y Gustavo Bueno
Riba, Jordi;
Andamios , 2006,
Abstract: in this paper we try to recover, for the political history of spanish philosophy, the polemic between manuel sacristán and gustavo bueno, which started at the beginning of 1968. from this historical perspective they propose finally some suggestive reflections on the current importance of the polemic.
Filosofía y universidad en la polémica entre Manuel Sacristán y Gustavo Bueno
Jordi Riba
Andamios , 2006,
Abstract: En este escrito se pretende recuperar, para la historia política de la filosofía espa ola, la polémica desatada, en los albores de 1968, entre Manuel Sacristán y Gustavo Bueno. A partir de esta línea histórica se proponen al final algunas reflexiones sugerentes sobre la actualidad de la polémica.
Teoría moral y anomia
Riba, Jordi
Isegoría , 2008,
Abstract: From the distinction between the concept of anomie of Durkheim and Guyau, is exposed as Guyau taking that concept describes the need of the moral theory to take a turn in his conception. For Guyau the moral stops configured as a universal law, to become an individualistic conception of morality. For Guyau the process is not only inevitable, also it is desirable. A partir de la distinción entre la concepción de anomia de Durkheim y Guyau, en este texto se expone como Guyau tomando dicho concepto describe la necesidad que tiene la teoría moral de dar un giro en su concepción. Para Guyau la moral deja de configurarse como ley universal, para convertirse en una concepción individualista de la moral. Para Guyau el proceso no solo es inevitable sino deseable.
Traditional wrestling in Niger: between state voluntarism and ancestral symbolism
Mahaman L Sériba
Tydskrif vir letterkunde , 2005,
Abstract: Traditional wrestling occupies pride of place in Niger, compared to other sports and cultural activities. Interest in traditional wrestling is widespread among Nigériens from all walks of life: young men, adults, senior citizens, young women, mature women, adult men, handicapped persons, prisoners, peasant farmers, civil servants, artisans, housewives, politicians, marabouts (Muslim religious leaders/imams), féticheurs (animist priests), griots (wandering poets/musicians), trainers, researchers, journalists, labourers. In short, it can be asserted that traditional wrestling is firmly entrenched in Nigérien culture and generates unequalled enthusiasm. This unwavering popularity, built up over the years, is the result of the transposition of certain traits of political, social, cultural, sporting and economic life of Nigérien society into the National Championships of Traditional Wrestling. These championships, held in the various regions of the country, in turn, were institutionalised in 1975 by the government. This official intervention transformed traditional wrestling into a “great sport”, the king of sports in Niger. The predominant presence of the state administration in the organisation and management of the championships is justified by the official pursuit of national unity and social cohesion through the promotion of this sporting heritage. Cultural elements, like the opening prayer (fatiah), praise poems (take), poems of self-praise (kirari), formal salutations (gaysuwa), the giving of gifts and gratuities (kari), the wearing of charms (gris-gris) and the enthronement of the champion, transposed from the life of Nigérien society to the arena of the National Wrestling Championships, are the basis for the people\'s support of the championships and their identification with wrestling and wrestlers.
One Year Later: The Impact and Aftermath of September 11: "When Terror Is Routine: How Israeli Nurses Cope with Multi-Casualty Terror
Riba, S.; Reches, H
Online Journal of Issues in Nursing , 2002,
Abstract: The wave of terror that has befallen the Israeli civilian population over the past two years, striking deep into the heart of towns and cities all over the country, presents a unique challenge for the health care system in general and nursing in particular. This article has a two-fold purpose: (a) to describe discussions that took place with four focus groups consisting of emergency room nurses who had recently cared for victims of terror, and (b) to delineate recommendations for policy enhancement based upon these discussions. Qualitative analysis of the data collected from focus group discussions revealed four stages of personal and professional involvement, each one eliciting a specific response from the nurses: call up to report for duty, waiting for casualties to arrive, caring for the victims, and closure of the event. Nurses identified numerous hardships and great anxiety along with a strong sense of professional fulfillment. Recommendations for policy include: incorporating stress management and debriefing skills in post-basic ER training, designing workshops and drills in trauma care for non-ER nurses who float into the ER in the wake of a multi-casualty act of terror, and developing leadership seminars for head nurses in the ER departments.
Window-Dependent Bases for Efficient Representations of the Stockwell Transform
Ubertino Battisti,Luigi Riba
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Since its appearing in 1996, the Stockwell transform (S-transform) has been applied to medical imaging, geophysics and signal processing in general. In this paper, we prove that the system of functions (so-called DOST basis) is indeed an orthonormal basis of L^2([0,1]), which is time-frequency localized, in the sense of Donoho-Stark Theorem (1989). Our approach provides a unified setting in which to study the Stockwell transform (associated to different admissible windows) and its orthogonal decomposition. Finally, we introduce a fast -- O(N log N) -- algorithm to compute the Stockwell coefficients for an admissible window. Our algorithm extends the one proposed by Y. Wang and J. Orchard (2009).
Gametofitos de nueve especies de Callipteris y su comparación con otros géneros de la familia Woodsiaceae
Pacheco,Leticia; Riba,Ramón;
Revista de Biología Tropical , 2003,
Abstract: the development of the prothallia in nine species of callipteris bory (woodsiaceae), four species of diplazium, the genus from which callipteris has been segregated, and one species of dryoathyrium are studied in this paper. the data obtained are compared with the development of the prothallia of several other genera of woodsiaceae. the main difference between callipteris and the other genera of woodsiaceae was that the antheridia dehiscence of callipteris, occurs by an opercular cell and whereas some of diplazium and other woodsiaceae antheridia dehiscence occurs by a lateral or apical pore. the presence of antheridiogens is suspected on the basis of small ameristic male gametophytes in the cultures. spore germination in callipteris is vittaria-type, prothallial development corresponds to adiantum -type.
Gametofitos de nueve especies de Callipteris y su comparación con otros géneros de la familia Woodsiaceae
Leticia Pacheco,Ramón Riba
Revista de Biología Tropical , 2003,
Abstract: En este estudio se presenta el desarrollo de los gametofitos de nueve especies de Callipteris Bory (Woodsia-ceae), cuatro especies de Diplazium, el género del cual fue segregado Callipteris y una especie de Dryoathyrium. Los resultados obtenidos se comparan, con los de otros géneros de Woodsiaceae. La principal diferencia encontrada entre Callipteris y los otros géneros de Woodsiaceae fue que la dehiscencia anteridial de Callipteris se presenta por una célula opercular, mientras que la dehiscencia anteridial de Diplazium y otras Woodsiaceae es por un poro lateral o apical. Se sospecha la presencia de anteridiógenos, por la presencia de peque os gametofitos amerísticos y an-teridiados en los cultivos. En Callipteris la germinación es del tipo Vittaria, y el desarrollo protálico es del tipo Adiantum, para otros géneros de la familia, el desarrollo protálico puede ser también de tipo amorfo o Aspidium. The development of the prothallia in nine species of Callipteris Bory (Woodsiaceae), four species of Diplazium, the genus from which Callipteris has been segregated, and one species of Dryoathyrium are studied in this paper. The data obtained are compared with the development of the prothallia of several other genera of Woodsiaceae. The main difference between Callipteris and the other genera of Woodsiaceae was that the antheridia dehiscence of Callipteris, occurs by an opercular cell and whereas some of Diplazium and other Woodsiaceae antheridia dehiscence occurs by a lateral or apical pore. The presence of antheridiogens is suspected on the basis of small ameristic male gametophytes in the cultures. Spore germination in Callipteris is Vittaria-type, prothallial development corresponds to Adiantum -type.
Estrategias para aumentar la tasa de respuesta y los resultados de la Encuesta Social Europea en Espa a
Riba, Clara,Torcal, Mariano,Morales, Laura
Revista Internacional de Sociologia , 2010,
Abstract: The longitudinal analysis of the contact form data of the third round of the European Social Survey in Spain allows us to identify the most successful strategies in order to increase response rates in social and political surveys in Spain. The analysis of these data provides us with very useful information to estimate what are the likely gains in response rate due to the improvements of fieldwork design and supervision. More especially, we show in this paper that concentrating fieldwork efforts in locating and converting refusals with specific strategies such as a better controlling of interviewers, increasing incentives, and targeting respondents after the regular working hours and during weekends really pay off. El análisis de los datos de la tercera ola de la Encuesta Social Europea en Espa a y su comparación con los de las dos olas precedentes permiten descubrir los factores que más han incidido en la mejora de los resultados y cuál es el perfil de las personas sobre las que es más rentable concentrar los esfuerzos de localización y de conversión de negativas, siendo las localizaciones y las conversiones las que, en definitiva, han constituido las principales claves del éxito. El trabajo muestra que el aumento de la tasa de respuesta de la tercera ola con respecto de las dos olas precedentes fue debido esencialmente a un mayor y mejor control de los procesos de campo, a un incremento de los incentivos a los entrevistadores y a un mayor esfuerzo de localización y conversión de negativas en horarios fuera de la jornada laboral habitual.
Aplicaciones de la termografia infrarroja y la espectrorradiometría en el estudio del deterioro del patrimonio arquitectónico nacional
Cusidó, J. A.,Devant, M.,Riba, J.
Informes de la Construccion , 1996,
Abstract: It is well known the problems in ancient monumental buildings caused by atmospheric agents. Besides of natural causes, the rise in the atmospheric contamination levels has played an important role in the deterioration of the stones of our national heritage art. Regrettably the partial scientific knowledge of the causes that produced the called "stone disease", has taken to inappropriate restorations that far from solving the problem, they have increased the deterioration process. The need of finding quick and efficient diagnostic methods, specially non-destructive analysis techniques, has originated the use of Infrared Thermography and Spectroradiometry as support tools in the study of the deterioration of monumental stones. The first results are presented in this work. Son conocidos los problemas que la acción de los agentes atmosféricos causa a nuestro patrimonio monumental. Sin duda, el aumento de la contaminación atmosférica contribuye a aumentar las causas naturales del deterioro de las piedras que constituyen nuestro legado histórico. Lamentablemente, el conocimiento científico parcial de las causas que producen el denominado "mal de piedra", ha conllevado a restauraciones inapropiadas que, en no pocas ocasiones, lejos de solucionar el problema, han incrementado el proceso de deterioro o degradación. La necesidad de encontrar métodos de diagnóstico rápidos y eficientes, especialmente los denominados como técnicas de análisis no destructivos, ha dado lugar a la aplicación de la Termografía Infrarroja (TIR) y la Espectrorradiometría (ER) como herramientas de apoyo al estudio del deterioro de las piedras monumentales y cuyos primeros resultados presentamos en este trabajo.
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