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Bacterial Quality of Drinking Water in Bushehr Intercity Buses in 2010
Dariush Ranjbar Vakilabadi,Sina Dobaradaran,Tahereh Kazemi Vakilabady,Rahim Tahmasbi
Journal of Fasa University of Medical Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Background and Objective: Road transportation and specifically bus travel accounts for the bulk of travel. Contaminated drinking water consumption is one of the issues that threaten health, and always there is pollution possibility in drinking water in buses. This study evaluated the microbial quality of consumed drinking water in buses and also compared it with available standards. Materials and Methods: This study is a cross-sectional study. By considering similar studies, 95% confidence interval and based on the samples size formula for tradition of proportion, 80 buses from 122 buses that entered Bushehr Passenger Depot from other cities or exited it were randomly selected. Over a three-month period, samples were taken from drinking water in these buses. Temperature, pH, residual chlorine, total coliform (TC), and fecal coliform (E. coli) in each sample were measured in accordance with the standard method. Statistical analysis of the data was carried out with SPSS Version 16, and the t-test was performed for statistical difference. Results: The results showed that residual chlorine in 97.5% was zero and pH values of the samples were in the range of 6.8-8.7. TC and E. coli numbers in 12.5% and 8.8% of the samples were higher than those of standards, respectively. Conclusion: Use of ice, washing time of the drinking water tank (daily or weekly), and method of usage and storage of drinking water (with 20-liter tanks) had significant effects on the bacterial loads of the drinking water in the tanks (p value <0.05). Some factors such as tank material, driver's education and age, type and model of the bus, filling time of the tank (daily or weekly), the method of filling and emptying the tank (complete clearing out of the tank or otherwise), and distance had no significant effect on the quality of the drinking water in the buses.
Geoelectric Investigation of the Aquifer Characteristics and Groundwater Potential in Behbahan Azad University Farm, Khuzestan Province, Iran
Hadi Tahmasbi Nejad
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: In total 12 vertical electrical soundings, using Schlumberger configuration, were carried out in Behbahan Azad University Farm, South Western Iran, in order to investigate the aquifer characteristics and groundwater potential of the subsurface layers. The field data was interpreted using the Russian software IPI7.63. The depth and resistivity of the subsurface layers were determined. Also, the isoapparent resistivity maps, the geoelectrical psedosections, the geoelectric sections, the isothickness map of aquifer and the isotransverse resistance map of aquifer is drawn. The results of the interpretation of the VES data reveal the presence of the following geoelectric layers: (1) near-surface layers and dry alluvium with resistivity ranging from 1 to 15000 Ωm and thickness ranging from 16 to 23 m. (2) The second layer, which constitutes the aquifer of study area, has resistivity varying from 0.3 to 6.4 Ωm while the thickness varies from 6.9-10.7 m. It is composed of fine-grained sand. (3) The third layer, which constitutes Marly bedrock, characterized by electrical resistivity value varying from 6.8 to 37 Ωm in most parts of area and with depth ranges from 23.8 to 33 m. The resistivity value of this layer in two sounding is 120 and 131 Ωm. This is probably caused by existing Marly Limestone in these soundings. (4) The forth geoelectric layer, has resistivity values ranging from 0.4-4 Ωm. This layer corresponds probably to Shaly layer or confined aquifer. Also, the relationship between transverse resistance and aquifer transmissivity is used to determine zones with high yield potential and the best location for drilling wells in the area.
Peter Ackroyd’s Chatterton: A Lyotardian Study
Noorbakhsh Hooti,Zahra Tahmasbi
Canadian Social Science , 2011, DOI: 10.3968/1989
Abstract: This study is an attempt to scrutinize the Lyotardian concept of metanarrative in Peter Ackroyd’s Chatterton. Metanarrative seeks to legitimize itself as the only ideology showing the way of Truth, neglects the other narratives, and functions violently to suppress and control the individual subject disregarding individual or cultural differences. Ironically while attempting to give the solution for the human problems and bringing emancipation and salvation through its one dimensional ideology; grand narrative neglects excluded beliefs and ideologies by imposing a false sense of totality and universality. Ultimately the study displays that the only way to get away from the autocratic shackles of the fossilized and frozen mono-centric notions is to resist against them, and we all must learn to respect each and every micro-narrative, which is the silenced and suppressed voice of people of different religious, cultural and socio-political strata. Key words: Lyotard; Metanarrative; Mico-narrative; Chatterton; Strata Résumé Cette étude est une tentative de scruter le concept du métarécit lyotardienne de Chatterton Peter Ackroyd. Métarécit cherche à se légitimer comme la seule idéologie de montrer la voie de la Vérité, néglige les autres récits, et les fonctions violemment à réprimer et contr ler le sujet individuel sans tenir compte des différences individuelles ou culturelles. Ironiquement tout en essayant de donner la solution pour les problèmes humains et apporter l'émancipation et le salut grace à ses dimensions une idéologie; grand récit néglige les croyances et les idéologies exclus en imposant un faux sentiment de totalité et d'universalité. Finalement l'étude affiche que la seule fa on de sortir du carcan autocratique du fossilisés et congelés mono-centrique notions est de résister à leur encontre, et nous devons tous apprendre à respecter chaque micro-récit, qui est le silence et réprimé la voix des gens de différentes couches religieuses, culturelles et socio-politique. Mots clés: Lyotard; Métarécit; Micro-récit; Chatterton; les strates
On the Capacity Achieving Probability Measures for Molecular Receivers
Mehrdad Tahmasbi,Faramarz Fekri
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, diffusion-based molecular commu- nication with ligand receptor receivers is studied. Information messages are assumed to be encoded via variations of the con- centration of molecules. The randomness in the ligand reception process induces uncertainty in the communication; limiting the rate of information decoding. We model the ligand receptor receiver by a set of finite-state Markov channels and study the general capacity of such a receiver. Furthermore, the i.i.d. capacity of the receiver is characterized as a lower bound for the general capacity. It is also proved that a finite support probability measure can achieve the i.i.d. capacity of the receiver. Moreover, a bound on the number of points in the support of the probability measure is obtained.
Enhancement of Heat Transfer Using Pins Swimming in Non-isothermal Fluidic Systems: Exact Solutions  [PDF]
Abdul Rahim A. Khaled
Journal of Electronics Cooling and Thermal Control (JECTC) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jectc.2011.11001
Abstract: Heat transfer to pins swimming in non-isothermal fluidic systems is theoretically analyzed. Four different cases are considered: [A] pins aligned longitudinally in flowing fluid having constant temperature gradient, [B] pins aligned transversely in flowing fluid flow with constant temperature gradient, [C] pins moving longitudinally towards a heated surface, and [D] pins moving transversely towards the heated surface. The Appropriate unsteady energy transport equations are solved and closed form solutions for the fin temperatures are obtained. Accordingly, different performance indicators are calculated. It is found that heat transfer to the swimming fin increases as the fin thermal length, Peclet number and fluid temperature difference along the fin length increase. It decreases as fluid temperature index along the motion direction increases. Moreover, the swimming pins of case C are found to produce the maximum system effective thermal conductivity. In addition, pins of case B with thermal lengths above 11 produce system thermal conductivity independent on the thermal length. Meanwhile, pins of case A having thermal lengths above 10 produce system thermal conductivities less responsive to the thermal length. The system thermal conductivity is noticed to increase as the thermal length and Peclet number increase. Eventually, pins of case D produce system thermal conductivities that are independent on the transverse temperature. Finally, the results of this work provide a basis for modeling super convective fluidic systems that can be used in cooling of electronic components.
Modelling and Theoretical Analysis of Laminar Flow and Heat Transfer in Various Protruding-Edged Plate Systems  [PDF]
Abdul Rahim A. Khaled
Journal of Electronics Cooling and Thermal Control (JECTC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jectc.2015.53004
Abstract: Laminar flow and heat transfer in different protruding-edged plate systems are modelled and analyzed in the present work. These include the Parallel Flow (PF) and the Counter Flow (CF) protruding-edgedplate exchangers as well as those systems being subjected to Constant Wall Temperature (CWT) and Uniform Heat Flux (UHF) conditions. These systems are subjected to normal free stream having both power-law velocity profile and same average velocity. The continuity, momentum and energy equations are transformed to either similarity or nonsimilar equations and then solved by using well validated finite difference methods. Accurate correlations for various flow and heat transfer parameters are obtained. It is found that there are specific power-law indices that maximize the heat transfer in both PF and CF systems. The maximum reported enhancement ratios are 1.075 and 1.109 for the PF and CF systems, respectively, at Pr = 100. These ratios are 1.076 and 1.023 for CWT and UHF conditions, respectively, at Pr = 128. Per same friction force, the CF system is preferable over the PF system only when the power-law indices are smaller than zero. Finally, this work demonstrates that by appropriately distributing the free stream velocity, the heat transfer from a plate can be increased up to 10% fold.
Comparison of Water Use Efficiency in Alfalfa Using Water and Waste Water  [PDF]
Rahim Alimohammadi Nafchi
Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment (JACEN) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jacen.2016.54020
Abstract: Growth of cultural and economic level of societies has caused conversion of villages to cities and establishment of wastewater treatment plant in cities. Wastewater treat- ment plants discharge significant amounts of wastewater into natural waterways and their output at the most critical time (the hottest day that crop water need reaches to maximum due to physiological conditions) reaches to the highest amount. Hence, with regard to permanent and accessible wastewater and study on performance and production of forage per water or wastewater consumption unit, the research project was performed in form of statistical plan of totally random blocks with four treatments in three replications during three years. The results indicate that function of forage at the third year of project implementation has increased than the first and second years. Treatments 2 and 4 (the treatments to use wastewater) had greater function than treatments 1 and 3 (treatments that have irrigated with well water), found with significant difference. In average, function of forage (dry and wet) in treatments irrigated with wastewater than the treatments irrigated with well water has been greater to 37 and 32 percent regardless of consumption amount. Water con- sumption efficiency in the treatments to use wells water and wastewater equals to 0.867 and 1.09 kg production of dry hay per cubic meter of water or wastewater.
Evaluation of Wastewater Quality Compared to Well Water in Irrigation  [PDF]
Rahim Alimohammadi Nafchi
Open Journal of Ecology (OJE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oje.2017.74018
Abstract: Water resources’ scarcity and increasing demand for water consumption have necessitated the use of unconventional water for optimized and sus-tainable consumption of water resources. The present project1 was con-ducted to investigate effects of domestic wastewater in comparison to well water, in a randomized complete block design with four treatments in three replications during three years. Concentrations of cations and anions in soil and plants as well as plants’ fresh and dry weight were measured in the present research per harvesting time. Results showed that the concentration of elements in alfalfa was higher in treatments being irrigated with wastewater resulting in the significant differences in nitrogen, phosphorus, sodium and chloride. The mean of elements’ concentration at soil with the depth of 0 - 30 cm in wastewater treatments was much more than those treatments irrigated with groundwater. Concentrations of elements in wastewater treatment with the depth of 30 - 60 cm were higher than well water treatments. Electrical conductivity, pH, total nitrogen, copper and iron significantly differed in different years and different treatments. Treatments irrigated with wastewater showed higher yield compared to treatments irrigated with well water (29,158 and 1252.5 kg per ha). Using wastewater of domestic treatment plant increased production per unit area and subsequently increased elements concentration in soil and plant.
Research on a Relationship between Patient Satisfaction and Medical Services in State Health Organizations  [PDF]
Alisardar Mammadov, Rahim Gasanov
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2017.711089
Abstract: This research has been applied to the patients who were getting treatment in a state hospital and the perception of patients about hospital services and satisfaction has been examined. The 150 applied surveys were created using the SERFPERF scales and interviewed and implemented by the patients. As a result of the analysis, it was found that there is a positive relationship between medical service and patient satisfaction: Pre-service and physical services and examination services have a meaningful impact on patient satisfaction.
Critical Discourse Analysis: Iranian Banks Advertisements
Soheila Tahmasbi,Sasan Ghorgani Kalkhajeh
Asian Economic and Financial Review , 2013,
Abstract: The present study tried to analyze an array of banks advertisements in an Iranian socio-cultural context. The selected commercials are analyzed critically from a top-down as well as a bottom-up point of view. The framework is that of the Fairclough's (1992) which embraces three aspects of discourse presenting some closely-related layers called 1) description of textual analysis 2) interpretation of production and reception and 3) explanation of social conditions which affect production and reception. The findings of the study revealed CDA can be an appropriate method to detect the manipulative language of advertised texts which invested on cultural, social and ideological values to in turn acknowledge some services and convince people to trust them.
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