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Direitos humanos, tolerancia zero: paradoxos da violência punitiva no estado democrático de direito
Raphael Boldt,Aloísio Krohling
Prisma Jurídico , 2011,
Abstract: Observamos, atualmente, a consolida o de uma autêntica cultura punitiva no Brasil, capaz de naturalizar o arbítrio punitivo que se lan a sobre a estrutura social. Destarte, n o obstante a Constitui o Federal de 1988 consagre a cidadania e a dignidade da pessoa humana como fundamentos do Estado Democrático de Direito e indique como um de seus objetivos a erradica o da pobreza e da marginaliza o, um amplo contingente populacional sobrevive despojado de seus direitos mais básicos e torna-se alvo da violência punitiva estatal, poderoso instrumento de controle dos setores excluídos. Com a ado o de práticas sustentadas por um discurso formulado com base na (ir)racionalidade totalitária contemporanea e inspiradas em políticas de tolerancia zero, notamos a ascens o de um Estado que prop e a universaliza o dos direitos humanos, mas que, ao mesmo tempo, promove a supress o de direitos e garantias e o acirramento da desigualdade e da exclus o.
Direitos fundamentais e cidadania: desafios diante da globaliza o hegem nica neoliberal
Raphael Boldt,Aloísio Krohling
Prisma Jurídico , 2009,
Abstract: Vivemos numa sociedade dilacerada por desigualdades, culturalmente autoritária e subjugada pela globaliza o hegem nica neo liberal e por uma história de domina o e opress o. Embora a Constitui o Federal contemple inúmeros direitos fundamentais, a maioria da popula o brasileira sobrevive despojada de seus direitos, e o Estado de Direito continua a ser um projeto inacabado. Busca-se, neste artigo, desvelar o atual panorama dos direitos fundamentais nos países periféricos e, sobretudo, no Brasil, n o se comprometendo em encontrar solu es, mas com o objetivo de propor reflex es que promovam o debate e favore am a mudan a por meio da reconstru o de conceitos como Estado, soberania e cidadania, t o desgastados e, ao mesmo tempo, t o importantes para a constru o de um paradigma realmente democrático.
Clinical review: Hemodynamic monitoring in the intensive care unit
Joachim Boldt
Critical Care , 2002, DOI: 10.1186/cc1453
Abstract: "Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts" (Albert Einstein)Improvements in surgical techniques and perioperative anesthetic management have led to enhancement of surgery and intensive care therapy for patients who would never before have been acceptable candidates. Ongoing developments in monitoring techniques have shed new light on our knowledge of pathophysiological processes associated with critical illness.Since the first public demonstration of modern anesthesia in Boston in 1846 there has been a tremendous increase in monitoring devices, especially in the past 30 years. Modern technology has provided a large number of sophisticated monitors. Most of these newly developed techniques have enhanced our understanding of the mechanism of patient decompensation and have helped to guide appropriate therapeutic interventions. Aggressive marketing strategies have been promoted to monitor a variety of functions. However, it still remains unclear whether they are able to enhance patient safety or even improve patient outcome.Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome accounts for most deaths in the intensive care unit (ICU). Patients who develop this complication place an enormous burden on all hospital services, especially intensive care. Although the exact patho-physiology of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome is not yet definitely known, alterations in systemic hemodynamics, organ perfusion and tissue microcirculation resulting in tissue hypoxia appear to play a key role in the onset and maintenance of this syndrome. Pflueger stated in 1872 that "arterial oxygen content, arterial pressures, velocity of blood stream, mode of cardiac work, mode of respiration are all incidental and subordinate; they all combine to service the cell" [1].Optimal monitoring of the critically ill ICU patient remains a challenge. Controversy continues as to whether the patient will profit from a more aggressive monitoring. Unfortunately, our current
Influence of different colloid solutions on coagulation status in patients undergoing cardiac surgery.
Boldt J
Annals of Cardiac Anaesthesia , 2002,
Volume Therapy in Cardiac Surgery
Boldt J
Annals of Cardiac Anaesthesia , 2005,
The Extreme Universe: Some Views From Here
Elihu Boldt
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: Forty years have passed since the first Explorer orbiting observatory - the 1958 mission used to discover the Van Allen radiation belts outside the atmosphere - ushered in the modern age of space science. Even though in situ observations of outer space are still restricted to measurements made within the solar system, we now have access to a wide range of cosmic signals, extending from the well understood microwave photons indicative of the earliest epoch of the universe to those apparently inexplicable ultra-high energy extragalactic cosmic ray particles that are too energetic (up to 50 Joules/each) to have survived passage through a cosmological extent of the pervasive thermal relic radiation field. In this lecture the extremes of cosmic ray physics are discussed within the context of particles having the lowest energy (down to ~10**3 eV/nucleon) and highest energy (>10**20 eV), emphasizing those aspects of astronomy, particularly gamma-ray and x-ray, that appear to be especially revealing for these regimes.
Properties of the Dirac spectrum on three dimensional lens spaces
Sebastian Boldt
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We present a spectral rigidity result for the Dirac operator on lens spaces. More specifically, we show that each homogeneous lens space and each three dimensional lens space $L(q;p)$ with $q$ prime is completely characterized by its Dirac spectrum in the class of all lens spaces.
Extending ArXiv.org to Achieve Open Peer Review and Publishing
Axel Boldt
Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: Today's peer review process for scientific articles is unnecessarily opaque and offers few incentives to referees. Likewise, the publishing process is unnecessarily inefficient and its results are only rarely made freely available to the public. Here we outline a comparatively simple extension of arXiv.org, an online preprint archive widely used in the mathematical and physical sciences, that addresses both of these problems. Under the proposal, editors invite referees to write public and signed reviews to be attached to the posted preprints, and then elevate selected articles to "published" status.
Cross-Correlation of Station-to-Station Free Surface Elevation Time Series for Breaking Water Waves  [PDF]
Raphael Mukaro
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/am.2018.92010
Free surface elevation time series of breaking water waves were measured in a laboratory flume. This was done in order to analyze changes in wave characteristics as the waves propagated from deep water to the shore. A pair of parallel- wire capacitive wave gages was used to simultaneously measure free surface elevations at different positions along the flume. One gage was kept fixed near the wave generator to provide a reference while the other was moved in steps of 0.1 m in the vicinity of the break point. Data from these two wave gages measured at the same time constitute station-to-station free surface elevation time series. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) based cross-correlation techniques were employed to determine the time lag between each pair of the time series. The time lag was used to compute the phase shift between the reference wave gage and that at various points along the flume. Phase differences between two points spaced 0.1 m apart were used to calculate local mean wave phase velocity for a point that lies in the middle. Results show that moving from deep water to shallow water, the measured mean phase velocity decreases almost linearly from about 1.75 m/s to about 1.50 m/s at the break point. Just after the break point, wave phase velocity abruptly increases to a maximum value of 1.87 m/s observed at a position 30 cm downstream of the break point. Thereafter, the phase velocity decreases, reaching a minimum of about 1.30 m/s.
Cosmic Ray Generation by Quasar Remnants: Constraints and Implications
Elihu Boldt,Michael Loewenstein
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-8711.2000.03768.x
Abstract: The quasar remnant cores of nearby giant elliptical galaxies NGC 4486 (M87), NGC 1399, NGC 4649 and NGC 4472 are the sites of supermassive (greater than one billion solar masses) black holes. These objects are investigated as to the viability of the conjecture that they could harbor compact dynamos capable of generating the highest energy cosmic rays. For an accretion process involving an equipartition magnetic field near the event horizons of the underlying putative spun-up black holes, the energy achievable in accelerating protons could well be greater or equal than 100 EeV for all these when only considering the drag induced by curvature radiation. Estimates of the SED (spectral energy distribution) of ambient core photons lead to the conclusion that the energy losses arising from photo-pion production in proton collisions with these target photons are relatively small for all but M87. For M87, the ambient photon field is likely to be a limiting factor. Accretion rates on the order of one solar mass per year, comparable to the Bondi rates and to the stellar mass loss rates, are associated with (greater than 100 EeV) cosmic ray generation in the other (electromagnetically dark) galactic core sites. If these sites are found to be sources of such cosmic rays, it would suggest the presence of a global inflow of interstellar gas all the way into the center of the host galaxy.
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