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Comparative analyses of the vascular flora of the P inja river gorges in Serbia and Macedonia
Zlatkovi? B.,Nikoli? L.,Ranelovi? V.,RaneloviN.
Archives of Biological Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/abs1104157z
Abstract: The study’s aim is the comparative chorologic and ecological analysis of the vascular flora of the two gorges of the P inja River in Serbia and Macedonia which are 27 km apart. In the two gorges 1564 taxa have been recorded, 1057 being in the upper gorge in Serbia and 1174 in the lower gorge in Macedonia. Common to both gorges are 666 taxa. Chorological spectra show that in both gorges the most abundant are Mediterranean-submediterranean plants, 32.85% being in the upper and 43.97% in the lower gorge. Differences in the studied vegetation result from a diverse participation of other floristic elements such as Central European ones that are more abundant in the upper gorge (17.05%) than in the lower gorge (10.86 %). The life-form spectrum reveals that the flora in both gorges is hemicryptophyte-therophyte in character. Both gorges belong to an enclave of a Mediterranean-submediterranean region, i.e. to its submediterranean Macedonian- Thracian province.
Content of Heavy Metals in Mulberry Fruits and Their Extracts-Correlation Analysis  [PDF]
Ru?ica J. Mici?, Danica S. Dimitrijevi?, Danijela A. Kosti?, Gordana S. Stojanovi?, Sne?ana S. Miti?, Milan N. Miti?, Aleksandra N. Pavlovi?, Sa?a S. Ranelovi
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2013.411081

The aim of this research was the determination of heavy metals (iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cadmium, nickel and lead) contents of white, red and black mulberry fruit grown in southeast region of Serbia, and their extracts. The content of all metals was confirmed in the fruits. All of tree types of mulberry contained the highest content of iron in the fruit and the lowest content of Cd. The level of iron in all assayed fruits species was ranged between 23.06-57.38 mg?100g?1. The concentration range of cadmium for the tested fruits was found to be from 1.77 to 2.46 μg?100g?1 in fruit of Morus nigra L. and Morus alba L., respectively. The content of metals in the fruit of white mulberry decreases in the following order: Fe > Mn > Zn > Cu > Ni > Pb

Multifocal Abrikossoff's granular cell tumor of the oesophagus: Case report
Ranelovi? Tomislav D.,Stoj?i? Zorica M.,Ga?i? Jasna M.,Babi? Darko N.
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0810533r
Abstract: INTRODUCTION Granular cell tumors, relatively uncommon soft tissue tumors, have been a matter of debate among pathologists regarding histogenesis for a long time. Less common locations are in the aerodigestive tract including the oesophagus. CASE OUTLINE We have recently treated a rare case, a 37-year old male, who was admitted due to dysphagia and a painful swallow with occasional pharyngo-nasal regurgitation followed with a mild loss of weight. Standard clinical examination including X-ray chest, ECG and laboratory tests did not show pathological findings. Barium contrast oesophagography demonstrated multiple ovoid defects in the wall of the oesophagus. CT scan of the chest confirmed luminal narrowing owing to the tumor of the upper oesophagus. Upper endoscopy showed unusual multifocal nodular lesions alongside the oesophageal axis covered by smooth mucosa. A primary biopsy specimen taken from the largest nodules confirmed an unusual pathological finding of the granular cell tumor. Subtotal, transpleural oesophagectomy was performed and reconstruction was derived by long colon segment interposition through the posterior mediastinum. The postoperative course was uneventful. The operative specimen consisted of four ovoid tumors alongside the oesophagus (the greatest diameter 0.5-1.8, average 1.25). All verified tumors histologicaly consisted of a spindle-shaped or polygonal cells containing small and large eosinophilic granules and central nuclei. Most tumor cells showed strongly positive immunohistochemical staining for S-100 protein. These tumor cells were partially positive for p-53 and Ki-67. No lymph node metastases were detected histologically. CONCLUSION Multifocal granular cell tumor of the oesophagus is an unusual finding with low incidence, and rarely caused symptoms. Pathological features and multiplicity of such tumors emphasized malignant predisposition requiring surgical resection of the oesophagus.
Influence of the fluorescent brightener Periblanc BA on the degree of whiteness of the knitted cotton fabric
Miljkovi? Milena N.,Purenovi? Milovan M.,Novakovi? Mile K.,Ranelovi? Sonja S.
Hemijska Industrija , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/hemind100810061m
Abstract: In this study the influence of the different fluorescent brightener Periblanc BA concentrations on the degree of knitted cotton fabric whiteness was investigated. Two consecutive experimental runs were performed. The first was the bleaching of the knitted cotton fabric with hydrogen peroxide using the methods of two and single bath exhaustion while the second was the optical bleaching with fluorescent brightener Periblanc BA using the exhaustion method. CIE Whiteness Index and Tint value were measured on the Color-Eye 3000 spectrophotometer at the standard illuminant D65 (Ice-Texicon, d/8, D65/10°) while K/S values were determined using the Kubelka Munk equation. The results show that cotton fabric bleached with fluorescent brightener Periblanc BA after bleaching with hydrogen peroxide using two bath exhaustion method has higher degree of whiteness (118.8) with a reddish tint in comparison to the one bleached with hydrogen peroxide using single bath method (106.1).
Color changes of blackberry as affected by freezing rate
Ranelovi? Dobrila G.,Vra?ar Ljubo O.,Tepi? Aleksandra N.
Acta Periodica Technologica , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/apt0839063r
Abstract: Fast frozen blackberry partially change its surface color from characteristic black to copper-redish color. This change decreases the market value, especially when the product is intended for export. For these reasons classic tunnels for slow freezing are being more widely used nowadays. In order to clarify mentioned phenomena, a detailed monitoring of preparation process and freezing, as well as changes of frozen blackberry fruits in industrial conditions was carried out. Along with sensory evaluation of surface color changes, chemical analysis of reference parameters of fresh and frozen fruits were performed. The results of sensory evaluation confirmed evident color change of fruits frozen by slow (and fast) treatment; the chemical analysis confirmed unchanged total solids and anthocyanin content, as well as changes in pH value and vitamin C, in comparison to fresh blackberry fruits.
New distribution data of some Pontic and submediterranean plant species in Serbia
Tomovi? Gordana M.,Ranelovi? Vladimir N.,Niketi? Marjan S.,Vukoji?i? Sne?ana S.
Archives of Biological Sciences , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/abs0302045t
Abstract: We present here the distribution of 11 rare Pontic and submediterranean plant species in Serbia based on field research, herbarium and literature data. These taxa were mapped on 10 x 10 km2 UTM grid. The following taxa were analyzed: Dianthus pinifolius Sibth. & Sm., Doronicum hungaricum Reichenb. fil., Sedum stefco Stefanov, Sempervivum zeleborii Schott, Trifolium pignantii Fauche & Chaub., Ranunculus illyricus L., Potentilla chrysantha Trev., Prunus tenella Batsch, Saxifraga bulbifera L., Linaria pelisseriana (L) Miller and Gagea bohemica (Zausc) Schul. & Schul.
Dual income tax: An option for the reform of personal income tax in Serbia?
Ranelovi? Sa?a
Economic Annals , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/eka0879183r
Abstract: Contemporary tax theory and practice provides two fundamental concepts for taxation of personal income: scheduler and global. Several systems have been derived from these basic models, including combined, flat, dual and negative income tax. Dual income tax, the subject of this paper, requires progressive taxation of income from employment and proportional taxation of income from capital. However, strict application of this system significantly violates the principle of equitability of taxation, both horizontally and vertically.
Addressing inequality and poverty with tax instruments
Ranelovi? Sa?a,?arkovi?-Raki? Jelena
Economic Annals , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/eka1190007r
Abstract: There is a consensus, in both academia and economic policy circles, that the reform of the personal income tax system in Serbia is necessary one. Two frequently discussed reform scenarios are East European style flat tax and the comprehensive income tax model of Western Europe. Most Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries have recently reformed their income tax systems by introducing some form of flat tax scheme, while in numerous countries of Western Europe the possibility of flat tax reform is also seriously considered. Opponents of the reform usually stress the adverse distributional effects of flat tax schemes. The aim of our paper is to contribute to the empirical literature on the distributional effects of alternative tax reform scenarios. The analysis is based on the tax and benefit micro-simulation model for Serbia (SRMOD). The results suggest that redesigning the existing income tax system so as to introduce a uniform tax rate and increase the basic allowance would somewhat reduce inequality and improve vertical inequity in taxation. On the other hand, in the case of the introduction of comprehensive income tax, considerably larger equalizing and progressivity effects would be achieved. At the same time, since in both cases redistribution will not affect the bottom decile group, no significant effects (in either cases) on poverty reduction will be achieved.
Modeling of microwave applicators with an excitation through the wave guide using TLM method
Ranelovi? Tijana,Jokovi? Jugoslav,Milovanovi? Bratislav
Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/sjee0502137r
Abstract: In this paper, a real microwave applicator with a wave guide used to launch the energy from the source into the cavity is analyzed using 3D TLM method. In order to investigate the influence of the positions and number of feed wave guides to the number of the resonant modes inside the cavity, obtained results are compared with analytical results and results obtained by using TLM software with an impulse excitation as well. TLM method is applied to the both empty and loaded rectangular metallic cavity, and a very good agreement between simulated and experimental results is achieved.
Lesion of the femoral nerve caused by a hydatid cyst of the right psoas muscle
Bilanovi? Dragoljub,Zdravkovi? Darko,Ranelovi? Tomislav,Toskovi? Borislav
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/sarh1008502b
Abstract: Introduction. Hydatidosis is a human disease caused by the larval form of Echinococcus granulosus. All organs in the human body may be affected by hydatid disease, but excluding liver and lungs, all other organs are considered as uncommon locations. Hydatid disease located in the psoas muscle is uncommon. Case Outline. The authors present a 36-year-old male living in endemic areas of Serbia, admitted due to pain and weakness of the right thigh and weight loss. Duration of symptoms was one year. CT and MRI revealed a big cystic mass (20 cm long) in the right psoas muscle. Neurological investigation showed a loss of function of the right femoral nerve. Serology for Echinococcosis was negative. Surgery was indicated and performed by median laparotomy. Total excision of the cyst was done. Pathohystology confirmed the nature of the cyst. Three years after operation the patient was without any signs of disease relapse. Conclusion. Echinococcal disease of the psoas has been very rarely reported, sometimes associated with paraspinal disease and often with vertebral involvement. Cystic or complex retroperitoneal tumour, pyogenic abscess of the psoas and even tuberculosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis. Treatment of choice is surgery. The greatest danger for the patient is dissemination and anaphylactic reaction. Also, compression of adjacent organs may produce significant morbidity.
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