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Potential for Community and Conservation Reserves in the Western Ghats, India
Arun Kanagavel,Shijo Joseph,Revati Pandya,Rajeev Raghavan
Asian Journal of Conservation Biology , 2013,
Abstract: Protected Areas represent the world’s economic and political commitment towards the conservation of biodiversity. The Western Ghats (WG) in peninsular India, part of the Western Ghats-Sri Lanka Hotspot has the highest human population density and population pressure in the world and is in need of urgent conservation attention. Community Reserves and Conservation Reserves are protected area systems in India which integrate local communities as well as private organisations into protected area management. The potential for Community and Conservation Reserves was evaluated at 25 reserve forests and privately owned/leased forest fragments at Kodaikanal, Theni and Valparai, which are limited-access areas in the human-dominated landscape of the southern WG. Data collection at each site, on a range of issues, was based upon the characteristics of local communities which would be central to the integration of resource-use, community participation and biodiversity conservation. The sites where local communities preferred to participate in protected area management were further prioritized through ranking them for the variables and index calculated. Sixteen potential, community and conservation reserves were subsequently identified and prioritised. An analysis of the perceptions, of forest department officials and conservation researchers, towards the establishment of such reserves revealed that they were unsure whether these reserve systems would be beneficial for biodiversity conservation.
General Topology of the Universe  [PDF]
Aalok Pandya
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.516235

General topology of the universe is described. It is concluded that topology of the present universe is greater or stronger than the topology of the universe in the past and topology of the future universe will be stronger or greater than the present topology of the universe. Consequently, the universe remains unbounded. The general topological approach comprises of powerful techniques that could prove to be useful to prescribe mathematical constraints on the global character of the universe as well as on the manifold of space-time.

Bayes Estimation of Change Point in Discrete Maxwell Distribution
Mayuri Pandya,Hardik Pandya
International Journal of Quality, Statistics, and Reliability , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/395034
Abstract: A sequence of independent lifetimes 1,…,,
iPhone Security Analysis  [PDF]
Vaibhav Ranchhoddas Pandya, Mark Stamp
Journal of Information Security (JIS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jis.2010.12009
Abstract: The release of Apple’s iPhone was one of the most intensively publicized product releases in the history of mobile devices. While the iPhone wowed users with its exciting design and features, it also angered many for not allowing installation of third party applications and for working exclusively with AT & T wireless services (in the US). Besides the US, iPhone was only sold only in a few other selected countries. Software attacks were developed to overcome both limitations. The development of those attacks and further evaluation revealed several vulnerabilities in iPhone security. In this paper, we examine some of the attacks developed for the iPhone as a way of investigating the iPhone’s security structure. We also analyze the security holes that have been discovered and make suggestions for improving iPhone security.
Contacts, images and imagination; The impact of a road in the Jarwa reserve forest, Andaman Islands
Vishvajit Pandya
Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde , 2002,
Interactive effect of co-operative learning model and learning goals of students on academic achievement of students in mathematics
Shefali Pandya *
Mevlana International Journal of Education , 2011,
Abstract: The study seeks to ascertain whether co-operative learning model is equally effective for students with mastery and performance goals. The study uses quasi-experimental and factorial design for conducting the experiment. The experiment was conducted on 153 students of standard IX studying in schools affiliated to the SSC Board and with English as the medium of instruction. It has used two tools, namely, achievement test in mathematics and learning goals inventory both developed by the researcher. The researcher has also developed an instructional programme for co-operative learning. The techniques used to test the hypotheses include the ttest, ANOVA and ANCOVA. The study found that the effect of the co-operative learning model on students’ academic achievement is maximum. Co-operative learning model was found to be more effective for students with mastery goals whereas the traditional lecture method is found to be more effective for students with performance goals
Labour analgesia: Recent advances
Pandya Sunil
Indian Journal of Anaesthesia , 2010,
Abstract: Advances in the field of labour analgesia have tread a long journey from the days of ether and chloroform in 1847 to the present day practice of comprehensive programme of labour pain management using evidence-based medicine. Newer advances include introduction of newer techniques like combined spinal epidurals, low-dose epidurals facilitating ambulation, pharmacological advances like introduction of remifentanil for patient-controlled intravenous analgesia, introduction of newer local anaesthetics and adjuvants like ropivacaine, levobupivacaine, sufentanil, clonidine and neostigmine, use of inhalational agents like sevoflourane for patient-controlled inhalational analgesia using special vaporizers, all have revolutionized the practice of pain management in labouring parturients. Technological advances like use of ultrasound to localize epidural space in difficult cases minimizes failed epidurals and introduction of novel drug delivery modalities like patient-controlled epidural analgesia (PCEA) pumps and computer-integrated drug delivery pumps have improved the overall maternal satisfaction rate and have enabled us to customize a suitable analgesic regimen for each parturient. Recent randomized controlled trials and Cochrane studies have concluded that the association of epidurals with increased caesarean section and long-term backache remains only a myth. Studies have also shown that the newer, low-dose regimes do not have a statistically significant impact on the duration of labour and breast feeding and also that these reduce the instrumental delivery rates thus improving maternal and foetal safety. Advances in medical technology like use of ultrasound for localizing epidural space have helped the clinicians to minimize the failure rates, and many novel drug delivery modalities like PCEA and computer-integrated PCEA have contributed to the overall maternal satisfaction and safety.
Reflections:Turning points in my medical career
Sunil Pandya
Mens Sana Monographs , 2006,
Abstract: I have reviewed briefly persons who have influenced me during my years as a student of medicine and to date. I have been blessed in my teachers and owe everything I am to them. The chief lessons they taught me were integrity, sincerity, the need to keep learning and practice ethically keeping the welfare of the patient in mind all the time. Above all, they taught me to observe the Golden Rule**.
Understanding brain, mind and soul: Contributions from neurology and neurosurgery
Pandya Sunil
Mens Sana Monographs , 2011,
Abstract: Treatment of diseases of the brain by drugs or surgery necessitates an understanding of its structure and functions. The philosophical neurosurgeon soon encounters difficulties when localising the abstract concepts of mind and soul within the tangible 1300-gram organ containing 100 billion neurones. Hippocrates had focused attention on the brain as the seat of the mind. The tabula rasa postulated by Aristotle cannot be localised to a particular part of the brain with the confidence that we can localise spoken speech to Broca′s area or the movement of limbs to the contralateral motor cortex. Galen′s localisation of imagination, reasoning, judgement and memory in the cerebral ventricles collapsed once it was evident that the functional units-neurones-lay in the parenchyma of the brain. Experiences gained from accidental injuries (Phineas Gage) or temporal lobe resection (William Beecher Scoville); studies on how we see and hear and more recent data from functional magnetic resonance studies have made us aware of the extensive network of neurones in the cerebral hemispheres that subserve the functions of the mind. The soul or atman, credited with the ability to enliven the body, was located by ancient anatomists and philosophers in the lungs or heart, in the pineal gland (Descartes), and generally in the brain. When the deeper parts of the brain came within the reach of neurosurgeons, the brainstem proved exceptionally delicate and vulnerable. The concept of brain death after irreversible damage to it has made all of us aware of ′the cocktail of brain soup and spark′ in the brainstem so necessary for life. If there be a soul in each of us, surely, it is enshrined here.
Dr. Anil D. Desai (1924-2006)
Pandya Sunil
Neurology India , 2007,

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