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A Critical Review of Research Methods Used in: “Use of Risk Assessment Instruments to Predict Violence and Antisocial Behavior in 73 Samples Involving 24,827 People”
Renee Ann Pistone
Global Journal of Health Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/gjhs.v5n1p87
Abstract: Our society requires that experts predict incidences of violence with greater speed and accuracy. We have seen the rise in violence that is random and public. The shootings leave society wondering how could this tragedy have been prevented. Why were the warning signs ignored? This article posits that considering personality traits along with other risk assessments can help make psychologists better predictors of violent behavior.
Struggles for Modern Education: Egalitarian Liberalism and Its Quest For Equal Access to Opportunity
Renee Ann Pistone
International Education Studies , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v3n3p170
Abstract: Annette Lareau’s sociological study entitled, Unequal Childhoods describes two very distinct types of parenting styles and roles. Lareau characterizes them as concerted cultivation and accomplishment of natural growth. The study documents how middle-class children are directed toward achievement at early ages and this is called concerted cultivation (Lareau, 2003.) The study details how middle-class children gain a significant advantage over other children because of their parents’ economic resources (Lareau, 2003). Using their economic prowess, middle-class parents foster their children’s skills and talents through this process Lareau called concerted cultivation (Lareau, 2003). Middle-class parents develop their children through after-school activities and verbal communication with their children (Lareau, 2003). Also, these parents tend to have more interactions with school officials and teachers. Therefore, communication plays a larger role within this paradigm, as Lareau states, “discussions between parents and children are the hallmark of middle-class child rearing. Like many middle-class parents, Ms.Williams and her husband see themselves as developing Alexander to cultivate his talents in a concerted fashion”(Lareau, 2003).
A Voice Fom the Past, Saint Ignatius' Thoughts On the Role of Sacrifice: Sacrifice Impacts Modern Ecclesiology Via Church Ministry
Renee Ann Pistone
Review of European Studies , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/res.v2n1p25
Abstract: Christian sacrifice leads to salvation and this cheating of death is a spiritual gift from God. Christ preserves humanity as his death atones for our sins. This notion of sacrifice translates into how the Church is structured. We need only look to Saint Ignatius of Loyola's works, as a primary source, to shed more light about how Christians are protected from death and from Satan. Saint Ignatius, also a Spanish Knight, provides us with European thought regarding the notions of sacrifice. He was also the founder of the Jesuit Order.
Case Study: Helping Corporate Board Members Stay Diligent (Post Enron)
Renee Ann Pistone
International Journal of Business and Management , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v5n5p51
Abstract: The Enron financial scandal impacted Wall Street and Board rooms within multinational corporations. Board Members need guidance in order to prevent fraud and abuse. The attorney featured in the following hypothetical faces serious ethical dilemmas. This hypothetical is unique because it involves an attorney Board Member facing ethical problems within a large business organization, as opposed to a one-on-one attorney-client situation. Here, the attorney Board Member, has a significant financial stake in the outcome. Certain issues will be delved into and analyzed according to customarily accepted Ethical standards for Board Members. Later on, this article is supplemented by federal and state case law. Supplemental cases were specifically chosen to emphasize and relay certain key principles of black letter law. Also, this article offers Board Members some reasonable alternatives to follow in order to follow due diligence.
Writing Center Tutors Have the Luxury to Focus on Individual Student Care Giving as Opposed to Formal Classroom Settings That Are Less Care Centered
Renee Ann Pistone
English Language Teaching , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/elt.v3n2p10
Abstract: Undergraduate and graduate students come to the writing center for consultations with peer tutors in order to improve their communication skills. During thirteen peer tutoring sessions (over the course of one semester) it became clear that these students were meeting with the tutors, that I supervised, for more than just help with their writing. I observed six male and seven female students that needed help. There were five international students and they were considered ESL-English as a Second Language students. Interestingly, all the students indicated a high level of frustration (by a perceived lack of caring on the part of their Professors) who made comments on their assignments. They came to the Center, hurt and confused, and in need of some deciphering about just what their Professors wanted from them. The students were uncomfortable with approaching their Professors to discuss the papers. The Professors, were truly overwhelmed with department and research obligations making it hard to meet with students repeatedly. It became clear that the writing center tutor needed to fill this role by employing a more caring tutoring approach.
Loopholes in Regional Laws Allow for Incomplete Remediation Thwarting Environmental Sustainability
Renee Ann Pistone
Journal of Sustainable Development , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/jsd.v3n2p35
Abstract: At least 103 children in Toms River, Dover Township, New Jersey had been diagnosed with cancer in what is believed to be the nation’s largest child cancer cluster. In 1995, a state study found that incidence of cancer among children in Toms River was higher than any other part of the state. In Dover Township, it was reported that 90 children were found to have various types of cancer between 1979 and 1995. Since the original cases, 28 more children there have been found to have cancer, the families said. Over a period of decades, chemical plants, including ones owned by Ciba-Geigy released industrial pollutants into the Toms River. Industrial pollutants leached into the township’s groundwater supply. The pollutants included chemicals used in the manufacture of epoxies, resins, and dyestuffs. In 1983, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) listed the site on the Superfund National Priorities List that includes the country’s most polluted sites. Remediation is now underway at the site and is expected to be completed by the end of 2010. The remediation efforts do not include removal of all the drums. The drums should not be left there in order to keep costs down. The problem here is that loopholes in the law regarding how remediation is carried out in New Jersey allow for too much agency discretion. The compromises that are made between state officials and businesses to lower remediation costs should never raise the citizen’s health risk. This compromise means that drums will be left on-site. The drums will leak again and it is just a matter of time. Leaving the drums there is a danger, an unnecessary risk that leaves children at risk for further injuries. In short, this case study is an example of the large barriers preventing sustainability at the regional level.
A Critical Examination of Heidegger’s Thoughts: Technology Places Humanity in Shackles Hindering Our Natural Thinking Process and Our Connection to Being
Renee Ann Pistone
Computer and Information Science , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/cis.v3n2p34
Abstract: Technological advancements such as artificial intelligence have encroached upon humanity’s ability to think creatively. We rely on technical gadgets to add simple calculations and to retain listing and directories leading to memory loss. At times, we often cannot recall simple details and phone numbers since these things are all stored on our small hand-held computers. We must begin to consider how our technological advancements, in their many forms, are permeating our lives. As technology, especially computers, become increasingly smarter, we use our brains less resulting in a total surrender of our very lives to these gadgets. This marked and prolific worship of technology has separated us from our connection to our environment.
Examples of the Application of Nonparametric Information Geometry to Statistical Physics
Giovanni Pistone
Entropy , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/e15104042
Abstract: We review a nonparametric version of Amari’s information geometry in which the set of positive probability densities on a given sample space is endowed with an atlas of charts to form a differentiable manifold modeled on Orlicz Banach spaces. This nonparametric setting is used to discuss the setting of typical problems in machine learning and statistical physics, such as black-box optimization, Kullback-Leibler divergence, Boltzmann-Gibbs entropy and the Boltzmann equation.
$κ$-exponential models from the geometrical viewpoint
Giovanni Pistone
Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.1140/epjb/e2009-00154-y
Abstract: We discuss the use of Kaniadakis' $\kappa$-exponential in the construction of a statistical manifold modelled on Lebesgue spaces of real random variables. Some algebraic features of the deformed exponential models are considered. A chart is defined for each strictly positive densities; every other strictly positive density in a suitable neighborhood of the reference probability is represented by the centered $\Kln$ likelihood
Nonparametric Information Geometry
Giovanni Pistone
Statistics , 2013,
Abstract: The differential-geometric structure of the set of positive densities on a given measure space has raised the interest of many mathematicians after the discovery by C.R. Rao of the geometric meaning of the Fisher information. Most of the research is focused on parametric statistical models. In series of papers by author and coworkers a particular version of the nonparametric case has been discussed. It consists of a minimalistic structure modeled according the theory of exponential families: given a reference density other densities are represented by the centered log likelihood which is an element of an Orlicz space. This mappings give a system of charts of a Banach manifold. It has been observed that, while the construction is natural, the practical applicability is limited by the technical difficulty to deal with such a class of Banach spaces. It has been suggested recently to replace the exponential function with other functions with similar behavior but polynomial growth at infinity in order to obtain more tractable Banach spaces, e.g. Hilbert spaces. We give first a review of our theory with special emphasis on the specific issues of the infinite dimensional setting. In a second part we discuss two specific topics, differential equations and the metric connection. The position of this line of research with respect to other approaches is briefly discussed.
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