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Escherichia coli in seafood: A brief overview  [PDF]
Renata Albuquerque Costa
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2013.43A060

Considering the importance of researching the bacteriological quality of seafood, the following study aimed to make a brief overview on the occurrence of Escherichia coli in marine fish and shellfish, and to discuss the sanitary importance that the isolation of this enterobacteria represents to public health.

Incidence of respiratory viruses in preterm infants submitted to mechanical ventilation
Diniz, Edna Maria de Albuquerque;Vieira, Renata Amato;Ceccon, Maria Esther Jurfest;Ishida, Maria Akiko;Vaz, Flávio Adolfo Costa;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46652005000100007
Abstract: the objectives of this study were to determine the incidence of infection by respiratory viruses in preterm infants submitted to mechanical ventilation, and to evaluate the clinical, laboratory and radiological patterns of viral infections among hospitalized infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (nicu) with any kind of acute respiratory failure. seventy-eight preterm infants were studied from november 2000 to september 2002. the newborns were classified into two groups: with viral infection (group i) and without viral infection (group ii). respiratory viruses were diagnosed in 23 preterm infants (29.5%); the most frequent was respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) (14.1%), followed by influenza a virus (10.2%). rhinorrhea, wheezing, vomiting and diarrhea, pneumonia, atelectasis, and interstitial infiltrate were significantly more frequent in newborns with nosocomial viral infection. there was a correlation between nosocomial viral infection and low values of c-reactive protein. two patients with mixed infection from group i died during the hospital stay. in conclusion, rsv was the most frequent virus in these patients. it was observed that, although the majority of viral lower respiratory tract infections had a favorable course, some patients presented a serious and prolonged clinical manifestation, especially when there was concomitant bacterial or fungal infection.
Antibacterial effect (in vitro) of Moringa oleifera and Annona muricata against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria
Viera, Gustavo Hitzschky Fernandes;Mour?o, Jozeanne Alves;?ngelo, ?ngela Maria;Costa, Renata Albuquerque;Vieira, Regine Helena Silva dos Fernandes;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46652010000300003
Abstract: antibacterial effects of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of seeds of moringa (moringa oleifera) and pods of soursop (annona muricata) in the concentration of 1:5 and 1:10 in volumes 50, 100, 150 and 200 μl were examined against staphylococcus aureus, vibrio cholerae, escherichia coli (isolated from the organism and the aquatic environment) and salmonella enteritidis. antibacterial activity (inhibition halo > 13 mm) against s. aureus, v. cholerae and e. coli isolated from the whiteleg shrimp, litopenaeus vannmaei, was detected in aqueous and ethanolic extracts of moringa. e. coli isolated from tilapiafish, oreochromis niloticus, was sensitive to the ethanolic extract of moringa. the aqueous extracts of soursop showed an antibacterial effect against s. aureus and v. cholerae, but the antibacterial activity by the ethanol extracts of this plant was not demonstrated.
Raw oysters can be a risk for infections
Vieira, Regine Helena Silva dos Fernandes;Sousa, Oscarina Viana de;Costa, Renata Albuquerque;Theophilo, Grace Nazareth Diogo;Macrae, Andrew;Fonteles Filho, Antonio Adauto;Rodrigues, Dália dos Prazeres;
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-86702010000100013
Abstract: the aims of this study were to count and identify sucrose positive and negative vibrios isolated from cultivated crassostrea rhizophorae oysters during their growing cycle. every month for 12 months, 10 to 18 oysters were collected for study. collections occurred at the center for studies of coastal aquaculture (csca), which is associated with the institute of marine science, labomar, located in euzebio, ceará, brazil. approximately 150 oysters and their intervalvular liquor were studied. vibrio standard plates counts (spc) from oyster meat and their intervalvular liquor varied from 25 to 59,000,000 cfu/g. for most of the 12 months of the oysters' life, it was possible to identify vibrio parahaemolyticus. vibrio carchariae was identified in four collections. among other isolated species, the most important, considering public health risks, was v. vulnificus, although only one strain was confirmed. we concluded that retail purchased oysters should never be eaten raw or undercooked because many species of the genus vibrio are known to be pathogenic to humans and live naturally on and in shellfish throughout their life cycle.
Sequência de M?bius: protocolo de anamnese e avalia??o - relato de caso
Albuquerque, Tatiana Cantarelli Andrade Lima de;Barreto, Renata Ramalho da Silva;Costa, Thieza Christy Carreg? Martins da;Guedes, Zelita Caldeira Ferreira;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-80342009000100018
Abstract: m?bius sequence (ms) was initially described by von graefe, in 1888. it is characterized by palsy of vi and vii cranial nerves, determining absence of facial expression accompanied by convergent strabismus. in the children assessed in this group all described characteristics are found. however, palsy caused by other cranial nerves may also occur, impairing soft palate and tongue mobility and thus making it difficult to produce phonemes and/or showing excessive nasalization during their emission. the present study had the aim to disclose the protocol used at our institution with ms patients and to report a case from this service, as mere example. the protocol consists of two parts: anamnesis and evaluation of stomatognathic structures and functions. the anamnesis is carried out using a questionnaire responded by the caregivers, with the aim to gather information about the patient's history, since birth. the evaluation investigates mobility, motricity, muscular tonus and posture of the phonoarticulatory organs, and activities of neurovegetative functions. the muscles responsible for facial expression are also individually assessed, in order to evaluate the real possibilities for these patients' expression. to exemplify both parts of the protocol, a 10-year-old male patient was evaluated, and the results are described in this study. he has been attending therapy at this institution since 2000. with this protocol, we had the aim to identify clinical symptoms of ms related to speech-language pathology, as well as to describe the individual characteristics.
Surveillance of active human cytomegalovirus infection in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HLA sibling identical donor): search for optimal cutoff value by real-time PCR
Renata MB Peres, Cláudia RC Costa, Paula D Andrade, Sandra HA Bonon, Dulcinéia M Albuquerque, Cristiane de Oliveira, Afonso C Vigorito, Francisco JP Aranha, Cármino A de Souza, Sandra CB Costa
BMC Infectious Diseases , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2334-10-147
Abstract: During the first 150 days after allogeneic HSTC, thirty patients were monitored weekly for active CMV infection by pp65 antigenemia, nested-PCR and real-time PCR assays. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) plot analysis was performed to determine a threshold value of the CMV DNA load by real-time PCR.Using ROC curves, the optimal cutoff value by real-time PCR was 418.4 copies/104 PBL (sensitivity, 71.4%; specificity, 89.7%). Twenty seven (90%) of the 30 analyzed patients had active CMV infection and two (6.7%) developed CMV disease. Eleven (40.7%) of these 27 patients had acute GVHD, 18 (66.7%) had opportunistic infection, 5 (18.5%) had chronic rejection and 11 (40.7%) died - one died of CMV disease associated with GVHD and bacterial infection.The low incidence of CMV disease in HSCT recipients in our study attests to the efficacy of CMV surveillance based on clinical routine assay. The quantification of CMV DNA load using real-time PCR appears to be applicable to the clinical practice and an optimal cutoff value for guiding timely preemptive therapy should be clinically validated in future studies.Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is an important therapeutic tool for treating malignant and non-malignant disorders, and the human cytomegalovirus (CMV) reactivation is common in these cases due to the immunocompromised state of patients [1].Monitoring of its reactivation and preemptive or prophylactic treatment using ganciclovir are critical for HSCT recipients. However, because of the myelotoxicity of ganciclovir and its prolongation of periods of neutropenia, the prognosis in patients at low risk of developing CMV disease is not necessarily improved. Identification of patients at high risk of developing CMV is therefore believed to be important in management of HSCT recipients [2].Despite major advances in prevention and preemptive treatment, CMV infection still causes significant morbidity and mortality following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell t
Contribuitions to the discussion around qualifying professionals in odontology by inserting oral health in the Family Health Program Contribui es para a discuss o sobre a forma o do odontólogo a partir da inser o de saúde bucal no PSF
Renata Rangel Silva de Albuquerque
Revista Brasileira de Medicina de Família e Comunidade , 2010, DOI: 10.5712/rbmfc2(6)39
Abstract: Este trabalho objetivou discutir a forma o do profissional de Odontologia, a partir dos desafios de sua inser o no Programa de Saúde da Família (PSF). A escolha do tema foi motivada pela constata o do grave quadro de exclus o social em rela o à saúde bucal brasileira. A partir da revis o da literatura, da análise documental e das entrevistas semiestruturadas, buscou-se discutir as concep es contemporaneas do processo saúde-doen a e suas implica es para Odontologia, levantar o estado da arte da discuss o de forma o em Odontologia, discutir o perfil do profissional de Odontologia adequado à realidade brasileira. Finalmente, a partir da sistematiza o destes dados, procuramos identificar tendências do cuidado em saúde bucal. Foi constatada a necessidade de mudan a do modelo de forma o para a constru o de um perfil que contemple os desafios impostos pela realidade brasileira e n o somente pelo PSF. Contudo, essa constru o só será factível a partir da mudan a de paradigma da profiss o, que se complexifica, na medida em que gera desconforto, desconfian a, rea es conservadoras e concorrem com interesses políticos, econ micos e de elites que, certamente, n o est o preocupadas com a grande parcela da popula o usuária do Sistema único de Saúde (SUS). O modelo assistencial de aten o em saúde bucal, centrado na doen a e com base na demanda espontanea, deve evoluir para um modelo de aten o integral à saúde onde as a es de promo o, de prote o, e de recupera o sejam incorporadas progressivamente, buscando a melhoria da qualidade de vida. Esta mudan a vem sendo fortalecida pela Política Nacional de Saúde Bucal – Brasil Sorridente, que consolida o PSF como reorientador da aten o básica e gera empregos para o setor, fazendo surgir um novo mercado de trabalho. A reorienta o do modelo assistencial se apresenta como uma possibilidade para que a Odontologia ocupe, enfim, o seu lugar enquanto profiss o de saúde. (AU).
Educational Technologies. Analysis of Master dissertations carried out in Portugal
Fernando Albuquerque Costa
Sísifo : Educational Sciences Journal , 2007,
Abstract: Acknowledging the importance scientific research may have in terms of the foundation, orientation and evaluation of the use of technologies in an educational context, it is only natural that there should also be greater knowledge on the research carried out in this particular field. This is what we set out to achieve in a recent conference held in Portugal on the theme Research in Education (1).Using the theme of the conference itself – Research in Education between 1960 and 2005 – as our basis, we decided to focus on what has actually been the object of research in our country within the framework of Educational Technology.We realised, at a very early stage, that there were hardly any studies in this field before Portuguese universities took on a more active role, nor in the field of educational technologies, particularly after the appearance of the first Masters courses at the University of Minho in 1987. Even though we are not aware of any in-depth study to characterise scientific research developed in Portugal in this area, several Portuguese authors have referred to this issue in some way or another( Abrantes, 1981, 1998; Blanco & Silva, 1993; Caldas, 2001; Fernandes, 1969;Ponte, 1994; Silva, 2000).On the other hand, since we have stated that a considerable part of research, in this particular field, focuses precisely on this academic qualification, we have decided to construct our analysis around this aspect. Therefore, in this article we present the result of the studies on Masters dissertations carried out in Portugal, with a view to furthering understanding of the studied themes, their theoretical and methodological frameworks, and to finding out where they are carried out, who does the research, what the collection techniques are and the type of data analysis used, just to mention some of the aspects around which our analysis is centred.This is an exploratory analysis within a restricted context, however, we hope that it may contribute to the acquisition of more profound knowledge regarding research practices in this specific field of Educational Sciences in Portugal.
Polycythemia and Hb Coimbra [beta 99 (G1) Asp -> Glu] in Brazil
Fattori, André;Kimura, Elza Miyuki;Albuquerque, Dulcinéia Martins de;Ogo, Satie Hatsushika;Stoppa, Graziela Renata;Martins, Juliana Touquinha;Lima, Carmen Silvia Passos;Saad, Sara Terezinha Ollala;Costa, Fernando Ferreira;Sonati, Maria de Fátima;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572006000200002
Abstract: we report the clinical and laboratory findings concerning three unrelated brazilian patients investigated for polycythemia, whose definitive diagnosis could only be established after the presence of hb coimbra (b99 asp ? glu) was demonstrated. this illustrates the importance of properly investigating hereditary hemoglobinopathies in cases of erythrocytosis because in some populations variants with high oxygen affinity may be more frequent than expected but go undetected when conventional electrophoresis is used as the sole detection procedure.
Tuberculose pulmonar: associa??o entre extens?o de les?o pulmonar residual e altera??o da fun??o pulmonar
Cruz, Rita de Cássia Santa;Albuquerque, Maria de Fátima Pessoa Milit?o de;Campelo, Ant?nio Roberto Leite;Silva, Eduardo Just da Costa e;Mazza, Edmílson;Menezes, Renata Carneiro;Kosminsky, Samuel;
Revista da Associa??o Médica Brasileira , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-42302008000500012
Abstract: objective: to describe alterations in spirometric variables and its disturbances and to study the existence of a relationship between extent of the residual lung lesion at the end of treatment for tuberculosis and alteration of the lung function measured by spirometry. methods: analyzed were 96 patients with diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, treated in three health centers in the metropolitan area of recife, from january, 2003 to november, 2005. patients of both genders, 15 years of age or older were included, whose chest x-rays at end of the treatment were classified according to criteria of the national tuberculosis association (nta) for extent of lung lesion. patients replied to a questionnaire at the beginning of the survey, and were submitted to spirometry after conclusion of treatment. results: of the 96 patients, 89.6% presented with radiographic sequels. about 54% had moderate to severe sequels. these radiographic alterations correspond to 24.6% and 73.8% respectively of alterations in the pulmonary function. conclusion: the large number of residual radiographic lesionss (89.6%) and breathing dysfunction (66,7%) identified in this survey call attention to the fact that treatment of a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis must not be restricted to bacteriological healing of the disease. identification of the residual lung lesions and of the breathing dysfunction in patients who conclude treatment will promote early actions to treat these sequels, improving the quality of life of these patients.
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