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Pulse Skipping Modulated Buck Converter - Modeling and Simulation  [PDF]
Ramamurthy Srinivasan, Vanaja Ranjan P.
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2010.12010
Abstract: Modeling and simulation results of a pulse skipping modulated buck converter for applications involving a source with widely varying voltage conditions with loads requiring constant voltage from full load down to no load is presented. The pulses applied to the switch are blocked or released on output voltage crossing a predetermined value. The regulator worked satisfactorily over a wide input voltage range with good transient response but with higher ripple content. Input current spectrum indicates a good EMI performance with crowding of components at audio frequency range for the se-lected switching frequency.
Computational analysis of frictional drag over transverse grooved flat plates
P Ranjan, AR Ranjan, AP Singh
International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: Skin-friction coefficient of turbulent boundary layer flow over a smooth-wall with transverse square grooves is investigated for four grooved-wall cases. The four grooved-wall configurations is like‘d’ type rough wall, which is characterized by regularly spaced two-dimensional square cavities (grooves) placed normal to the flow. This is made up of 5 mm square grooved-wall, where square grooves are spaced 10, 20 and 40 element widths apart in the streamwise direction. A commercial CFD code-‘Fluent 6.3’ is used for the mean velocity and turbulence intensity calculation. Hexahedral meshing is used to mesh the domain, with the first grid point placed at a height of 0.001 mm till the dimensionless wall distance, y+ = 10 and afterwards the grid spacing was increased by aspect ratio of 1.1 to get a structured mesh. A steady state renormalized group (RNG) k-ε model is used for turbulence modeling with non-equilibrium wall functions for near wall treatment. CFD code is validated against the experimental data reported by Stuardi and Ching. The skin-friction coefficient determined from the velocity profile increases sharply just downstream of the groove. This overshoot is followed by an undershoot and then relaxation back to the smooth-wall value. This behavior is observed in most grooved-wall cases. Integrating the skin-friction coefficient in the streamwise direction indicates that there is an increase in the overall drag with maximum to be 3.54% for the single groove case.
Surgical site infections with special reference to methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus: experience from a tertiary care referral hospital in North India
K. P. Ranjan,Neelima Ranjan,Shashi Gandhi
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.5455/2320-6012.ijrms20130514
Abstract: Objective: Surgical site infections are an important cause of health care associated infections among surgical patients. Aim: To determine the prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus and Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in surgical site infections with relation to age and sex and its antimicrobial susceptibility pattern. Methods: During a period of three years, 5,259 specimens received from surgical site infections were processed for isolation and identification of bacterial pathogens according to the standard microbiological techniques. Results: Abscess drainage was the most common type of surgical site infection (26.62%) and Staphylococcus aureus (34%) was the most common isolate. The most frequent isolation of the S. aureus in relation to age was noted in the age group of 21–40 years and the prevalence rate was higher in male patients. Out of the total S. aureus isolates, 27.96% were found to be methicillin resistant. Conclusions: There is a need for continuous surveillance and monitoring for the frequency of MRSA with its antimicrobial resistance patterns which may help in decreasing the prevalence of MRSA and antibiotic resistance. [Int J Res Med Sci 2013; 1(2.000): 108-111]
Distribution Prediction Model of a Rare Orchid Species (Vanda bicolor Griff.) Using Small Sample Size  [PDF]
Chitta Ranjan Deb, N. S. Jamir, Zubenthung P. Kikon
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.86094
Abstract: Advancement in field of GIS and Information Technology has taken conservation works and strategies a step further as most conservation works are now dependent on these technologies. The present study explores the prediction ability of MAXENT using a very low sample size by applying jackknife analysis over a well defined smaller region and using only climate data. Vanda bicolor is a horticulture important orchid grown in certain patches of North Eastern region of India and the species considered to be Vulnerable. Present study reports a distribution prediction model using different geo-climatic parameters for a small area. Model validation by ground truthing gives a significant successful result which clearly defines the ability of MAXENT prediction model to give high success rate (71%) with low training samples. Use of the low sample size over a larger area results in unstable models however application of these samples in smaller radius around the occurrence points could provide good working models.
Adaptive Power Control with Overhearing Avoidance for Wireless Sensor Networks
Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering , 2010, DOI: 10.4316/aece.2010.03014
Abstract: In this paper, Adaptive Power Control with Overhearing Avoidance (APC+OA) has been proposed. The proposed power control algorithm has been implemented in PICSENSE wireless sensor nodes. The energy consumption of proposed MAC has been compared with that of On Demand Transmission Power Control (ODTPC) protocol and it is shown that the Adaptive Power Control with Overhearing Avoidance gives higher energy conservation compared to ODTPC. The power level convergence towards the optimal power for APC-OA is two times faster than the ODTPC.
M. Ramakrishnan,P. Vanaja Ranjan
International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications , 2009,
Abstract: In this work, Sensor Multi Channel (SMC) Medium Access Control (MAC) has been proposed for wirelesssensor networks. The SMC MAC uses a dedicated control channel and multiple data channels. Theeffective solution for the multi channel hidden terminal problem and missing receiver problem has beenproposed in this work. The performance of the SMC MAC has been compared with that of the singlechannel CSMA/CA MAC by taking the throughput and latency as performance metrics. It has been shownthat the multi channel MAC gives high throughput and less latency in high traffic conditions.
Targeting C-myc G-Quadruplex: Dual Recognition by Aminosugar-Bisbenzimidazoles with Varying Linker Lengths
Nihar Ranjan,Dev P. Arya
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules181114228
Abstract: G-quadruplexes are therapeutically important biological targets. In this report, we present biophysical studies of neomycin-Hoechst 33258 conjugates binding to a G-quadruplex derived from the C- myc promoter sequence. Our studies indicate that conjugation of neomycin to a G-quadruplex binder, Hoechst 33258, enhances its binding. The enhancement in G-quadruplex binding of these conjugates varies with the length and composition of the linkers joining the neomycin and Hoechst 33258 units.
Non-Hermitian quantum mechanics in non-commutative space
Pulak Ranjan Giri,P Roy
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-009-0866-9
Abstract: We study non Hermitian quantum systems in noncommutative space as well as a \cal{PT}-symmetric deformation of this space. Specifically, a \mathcal{PT}-symmetric harmonic oscillator together with iC(x_1+x_2) interaction is discussed in this space and solutions are obtained. It is shown that in the \cal{PT} deformed noncommutative space the Hamiltonian may or may not possess real eigenvalues depending on the choice of the noncommutative parameters. However, it is shown that in standard noncommutative space, the iC(x_1+x_2) interaction generates only real eigenvalues despite the fact that the Hamiltonian is not \mathcal{PT}-symmetric. A complex interacting anisotropic oscillator system has also been discussed.
Chromomagnetism in nuclear matter
Akhilesh Ranjan,P. K. Raina
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s10773-011-0926-4
Abstract: Quarks are color charged particles. Due to their motion there is a strong possibility of generation of color magnetic field. It is shown that however hadrons are color singlet particles they may have non-zero color magnetic moment. Due to this color magnetic moment hadrons can show color interaction. In this paper we have studied the chromomagnetic properties of nuclear matter.
Investigation of reattachment length for a turbulent flow over a backward facing step for different step angle
AP Singh, AR Paul, P Ranjan
International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: Computational investigations are carried out on flow through a channel having a single backward facing step. The effect of step angle and expansion ratio on separation length is studied and compared with experimental results reported in literature. The step angles considered are 15°, 30°, 45° and 90°, whereas the expansion ratios considered are 1.48 and 2.0. A two-dimensional (2D), segregated, renormalized group (RNG) k. turbulence model has been chosen for CFD simulations. The analysis of the results showed that with the increase in step angle and expansion ratio, the reattachment length increases. Effect of Reynolds number is also studied by varying it over a range 15000 to 64000 and it also shows that the reattachment length increases with an increase of the Reynolds number.
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