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Production of Activated Carbon and Characterization from Snail Shell Waste (Helix pomatia)  [PDF]
Rhoda Habor Gumus, Ideyonbe Okpeku
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2015.51006
Abstract: Snail shell waste (Helix pomatia) has been evaluated as raw material for the preparation of activated carbon using ZnCl2 and CaCl2 with the temperature ranging from 500°C to 800°C. The activated carbon prepared was characterized, showing effect of temperature on ash content, pore volume and porosity. The adsorption isotherm for methylene blue was carried out on the activated carbon in a batch study. The adsorbent exhibited excellent adsorption for methylene blue. The experimental data were used for both Langmuir and Freundlich models. The adsorption coefficients of Langmuir isotherm were found to be 0.996 and 0.957 for CaCl2 and ZnCl2 while 0.969 and 0.962 were obtained for the Freundlich isotherm respectively. The value of RL was found to be 0.75 and 0.38 for samples CC and ZZ respectively, which is an indication that activated carbon impregnated with CaCl2 and ZnCl2 is favourable for adsorption of methylene blue under the conditions used in this study.
Rheological Characterization of Yam and Potato Paste (Dioscorea rotundata) and (Ipomea batata) for Adhesive Purpose  [PDF]
Rhoda H. Gumus, Iweikumo Wauton
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2014.42022

An experimental study has been carried out to determine the flow behavoir (rheological characterization) of potential adhesive of starch derived from sweet potato (Ipoemoa batatas) and yam (Dioscorea rotundata) at varying temperatures ranging from 40°C to 85°C with borax blend of 0.83%. The results obtained showed decreasing viscosity with an increasing temperature; potatoes had higher viscosity and density (27 × 103 cP), (0.813 g/m3) than yam (23 × 103 cP), (0.415 g/m3). The rheological data were evaluated by the power law and Casson models to describe the rheological behavoir. The Casson model gave a relatively poor fit to the experimental data with R values ranging from 0.899 to 0.967 from yam while a better fit was obtained for potato with r values ranging from 0.957 to 0.976. The predicted k and n values fit into experimental data (K = 26.36 and 0.388) and (K = 34.75 and 0.649) for yam and potato respectively; n < 1 showing Non-Newtonian behavoir. The relation between the temperature and K was described by an Arrhenius equation. Activation energies of 2.69 KJ/mol and 5.87 KJ/mol for yam and potato blends were obtained, indicating more sensitivity of yam blend to temperature compared to potato blend. With the experimental values obtained, a mathematical expression to relate shear stress and shear rate were proposed as:

On Steady MHD Thermally Radiating and Reacting Thermosolutal Viscous Flow through a Channel with Porous Medium
Promise Mebine,Rhoda H. Gumus
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/287435
Abstract: This paper investigates steady-state solutions to MHD thermally radiating and reacting thermosolutal viscous flow through a channel with porous medium. The reaction is assumed to be strongly exothermic under generalized Arrhenius kinetics, neglecting the consumption of the material. Approximate solutions are constructed for the governing nonlinear boundary value problem using WKBJ approximations. The results, which are discussed with the aid of the dimensionless parameters entering the problem, are seen to depend sensitively on the parameters. 1. Introduction Thermosolutal or double diffusive convection is a transition process that involves concurrent heat and mass whenever there exist temperature and species concentration differences in a medium or between media, with one dependent on the other. This simultaneous occurrence of heat and mass transfer gradients is considered under conditions of technological and engineering importance. These are usually found in fluid-saturated porous media and are encountered in a wide range of thermal engineering applications such as in geothermal systems, oil extraction, ground water pollution, thermal insulation, heat exchangers, storage of nuclear wastes, packed bed catalytic reactors, atmospheric and oceanic circulation. Buoyancy induced flows are rife with references as provided in the text by Rubin and Atkinson [1]. The study of an electrically conducting fluid, which influences many natural and man-made flows, has many applications in engineering problems such as magnetohydrodynamics (MHDs) generators, plasma studies, nuclear reactors, geothermal energy extraction, and the boundary layer control in the field of aerodynamics. Sharma and Chaudhary [2] classified magnetic fields according to their various applications, namely, terrestrial magnetic field, which is maintained by fluid motion in the earths core, the solar magnetic field which generates sunspots and solar flares, and the galactic field which influences the formation of stars. A valuable review of the recent advances and applications of MHD-based microfluidic devices have been report by Qian and Bau [3], providing an extensive coverage. Many scientific researches also have transcended the MHD applications to geophysics and astrophysics due to high temperature phenomena or high-power radiation sources. Examples are found in combustion applications such as fires, furnaces, and IC engines; in nuclear reactions such as in the sun or in nuclear explosions as reported by Ghoshdastidar [4]; in compressors in ships and gas flares in the petroleum industries as
Determination of Contact Angle from Contact Area of Liquid Droplet Spreading on Solid Substrate
Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies , 2007,
Abstract: Both complete and incomplete wetting were considered for the spreading of liquid drops on solid substrate. The liquid droplets were silicone oil, glycerine and hexadecane and the solid substrates are glass, polystyrene and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Wetting was characterized by measuring the contact angle formed between the liquid drop and solid surface. Small droplets of constant volume were used for the measurements in order to minimize gravitational effects. The contact radius was obtained as a function of time by an image analysis system and used for the calculation of the contact area. The contact area was then used to determine the contact angle. The contact angles calculated from contact area are in good agreement with the experimental values.
Constitution of the forest road evaluation form for Turkish forestry
S Gumus
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2009,
Abstract: It is highly important to describe the capabilities of existing forest roads in terms of all the functions assigned to them in line with forestry objectives and to define their conditions of utilization in the future. This study aimed at determining and grading the factors that are required to make an evaluation concerning the forest roads and preparing an evaluation form for them. Twenty-three evaluation factors and indicators that subgroup these factors were defined to evaluate forest roads. The method of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) was used to define the significance rates at the step of factor evaluation. Survey method was applied for expert group evaluation. Significance rates of the factors were found through an evaluation of the data obtained. After the significance rates of the factors that were regarded at the outset as significant factors for evaluation of roads were defined, factors having a significance rate of lower than 2% were extracted and calculation was repeated accordingly. After four iterations, the forest road evaluation form was prepared with 13 factors. Factors in the form and their respective significance rates were defined as vertical slope value, 12.73%; condition of superstructure, 6.89%; condition of art structure and its compliance with the draining system, 5.71%; availability of continuous access, 5.17%; transportation costs, 3.94%; availability of fire protection 12.37%; proneness to develop erosion and any water quality problem 11.45%; the risk of land-slide due to high hillside slope 12.55%; proneness to make pressure on water courses 5.97%; risk to damage or annihilate the wild habitats 5.63%; eligibility for forestry works 2.64% and eligibility for utilization for security 6.45%. The evaluation form was prepared as practical and handy to use.
World Press Freedom Day, 5 May 2008
Rhoda Kadalie
Global Media Journal : African Edition , 2011, DOI: 10.5789/2-1-42
Abstract: The Department of Journalism at Stellenbosch University held a conference in celebration of International Press Freedom Day on 5 May. Abbey Makoe of the Forum for Black Journalists, Rhoda Kadalie, human rights activist, Khathu Mamaila, editor, City Press, and Henry Jeffreys, editor, Die Burger, debated the pro's and con's of media freedom. The respondent was Prof Wayne Wanta, a visiting Fulbright professor from Missouri University.
Problems of Evil and the Power of God
Rhoda, Alan
Ars Disputandi : the Online Journal for Philosophy of Religion , 2010,
Le r le de la langue et de la civilisation francophones face aux réformes kémalistes
Hüseyin Gumus
Synergies Turquie , 2008,
Abstract: Par le besoin de communication l’homme a ainsi inventé le langage. La popularité d’une langue vivante dépend des m urs, des traditions, de la civilisation, du pouvoir économique et technologique de la communauté parlant cette langue. Le professeur de langue étrangère représente toujours la culture, la littérature et la civilisation du pays en question ; car le professeur reste, aux yeux des élèves, le meilleur laboratoire et la meilleure méthode. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, fondateur de la nouvelle Turquie, disait que la culture est l’essentiel de la République turque . Nous savons aussi que, dans le monde moderne, il est indispensable de savoir au moins une langue étrangère pour pouvoir être un bon éducateur, professeur et même citoyen. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk a re u une formation fran aise qui a joué un r le important dans les réformes qu’il a réalisées pour la modernisation et la démocratisation : La déposition du sultan, la suppression du Califat, l’adoption l’adaptation du code civil, la fermeture des médrésés et des tekkés, la réforme de l’écriture, le changement de coiffure et le problème de costume, l’égalité entre l’homme et la femme. C’est la raison pour laquelle il a déclaré : Nous élèverons notre société au-dessus du niveau de la civilisation contemporaine.
Eating Disorders and Body Image Perception among University Students
Yasemin Akdevelioglu,Huseyin Gumus
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition , 2010,
Abstract: This study aimed to determine the prevalence of eating disorders and body image among university students undertaking nutrition education. Subjects included 577 students from Gazi University, Faculty of Vocational Education, Department of Food and Nutrition Education (Group 1 n = 299) and other departments (Group 2 n = 278) which did not involve nutrition education. The Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-40), body cathexis index and anthropometric measurements were used to assess eating attitudes. The results showed that 75.9% of nutrition educated students and 83.5% of others had normal BMI (18.5-24.9 kg/m2). Thirty-four of the 577 students had an EAT-40 score over the cut-off level of 30. Thus, 14% of the nutrition educated were at high risk and 9.7% at moderate risk. Among others, 7.2% were at high risk and 13.3% at moderate risk. It was also seen that 30.1% of the nutrition educated and 29.5% of others were dissatisfied with their bodies. The mean EAT-40 score of all participants was 15.1±10.68; body cathexis score was 147.9±21.48. The difference between the two index means was not significant (p>0.05). A weak negative relationship was found between BMI, EAT-40 and the body image perception score. The results indicated that the prevalence of abnormal eating attitudes and behaviors was 5.9% among students. Nutrition education was found to have no effect on the occurrence of abnormal eating attitudes and behaviors.
Does giant breast tumour have an increased complication risk for subcutaneous mastectomy and reconstruction?
Coban Yusuf,Gumus Nazim
Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery , 2006,
Abstract: Prosthetic breast reconstruction after subcutaneous mastectomy has some complications such as skin necrosis, loss of areola-nipple, haematoma, seroma, infection, displacement of implants, areola nipple disposition and inadequate skin construction resulting in skin wrinkles. We discuss whether giant breast tumour has an increased complication risk after the surgery, in this paper which reports a patient with giant breast tumour i.e., a large recurrent fibroadenoma in the same breast. Subcutaneous mastectomy was performed without skin reduction through submammary incision. Total muscular coverage was provided for immediate reconstruction using 350 cc gel- filled breast implant. Though haematoma or seroma didn′t exist, superficial skin necrosis developed subsequently. Spontaneous epithelisation was observed all of the necrosis area to cover this area in a few weeks. Initially, skin coverage and areola nipple position on the breast was acceptable, but 8 months after the operation, skin reconstruction was not good enough to provide good skin envelope. Just as as skin lack or insufficiency is a severe problem in breast reconstruction, excess skin may be another trouble for providing an acceptable breast shape.
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