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Re?at AIKGZ,?. ?ükrü YUSUFO?LU
Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches (itobiad) , 2012,
Abstract: Bu al mada, Türkiye zelinde, yoksulluk olgusunun farkl boyutlar ve yoksullukla ilgili e itli problemler ele al nmaktad r. Yoksulluk, günümüzde birtak m makro ve mikro fakt rlerin etkisiyle ortaya kmaktad r. Makro fakt rlerin ba nda; küreselle me, i sizlik, küresel sermaye, ekonomik krizler ve g gibi unsurlar gelmektedir. E itimsizlik, kapasite yoksunlu u, yoksulluk kültürü ve bireysel zellikler gibi unsurlar ise mikro fakt rler aras nda yer almaktad r. Günümüzde küresel bir sorun halini alan yoksulluk, beraberinde e itli sosyal problemler de getirmekte ve birtak m olumsuz sonu lar da do urmaktad r. Yoksulluk, genel olarak, sosyal d lanma, iddet ve su , gecekondula ma ve gettola ma, marjinalle me, konut ve toplumsal cinsiyet ayr mc l gibi sorunlara yol a maktad r. Yoksulluk ayr ca, aile par alanmalar , bo anma ve depresyon gibi problemler do urmaktad r. Yoksullu un yol a t sorunlar dünya genelinde benzer olmakla birlikte, mahiyet e ülkeden ülkeye nemli farkl l klar g stermektedir. Dolay s yla, yoksullukla ilgili ara t rmalar yaparken ve yoksullukla mücadele programlar haz rlarken ülkelerin zel durumlar n ve yoksullar n de i ken profilini dikkate almak gerekmektedir. Bu al mada b yle bir yol takip edilmi tir.AbstractIn this study, the different dimensions of poverty and various problems related to poverty are addressed in the case of Turkey. Poverty comes about due to a number of macro and micro factors in today's world. Among the macro factors there are such facts as globalization, unemployment, global capital, economic crises and migration. The facts such as lack of education, lack of capacity, culture of poverty and individual characteristics are among the micro factors. Becoming a global problem today, poverty brings with it various social problems and also raises a number of negative results. Poverty generally leads to such problems as social exclusion, violence and crime, urbanization and ghettoization, marginalization, housing and gender discrimination. Poverty engenders also such problems as fragmentation of the family, divorce and depression. Although the problems caused by poverty are similar across the globe, it varies considerably from country to country in terms of its nature. Thus it is necessary to take into account the specific circumstances of the countries and variable profiles of the poor when doing poverty-related research and preparing of anti-poverty programs. In this study it has been followed such a way.
OECD ülkelerinde E lence Vergisi Uygulamalar (Amusement Tax Applications in the OECD Countries)
Y?netim ve Ekonomi , 2010,
Abstract: In the 17th century, “the right of the poor” was a transitory tax on the income of entertainment in favor of public assistance in France. “The right of the poor” was abolished later by the regime of Vichy, which created a permanent tax on games and entertainment to the direct benefit of the communes. Later, other European countries followed the example of France by introducing a so-called amusement tax. The paper is organized as follows: The first part presents the historical development and theoretical base of amusement tax and amusement tax applications in the OECD countries. The second part shows the amusement tax application in Turkey, and the last part resumes arguments in favor of the maintenance or an abolishment of the tax on entertainment.
lk Osmanl Edebiyat Tarihleri ve Tarih ileri Hakk nda Baz De erlendirmeler
Burak Fatih AIKGZ
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: In this essay, we will evaluate the first literature histories of Turkish literature, mostly the works of Abdülhal m Memd h’s, ahabettin Süleyman’s and Faik Re at’s called Tar h-i Edebiyyat- ‘Osmaniyye. Besides, we will try to define the similar aspects of theliterature historians, writing Ottoman literature histories. To what extent are the private life of Abdülhal m Memd h and hispolitical life reflected in his work? It is striking that he attepted to found a secret society and he was arrested, he maintened his lifepassing under difficult conditions, with the help of his protector, Prenses Nazl , his life passed with full of exiles, he became anopponent to second Abdülhamit, he died due to his using a drug-mixture for his insomnia, his death took place in Folcestone, acity of England, and his mortal remain was transfered to a hill he liked while he was a guest in Tunus at the option of PrensesNazl . It is significant the editor of the work named Tar h-i Edebiyyat- ‘Osmaniyye written by Abdülhal m Memd h is Ohannes Fer twith Armenian origin who was known as the agent in the period og Abdülhamit II, his bohemian life was similar to ahabettinSüleyman’s life, they were both the admirers of the West. It is also important the life of Faik Re at was full of disorders and hewas charged with paganism. We will try to assess all these questions and the similarities from different perspectives.The first Turkish literature work known as the history of literature written by Abdülhal m Memd h is Tar h-i Edebiyyat- ‘Osmaniyye (1888-1889). After this work, nothing had been written during 22 years in the field of literature history in the Turkishliterature. In the second half of the 19th century and first quarter of 20th century some articles were written on early writers andthese were turned into books later on. A few works were written in the form of antology and biyography. Kudemadan Birka air(1881) by Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem, Osmanl airleri (1890) by Muallim Naci, Eslaf (1895-1896) by Faik Re at are rare examples inthis cathegory. Some of these works are identified as literature history. Getting the litearture history lesson into the schedules ofuniversities and high schools had the numbers of literature history increased. In 1910 ahabettin Süleyman, in 1911 Faik Re at, in1912 Ali Ekrem Bolay r and in the same year Mehmet Hayrettin, the teacher of Konya high school, published their works namedTar h-i Edebiyyat- ‘Osmaniyye while in 1913, ahabettin Süleyman and Mehmet Fuat K prülü published Yeni Osmanl Tar h-iEdebiyyat (The new ottoman literature history).
Prof. Dr. Nam?k AIKGZ
Turkish Studies , 2007,
Abstract: In this study, we are going to compare Mem u Zin (in Turkish and Kurdish)with Fuzuli’s Leyli vü Mecnun according to recount characteristics.
The Algae of Hirfanl Dam Lake
Tülay BAYKAL,?lkay AIKGZ
Journal of Kirsehir Education Faculty , 2004,
Abstract: The phytoplankton and littoral algal flora of Hirfanl Dam Lake were studied between October 1998 and June 2000. In phytoplankton Cyclostephanos dubius was dominant and seasonal distribution rathercomplex.From epipelic organisms, Navicula cryptocephala, N. pupula, Nitzschia palea, N. fonticola, Oscillatoria tenuis were conspicuous in terms of algal blooms and species compositions. A total of 308species were identified with 208 belonging to Bacillariophyta, 65 to Chlorophyta, 39 Cyanophyta, 10 Euglenophyta, 5 Dinophyta and 2 to Chrysophyta.The lake water is alkali in nature with sufficient oxidation at the pelajic region. In addition, at where there was algal bloom at the littoral region, odour was percewed from time to time.
An unusual case of talon cusp on a geminated tooth
Gündüz, Kaan;Aikgz, Aydan;
Brazilian Dental Journal , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-64402006000400014
Abstract: talon cusp is a developmental anomaly seen on the lingual surface of anterior teeth. gemination is an anomaly caused by a single tooth germ that attempted to divide during its development. these developmental anomalies may cause clinical problems including esthetic impairment, pain, caries and tooth crowding. this paper presents an unusual case of gemination accompanied by talon cusp in permanent dentition. the clinical and radiographic findings are described.
A New Approach to -Bernoulli Numbers and -Bernoulli Polynomials Related to -Bernstein Polynomials
Aikgz Mehmet,Erdal Dilek,Araci Serkan
Advances in Difference Equations , 2010,
Abstract: We present a new generating function related to the -Bernoulli numbers and -Bernoulli polynomials. We give a new construction of these numbers and polynomials related to the second-kind Stirling numbers and -Bernstein polynomials. We also consider the generalized -Bernoulli polynomials attached to Dirichlet's character and have their generating function . We obtain distribution relations for the -Bernoulli polynomials and have some identities involving -Bernoulli numbers and polynomials related to the second kind Stirling numbers and -Bernstein polynomials. Finally, we derive the -extensions of zeta functions from the Mellin transformation of this generating function which interpolates the -Bernoulli polynomials at negative integers and is associated with -Bernstein polynomials.
A New Approach to q-Bernoulli Numbers and q-Bernoulli Polynomials Related to q-Bernstein Polynomials
Mehmet Açikgöz,Dilek Erdal,Serkan Araci
Advances in Difference Equations , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/951764
Yenilik ili e Y nelik Devlet Uygulamalar ve AB Kar la t rmas (Government Applications Towards Innovation and Comparison with European Union)
Y?netim ve Ekonomi , 2008,
Abstract: Innovation which includes all processes activating new or improved products, services, systems or programs is considered a fundamental component of entrepreneurship and business success. Innovation has been widely recognized as the key driver of economic growth and sustainable development. So, in many countries, firstly the developed ones, innovation became a focus element to governmental policies. Enabling the appropriate conditions needed for innovation In line of these policies became one of the most important missions of the governments. This paper aims to show the innovation profile of Turkey, basing on EU countries’ progresses and to bring up a road map to make a progress.
On a Class of Generalized Sequences Related to the ^p Space Defined by Orlicz Functions
Ayhan Esi,Mehmet Aikgz,Ayten Esi
Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática , 2013,
Abstract: In this article, we introduce the sequence space m(M,A, φ, q) on generalizing the sequence space m(φ) which was defined by Sargent [8], defined by Orlicz functions and infinite matrices. We study its different properties like solidity, completeness, etc. Also we obtain some inclusion results involving the sequence space m(M,A, φ, q).

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