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The Movement of Orbits and Their Effect on the Encoding of Letters in Partition Theory  [PDF]
Rahmah J. Shareef, Ammar S. Mahmood
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105834
This research aims to study the movement of orbits proposed by Mohammed et al. in 2015 and 2016, and their impact on the encoding of letters adopted by Mahmood and Mahmood in 2019 in order to make the latter more difficult when read in the theory of partition.
Synchronous Bilateral Lumbotomy in a Child with Bilateral Stone Disease and Renal Failure: An Old Operation Re-visited
Ward J,Zakaria M,Al Shareef Zain
Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation , 1999,
Formulation and development of targeted retentive device for the treatment of periodontal infections with Amoxycillin trihydrate
Ahuja Alka,Ali J,Shareef A,Khar R
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: In the present study, an attempt was made to develop a low-dose controlled-release delivery system for the treatment of periodontal infections. Nylon fibres were taken as core material. The coating solution contained polyvinyl acetate and amoxycillin trihydrate. The fibres were coated five times to maximize drug loading. The coating composition was optimized and fibres were subjected to in vitro release studies. For the study, a continuous-flow-through apparatus for in situ drug release, simulating the in vivo conditions of periodontal pocket, was designed in a manner that the drug released was well above the minimum inhibitory concentration of amoxycillin trihydrate. In situ samples were further subjected to microbiological evaluation against the microorganisms which are implicated in periodontal infections. Optimized fibre was further subjected to permeation rate study using modified Franz diffusion cell. The drug-coated fibres provided sustained effect up to a period of 11 d (264 h) and followed first-order release. The drug release followed Fickian diffusion mechanism. In situ samples revealed that the drug level at different time intervals remained above its minimum inhibitory concentration (1.5 μg/ml) for a period of 11 d. In situ release samples when subjected to microbiological evaluation against microorganisms inhibited the growth of S. aureus, S. mutans and B. cereus . Permeation rate studies through bovine cheek pouch membrane revealed that only a low level of drug permeated through the membrane and it followed zero-order permeation rate. The retentive fibres were shown to provide controlled delivery of amoxycillin trihydrate.
Short Report on: Possible directions to Auctions with Cryptographic pre-play
Amjed Shareef
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: In auction theory, cryptography has been used to achieve anonymity of the participants, security and privacy of the bids, secure computation and to simulate mediator (auctioneer). Auction theory focuses on revenue and Cryptography focuses on security and privacy. Involving Cryptography at base level, to enhance revenue gives entirely new perspective and insight to Auction theory, thereby achieving the core goals of auction theory. In this report, we try to investigate an interesting field of study in Auction Theory using Cryptographic primitives.
Optimization of Air Quality Monitoring Network Using GIS Based Interpolation Techniques  [PDF]
Mohammed M. Shareef, Tahir Husain, Badr Alharbi
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2016.76080

This paper proposes a simple method of optimizing Air Quality Monitoring Network (AQMN) using Geographical Information System (GIS), interpolation techniques and historical data. Existing air quality stations are systematically eliminated and the missing data are filled in using the most appropriate interpolation technique. The interpolated data are then compared with the observed data. Pre-defined performance measures root mean square error (RMSE), mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) and correlation coefficient (r) were used to check the accuracy of the interpolated data. An algorithm was developed in GIS environment and the process was simulated for several sets of measurements conducted in different locations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This methodology proves to be useful to the decision makers to find optimal numbers of stations that are needed without compromising the coverage of the concentrations across the study area.

Review Paper: The Fundamentals of Biochar as a Soil Amendment Tool and Management in Agriculture Scope: An Overview for Farmers and Gardeners  [PDF]
Tawheed Mohammed Elhessin Shareef, Baowei Zhao
Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment (JACEN) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jacen.2017.61003
Abstract: Improving the soil and biomass with coal is estimated at the international level as a way to enhance soil productiveness, fertility and also to mitigate climate change. Biochar employed to improve land scope and impound carbon, is attracting a great deal of attention. Its characteristics of chemical, physical and biological properties, containing big surface area, CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity), high water-holding capacity, size of pore, volume, distribution, and element composition, affect its recognized influences, particularly on microbial communities. These are discovered in the agriculture lands, lands remediation and composting. However, incomplete information existed about biochar for several farmers or peasants in agriculture scope. Therefore, farmers or peasants and gardeners are facing new opportunities and defiance each day, from feeding global extending and expanding population, whilst meeting severe new emissions requirements, to create more food on fewer land area while reducing their environmental emissions. Widespread application and utilization of biochar in agricultural scope, forestry production, energy, environmental protection and additional areas, has interested awareness by scientists and investigators inside and/or outside the country. The objective of this paper is to provide a guide for the farmers or peasants and gardeners with an essential information about biochar and what the ability of biochar can be achieved in the soil, and which can provide the scientific reference for the biochar application, and to get high yield and good quality of crops in all of different soils.
Shear-Controlled Gold Mineralization of G. R. Halli Area of Chitradurga Schist Belt, Dharwar Craton: Insights from Fluid Inclusion Study  [PDF]
Govindappa Gopalakrishna, Mohamed Shareef, Poorigali Chowdaiah Nagesh
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2018.87039
Abstract: Gold mineralization at G. R. Halli is located along the Central shear zone of Chitradurga schist belt, extending from west of Gonur, through east of G. R. Halli and C. K. Halli to east of Honnemardi, roughly parallel to stratigraphic units. The NNW-SSE trending shear zone has a width of 0.5 to 1.5 km shows extensive carbonatization of metabasalts and the associated lithologies confined to NNW-WNW trending arcuate brittle-ductile zone. The sheared and silicified contact zones between carbonaceous argillite and schistose metabasalt form the potential sites for localization of mineralization. The gold is associated with sulphides mainly pyrite, arsenopyrite, galena, sphalerite, minor chalcopyrite. Textural relationship indicates two stage sulphide mineral assemblages co-relatable with two stage fluid ascents having temperature of homogenization between 125°C and 256°C. It is a typical epigenetic lode gold system, which got affected by later deformation.
Shareef M. Shareef,Hamid Jahankhani,Mohammad Dastbaz
International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies , 2012,
Abstract: E-government systems world are employed all over the world in an attempt to utilize information and communications technology (ICT) to improve government services provided to a range of stakeholders. In employing these systems, governments aim to become more accessible, effective, efficient, and accountable to their citizens. To improve the quality of service delivery to the public, government institutions have to cooperate and manage the shared resources and information flows. The aim of this paper is to analyse one of the established e-government stage models, such as the United Kingdom, and to identify possible opportunities to adopt them for use in the regional governments of developing countries. The study revealed that the analysed model cannot be adopted for use in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) due to various critical issues relating to ICT infrastructure, e-readiness, legal framework, cultural attitude, education level, political process, and others.
The Enforcement of International Law and It?s Role in a Globalized World
Rafea Rasheed Abu Rahmah
The Social Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: International law, or the Law of Nations, is the body of rules and principles binding upon States in their relations with one another at the international level. According to this definition, the State is of primary importance as the main actor or subject of international law. In the development of international law, great importance has been attached to the consent of States. The concept of consent finds frequent application: obligations arising from agreements and from customary rules depend on consent; the jurisdiction of international tribunals requires consent; membership in international organizations is not compulsory; the powers of organs of international organizations to make and enforce decisions depend on the consent of member states. The international legal system is not like the domestic legal systems of States: There is no supreme law-making authority-legislature or parliament-which, on a continuous or regular basis, makes laws binding on states. Treaties are concluded on an ad-hoc basis. They must be signed and ratified by each state Party. They do not create obligations binding on those states, which do not consent to them. Generally, speaking, resolutions and declarations of the general assembly are without binding force. In general, the international judiciary is without compulsory jurisdiction. States may voluntarily accept the jurisdiction of the international court of justice. Many treaties also, provide for the resolution of disputes by arbitration. There is no real executive power for the enforcement of international legal rights, which can, on a systematic basis, override national sovereignty and impose sanctions. Similarly, there is no standing international police force. In some circumstances, the security council has particular powers.
Effective Stochastic Modeling of Energy-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
Ali Shareef,Yifeng Zhu
Journal of Computer Networks and Communications , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/870281
Abstract: Energy consumption of energy-constrained nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is a fatal weakness of these networks. Since these nodes usually operate on batteries, the maximum utility of the network is dependent upon the optimal energy usage of these nodes. However, new emerging optimal energy consumption algorithms, protocols, and system designs require an evaluation platform. This necessitates modeling techniques that can quickly and accurately evaluate their behavior and identify strengths and weakness. We propose Petri nets as this ideal platform. We demonstrate Petri net models of wireless sensor nodes that incorporate the complex interactions between the processing and communication components of an WSN. These models include the use of both an open and closed workload generators. Experimental results and analysis show that the use of Petri nets is more accurate than the use of Markov models and programmed simulations. Furthermore, Petri net models are extremely easier to construct and test than either. This paper demonstrates that Petri net models provide an effective platform for studying emerging energy-saving strategies in WSNs. 1. Introduction and Motivations Application for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has abounded since their introduction in early 2000. WSNs are being used from surveillance, environmental monitoring, inventory tracking, and localization. A sensor network typically comprises of individual nodes operating with some limited computation and communication capabilities, and powered by batteries with limited energy supply. Furthermore, these networks are situated at a location where they may not be easily accessible. Their distributed nature, small footprint, cheap, and wireless characteristics make them very attractive for these outdoor, unattended, and hostile environment applications. One of the motivating visions of WSNs was large-scale remote sensing such as large areas of a rainforest for environmental parameters such as humidity and temperature. However, given the remoteness of such a site, this can be a challenging problem. Modern WSNs were proposed for solving such problems, and it was envisioned that these WSN nodes could be sprinkled over an area from the back of an airplane as it flew over such an area. The nodes wherever they fell would automatically set up an ad hoc network, collect the necessary sensory information, and route the information to a base-station. Although great strides have been made in WSN designs and implementation, we are nowhere near meeting this original motivating problem. One reason why
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