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THE IMPORTANCE OF CO-MANAGEMENT AND MARINE PROTECTED AREAS TO SOCIAL-ECOLOGICAL SYSTEMS OF ARTISANAL FISHERIES: THE CASE OF MARINE EXTRACTIVE RESERVES A importancia da gest o compartilhada e das áreas marinhas protegidas para o sistema socioecológico da pesca artesanal: O caso das reservas extrativistas marinhas
Raquel de Carvalho Dumith
Geotextos : Revista da Pós-Gradua??o em Geografia da Universidade Federal da Bahia , 2012,
Abstract: Due to the constancy of collapses that the artisanal fishing sector is experiencing around the world, demands for mitigating measures have increased and, together, 98. GeoTextos, vol. 8, n. 2, dez. 2012. R. Dumith. 97-121 the discussion of the need for solidly effective management of natural resources from the fishing shows increasingly imminent. Marine Protected Areas have proven to be interesting alternatives to the maintenance of fish stocks, especially those called Marine Extractive Reserves. The Marine Extractive Reserves, besides ensuring the customary law of possession for the traditional hunting and gathering communities, predict the action of co-management as a tool of management. Co-management is crucial for the integration of all the target actors involved in the process of natural resource management, both local sphere and governmental one, which promotes the encouragement of more democratic practices and socially fairer. Em decorrência da constancia de colapsos que o setor pesqueiro artesanal vem enfrentando ao redor do mundo, as demandas por medidas mitigadoras têm aumentado e, com isso, a discuss o da necessidade de uma gest o solidamente eficaz dos recursos naturais oriundos da pesca se mostra cada vez mais iminente. As áreas Marinhas Protegidas têm se mostrado alternativas interessantes para a manuten o dos recursos pesqueiros, principalmente aquelas denominadas Reservas Extrativistas (RESEXs) Marinhas. As RESEXs Marinhas, além de assegurarem o direito consuetudinário de posse para as comunidades extrativistas tradicionais, proveem a a o da gest o compartilhada como instrumento de manejo. A gest o compartilhada é fundamental por objetivar a integra o de todos os atores envolvidos no processo de manejo dos recursos naturais, desde a esfera local até a governamental, o que promove o estímulo de práticas mais democráticas e socialmente mais justas.
Proteomic analysis of the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana upon exposure to benzo(a)pyrene
Raquel N Carvalho, Teresa Lettieri
BMC Genomics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-12-159
Abstract: In order to investigate the mechanism of action of PAHs, we exposed the diatoms for 24 h to 36.45 μg/L of BaP which inhibits the growth by about 30%, and analysed the relative protein expression profile by a quantitative proteomics approach based on iTRAQ labels. The proteomics profile analysis showed that around 10% of the identified proteins were regulated and one fourth of them confirmed the gene expression changes seen by DNA microarray. Particularly interesting was the down regulation of the Silicon transporter 1 (SIT1), an enzyme that is responsible for the uptake of silicon from the media into the diatom cells. Regulation of SIT1 upon BaP treatment was also confirmed at the gene expression level.The potential use of the regulated proteins found in this study as early indicators of environmental exposure to PAHs is discussed. In particular, SIT1 is considered a promising biomarker and SIT1 expression changes were confirmed also when the diatoms were exposed to field samples, e.g. marine surface sediments contaminated by PAHs.Diatoms are eukaryotic, unicellular, photosynthetic organisms that inhabit marine and fresh waters worldwide and are responsible for about 40% of the total carbon fixation in oceans [1]. Their high productivity compared to other primary producers is likely the main base of the world's marine food webs, allowing a reduced trophic fractionation, and sustaining even top-level marine predators like cetaceans [2]. Diatoms are surrounded by a peculiar cell wall with intricate micro- and nano-structured biosilica patterns. The assembly of specific silica shell patterns for the different diatom species is under genetic control, being reliably reproduced on each cell division [3]. Thalassiosira pseudonana is a centric diatom inhabiting marine ecosystems which has been a target organism for studies focusing on diatom biosilica formation [4,5], the molecular effects of copper toxicity [6] and nutrient limitation, temperature or pH effects [7]. In 200
Rodriguezia bahiensis Rchb. f. : biologia floral, polinizadores e primeiro registro de poliniza??o por moscas Acroceridae em Orchidaceae
Carvalho, Raquel;Machado, Isabel Cristina;
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-84042006000300013
Abstract: rodriguezia is distributed throughout tropical america, comprising nearly 40 species, most of them little known regarding floral biology and pollination. rodriguezia bahiensis is endemic to northeastern region of brazil, it bears flower features that suggest pollination by butterflies and bees. however, the population studied is associated to a large array of visitors, including bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds and acroceridae flies, the last group being for the first time recorded as pollinators in orchidaceae. flowers offer low quantities of nectar as reward that together with the nectar guides imitating pollen suggests the occurrence of a combined system of reward and deceit of pollinators. though population studied is associated with a high number of visitors, natural fruit set is low (6.57%) may be due to high frequency of pillagers and possible self-incompatibility in the studied species.
Biologia floral de Unonopsis guatterioides (A. D.C.) R.E. Fr., uma Annonaceae polinizada por Euglossini
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-84042000000400008
Abstract: the floral biology and pollination by euglossini bees of an annonaceae is described for the first time and the adaptations to this mode of pollination are compared with other annonaceae species that are mainly pollinated by beetles. unonopsis guatterioides was studied in two "terra firme" forest fragments at the municipality of manaus (am). the flowers are protogynous and, remain open during whole anthesis which occurs in two days exposing completely both stigma and stamens. the flowers are visited by male of eulaema bombiformis (euglossini) which collect the floral scent; visits of meliponidae bees and chrysomelidae beetles were also registered. unonopsis guatterioides shows synchronous dichogamy.
A educa??o infantil descobrindo a língua inglesa: intera??o professor/aluno
Carvalho, Raquel Cristina Mendes de;
Trabalhos em Linguística Aplicada , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-18132009000200009
Abstract: this study reports on an ethnographic investigation about the interaction between a teacher and her very young learners (vyl) in the english as a foreign language (fl) classroom. in order to carry out this investigation, data were collected in a private kindergarten school, by means of video recordings of classes and field notes from the teacher and from an observer. as ellis (1997) states as caretakers tend to modify the way they speak to children when these ones are learning the mother language, so teachers do modify their speech when communicating with learners. the results of this study may contribute to make teachers of vyl aware of the role of teachers' discourse as a facilitator of understanding in interactions in the fl classroom.
Biologia floral de Unonopsis guatterioides (A. D.C.) R.E. Fr., uma Annonaceae polinizada por Euglossini
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2000,
Abstract: A biologia floral e a poliniza o por abelhas Euglossini de uma Annonaceae é descrita pela primeira vez e as adapta es a esse modo de poliniza o s o comparadas às de outras espécies da família, que é predominantemente polinizada por coleópteros. A espécie Unonopsis guatterioides foi estudada em dois fragmentos de mata de terra firme no município de Manaus (AM). As flores s o protogínicas e permanecem abertas expondo os estigmas e estames durante a antese que ocorre entre dois dias. S o visitadas por machos de Eulaema bombiformis (Euglossini) que coletam o odor o qual se assemelha ao de "capim cidreira" (Andropogum nardus L.). Visitas de abelhas Meliponidae e coleópteros Chrysomelidae também foram registradas. Unonopsis guatterioides apresenta dicogamia sincronizada.
Vastid?o de os Seis Pequenos Quadros (1981) de Bruno Kiefer: um estudo sobre sua estrutura intervalar, gestos musicais e possíveis rela??es com outras composi??es do autor
Mayer, Germano Gastal;Carvalho, Any Raquel;
Per Musi , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-75992010000100007
Abstract: the present article offers an analysis of the musical gestures and intervallic configurations of the composition vastid?o [vastness], which belongs to the set entitled seis pequenos quadros [six small pictures] (1981) for piano by brazilian composer bruno kiefer. the recurring musical gestures from other of kiefer's compositions, previously surveyed by luciane cardassi (1998), as well as the presence of octatonic elements, are studied and related to preceding kiefer's works. set theory by allan forte is applied here as a theoretical basis. the density of the gestures observed in this late piece, and its brevity, point to a stylistic synthesis.
Exacerba??es na asma persistente grave: Impacto do controlo dos factores de risco
Ferreira,Diva; Duarte,Raquel; Carvalho,Aurora;
Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia , 2007,
Abstract: it is estimated that in developed countries between 1% and 2% of total healthcare expenditure goes on asthma treatment. the natural progression and causes of severe asthma are still not well defined. severe persistent asthma is a less common situation, accounting for 5% of total asthma patients. despite representing a small percentage of total patients, this group is largely responsible for the high health costs of asthma. consequently, the improvement of risk factors can lead to both socioeconomic and health gains. the aim of this study was to examine risk factors for exacerbations in a group of patients with severe persistent asthma. it was a retrospective study, based on patient case histories that included subjects with severe persistent asthma with follow-up in an allergy unit between 1984 and 2005. a total 27 patients were included (mean age=50.64±12.7 years), 81.5% female. main risk factors for exacerbations analysed were atopy, respiratory infections, premenstrual asthma, nasal symptoms, gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd), psychological factors and obesity. correction of these risk factors improved asthma control. the most significant impact was achieved with polypectomy and oral contraceptives in a teenager. in conclusion, correct identification of all risk factors for exacerbation in asthma, selection of those that can be controlled and their correction can improve asthma control.
A rela o entre os transtornos de aprendizagem e os transtornos da fala: perfil dos pacientes atendidos por uma clínica-escola de Fonoaudiologia
Luciana Alves,Raquel Carvalho,Rachel Loiola
Revista Tecer , 2011,
Abstract: O estudo teve como objetivo verificar o perfil dos pacientes com transtornos de aprendizagem e seus possíveis sintomas relacionados aos distúrbios da fala, em uma Clínica-escola de Fonoaudiologia. Foi realizada análise de 69 prontuários de escolares entre 6 a 14 anos de idade atendidos no setor de distúrbio de aprendizagem. Como resultado foi observado incidência significativa de distúrbio de aprendizagem associado a algum tipo de transtorno da fala. Grande parte dos prontuários n o tem diagnóstico fechado. Trocas na fala e escrita foram as queixas mais encontradas. Em 75% dos pacientes pesquisados houve reflexo na escrita das trocas observadas na fala. Assim, o perfil dos pacientes nos mostrou uma predominancia masculina, a maior parte na 3a série, encaminhados pelos professores e pediatras, com queixa principal de trocas na fala e escrita. Considerando o perfil da maioria dos sujeitos pesquisados, eles apresentam altera es na fala que podem refletir nos padr es de escrita.
Chronic Meningococcemia  [PDF]
Rita Veiga Ferraz, Filipa Ceia, Raquel Duro, Ana Cláudia Carvalho, Paulo Andrade, Susana Silva, António Sarmento
Advances in Infectious Diseases (AID) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/aid.2016.63012
Abstract: Neisseria meningitidis is a gram-negative diplococcus which causes invasive disease. The most frequent clinical manifestations caused by infection with this pathogen, are meningitis and fulminant septic shock. More benign forms with a subacute or chronic pattern are rare but still can evolve to meningitis and have a fatal outcome. This entity is difficult to recognize, as febrile erythema with otherwise good general condition may simulate other diseases, namely viral infections. The authors reported the cases of two healthy young adults who were misdiagnosed with a viral infection. What they really had was a meningococcemia without meningitis presenting with mild and unspecific symptoms, such as, intermittent fever and a discrete macular rash. We pretend to highlight this rare, unspecific and heterogeneous symptoms which can provoke negligence of a potentially life threatening condition.
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