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Students’ Self-Diagnosis Using Worked-Out Examples  [PDF]
RafiSafadi, Edit Yerushalmi
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.43031
Abstract: Students in physics classrooms are often asked to review their solution to a problem by comparing it to a textbook or worked-out example. Learning in this setting depends to a great extent on students' inclination forself-repair; i.e., their willingness and ability to recognize and resolve conflicts between their mental model and the scientifically acceptable model. This study examined the extent to which self-repair can be identified and assessed in students’written responses on a self-diagnosis task in which they are given time and credit for identifying and explaining the nature of their mistakes assisted by a worked-out example. Analysis of 180 10th and 11th grade physics students in private and public schools in the Arab sector in Israel showed that although most students were able to identify differences between their solution and the worked-out example that significantly affected the way they approached the problem many did not acknowledge the underlying conflicts between their interpretation and a scientifically acceptable interpretation of the concepts and principles involved. Rather, students related to the worked-out example as an ultimate template and simply considered their deviations from it as mistakes. These findings were consistent in all the classes and across all the teachers, irrespective of grade level or school affiliation. However, younger students in some classrooms also perceived the task as a communication channel to provide feedback to their teachers on their learning and the instructional materials used in the task. Taken together, the findings suggest that instructional intervention is needed to develop students’ ability to self-diagnose their work so that they can learn from this type of task.

Characteristics of “Exemplary Teachers” and Possible Factors Affecting Their Realization According to the Perception of Principals from the Arab Sector in Israel  [PDF]
Salman Ilaiyan, RafiSafadi
Creative Education (CE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2016.71012
Abstract: This study examines the characteristics of exemplary teachers and the factors that are liable to inhibit/encourage their realization according to the perception of principals from the Arab sector in Israel. Ten principals were interviewed. They considered leading educational initiatives, coping with discipline problems, subject matter mastery, and employing a variety of teaching methods to be the exemplary teacher’s outstanding characteristics. Characteristics associated with ongoing professional development and relationships with colleagues, pupils, and parents were deemed less prominent. The principals did not manifest a unified stance vis-à-vis whether their schools’ physical-pedagogical infrastructure encouraged or inhibited the realization of the characteristics of exemplary teaching. It was recommended that in parallel to broadening didactic and disciplinary knowledge, it would be worthwhile fostering the ability of the teachers, in particular pre-service teachers and beginning teachers, to lead educational initiatives and establish interpersonal relationships, and giving them tools for coping with discipline problems.
Prevalence of recurrent aphthous ulceration in Jordanian dental patients
Rima Safadi
BMC Oral Health , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6831-9-31
Abstract: A total of 684 dental patients who attended Jordan University of Science and Technology interviewed and administered to fill questionnaires related to history, size, shape, and duration of recurrent aphthous ulceration. Other related questions were also asked.About 78% of subjects experienced recurrent aphthous ulceration. Approximately 85% of ulcers were less than one cm in diameter, 66% were circular in shape, 92% were painful, 82% interfered with eating, and 55% located in lips and buccal mucosa. Only 50%of participants related ulcers to stress. Sixty eight percent reported no association with tiredness and 85% no association with types of food ingested. Of the 39% who had blood tests carried out, 7% had vitamin B12 and 4% hemoglobin deficiency.Recurrent aphthous ulceration is a common problem in Jordanian adults.Recurrent aphthous ulceration was reported as the most common inflammatory ulcerative condition of the oral mucosa. [1,2] Aphthous ulcers are classified on the basis of ulcer size into major, minor or herpetiform. [3] Minor aphthous ulcers are small (less than one cm in diameter), well defined, shallow, and heal within two weeks without scars. Major ulcers, however, are bigger, deeper, and take up to six weeks to heal leaving a scar behind. Herpetiform ulceration is also characterized by small (3-6 mm), shallow ulcers which takes weeks to heal, but with many numerous ulcers at once. [3]The etiology of recurrent aphthous ulceration is not understood. [4] No principal cause has been discovered, however attacks may be precipitated by, or associated with, local trauma, stress, food hypersensitivity, hormonal changes, microorganisms, and vitamin and trace element deficiencies. [5] Systemic conditions including genetic predisposition, immune dysregulation, and family history might play a role in recurrent aphthous ulceration in some patients. [6]A diagnosis of recurrent aphthous ulceration depends mainly on history and clinical examination. Patients with mild
Toward a Local Perspective on Online Collaboration
Hani Safadi,Samer Faraj
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: We study the structural properties of large scale collaboration in online communities of innovation and the role that position in the community plays in determining knowledge contribution. Contrary to previous research, we argue for a more local perspective when examining online collaboration. We demonstrate that a member's centrality and spanning within his/her local neighborhood is a better predictor of contribution than global centrality and spanning within the whole community. We contribute both theoretically and methodologically to research on large scale collaboration. On the theoretical front, a local view of position implies a more confined and local organization of work in online communities than previously thought. From a methodological perspective, evaluating the local structure of large networks involves radically different algorithms that have only recently become feasible with the increase of processing power.
Feasibility and Implications of a Monetary Union in Southeast Asia
Rafi Chaudhury
Michigan Journal of Business , 2009,
Abstract: This study explores the readiness of seven ASEAN countries to adopt a common monetary policy and introduce a common currency. The suitability of the region as an Optimum Currency Area is estimated using an OCA Index developed in Bayoumi & Eichengreen (1997). This study finds that while the countries studied appear to be prepared to adopt a common monetary policy, there are still many opportunities to exploit policy independence in order to improve infrastructure and competitiveness prior to further integration.
A Dual-Model Approach to Measuring Income Convergence Sustainability in European and Asian Emerging Economies
Rafi Chaudhury
Michigan Journal of Business , 2010,
Abstract: The 'tiger' economies of Southeast Asia and the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe have encountered both rapid growth and considerable upheaval in the past two decades. This study examines the extent to which the two regions have converged to industrialized-country levels of per capita income growth, using the convergence criteria defined in Sala-i-Martin (1996), for the 1992-2007 period. The sustainability of convergence going into the future is estimated using a variant of the balance of payments constrained-growth theory developed in Thirlwall (1979). My findings suggest that both regions exhibit fairly rapid convergence, which is likely to continue in the future due to favorable export demand elasticities, technological diffusion, and total factor productivity.
Fixed point theorem for discontinuous mappings on PN spaces
Mohd Rafi
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: We present a study on strong t-continuity and measure of discontinuity on PN spaces. As an application, we prove a fixed point theorem for a self mapping on PN spaces by means of measure of discontinuity.
Hyperbolicity in Teichmüller space
Kasra Rafi
Mathematics , 2010, DOI: 10.2140/gt.2014.18.3025
Abstract: We review and organize some results describing the behavior of a Teichm\"uller geodesic and draw several applications: 1) We show that Teichm\"uller geodesics do not back track. 2) We show that a Teichm\"uller geodesic segment whose endpoints are in the thick part has the fellow travelling property. This fails when the endpoints are not necessarily in the thick part. 3) We show that if an edge of a Teichm\"uller geodesic triangle passes through the thick part, then it is close to one of the other egdes.
Complete Totalities
Rafi Shalom
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: The cumulative hierarchy conception of set, which is based on the conception that sets are inductively generated from "former" sets, is generally considered a good way to create a set conception that seems safe from contradictions. This imposes two restrictions on sets. One is a "limitation of size," and the other is the rejection of non-well-founded sets. Quine's NF system of axioms, does not have any of the two restrictions, but it has a formal restriction on allowed formulas in its comprehension axiom schema, which reflects a similar notion of elements being prior to sets. Here we suggest that a possible reason for set antinomies is the tension between our perception of sets as entities formed from elements by an imaginary aggregation operator, and our wish to regard sets as existing "at once." A new approach to sets as totalities is presented based on a notion of "concurrent aggregation," which instead of avoiding "viscous circles," acknowledges the inherent circularities of some predicates, and provides a way to characterize and investigate these circularities.
Thick-thin decomposition for quadratic differentials
Kasra Rafi
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We compare the flat geometry associated to a quadratic differential with the hyperbolic geometry associated to the underlying Riemann surface. We show that if a curve is contained in a thick subsurface, then its hyperbolic length is comparable to its flat length times the flat size of the subsurface.
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