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Momentul de educa ie fizic n didactica activit ilor de nv mant preuniversitar
Cosmin Prodea,Remus Cristian Vidhzan
Journal of Didactics , 2011,
Abstract: The easiest way to give children the needed opportunity for physical activity is physical education in compulsory education. Physical education, in addition to physiological benefits that brings to the human body, will help increase work capacity of children to other disciplines.To address this idea further, we want to bring into focus an extracurricular form of physical activity. This form of physical activity was introduced long ago in the school program of children but, it seems, with the modernization of education has been forgotten by most. It presents important advantages, contributing to education for physical activity and solving problems regarding intellectual fatigue of children during other disciplines than physical education.The physical education moment may be included in the school program of children but it is not mandatory. It depends, therefore, by the teacher of that discipline if will insert or not the physical education moment at his class.Due to lack of obligation for the use of physical education moment, lack of minimum knowledge of physiology and probably too many requests for each discipline, teachers have now forgotten the physical education moment and the benefits that it brings. We, however, have positive signs in terms of trials that aretaking place in some schools to restore physical education to its rightful place in the didactic of school education activities.
Bilateral presumed astrocytic hamartomas in a patient with retinitis pigmentosa
Kinori M, Moroz I, Rotenstreich Y, Yonath H, Fabian ID, Vishnevskia-Dai V
Clinical Ophthalmology , 2011, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/OPTH.S23970
Abstract: ilateral presumed astrocytic hamartomas in a patient with retinitis pigmentosa Case report (1605) Total Article Views Authors: Kinori M, Moroz I, Rotenstreich Y, Yonath H, Fabian ID, Vishnevskia-Dai V Published Date November 2011 Volume 2011:5 Pages 1663 - 1665 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/OPTH.S23970 Michael Kinori1, Iris Moroz1,2, Ygal Rotenstreich1,2, Hagith Yonath2,3, Ido Didi Fabian1, Vicktoria Vishnevskia-Dai1,2 1Department of Ophthalmology, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel; 2Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel; 3Danek Gertner Genetic Institute and Internal Medicine A, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel Abstract: Retinal astrocytic hamartomas are benign intraocular tumors classically associated with phacomatoses. Their appearance in isolation is rare. An association between astrocytic hamartomas and retinitis pigmentosa (RP) has been described previously, but controversy still exists regarding the precise nature of these lesions in RP patients. The authors present a case report of a 24-year-old male with RP and multiple bilateral lesions clinically consistent with retinal astrocytic hamartomas. Optical coherence tomography revealed multiple bilateral hyper-reflective intraretinal masses, loss of retinal architecture, intralesional calcifications, and prominent optical posterior shadowing. Comprehensive systemic evaluation was negative for phacomatoses. However, given that a biopsy was not performed, the diagnosis of optic nerve head drusen could not be excluded.
Study of formulation variables on properties of glipizide mucoadhesive microspheres by factorial design
Hosmani A.H,P.V Kasture,ID Gonjari,A.B. Karmarkar
DARU : Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: "nBackground and the Purpose of the study:The purpose of the study was formulate and systemsystematic evaluation in-vitro and in-vivo behaviour of Glipizide mucoadhesive microspheres using 32 full factorial design. "nMethods:Concentration of Polycarbophil and Sodium Alginate were selected as independent variables and the effects were checked on dependent variables like swelling index, mucoadhesion, drug entrapment efficiency and T75. In vivo studies were also performed to determine hypoglycemic activity of the mucoadhesive microspheres. "nResults:The best batch exhibited drug entrapment efficiency of 75%, swelling index of 1.8 and mucoadhesion was 100%. The drug release from the microspheres was also sustained for more than 9 hrs. Conclusion:The concentration of polycarbophil and sodium alginate had highly significant effects on dependent variables. In-vivo testing demonstrated a significant hypoglycemic effect of glipizide.
Vidraru tourist region in the context of sustainable development
Cinq Continents , 2011,
Abstract: Région touristique Vidraru dans le contexte du développement durable. La vallée de la rivière Arges dans le secteur montagneux présente un potentiel touristique élevé particulièrement dans la région du lac d’accumulation Vidraru. Ce potentiel est mis en évidence par l’intermédiaire du cadre naturel et également par celui des objectifs antropiques à grande valeur culturelle et économique. Même si l’aménagement du lac d’accumulation a représenté une opportunité de développement des activités touristiques de la région, on identifie en présent de nombreux problèmes concernant la gestion touristique et également la pression sur l’environnement. De cette manière, il importe de faire une analyse sur le développement de la région touristique Vidraru de la perspective durable, afin d’identifier ainsi les solutions le plus viables.
Considerations regarding the impact of the Vidraru hydro facility on Biodiversity
Cinq Continents , 2011,
Abstract: Considérations concernant l'impact de l’aménagement hydrotehniqueVidraru sur la biodiversité. L’aménagement du lac de retenue Vidraru adéterminé des changements profonds dans le milieu régional, étant le plus fréquemment un facteur perturbateur des éléments de l’environnement. De cette manière, étant donné que les éléments biogéographiques sont l’un des composants le plus affectés de l’environnement, cet article traite des principalesmodifications apparues au niveau de la végétation et de la faune (ichtyofaune), la biodiversité ayant subi les effets les plus importants à la suite de cette intervention anthropique (humaine).
Heavy metals load in tilapia species: a case study of Jakara river and Kusalla dam, Kano state, Nigeria
S Ibrahim, H Sa’id
Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Between August and September 2009, twenty four (24) Tilapia species, twelve (12) from each site were sampled from Jakara River and Kusalla dam in Kano, Nigeria with the view to determine the level of some heavy metals in the muscles of the fishes so as to assess their safety or otherwise for human consumption. The weight of each of the samples was determined using Gallenkamp weighing balance and recorded to the nearest grams. The fishes were dissected to separate the muscles from head, viscera and bones. Five grams of the muscle from each sample was digested using concentrated nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide solutions prepared in the ratio of 1:1. The digested samples were aspirated using 210 VGP Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer from which copper, zinc and lead were determined. The fish samples analysed from Jakara River had the mean copper, zinc and lead concentrations of 0.46+0.14mg/kg, 15.83+5.05 mg/kg and 0.57+0.20mg/kg and those from Kusalla dam had the means of 0.38+0.31mg/kg, 12.04+2.99 mg/kg and 0.54+0.29mg/kg respectively. Comparison of the above means with FAO standards for Cu (30mg/kg), Zn (30mg/kg) and Pb (0.50mg/kg) revealed that the mean concentrations of copper and zinc are safe for human consumption. However, the mean lead concentration exceeded the limit prescribed for human consumption. This suggests the possible adverse health effect such as damage to the gastrointestinal tract and chronic damage to the Central Nervous System among others that the people consuming Tilapia species from both study sites could be exposed to. It was recommended that considerable attention be paid to the lead content in fresh water fish at both sites by appropriate authorities due to its possible health implication on the consumers. Furthermore, continuous monitoring of heavy metals load in fish will be needed in Jakara River and Kusalla dam. Similarly, measures should be put in place to control the inflow of raw effluent into the river as they are largely the possible sources of these metals.
The temporal dynamic of the precipitations regime in the Basca Chiojdului Basin (Romania) and its impact on the surface flow regime
Cinq Continents , 2012,
Abstract: Dynamique temporelle des précipitations dans la bassin de Basca Chiojdului et des impacts du déversement. Au cours des dernières décennies on remarque une forte variation des quantités pluviométriques dans la région de Courbure (les Carpates et les Sous-Carpates), l’empreinte laissée dans le régime de l’écoulement superficiel étant ressentie y compris dans la zone d’étude. L’analyse spatiotemporelle des précipitations dans la période des années 1962-1998 ainsi que la corrélation avec la variation des débits dans le Bassin Basca Chiojdului, mettent en évidence une forte diminution des quantités pluviométriques après 1980, les effets directs se retrouvant dans le régime de l’écoulement superficiel dans le même temps que la diminution simultanée des débits. Bien qu’il y ait aussi des facteurssecondaires qui influent sur le régime de l’écoulement superficiel, cet article envisage d’analyser en particulier la manière où la variation du principal facteur déterminant, les précipitations, conditionne directement le régime de l’écoulement du cours d’eau principal, Basca Chiojdului.
Seam Puckering Objective Evaluation Method for Sewing Process
Raluca Brad,Eugen H?loiu,Remus Brad
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: The paper presents an automated method for the assessment and classification of puckering defects detected during the preproduction control stage of the sewing machine or product inspection. In this respect, we have presented the possible causes and remedies of the wrinkle nonconformities. Subjective factors related to the control environment and operators during the seams evaluation can be reduced using an automated system whose operation is based on image processing. Our implementation involves spectral image analysis using Fourier transform and an unsupervised neural network, the Kohonen Map, employed to classify material specimens, the input images, into five discrete degrees of quality, from grade 5 (best) to grade 1 (the worst).
Lerdon Ferrada,Juan; Mu?oz Bernal,Cristian; Moreira López,Víctor H;
Idesia (Arica) , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-34292010000300006
Abstract: this work carries out a productive and economic characterization of 39 dairy farms of the araucanía, los ríos and los lagos regions of chile, assigned to the farm management center todoagro s.a., during the 2003-2004 period. a detailed description of productive and economic conditions of the farmers is presented. the analysis uses descriptive statistics and parametric tests like the linear regression. the main results evidence that there are management factors directly controlled by the farmer, that can generate different levels of efficiency like the costs of production, the stocking rate, quality of the milk and the system of management. these factors determine the productive success of the farm.
Ramírez V,Mauricio; Valenzuela H,Luis; Díaz S,Cristian;
Maderas. Ciencia y tecnología , 2001, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-221X2001000100004
Abstract: the effects of fertilization frequency and two stem heights on elasticity and strength in static bending (modulus of elasticity, stress at proportional limit and modulus of rupture) of pinus radiata wood, growing in a silvopastoral system were evaluated. twenty-seven trees were selected from three silvopastoral trials (nine trees per treatment) established at "tanumé" experimental center. destructive static bending test were realized according to astm d 143-94, the analysis of the variables was carried out using a nested design and the effects of variables were evaluated by analysis of variance (anova). according to the results, the fertilization frequency on the different physical and mechanical parameters that were evaluated did not have a significant effect. however, stem height had a significant effect on stress at proportional limit and modulus of rupture due to different average values of annual ring width and nominal density found at two different heights of the stem tree

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