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Study of Groundwater in Northeast Cairo Area, Egypt  [PDF]
Salah Abdelwahab El-Sayed
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2018.64014
Abstract: This paper presents a comprehensive hydrogeologic view of the Quaternary aquifer in north eastern Cairo area, Egypt. The hydrogeologic, hydrochemical and isotopic features of the aquifer are determined to assess the groundwater geochemistry and quality for different uses. The groundwater in the aquifer is shallow and flows towards the heavily pumping areas (cultivated and industrial areas). The concentrations of total dissolved solids (TDS) vary considerably in the aquifer, ranging from 225.6 mg/L to 1219 mg/L. Wide variations in the concentrations of major ions, trace elements, nitrate, δ18O and δ2H are detected, indicating the variation in the geologic and recharge conditions. This further indicates the effect of natural processes (weathering, dissolution and ion exchange) as well as anthropogenic activities on the quality of groundwater. Moderate levels of contamination with nitrate, aluminum and manganese are recorded in the groundwater below the cultivated area. The contamination is linked to the extensive use of fertilizers for agriculture and the leakage of wastewater from improper sewage system. The computed nitrate pollution index reveals that about 69.69% of groundwater is safe for drinking, while the rest of groundwater is unsuitable. The calculated water quality index indicates that about 78.79% of groundwater is safe for human consumption and the rest of groundwater is poor for consumption because of the contamination with the high levels of manganese, total hardness, pH, sulphate, aluminum, and nitrate. The contaminated groundwater needs to be treated before consumption. Hence, periodic groundwater quality checks are recommended.
Contribution to the Ground Water Hydrology of the Quaternary Aquifer in West Ismailia Area, Egypt  [PDF]
Salah Abdelwahab El-Sayed
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2018.67010
Abstract: Hydrologic conditions of the ground water of the Quaternary aquifer in west Ismailia area, Egypt, were characterized based on new hydrologic data collected in 2017. The Quaternary aquifer consists of alluvial deposits. The grain size distribution results indicate that the major part of the aquifer deposits is formed of medium to coarse grained sand with medium uniformity coefficients ranging between 2.5 and 10. They also reflect the heterogeneity, anisotropy and high productivity of the aquifer. The estimated aquifer parameters range from 29% to 41% for total porosity, from 18.71 m/day to 63.95 m/day for horizontal hydraulic conductivity, from 8.94 m/day to 61.6 m/day for vertical hydraulic conductivity, from 1.01 to 4.27 for anisotropy and from 1870 m2/day to 6549 m2/day for transmissivity. The ground water flows mainly from the north and northeast recharge sources (Ismailia and El Manaief canals) and from the south recharge area (Miocene aquifer), with an average hydraulic gradient of 0.00438. The recharge rate to the aquifer (from the southern area) and the Darcy’s velocity of ground water are estimated to be 447 × 106 m3/year and 0.203 m/day (on average), respectively. A great change in the hydrologic setting of the aquifer is occurred during the period of 1992-2017, where the groundwater flow has changed during that period. The aquifer contains fresh to saline water. An oxidizing (alkaline) environment is reported for the aquifer, as revealed from the relationship between the redox potential (185 - 836 mV) and pH (5.2 - 7.5 standard units). This indicated the capability of ground water to dissolve heavy metals associated to rock-forming minerals. A wide variation in the concentrations of total dissolved solids (320 - 7385 mg/l) and dissolved oxygen (2.13 - 8.4 mg/l) in the Quaternary aquifer is observed, reflecting the local variation of the environmental and geologic conditions and indicating the influence of different recharge sources.
Sparse Representation Approach for Variation-Robust Face Recognition Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Rania Salah El-Sayed,Mohamedyoussri El-Nahas,Ahmed El Kholy
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: Face recognition has become one of the most challenging tasks in the pattern recognition field and it is very important for many applications such as: video surveillance, forensic applications criminal investigations, and in many other fields it is also very useful. In this paper we are using sparse representation approach based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT) to achieve more robustness to variation in lighting, directions and expressions, because sparse representation does not exterminate obstacles posed by several practical issues, such as lighting, pose, and especially facial expressions, which tend to distort almost all the features and can thus compromise the accuracy of sparse representation. The result of new proposed approach is compared with sparse representation approach to show that the proposed approach is more robust to illumination, direction and expression variations than sparse representation.
Robust Facial Expression Recognition via Sparse Representation and Multiple Gabor filters
Rania Salah El-Sayed,Prof.Dr. Ahmed El Kholy,Prof.Dr. Mohamed Youssri El-Nahas
International Journal of Advanced Computer Sciences and Applications , 2013,
Abstract: Facial expressions recognition plays important role in human communication. It has become one of the most challenging tasks in the pattern recognition field. It has many applications such as: human computer interaction, video surveillance, forensic applications, criminal investigations, and in many other fields. In this paper we propose a method for facial expression recognition (FER). This method provides new insights into two issues in FER: feature extraction and robustness. For feature extraction we are using sparse representation approach after applying multiple Gabor filter and then using support vector machine (SVM) as classifier. We conduct extensive experiments on standard facial expressions database to verify the performance of proposed method. And we compare the result with other approach.
Positive Definite Solutions for the System of Nonlinear Matrix Equations X + A*Y-nA = I, Y + B*X-mB = I  [PDF]
Salah M. El-Sayed, Asmaa M. Al-Dubiban
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.513190

In this paper, some properties of the positive definite solutions for the nonlinear system of matrix equations X + A*Y-nA = I, Y + B*X-mB = I are derived. As a matter of fact, an effective iterative method to obtain the positive definite solutions of the system is established. These solutions are based on the convergence of monotone sequences of positive definite matrices. Moreover, the necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of the positive definite solutions are obtained. Finally, some numerical results are given.

Effect of Catharanthus roseus (Vince rosea) and Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Extracts as Green Corrosion Inhibitors for Mild Steel in 1 M HCl  [PDF]
Rabab Mohamed Abou Shahba, Abd El-Aziz El-Sayed Fouda, Azza El-Sayed El-Shenawy, Amina Salah Mohamed Osman
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2016.710053
Abstract: The corrosion inhibition of mild steel by Catharanthus roseus (Vince rosea) and Turmeric (Curcuma longa) extracts as green inhibitors in 1 M HCl solutions has been investigated by using potentiodynamic polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), hydrogen evolution measurements and scanning electron microscope (SEM) techniques. Results obtained show that these investigated compounds are good inhibitors and act as mixed type inhibitors. The inhibition efficiencies increase with increasing inhibitor concentration. The SEM results show the formation of protective film on the mild steel surface in the presence of Catharanthus roseus and Turmeric extracts. The results obtained from different tested techniques are in good agreement.
Positron-Excited Lithium Atom Collisions  [PDF]
Salah Y. El-Bakry, El-Sayed A. El-Dahshan, Khadija Ali
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2013.46105

The inelastic scattering of positrons by excited lithium alkali atoms Li*(2p) have been investigated within the frame work of the coupled-static and frozen-core approximations with the assumption that the elastic and rearrangement channels are open. In the present work, a rather complicated computer code is developed based on the coupled-static, frozen-core and Greens function partial wave expansion technique. The partial and total elastic and positronium (Ps) formation cross sections of e+-Li*(2p) are calculated through a wide range of incident energy of positrons ranging from 0.3 eV to 1000 eV. Also, we have calculated the partial and total elastic and rearrangement (reversal of the Ps formation) cross sections of Ps-Li+ collisions through the low, intermediate and high energy regions. The effect of polarization potential of the Ps atom is taken into our consideration. The total cross sections which corresponding to twelve partial cross sections (calculated at twelve values of the total angular momentum l = 0 to

Effect of Urbanization and Industrialization Processes on Outdoor Thermal Human Comfort in Egypt  [PDF]
El-Sayed ROBAA
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2011.13012
Abstract: Detailed studies on the effect of urbanization and industrialization processes on outdoor thermal human com- fort in Greater Cairo region, Egypt have been performed in this study. Four different districts in Greater Cairo region have been selected to represent rural, suburban, typical urban and industrial areas. The data of surface dry, wet bulb temperatures and wind speed for two different periods represent non-urbanized and urbanized periods have been used. Discomfort indices for the two periods have been calculated for the four districts. The study revealed that urbanization and industrialization processes have resulted in the distinctly modification of human comfortable at all districts. The feeling of quite comfortable reduced from the old non-urbanized period to the recent urbanized period at the four districts. During the recent urbanized period, the rural area has the highest total number of quite comfortable hours while both urban and industrial areas have the lowest total number of hours. The serious hot uncomfortable didn’t occur at all districts during the old non-urbanized period while during the recent urbanized period, all people had felt extreme serious hot uncomfortable only at urban and industrial areas. It could be concluded that the urbanization and industriali-zation processes cause increase of human serious hot uncomfortable feeling which in turn leads to more hin-dering for the human activities while the rural conditions leads to optimum weather comfort for further and more human activities.
Advanced Transition/Cluster Key Management Scheme for End-System Multicast Protocol  [PDF]
Ayman El-Sayed
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2012.55038
Abstract: The recent growth of the World Wide Web has sparked new research into using the Internet for novel types of group communication, like multiparty videoconferencing and real-time streaming. Multicast has the potential to be very useful, but it suffers from many problems like security. To achieve secure multicast communications with the dynamic aspect of group applications due to free membership joins and leaves in addition to member's mobility, key management is one of the most critical problems. So far, a lot of multicast key management schemes have been proposed and most of them are centralized, which have the problem of \"one point failure\" and that the group controller is the bottleneck of the group. In order to solve these two problems, we propose a Key Management Scheme, using cluster-based End-System Multicast (ESM). The group management is between both 1) the main controller (MRP, Main Rendezvous Point) and the second controllers (CRP, Cluster RP), and 2) the second controllers (CRPs) and its members. So, ESM simplifies the implementation of group communication and is efficient ways to deliver a secure message to a group of recipients in a network as a practical alternative to overcome the difficulty of large scale deployment of traditional IP multicast. In this paper, we analyze different key management schemes and propose a new scheme, namely Advanced Transition/Cluster Key management Scheme (ATCKS) and find it has appropriate performance in security.
Azoniaallene salts as versatile building blocks in the synthesis of antibacterial and antifungal heterocyclic compounds  [PDF]
El-Sayed H. El-Tammany, Atef A. Hamed, Salah Z. A. Sowellim, Ahmed S. Radwan
Natural Science (NS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2012.412130
Abstract: Substituted 2-azoniaallene salts 1 are strong bifunctional electrophiles, undergo cyclization reactions furnish many series of heterocyclic compounds, where reacted with p-tolyl urea, phenyl thiourea and thiosemicarbazone derivatives to afford triazinium salts, and converted to corresponding free bases 3, 5, 7 under treatment with Na2CO3. While triazole derivatives 8 and 9 were obtained by the reaction 2-azoniaallene salts 1 with benzohydrazide and phenyl hydrazine, respectively. Benzoxazinium salts 10 and 11 were acquired when asymmetric 2-azoniaallene salt reacted in (1:1) ratio with p-cresol and 3-methyl-1-phenyl-5-pyrazolone, respectively. The reaction of 2-azoniaallene salt with malononitrile furnished the primidinium salt 12 which underwent neutralization with Na2CO3 followed by heterocyclization with hydrazine hydrate afforded the bicyclic compound 3-aminopyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine 14, which is highly reactive for nucleophilic addition to phenyl isothiocyanate to furnish thiourea derivative 15. Moreover, 14 undergo condensation with aldehydes to give imine derivatives 16a,b. All free base compounds were screened for their antimicrobial activities.
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