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Variation in Senescence Pattern of Different Classes of Rice Tillers and Its Effect on Panicle Biomass Growth and Grain Yield  [PDF]
Ekamber Kariali, Sunita Sarangi, Rashmi Panigrahi, Binay B. Panda, Pravat K. Mohapatra
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2012.38125
Abstract: In rice, the initiation of tillers is staggered and temporally spaced, but maturity is synchronous. Duration of growth in a later-initiated tiller on a higher culm node is shorter and it contributes less biomass and grain yield. The present investigation attempts to discover the manner in which ordered pattern of senescence in basipetal succession impacts source capacity of tillers in two contrasting rice cultivars, namely Lalat (high tillering) and MGD-106 (medium tillering) during the dry season of 2009 and ascertain how tiller production capacity influences dry matter partitioning and tiller dynamics of the plant. In both the rice cultivars, the progress of senescence among different types of tillers was indicated by gradual decline of photosynthetic pigments, total nitrogen and protein concentrations and increase of lipid peroxidation and peroxidase activity of the flag leaf, which affected photosynthetic efficiency. The effects were more pernicious on the newer tillers compared to older tillers. It was observed that metabolic dominance of the older tillers over newer tillers could be accrued due to higher photosynthetic source capacity of the former than that of the latter. It was concluded that flag leaf of a later-initiated tiller is less tolerant to senescence induced photo-oxidative stress, which decreases both source and sink activities. Increase of tiller number and order in rice increases vulnerability of the later-initiated tillers for oxidative stress and grain filling.
Ligand Recognition by the TPR Domain of the Import Factor Toc64 from Arabidopsis thaliana
Rashmi Panigrahi, Abdussalam Adina-Zada, James Whelan, Alice Vrielink
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0083461
Abstract: The specific targeting of protein to organelles is achieved by targeting signals being recognised by their cognate receptors. Cytosolic chaperones, bound to precursor proteins, are recognized by specific receptors of the import machinery enabling transport into the specific organelle. The aim of this study was to gain greater insight into the mode of recognition of the C-termini of Hsp70 and Hsp90 chaperones by the Tetratricopeptide Repeat (TPR) domain of the chloroplast import receptor Toc64 from Arabidopsis thaliana (At). The monomeric TPR domain binds with 1:1 stoichiometry in similar micromolar affinity to both Hsp70 and Hsp90 as determined by isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC). Mutations of the terminal EEVD motif caused a profound decrease in affinity. Additionally, this study considered the contributions of residues upstream as alanine scanning experiments of these residues showed reduced binding affinity. Molecular dynamics simulations of the TPR domain helices upon peptide binding predicted that two helices within the TPR domain move backwards, exposing the cradle surface for interaction with the peptide. Our findings from ITC and molecular dynamics studies suggest that AtToc64_TPR does not discriminate between C-termini peptides of Hsp70 and Hsp90.
Vitamin D Supplementation for the Treatment of Acute Childhood Pneumonia: A Systematic Review
Rashmi Ranjan Das,Meenu Singh,Inusha Panigrahi,Sushree Samiksha Naik
ISRN Pediatrics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/459160
Abstract: Background. Studies have found an increased incidence of vitamin D deficiency in children with pneumonia; however, there is no conclusive data regarding the direct effect of vitamin D supplementation in acute pneumonia. Methods. A comprehensive search was performed of the major electronic databases till September 2013. Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) comparing treatment with vitamin D3 versus placebo in children ≤5 years old with pneumonia were included. Results. Out of 32 full text articles, 2 RCTs including 653 children were eligible for inclusion. One trial used a single 100,000 unit of oral vitamin D3 at the onset of pneumonia. There was no significant difference in the mean (±SD) number of days to recovery between the vitamin D3 and placebo arms ( ). Another trial used oral vitamin D3 (1000?IU for <1 year and 2000?IU for >1 year) for 5 days in children with severe pneumonia. Median duration of resolution of severe pneumonia was similar in the two groups (intervention, 72 hours; placebo, 64 hours). Duration of hospitalization and time to resolution of tachypnea, chest retractions, and inability to feed were also comparable between the two groups. Conclusions. Oral vitamin D supplementation does not help children under-five with acute pneumonia. 1. Introduction Worldwide, acute lower respiratory tract infection (ALRTI) is a leading cause of mortality in children less than 5 years old [1, 2]. More than 90% are in developing countries. The management of ALRTI includes intravenous antibiotics, oxygen, or assisted ventilation (in severe cases). Besides these, nutritional supplementations such as zinc and vitamin A supplementation have been tried, though the results have been unfavorable [3, 4]. Researchers have found that deficiency in vitamin D may predispose people to infection, and thus vitamin D has been labeled as antibiotic vitamin [5]. The immune enhancing actions of vitamin D include induction of monocyte differentiation, inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation, stimulation of phagocytosis dependent and antibody-dependent macrophages, and modulation of T and B lymphocytes that produce cytokines and antibodies [5–8]. Vitamin D deficiency if severe leads to chest wall deformity, hypotonia, poor chest wall compliance, atelectasis, and fibrosis [9]. All these factors contribute to a higher incidence of pneumonia in children with severe vitamin D deficiency. A recent meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) showed that prophylactic vitamin D supplementation in the pediatric age group reduced the rate of respiratory tract infections
Bound States of String Networks and D-branes
Alok Kumar,Rashmi Rekha Nayak,Kamal Lochan Panigrahi
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.88.121601
Abstract: We show the existence of non-threshold bound states of (p, q) string networks and D3-branes, preserving 1/4 of the full type IIB supersymmetry, interpreted as string networks dissolved in D3-branes. We also write down the expression for the mass density of the system and discuss the extension of the construction to other Dp-branes. Differences in our construction of string networks with the ones interpreted as dyons in N=4 gauge theories are also pointed out.
Perception of mothers about their daughters future in rural Karnataka
Indian Journal of Community Medicine , 2010,
Use of Image processing software in Hip Joint surgery  [PDF]
Rashmi Uddanwadiker
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2011.22011
Abstract: The scope of this project was to investigate the possibility of application of Image Processing Technique in the field of Shaft Alignment process. Misalignment of shaft using image processing software Visionbuilder was calculated. The further purpose of this project was to check whether the image processing technique can be used in bone transplant surgery. The model of the hip was used for the experimentation purpose. Image processing software Visionbuilder was used to match the profiles of the bone before implant and bone after implant.
Stress Analysis of Crane Hook and Validation by Photo-Elasticity  [PDF]
Rashmi Uddanwadiker
Engineering (ENG) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2011.39115
Abstract: Crane Hooks are highly liable components and are always subjected to failure due to accumulation of large amount of stresses which can eventually lead to its failure. To study the stress pattern of crane hook in its loaded condition, a solid model of crane hook is prepared with the help of CMM and CAD software. Real time pattern of stress concentration in 3D model of crane hook is obtained. The stress distribution pattern is verified for its correctness on an acrylic model of crane hook using Diffused light Polariscope set up. By predicting the stress concentration area, the shape of the crane is modified to increase its working life and reduce the failure rates.
Study of various molar crown designs and their assessment  [PDF]
Rashmi Uddanwadiker
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2012.511077
Abstract: Dental crowns are best utilized as a way to improve the cosmetics of a tooth appearance when the crown simultaneously serves other purposes also, such as restoring a tooth to its original shape or strengthening a tooth. The study presents four different designs of molar crown depending upon the tooth loss. The finite element results obtained suggests that restored material which fills the treated cavity along with small portion of root canal can help in retaining the restored tooth and can allow larger deformations for stresses induced well within the limit.
Does Firms Have Impact of Currency Appreciation and Currency Volatility on Market Shares?—Study of Selected Financial and Non-Financial Firms of India  [PDF]
Rashmi Soni
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2018.85069
Abstract: This study concentrates on the new emerging challenges, opportunities and issues in the field of Exchange Rate Risk. It highlights the strong and significant negative impact from currency appreciation and currency volatility on market shares of India’s Exporting Financial and Non-Financial IT firms. Quantitative data analysis of companies has been done and evaluating the Sales/Revenue growth performance of Indian firms on various measures/factors like operating profit, gross profit, net profit etc. Further, we identify the dependent and independent variables and predict the factors that highly influence the fluctuations in Exchange rate. Finally, we suggest a model at the end and offer Suggestions and Recommendations to mitigate this risk arising due to currency fluctuations and increase the investor’s awareness about financial derivatives leading to important policy implications so as to make forex gains on account of hedging using forward contract rather than just aiming to square off its position.
Application of Discriminant Analysis to Diagnose the Financial Distress  [PDF]
Rashmi Soni
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2019.94077
Abstract: Prediction of bankruptcy is a critical work. This study is case based research of Ruchi Soya Ltd. to identify the financial distress with the help of last six years data and information. The bankruptcy of the organization can be predicted by using the Altman’s Z score model belonging to manufacturing and non-manufacturing and private and public limited firms. This study used discriminant analysis taken the reference of altman’s Z score model. Study used various ratios like working capital to total asset, retained earnings to total asset, earnings before interest and tax to total assets, market value of equity to book value of debt and sales to total assets. The analysis conducted on Ruchi Soya Ltd. to identify how and when company identifies the risk of failure. This is a case study method research which satisfies the use of Z score model to identify the bankruptcy of the company. The secondary data for the assessment were obtained from the financial statement of the company. This study would be used to discuss how to identify the bankruptcy if a firm with the help of Altman’s Z score model. Research on financial health using Altman’s score is very limited in Indian context. Therefore, this study focuses on applying and interpreting the financial performance of Ruchi Soya Ltd. which files bankruptcy in the year 2017.
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