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Rane Rajashree,Gangolli Divya,Patil Sushma,Ingawale Kanchan
International Research Journal of Pharmacy , 2013, DOI: 10.7897/2230-8407.04338
Abstract: Different dosage forms namely tablets, capsules, creams and syrups were analysed for curcumin content, by the well-known spectrophotometric method. Turmeric extract powder was used as a source of curcumin in capsule and tablet formulations. Turmeric oleoresin was used as a source of curcumin in cream formulation. Additionally, syrup formulations containing turmeric extract powder as well as turmeric oleoresin, separately, were also tested for their curcumin contents. Analytical results for curcumin content were found to be satisfactory in tablets and capsules containing turmeric extract powder. Whereas, in case of syrup containing turmeric extract powder, analytical findings for curcumin content, did not meet the expected specifications. However, when turmeric powder was replaced by the same quantity of oleoresin having similar strength, in cream and syrup, the results met the expected values, at the initial stages. But analysis data over a period of 1Year testing, showed declination in the initial findings due to unstability of turmeric oleoresin for long duration.
Design and optimization of artemether microparticles for bitter taste masking
Punit P. Shah, Rajashree C. Mashru, Yogesh M. Rane, Atul C. Badhan
Acta Pharmaceutica , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10007-008-0027-y
Abstract: The objective of the present investigation was to reduce the bitterness of artemether (ARM). Microparticles were prepared by the coacervation method using Eudragit E 100 (EE) as polymer and sodium hydroxide solution as nonsolvent for the polymer. A 32 full factorial design was used for optimization wherein the amount of drug (A) and polymer (B) were selected as independent variables and the bitterness score, particle size and drug release at pH, 1.2 and 6.8 were selected as dependent variables. Optimization was carried out using the desirability function. The optimized microparticles batch was characterized by FTIR and DSC. Multiple linear regression analysis revealed that reduced bitterness of ARM can be obtained by controlling the drug release of microparticles at pH 6.8 and increasing the amount of EE. The increase in the amount of polymer leads to reduction in drug release from microparticles at pH > 5 due to its insolubility and thus reduces bitterness. However, the increase in the amount of polymer results in improved dissolution, suggesting improved availability of ARM in stomach. Optimized microparticles prepared using 0.04 g of ARM and 15 mL of 1% (m/V) solution of EE showed complete bitter taste masking with improved drug release at pH 1.2.
Kicked in the Face by a Fish  [PDF]
Talal Rane, Samir Taha
Open Journal of Emergency Medicine (OJEM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojem.2015.34008
Abstract: Facial trauma caused by animals is a well known aetiology for maxillofacial injuries. Our case is an injury to the midface and upper face, caused by an unusual animal in the world of maxillofacial trauma, in circumstances not very commonly seen, and certainly only exists in few parts of the world. This assault results in a fracture in one of the stronger corners of the orbital cavity rather than the commonly seen floor fractures which is partly likely to break first with blunt external trauma.
Training programs in communication skills for health care professionals and volunteers
Rajashree K
Indian Journal of Palliative Care , 2011,
Abstract: Communication skills are as important as vital needs. Health care professionals have to be aware of their own communication practices and need to undergo periodic appraisal of the same. Training programmes in communication skills are unfortunately not part of our academic curriculum. The article highlights the need and the overview of such training programmes.
Web Crawler On Client Machine
Rajashree Shettar,Shobha G
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2008,
Training community volunteers and professionals in the psychosocial aspects of palliative care
Chittazhathu Rajashree,Moideen Shamsudeen
Indian Journal of Palliative Care , 2005,
Management of central serous retinopathy
Murthy K,Rajashree
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology , 1983,
A Vertical Search Engine – Based On Domain Classifier
Rajashree Shettar,Rahul Bhuptani
International Journal of Computer Science and Security , 2008,
Abstract: The World Wide Web is growing exponentially and the dynamic, unstructured nature of the web makes it difficult to locate useful resources. Web Search engines such as Google and Alta Vista provide huge amount of information many of which might not be relevant to the users query. In this paper, we build a vertical search engine which takes a seed URL and classifies the URLs crawled as Medical or Finance domains. The filter component of the vertical search engine classifies the web pages downloaded by the crawler into appropriate domains. The web pages crawled is checked for relevance based on the domain chosen and indexed. External users query the database with keywords to search; The Domain classifiers classify the URLs into relevant domain and are presented in descending order according to the rank number. This paper focuses on two issues ¢a a€ page relevance to a particular domain and page contents for the search keywords to improve the quality of URLs to be listed thereby avoiding irrelevant or low-quality ones .
Through the Eyes of the Learner: A Critical Evaluation of an Urban Indian School
Smita Khan,Rajashree Kotharkar
Archnet-IJAR : International Journal of Architectural Research , 2012,
Presentation of multiple midface fractures combined with intracranial injury treated conservatively  [PDF]
Talal Rane, Firas Nasser, Samir Taha
Open Journal of Emergency Medicine (OJEM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojem.2013.11001
Abstract: Midface injuries are normally the result of high forces impacted on the face, that can bypass the power of the connection buttresses, which are thick and strong, base of skull is also a rigid and toughstructure which requires significant forces to break. In our case, multiple midface and cranial base fractures are presented, which reflect injury caused by high forces and normally, these result in instability in the facial skeleton, or cause CSF rhinorrhea, or sharp spicules to endanger the orbit or the anterior cranial fossa, or the presence of any other indication of surgery. It is unusual to find such an extent of facial trauma and such a multiplication of fractures on the midface and cranial base levels, yet they were stable enough and without a real indication to require surgical interference.

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