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Giant solitary trichoepithelioma: A Case report
Recep Bedir,Ahmet Pergel,Hasan Gü?er
Dicle Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Trichoepithelioma is a benign cutaneus tumour originatingfrom hair follicles. It is most commonly found on theface and scalp. Histopathologic examination was composedof band-like nests of basaloid cells showing peripheralpalization, abortive hair papilla and horn cysts ina fibrocellular stroma. A 82-year-old woman applied for a10-year old groin mass that recently slowly growing. Thelesion was excised and it was diagnosed as giant solitarytrichoephitelioma.Key words: Groin, hair follicle, skin neoplasms
A Case of Late Diagnosed Multiple Pilar Leiomyoma Located on the Cheek and Neck  [PDF]
Nursel Dilek, Yunus Saral, ?zgür Sad?k Kotan, Recep Bedir
Pain Studies and Treatment (PST) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/pst.2014.22006

Leiomyomas are benign soft tissue neoplasms that arise from muscles. Skin is the second most common location for leiomyoma and often localized on the trunk or extremities. Less than 1% of leiomyomas happen in the head and neck. Here we report a case of pilar leiomyoma which located on the face and neck in the form of multiple, large papulonodules plaque. The treatment by excision and grafting would be difficult because of the large surface area involved the patient was treated with nifedipine. We recommend that leiomyomas must be included in the clinical differential diagnosis of painful papulonodules.

Testosterone- and Cortisol-Secreting Adrenocortical Oncocytoma: An Unusual Cause of Hirsutism
Serap Baydur Sahin,Ahmet Fikret Yucel,Recep Bedir,Sabri Ogullar,Teslime Ayaz,Ekrem Algun
Case Reports in Endocrinology , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/206890
Abstract: Objective. Oncocytomas of the adrenal cortex are usually benign and nonfunctional. They are rarely seen as the cause of hirsutism. Therefore, we aimed to report a case of adrenocortical oncocytoma presenting with hirsutism. Methods. We report a testosterone- and cortisol-secreting adrenal oncocytoma in a 23-year-old female patient presenting with hirsutism. Results. The patient had the complaint of hirsutism for the last year. Laboratory tests revealed total testosterone level of 4.2?ng/mL, free testosterone of >100?pg/mL, and DHEAS level of 574?μg/dL. There was no suppression in cortisol levels with 2?mg dexamethasone suppression test (5.4?μg/dL). Adrenal MRI revealed a ?mm isointense solid mass lesion in the left adrenal gland and the patient underwent laparoscopic left adrenalectomy. Pathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of benign adrenocortical oncoyctoma. Conclusion. This well-characterized case describes a testosterone- and cortisol-secreting adrenocortical oncocytoma as a possible cause of hirsutism. To our knowledge, this is the second report in the literature. Adrenal oncocytomas should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of hirsutism. 1. Introduction Hirsutism, defined as excessive male-pattern hair growth, affects between 5 and 10% of women of reproductive age and most women with hirsutism have polycystic ovary syndrome [1, 2]. Androgen-secreting tumors are rarely seen as the cause of hirsutism. In an epidemiological study, the frequency of androgen-secreting tumors was 0.2% in 950 hirsute women [3]. Most testosterone-secreting tumors arise from the ovary and rarely origins from the adrenal gland. Oncocytic neoplasms or oncocytomas usually arise in the kidneys or thyroid, parathyroid, salivary, or pituitary glands [4]. Oncocytomas of the adrenal cortex are extremely rare and usually detected incidentally [5]. Adrenal oncocytomas are usually benign and nonfunctional in most of cases. Herein, we report a testosterone- and cortisol-secreting adrenal oncocytoma in a 23-year-old female patient presenting with hirsutism. 2. Case Report A 23-year-old female patient admitted to endocrinology outpatient clinic with the complaint of hirsutism for the last year. Excessive hair growth was identified to originate from facial and mandibular areas initially and then to spread to abdominal and thoracic regions. She had regular menstrual cycles since her first period by the age of 12. Medical background and family history were unremarkable. Physical examination revealed that body temperature was 37°C, pulse rate was 80 beats/min,
Relationship between Randomness and Coefficient Alpha: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study  [PDF]
Recep Bindak
Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing (JDAIP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jdaip.2013.12003
Abstract: Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient is the most popular method of examining reliability. It is typically used when the researcher has several Likert-type items that are summed or averaged to make a composite score. Distribution of alpha coefficient has been subjected of many studies. In this study relationship between randomness and Cronbach alpha coefficient were investigated and in this context, present study was examined the question“What is the distribution of the coefficient alpha when a Likert-type scale is answered randomly?” Data were generated in the form of five point Likert-type items and Monte Carlosimulation was run for 5000 times for different item numbers.
Appendix and Uterus Metastasis of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Arising from Mature Cystic Teratoma of the Ovary
Gül?ah Bal?k,I??k üstüner,Recep Bedir,ülkü Mete Ural,Mehmet Ka??t??,Emine Seda Güvenda? Güven
Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/474891
Abstract: Mature cystic teratoma of the ovary rarely undergoes malignant transformation. There is no consensus for a treatment modality because of the rarity of the disease. Herein we present a case of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) arising in a mature cystic teratoma (MCT) in a 66-year-old patient. The patient underwent total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, omentectomy, appendectomy, and bilateral pelvic + paraaortic lymph node dissection. The histopathological examination revealed malignant invasion of the appendix and uterus. The patient, who refused the continuation of treatment initiated with the administration of a single dose of cisplatin, died 5 months later because of the disease. It is imperative that gynecologists consider appendectomy in SCC arising from MCT cases. 1. Introduction Mature cystic teratomas (MCTs) of the ovary, which are a type of germ cell tumors, account for 20%–25 % of all ovarian neoplasms. They are the most common benign germ cell tumors of the ovary in younger women (<45 years). They may be composed of mature or immature tissues deriving from the 3 germ cell layers [1]. Most patients with MCTs are asymptomatic but mass compression effect can lead to pain and abdominal distension. The complications of MCT are rupture, torsion, and malignant transformation [1]. Malignant transformation is very rare in MCT’s components (2%). Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) arising from the ectoderm is the most common type (approximately 80%), which is followed by adenocarcinoma and carcinoids [2, 3]. Herein we present a case of SCC arising in an MCT with appendix metastasis and uterus infiltration in a 66-year-old woman and review the published literature to determine possible risk/prognostic factors and treatments. 2. Case Presentation A 66-year-old multipara patient was referred to our clinic with abdominopelvic mass and abdominal pain. Pelvic examination revealed a large immobile pelvic mass with regular contours extending up to the umbilicus. Ultrasound and computed tomography imaging showed a ?cm cystic mass with solid components and calcifications in the left adnexal region extending up to umbilical area with severe ascites. The uterus and right ovarium were normal. The patient’s tumor marker profile was as follows: CA-125: 33.1?U/mL (normal <35?U/mL), CA 19-9: 10.54?U/mL (normal <37?U/mL), and β-HcG was negative. The Pap smear being negative for malignancy, and endometrial biopsy revealed atrophy. The patient underwent exploratory laparotomy for ovarian malignancy. 1500?mL serous ascites was noted and used for cytology. The
K TAP TANITIMI / BOOK REVIEWS kincilerin Cumhuriyeti: Adalet ve Kalk nma Partisi
Bedir SALA
Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches (itobiad) , 2012,
Abstract: “ K NC LER N CUMHUR YET : ADALET VE KALKINMA PART S ”Yazar: Christos TeazisYay nevi: M zrakYer/Y l: stanbul, 2010Sayfa Say s : 219
The Effect of Sulfurization Process on Flotation of Copper Ore Containing Gold and Silver  [PDF]
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2008, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2008.73015
Abstract: In this study, experiments were carried out on copper ore containing gold and silver obtained from Kisecik village of Hatay, which is in the south of Turkey. Analyses of original ore showed that the sample contained 4.93 % Cu, 0.007 % Co, 0.92 % Zn, 11.41 % Fe, 10.72, % S, 4.72 g/t Au and 12.80 g/t Ag. It was determined that gold and silver could not be reached with satisfactory yields by flotation of original ore at the defined size. Thus, original ore was sulfurized before the flotation. By the flotation of the sulfurized ore, it was seen that Au, Ag, Cu, Zn and Co were collected with fairly high yields in the concentrate phase. In the optimum flotation conditions, all of gold, 96.52 % Ag, 98.52 % Cu, 97.20 % Zn and 94.77 % Co passed into concentrate phase. The concentrate grades of Au, Ag, Cu, Zn and Co were found as 8.62 g/t, 21.42 g/t, 7.81%, 0.01%, and 1.81%, respectively. From the concentrate obtained from this process, it was determined that Au, Ag, Cu, Zn and Co can be recovered by hydrometallurgical method. The effect of the parameters such as pH, pulp density, particle size and collector amount were investigated. KAX was used as collector and Dow-250 was used as frother.
A New Application For Flotation Of Oxidized Copper Ore  [PDF]
Recep Ziyadanogullari, Firat Aydin
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2005, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2005.42006
Abstract: In this study, the flotation of oxidized copper ore obtained from Ergani Copper Mining Company in Turkey was performed. This ore contains 2.03% copper, 0.15% cobalt and 3.73% sulfur. An effective processing method has not been found to recover copper and cobalt from this ore, which has been stockpiled for 40-45 years in the idled plant. It was established that recovery of copper and cobalt from this ore with hydrometallurgical treatment is not economical, so using flotation to increase the concentration of copper and cobalt was chosen. When flotation of the oxidized copper ore was performed under standard operating conditions in the plant, good results were not obtained. Because of this, the flotation of samples obtained from sulfurized medium containing different ratios of H2S+ H2O gases was done under the same conditions. Following flotation, it was seen that copper, cobalt and sulfur present in the medium were concentrated. In this solution, concentration of copper and cobalt were found five times higher than normal level.
Yoksullukla Mücadelede Yeni Bir Tart ma Alan : Vatanda l k Geliri
Eyüp Bedir
Sosyal Güvenlik Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: Yoksullukla mücadele politikalar nda müracaat edilen ara lar n ba nda sosyal yard mlar gelmektedir. Bunun nedeni, yoksula bizzat ula mak sureti ile yoksullukla mücadelede ba ar ans n n yüksek olmas d r. Ancak, zellikle geli mi ülkeler ba ta olmak üzere bütün ülkelerde üzerinde en fazla tart ma yap lan, en fazla ele tirilen alan da sosyal yard mlard r. Tart malar ve ele tiriler, yararlan c lar n sistem i erisinde kalmaya y nelik abalar ndan, siyasi iktidarlar n sosyal yard m uygulamalar ndaki subjektif davran lar ve yard m alanlar n siyasal davran lar n etkilemeye y nelik abalar ndan ve yap lan yard mlardaki mükerrerlikler yan nda yard mlar n, yard m yap lan ki ileri toplum nezdinde zor duruma dü ürdü üne ili kin olu an kanaatlerden kaynaklanmaktad r. Bu tart malar n ve istismarlar n nüne ge mek amac ile son y llarda yeni bir tart ma alan a lm t r. Sosyal yard mlar kapsam nda yap lacak demelerin, yurtta l k temelinde yap lmas nerilmektedir. Bu makalede, Ankara’da yap lan bir yoksulluk ara t rmas n n sonu lar na dayan larak, bu alandaki tart malar kritik edilmeye al lacakt r. Social benefit is one of the most important policies to struggle against poverty. t is because the high chance of success of social benefits to fight with poverty by accessing to the poor directly. However, social benefit is an issue which is most discussed and criticized in all countries. Discussions and critiques result from the efforts of the poor who try to stay in the system, the subjective attitudes of government in the implementations of social benefits and the government’s efforts to effect the political attitudes of the poor, repeated social benefits and the opinions regarding the fact that social benefits land the poor in a difficult position in society. To preclude these exploitation and discussions there have been a new discussion topic in recent years: The allotment within the context of social benefits is proposed to be on the basis of citizenship. In this study, the discussions regarding this topic will be criticized on the basis of a poverty research implemented in Ankara.
Some Properties of ZnxCd(1-x)S and ZnxCd(1-x)S(In) Thin Films Prepared by Pyrolytic Spray Technique
M. Oztas,M. Bedir
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2001,
Abstract: The structual, electronic and optical properties of Znx Cd(1-x) S and Znx Cd(1-x) S (In) thin films (0.0 <= X <=0.6) fabricated using the chemical spraying method have been investigated. The films are deposited on glass substrates at 420°C substrate temperature. The related optical data are recorded in the wavelength range 200-700 nm. In addition, the absorption coefficient is determined and correlated with the photon energy in order to estimate the direct transition energy bandgap. Our X-ray diffraction investigations confirm the preferential orientation of these polycrystalline films along the hexagonal (002), (100) and (101) planes. Also, film surface structure is studied using an optical microscope. Thin films of Znx Cd(1-x) S are known to have properties in between those of CdS and ZnS. Because of the addition of ZnS, the Znx Cd(1-x) S band structure has a larger energy gap than CdS. This makes the material much more attractive for the fabrication of solar cells. Indeed, the best CdS solar cells have prepared on Znx Cd(1-x) S substrates.
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