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Photographic Technology – The Value of Photo-documentation in Laryngeal Cases: Foreign Bodies Detection In The Airway
Rahmat Omar
Asian Journal of Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: Foreign bodies inhalation or impaction into the airway are more commonly seen in children as compared to adults. We present the different scenarios of these cases and the photograph taken during the procedure attempted. Our intention is to illustrate how photo-documentation can be made feasible during this acute intervention. Although airway management is far more important, with the cooperation between the anaesthetist and the operating surgeon, this can be made possible. In the case studies illustrated, we have successfully captured the images of the implicated foreign bodies. It was also found that the images taken by using rigid scope has a superior quality as compared to the flexible scopes. The taken photograph is an absolute proof of the impacted foreign bodies and it can be an ideal example for teaching, examination and other education purpose.
Intelligent Host-based Stepping Stone Detection Approach
Mohd Nizam Omar,Rahmat Budiarto
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2009,
Base of Tongue Tuberculosis: A Case Report
Jalal Hussaini,Somasundran Mutusamy,Rahmat Omar,Raman Rajagopalan
Acta Medica Iranica , 2012,
Abstract: We report a rare case of base of tongue tuberculosis following pulmonary tuberculosis. Patient presented to us with chief complaints of sore throat and pain on swallowing for period of 3 months. On examination with 70 degree telescope, we observed an ulcer on right side of base of tongue. The edges of the ulcer appeared to be undermined with whitish slough at the centre of the ulcer. Examination of neck showed a multiple small palpable middle deep cervical lymph nodes on right side of neck. Biopsy of the ulcer was taken, which showed granulomatous inflammation, suggestive of tuberculosis. Laboratory investigations revealed a raise in erythrocyte sedimentation rate, sputum for acid fast bacilli was strongly positive. Chest X ray was performed for patient showed multiple areas of consolidation. Patient was referred to chest clinic for further management of tuberculosis and was started on anti-tuberculous drugs. In conclusion tuberculosis of oral cavity is rare, but should be considered among one of the differential diagnosis of the oral lesions and biopsy is necessary to confirm the diagnosis.
Evidence of Bacterial Biofilms among Infected and Hypertrophied Tonsils in Correlation with the Microbiology, Histopathology, and Clinical Symptoms of Tonsillar Diseases
Saad Musbah Alasil,Rahmat Omar,Salmah Ismail,Mohd Yasim Yusof,Ghulam N. Dhabaan,Mahmood Ameen Abdulla
International Journal of Otolaryngology , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/408238
Abstract: Diseases of the tonsils are becoming more resistant to antibiotics due to the persistence of bacteria through the formation of biofilms. Therefore, understanding the microbiology and pathophysiology of such diseases represent an important step in the management of biofilm-related infections. We have isolated the microorganisms, evaluated their antimicrobial susceptibility, and detected the presence of bacterial biofilms in tonsillar specimens in correlation with the clinical manifestations of tonsillar diseases. Therefore, a total of 140 palatine tonsils were collected from 70 patients undergoing tonsillectomy at University Malaya Medical Centre. The most recovered isolate was Staphylococcus aureus (39.65%) followed by Haemophilus influenzae (18.53%). There was high susceptibility against all selected antibiotics except for cotrimoxazole. Bacterial biofilms were detected in 60% of patients and a significant percentage of patients demonstrated infection manifestation rather than obstruction. In addition, an association between clinical symptoms like snore, apnea, nasal obstruction, and tonsillar hypertrophy was found to be related to the microbiology of tonsils particularly to the presence of biofilms. In conclusion, evidence of biofilms in tonsils in correlation with the demonstrated clinical symptoms explains the recalcitrant nature of tonsillar diseases and highlights the importance of biofilm’s early detection and prevention towards better therapeutic management of biofilm-related infections. 1. Introduction The ear, nose, and throat (ENT) represent a natural habitat for a broad range of microorganisms such as commensal bacteria as well as potential pathogens [1]. However, these bacteria can sometimes find their way to overcome the defense barriers of such locations and establish chronic infections that poses a challenge to both medical practice and healthcare system [2]. Infections of the ENT such as tonsillitis are diseases that occur with high frequency [3]. During the past decades, efforts have been made to manage the infectious diseases of tonsils [4]. It has been reported that the impact of tonsillar diseases may not only affect the tonsils alone but it can reach other related anatomic structures like the paranasal sinus, upper aerodigestive tract, and Eustachian tube-middle ear complex [4]. Thus understanding the microbiology and pathophysiology of such diseases represents an important step in the management of biofilm-related infections. Chronic infections of the ear, nose, and throat are becoming more resistant to common antimicrobial
Encapsulation of a Chloroform Molecule in a Peptide Nanotube  [PDF]
Fainida Rahmat, Ngamta Thamwattana
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2014.59088

We determine the encapsulation of a chloroform molecule into a D,L-Ala cyclopeptide nanotube by investigating the interaction energy between the two molecular structures. We employ the Lennard-Jones potential and a continuum approach which assumes that the atoms are evenly distributed over the molecules providing average atomic densities. Our result demonstrates that the encapsulation depends on the size of the molecule and the internal diameter of the peptide nantube. In particular, the on-axis chloroform molecule is only accepted into a peptide nanotube whose internal radius is greater than 5 ?. If located near the edge of the nanotube, then it is unlikely that the chloroform molecule will enter the nanotube. This is due to the energy valley that the molecule will need to overcome to move past the edge into the open end of the nanotube.

Evaluation of Disparities between Transportation Needs and Trip Patterns of Men and Women in Kandahar City, Afghanistan  [PDF]
Mohibullah Rahmat, Shoshi Mizokami
Journal of Transportation Technologies (JTTs) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2019.91005
Abstract: Consideration of gender equality in transportation planning is quite a new phenomenon. However, its significance is discussed widely by several researchers, particularly, in developing countries. In Kandahar city of Afghanistan, women have limited choices when it comes to using transportation services. With respect to some cultural, social, contextual, environmental, technological and physical barriers; women do not receive equal services from the current transport sectors. Using Revealed Preference and Stated Preference techniques, a survey was conducted in Kandahar city to identify the differences between trip patterns and transportation needs among men and women of the city. Our findings show distinct and clear disparities in socio-demographic characteristics of men and women of Kandahar city leading to trip disparities. Almost all of women do not own any types of personal vehicles, they are less educated and do not have jobs. Likewise, there is a considerable gap between trip characteristics and patterns of men and women. Majority of female trips are for educational purposes while male trips are more dispersed over multiple activities. Motorcycle is the most dominant and preferred mode for men, while women are mostly walking or using available public transit. Compared to men, women were recorded to have lesser trips per day over short distances. Transportation choices of women are also limited to walking, accompanying other male members of family or using public modes. However, men are generally using their private cars, motorcycles and bicycles together with all those options available for women. The results of Multinomial Logit Model showed that all selected variables such as vehicle ownership, income, travel cost and time will be significant factors for mode choice behavior of men, though for female respondents travel time and travel cost are main factors.
Impact of the New Malaysian Cigarette Pack Warnings on Smokers’ Awareness of Health Risks and Interest in Quitting Smoking
Ahmed I. Fathelrahman,Maizurah Omar,Rahmat Awang,K. Michael Cummings,Ron Borland,Ahmad Shalihin Bin Mohd Samin
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/ijerph7114089
Abstract: The objective of this research was to compare the response of adult smokers in Malaysia to newly proposed pictorial cigarette warnings against the current text-only warnings. The study population included 140 adult male smokers who were enrolled in a randomized trial to view either the new pictorial warnings (intervention) or the old text-only warnings (control). Participants completed pre-exposure and post-exposure questionnaires that assessed their awareness of the health risks of smoking, response to the package warnings, and interest in quitting smoking. Exposure to the pictorial warnings resulted in increased awareness of the risks of smoking, stronger behavioral response to the warnings and increased interest in quitting smoking. The new warnings in Malaysia will increase smokers’ knowledge of the adverse health effects of smoking and have a positive effect on interest in quitting.
Differential Evolution Immunized Ant Colony Optimization Technique in Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem  [PDF]
N. A. Rahmat, I. Musirin
Engineering (ENG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2013.51B029
Abstract: Since the introduction of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) technique in 1992, the algorithm starts to gain popularity due to its attractive features. However, several shortcomings such as slow convergence and stagnation motivate many researchers to stop further implementation of ACO. Therefore, in order to overcome these drawbacks, ACO is proposed to be combined with Differential Evolution (DE) and cloning process. This paper presents Differential Evolution Immunized Ant Colony Optimization (DEIANT) technique in solving economic load dispatch problem. The combination creates a new algorithm that will be termed as Differential Evolution Immunized Ant Colony Optimization (DEIANT). DEIANT was utilized to optimize economic load dispatch problem. A comparison was made between DEIANT and classical ACO to evaluate the performance of the new algorithm. In realizing the effectiveness of the proposed technique, IEEE 57-Bus Reliable Test System (RTS) has been used as the test specimen. Results obtained from the study revealed that the proposed DEIANT has superior computation time.
Evaluation of flavonoids and diverse antioxidant activities of Sonchus arvensis
Rahmat Khan
Chemistry Central Journal , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1752-153x-6-126
Abstract: Results of the present study revealed that various fractions of Sonchus arvensis significantly scavenged the free radicals (DPPH·, ABTS·+, ·OH, superoxide), however its methanolic fraction is more potent than other fractions. Significant correlation was found between DPPH·, ABTS·+, superoxide radical and total antioxidant activity with total flavonoids and phenolics contents. Phytochmical analysis revealed the presence kaempferol, quercetin, orientin, rutin, hyperoside, catechin and myricetin.From the present data it is concluded that various fractions of Sonchus arvensis significantly scavenged the free radical, which might be due the presence of polyphenolic constituent.Oxidation provides energy to living organisms for various metabolic processes. Normally a balance is present between amounts of free radicals produced in our body and antiradicals enzymatic and non enzymatic system to quench these and protect the body from their harmful effects [1]. Free radicals including superoxide anions, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl are extensively involved in oxidative damage at cellular level. Growing number of evidences suggest that reactive oxygen species (ROS) induced biochemical changes are decisive factors in various chronic human disease such as diabetes mellitus, cancer, atherosclerosis, arthritis, inflammation and neurodegeneration [2]. Human body has developed many mechanisms both enzymatic and nonenzymatic to eliminate ROS but not enough in severe oxidative stress conditions. Many studies have been carried out to investigate, that how to avoid the onset of oxidative diseases. The most studied system to fight against oxidative stress is to combat their level in body by supplying with greater amount of natural antioxidants, which can be attained by elevated use of vegetables and fruits. Natural antioxidants, particularly polyphenolics are safe and also bioactive. For that reason, in recent times, extensive studies have been conducted to identify plants with antiradi
Phosphatase Activity and Solubilization of Calcium phosphate by Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria
Biodiversitas , 2007,
Abstract: A study was undertaken to investigate the ability of phosphate solubilizing bacteria to solubilize insoluble phosphate. Seventeenth phosphate solubilizing bacteria were isolated from soil in Wamena, Papua. These organism was identified as Bacillus sp, Bacillus pantothenticus, Bacillus megaterium, flavobacterium sp, Flavobacterium breve, Klebsiella aerogenes , Chromobacterium lividum and Pseudomonas sp. Four isolates (B. pantothenticus, K. Aerogenes, B megaterium and C. lividum) are choosen for further study. B pantothenticus Solubilizer greatest amounth of tricalsium phosphate indicated by increasing of orthophosphate about 12.39 mg/l in liquid medium. Four isolates also produces phosphatase and the higest phosphatase activity is from B. pantothenticus about 1.947 ug pnitrophenol/g/h.
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