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Strategic Alignment of VSAT System in Corporate IT: Infokoms’s Case
Rasyid, Rafdian
Online Journal of Space Communication , 2005,
Abstract: The author argues that VSATs ((Very Small Aperture Terminal) play a significant strategic role in terms of supporting businesses, especially in supporting corporate information technologies, in Indonesia. It is obvious that in Indonesia, VSAT is a must have infrastructure for business. Nobody can argue that Indonesia up to now does not have terrestrial infrastructures that can cover remote areas or even metropolitan areas. Only VSATs can reach them. This article describes links that can be made between the existence of VSATs and IT in the corporate environment (e.g. in banking industry). It also discusses challenges faced by VSAT operators, and solutions that can be applied.
A. Rasyid Asba
Makara Seri Sosial Humaniora , 2006,
Abstract: The study on Macassar Copra to date has not got much concern from Indonesian Historians, though it is realized that the commodity was the urgent in the world trading. This study constitutes a contribution to complement the shortcoming in this field, that is, in special manner, by spotlighting the integration of the islands in the eastern part of Indonesia, their relation with both Macassar and the world market. The focus of this study was the export of Macassar copra while its period limit was within 1883-1958. In this study, Macassar copra export was divided into two development stages. First, the expansion period and the second was contraction period. During the expansion period, the export of Macassar copra indicated a bright and amazing progress, while the contraction period showed the decline, vague and hopeless.
Connecting Indonesia: Serving the Unserved
Albandjar, Chrisma,Rasyid, Hilman
Online Journal of Space Communication , 2005,
Abstract: This article discusses the role of PT. Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN), the first private satellite telecommunication company in Indonesia, in telecommunication industry in Indonesia. The author argues that satellite technology conveniently strikes observers as the only feasible solution to rise up to the challenge of catering to Indonesia’s telecommunications needs. Satellites have a wide reach and can cover all of Indonesia. This Indonesia-based company focuses on becoming a fully integrated provider of satellite-based telecommunications products and services in the region. Being a satellite operator, PSN aims to pursue its vision “to serve the unserved.” Providing isolated areas with telecommunications, the digital divide now existing may be eliminated or narrowed at some point in future. The authors also discuss the satellite network PSN has developed, utilizing the Garuda 1 satellite. Using this network, local small holders have established numerous Public Calling Centers, so that the surrounding community is able to communicate for economic and social purposes.
Distribusi kecepatan arus pasang surut pada muson peralihan barat-timur terkait hasil tangkapan ikan pelagis kecil di perairan Spermonde
Abdul Rasyid Jalil
Depik Jurnal , 2013,
Abstract: Indonesian waters connect the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. These waters are also highly influenced by the monsoonal climate. Current is a very important parameter in the marine environment and affect both directly and indirectly the marine environment. A study has been done in the waters of Spermonde Archipelago in Makassar Strait to develop a model of relationship between tidal current velocities and capture of small pelagic fishes at transition between west and east moonsoonal season. Insitu field data were collected for 3 (three) months, from April to June 2009. Besides that, this study also used a two-year image data (acquired from October 2007 to June 2009). Study sites were deployed in areas of fishing base of small pelagic fishes within the waters of Spermonde Archipelago, Pangkep District, South Sulawesi, particularly in areas where purse seine gears were operated by the fishermen. Distribution of current parameters, depth, wind direction and velocity, and tidal data were depicted horizontally using Surfer v 7.0 software package. Meanwhile, Surface Modelling System v 8.1. (SMS v 8.1) program was used to make prediction of the movement pattern of the surface current. Results of the analysis of current movement patterns when the waters were approaching hightide showed that water mass movement from southern region (Flores Sea) was diverted and passed through the Spermonde Archipelago to the coastline of Pangkep Regency. In contrary, when the waters were approaching ebb tide, the current from the western coast of Pangkep Regency passed the Spermonde Archipelago and diverted to the Flores Sea again. Analysis of current velocity indicated that higher current (> 0.1 m s-1) was found in offshore and tend to decrease below 0.1 m s-1 as the current passing the waters of Spermonde Archipelago. Optimal capture was obtained up to the current velocity of 0.032 m s-1 i.e. 187.9 kg, and tend to decrease with increasing current velocity. At the highest current velocity, that is 0.216 m s-1, the capture was 112 kg.
Ulnar Claw-Hand Related Neglected Post-Traumatic Anterior Shoulder Joint Dislocation  [PDF]
Hermawan Nagar Rasyid
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103454
Shoulder joint is the most frequently dislocated joint. Humeral head dislocation pushed the nerve toward medial side. Neglected shoulder dislocation is difficult to manage and requires extensive procedures to obtain good functional outcome. In the case of negligence, it is often found loss of the anterior capsule due to absorption of the capsule. Nerve lesions, in particular the ulnar nerve, often do not receive attention. Clinically, it often occurred from neurapraxia to severe condition like claw-hand deformity. In my experience of a neglected case, there was a 53-year-old woman who presented to the orthopaedic clinic with a left anterior shoulder fracture dislocation following a fall onto the right shoulder and upper right arm. She had treated herself at home for around six months before visiting the clinic. She also complained of some deformities on her ring and little fingers, known as ulnar claw-hand. Numbness and tingling on her left hand especially on the ring and little fingers were observed. These findings were carefully documented and the patient was aware of these persistent abnormalities. She had electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction velosity (NCV) examination evidence of persistent ulnar nerve deficit, performed before and after surgery. We may conclude that this case highlights the need for awareness of the potential for nerve damage following shoulder dislocation. After treating the dislocation, the functional and EMG results are very satisfactory.
Influence of Displaced Clavicle Fracture toward Scapular Motion  [PDF]
Hermawan Nagar Rasyid
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103592
Displaced clavicle fracture can result in varying degrees of scapular motion and potentially to be winged scapula, which in the end of its journey will cause axioscapular dull-ache pain, which is often undiagnosed. The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of clavicle fracture in different locations and its impact on the motion of scapula horizontally and vertically by measuring axioscapular distance. The inclusion criteria were patients suffering from closed displaced clavicle fracture. Motion of the scapula was observed radiologically. Statistical analysis using Chi-square test was performed. We may conclude that the lateral fracture of clavicle may have superior migration of the scapula and greater distance horizontally.
M. Rasyid Ridha,Siti Wasilah
Bulletin of Health Research , 2012,
Cytotoxic Activity of Stem Bark Extracts from Canarium odontophyllum Miq (Dabai) against Human Colorectal Carcinoma HCT 116 Cell Line  [PDF]
Dayang Fredalina Basri, Muhammad Arifuddin Al Rasyid Mohd, Chan Kok Meng, Elda Surhaida Latif, Fahrul Zaman Huyop
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.526411
Abstract: The preliminary study is aimed at evaluating the cytotoxic activity of crude extracts from the stem bark of Canarium odontophyllum against colorectal carcinoma cell HCT 116. Result of the extraction yield showed that distilled water produced the highest yield (10.58%) followed by methanol (6.55%) whereas acetone extracted the lowest yield (4.58%) from C. odontophyllum stem bark. Phytochemical screening test revealed the presence of terpenoid, flavonoid, tannin, saponin and phenolic compound in all the stem bark extracts of C. odontophyllum. Acetone extract of C. odontophyllum stem bark showed significantly higher (p < 0.05) cytotoxic effect with IC50 of 0.062 ± 1.04 mg/ml compared to methanol extract with IC50 0.122 ± 4.92 mg/ml. No cytotoxic effect was observed by the aqueous extract despite its high extraction yield. In conclusion, acetone and methanol extracts from C. odontophyllum stem bark exhibited promising cytotoxic activity against human colorectal cancer cell line HCT 116 and paves way for further investigation in view of its mode of cancer cell death.
First Maxillary Molar Position Alteration in Class II Division 1 Malocclusion Treatment with Maxillary Premolar Extraction  [PDF]
Elih Sayuti, Bergman Thahar, Eky S. Soeria Soemantri, Hermawan Nagar Rasyid
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1102936
Treatment of Class II division 1 malocclusion mostly required two maxillary first premolars in order to provide spaces for maxillary anterior teeth retraction. Anterior teeth retraction may cause loss of anchorage. This study aimed at evaluating the effects of anterior teeth retraction towards first maxillary molar loss of anchorage. It was conducted by observing any mesial drifting of first maxillary molar occurred in patients with Class II division 1 malocclusion undergoing treatment with two first maxillary premolar extractions. Material consists of 25 cephalometric films of patients prior to and after orthodontic treatment using Edgewise technique. Cephalometric measurement conducted included S vertical-M1 and FHP-M1. Statistic test used was pairing T-test, showing that p < 0.05 for paired data showed non-significant alteration in S vertical-M1 and FHP-M1 measurement prior to and after treatment. It can be concluded that mesial drifting of maxillary first molars did not occur in orthodontic treatment for Class II division 1.
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