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Agobian Georges,Valderrama Elvis,Prieto María,Ramones ángel
Salud, Arte y Cuidado , 2011,
Abstract: In order to determine urethral cytology findings of HPV in male patients of program Sexually Transmitted Infections of Lara state and identify the exposure to risk factors for transmission of this virus. We performed a descriptive sectional study, no probabilistic sample accidental of 94 individuals over 20 years of age during the period September-November 2009, also applied a structured questionnaire with closed questions, the data were processed using SPSS 11.5 for Windows, represented in absolute values and percentages. The frequency of positive findings consistent with HPV in urethral cytology was 14.89%. Among the risk factors studied with findings consistent with HPV urethral cytology found, history of sex with partner carriers of warts, cytology or biopsy positive for HPV with 28.57%, age of first intercourse less than 16 years with 19.05%, ≥ 10 sexual partners with 18.18%, occasional use of condoms, with 16.67%, 16.36% with smoking, contact with sex workers 10.00%. Patients with findings consistent with HPV cytology urethral papillomas showed 64.29%, as 62.50% with urethral cytology negative. It was concluded that the diagnosis of HPV in addition to the urethral smear necessary the application of other complementary research methods.
Süchiki Walekerü: un ejemplo del uso de las tic en escuelas indígenas. Caso Wayuu
Quero Ramones,Sandra; Madue?o Madue?o,Leonel;
Educere , 2006,
Abstract: the purpose of this research was to develop and apply educational and contextual software within the wayuu culture, to promote wayuunaiki reading and writing; as an example of information communication technologies (ict) in indigenous schools. proving that these technologies can be used to support the educational projects proposed by the intercultural bilingual education program. this research has an ethnographic introspective approach, based on experience, guided by the investigation-action method. the application of this research was done in the escuela básica nacional puerto aléramo, páez municipality in the state of zulia, the educational software created is called süchiki walekerü and was developed using the thales educational software method. the results proved that the children showed interest in the software that could be heard and read in their language.
Condrosarcoma de laringe: Revisión de la literatura y presentación de un caso
Landaeta Vilela,Jose Gregorio; Mu?oz Chirino,Jose Gregorio; Cardozo Ramones,Verónica Desiré; Ramones De Cardozo,Elsa Marina;
Revista Venezolana de Oncología , 2005,
Abstract: laryngeal chondrosarcoma is one of the most infrequent malignant neoplasms of cartilaginous origin in the laryngeal pathology. it is most frequently located at the cricoid cartilage. it is rarely seen at the thyroid or arytenoid cartilage. we present the case of a laryngeal chondrosarcoma originated in the thyroid cartilage. total laryngectomy was performed. we review the world literature in order to obtain greater knowledge about this type of neoplasms and thus offer the best treatment options that produce lesser disability for the patient and diminish morbidity and mortality for this disease.
Condrosarcoma de laringe: Revisión de la literatura y presentación de un caso
Jose Gregorio Landaeta Vilela,Jose Gregorio Mu?oz Chirino,Verónica Desiré Cardozo Ramones,Elsa Marina Ramones De Cardozo
Revista Venezolana de Oncología , 2005,
Abstract: El condrosarcoma de laringe es una de las neoplasias malignas de origen cartilaginoso menos frecuente dentro de la patología tumoral laríngea. Su localización más frecuente es en el cartílago cricoides, siendo raro que se origine en el cartílago tiroides o aritenoides. Presentamos un caso de condrosarcoma de laringe originado en el cartílago tiroides. Se realizó una laringectomía total. Revisamos la literatura mundial con la finalidad de obtener mayor conocimiento acerca de este tipo de tumores y así ofrecer la mejor alternativa de tratamiento que produzca menor discapacidad para el paciente y disminuya la morbilidad terapéutica y los índices de mortalidad por esta patología. Laryngeal chondrosarcoma is one of the most infrequent malignant neoplasms of cartilaginous origin in the laryngeal pathology. It is most frequently located at the cricoid cartilage. It is rarely seen at the thyroid or arytenoid cartilage. We present the case of a laryngeal chondrosarcoma originated in the thyroid cartilage. Total laryngectomy was performed. We review the world literature in order to obtain greater knowledge about this type of neoplasms and thus offer the best treatment options that produce lesser disability for the patient and diminish morbidity and mortality for this disease.
Torsadogenic Index: Its Chinese Medical Origin  [PDF]
Adrián ángel Inchauspe
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2013.47A1001
Abstract: The foundational chronology of Torsadogenic Index is introduced to explain the relationship between impending death situations and drug prescription, combination, self-indication, or abuse of torsadogenic pharmacological products. The pathophysiological basis of Torsade de Pointes is presented with the most frequent causes of Long QT syndrome. Traditional Chinese Medical principles are exposed in order to help people to understand its para-logical sequence, providing another view of medical explanations upon scientific evidence. Development of Torsadogenic Risk Management Project and Torsadogenic Traceability concepts derived from these Chinese Medical perpetual axioms are presented in this paper.
Resuscitation on the K-1 Yongquan: Ethical and Methodological Aspects of Its Pilot Study  [PDF]
Adrián ángel Inchauspe
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.77095
Abstract: K-1 Yongquan complementary resuscitation maneuver, systematized since 1987, has been consistently performed in sudden death and cardiac arrest conditions as a final resource in both basic and advanced CPR failure. Experimental analytical studies identify the prevention, control and assessment of treatments set up as well as the determination of their efficiency offering; in that way, there are more possibilities than risks during the trial period. That type of study refers to the random criterion in order to measure differences and, in that way, it establishes causal associations which may better determine the intervention mechanism. As inferred by this criterion, control groups would not profit from the benefit of providing a second chance by means of the proposed maneuver during rescue. Such determination leaves those included in the control group deserted to their own ill-fate, adding—consequently—a certain lethal risk, which should basic and advanced CPR fail. In view of this panorama, we tried to find a methodology that should ensure the validation process according to the model presented; to that end, we propose the Cohort Retrospective Study. All of the above has given evidence that there is a difference if one takes into consideration as control the group of “deceased patients” instead of considering among them “patients that may be deceased”. Such apparently simple consideration—thanks to the Cohort Retrospective model—manages to efface the high possibility of a “fatal damage”, as proposed by the randomness principle upon a prospective non-intervention group. Beyond the scientific methodology that supports it the efficiency of the maneuver derives mainly from the sustained increase in survival rates presented in the successive statistics published since its application.
A Longitudinal Study of Academic Success and Failure in Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate Students through the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI)  [PDF]
Miguel ángel Broc
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2015.612139
Abstract: Aretrospective longitudinal study of a final sample of 311 Spanish students in compulsory secondary education (CSE) and baccalaureate (BAC) between 1 and 6 years after administration of MACI was conducted by analyzing “a posteriori” if they were able to graduate or not in CSE, as well as some form of baccalaureate. The effects of factors such as grade, sex and graduate/urdergraduate were studied over measured variables by MACI, related with personality traits, the concerns expressed and clinical syndromes. Looking retrospectively if emerging patterns of certain personality variables characterizing students as a function of previous factors, statistically significant variables (p < 0.05) that clearly differentiate these types of students are detected based on sex, in fourteen scales scores are higher for women, with predominance of internalizing trend and with a large effect size in variables as body disapproval (0.81) and eating disorders (0.87), and in six scales boys with externalizing trend and a large effect of sex factor on the variable predisposition to delinquency (0.81) as well as between different types of academic performance, especially undergraduate students in scales 2A, 6B, 9, B, G and H. Finally, references to clinical intervention techniques and educational community services, in Spain, are proposed.
Therapeutic Acupunctural Resonance: The Original Research  [PDF]
Adrián ángel Inchauspe
Chinese Medicine (CM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/cm.2015.64024
Abstract: The Chinese managed to interpret not only the natural rhythms of cosmic and seasonal cycles but the chrono-biological rhythms present in human body. What since long ago was merely taken to be a pre-scientific tradition has currently become a tangible reality. Nowadays, the specific frequencies pulsating along each meridian can be measured in hertz—according to its own resonance—as Acupuncture determined thousands of years ago. Their effort to establish a taxonomic classification of all environmental and human phenomena is closely related to Mathematics propositions of Euclid Five Regular Polyhedra, in order to consolidate the axiomatic-deductive model which we can now relate to the Chinese Theory of the Five Elements and their constant changes. As presented in OMICS Group Traditional Medicine-2015 Conference in Birmingham, it could be also proved that there also exists an inescapable relationship between Pythagoras and the Mathematical foundation of the Pentatonic Chinese Musical Scale. A simple way to incorporate the ideal frequency rhythm for each channel to correct its unbalanced situation is to insert said frequencies through the needles, by way of “antennae”, restructuring the meridian’s resonance affected and through it, of the Element it belongs to. Therapeutic Acupunctural Resonance therefore finds effective application when pins are used as “resonators”, putting the frequency of said Element of the channel in line, so that they transmit by means of punctures pure vibratory patterns which shall recondition the Qi flow frequency which has been altered by the Chinese syndrome diagnosed to be treated.
Effect of lactose concentration on the grow kinetics of Kluyveromyces marxianus var. marxianus and production of b-D-galactosidase (E.C.
Araujo,Karelen; Páez,Gisela; Mármol,Zulay; Ferrer,José; Ramones,Eduardo; Mazzarri,Cateryna Aiello; Rincón,Marisela;
Revista Técnica de la Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad del Zulia , 2007,
Abstract: abstract the effect of lactose concentration on the kinetics of growth of kluyveromyces marxianus var. marxianus atcc 8554 and production of enzyme b-d-galactosidase in cheese whey previously deproteinized was studied. the assays were carried out to lactose concentrations of 4.72%, 8.5%, 12.6% and to ph of 5 and temperature of 35°c, in a bioreactor bioflo 4000 with a volume work of 3 liters. the enzymatic activity was determined evaluating hydrolysis of o-nitrophenil-b-d-galactopiranoside (onpg) and the extraction of the enzyme from the cell was realized through ultrasound treatment. the maximum activity, 384.42 ± 13.11 μmol onp/l/5minutos was obtained in the non concentrated cheese whey (4.72%). the greater concentration of biomass and the highest specific speeds of growth were obtained in the non concentrated cheese whey (4.72%), and were 19.68 ± 0.004 kg/m3 and 0.29 h-1 ± 0,006 respectively. the results showed a decrease in enzyme activity at high concentration of lactose, despite the fact that this carbohydrate is normally used for induction of b-d-galactosidase activity
Kinetics of ion-exchange in raw and commercial pasteurized milk
Martínez,Karina; Ala?a,Jorge; Ferrer,José; Faría,José; Ramones,Eduardo; García,Cézar;
Revista Técnica de la Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad del Zulia , 2006,
Abstract: in this work the ion-exchange kinetics of ca++-na+ system in raw and pasteurized milk was determined by decreasing the sodium, and increasing the calcium levels in milky media. the kinetics data of the ionic systems were fitted by the fick?s law with a variable diffusion coefficient expressed by the gilliland model. the experimental methodology involved the use of batch tests under agitation, constant temperature, between sample milk and cationic resin type ionac c-249, during a contact period of 6 hours. the ion-exchange reactions were followed by sampling the liquid phase every one hour. in the milky phase the concentrations of sodium and calcium were determined by spectrophotometry of atomic absorption. the results show that the exchange of na+ ions into resin presents a distribution pattern s and the kinetics can be expressed by gilliland model as , on the other hand, the exchange of ca++ ions presents a distribution pattern c and the kinetics given by .

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