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Rafaela Gessner,Laura Christina Macedo Piosiadlo
Revista Uniandrade , 2012,
Abstract: This study was conducted with the main objective of describing the management of the Residues of Health Services (RHS) yield in different parts of a Hospital on which services are provided with high technological complexity. The RHS are materials produced by all services offered by the health system to animal or human care and its deficient management is responsible for causing harmful effects over the environment and population. The present study has a descriptive nature and the data was collected by semi-structured interviews. It had the participation of 20 professionals responsible for the management of biomedical waste in 20 units of the mentioned Hospital. The data’s analysis was performed on a qualitative perspective. The study has shown that the professionals responsible for the management of RHS are distant from knowing the procedures in its totality, being the sharps residues their major concern (which is responsible for the majority of work injuries when they are inappropriately arranged). It was also noticed the need for larger investments in periodical training about this subject for the professionals.
The conception of a mathematical instrument and its distance from the material world: the ‘Pantometra’ in Lisbon, 1638
Samuel Gessner
Studium : Tijdschrift voor Wetenschaps- en Universiteits-Geschiedenis , 2012,
Abstract: At Lisbon in the 1630s a Jesuit of English birth, Ignace Stafford (1599–1642), wrote a thick treatise on calculating instruments, among them Gunter's sector, while he was a teacher of the 'Aula da Esfera' attached to the Society's college. Gunter had published his book on a sector equipped with recently developed logarithmic scales at London in 1623. While Stafford may have been the first person to routinely deal with logarithms on the Iberian peninsula, he does not seem to be the first one introducing the use of the sector. It appears that earlier versions of this instrument had some currency already under the name of 'pantometra'. This article is based on a close reading of Stafford's arithmetical treatise that seeks to make visible different kinds of distances in communicating knowledge, as well as the interplay of distancing and approaching. Paying attention to the various kinds of distances involved, will contribute to a better understanding of the historical contingencies that shaped this particular work on arithmetic and mathematical instruments. As a conclusion, I briefly consider the impact of varying distances on the circulation of knowledge.
El uso de la información judicial (The use of judicial information)
Volkmar Gessner
O?ati Socio-Legal Series , 2011,
Abstract: Los datos empíricos de juzgados y sistemas judiciales se analizan con mucha frecuencia tanto en estudios comparativos, como en estudios económicos y sociológicos, sin embargo, los agentes implicados en proyectos de reformas judiciales como jueces, profesores de derecho, funcionarios o políticos no hacen un uso adecuado de los mismos. Este artículo sugiere que esto tiene un origen estructural, que asigna roles sociales diferentes a estos actores. Una solución puede ser la creación de centros de investigación especializados. Una aproximación más amplia, plural y democrática es buscar la transparencia en internet, dando acceso al público general a todo tipo de documentos, incluyendo estadísticas judiciales y estudios empíricos. Se han visitado y categorizado en función de su contenido gran número de páginas web de juzgados, para conocer el nivel de transparencia judicial. Las primeras posiciones en cuanto al nivel de transparencia lo han obtenido algunas páginas anglosajonas, que ofrecían información legal, económica, organizacional y empírica, y que además ofrecían ayuda para utilizar estos datos. Sin embargo, este esfuerzo no alcanza su objetivo si la información no se utiliza. Si se quiere medir el uso real de los contenidos de las páginas judiciales no es suficiente con contar su número de visitas, sino que es necesario conocer más sobre las motivaciones que generan esas visitas. Afortunadamente, se ha encontrado un sitio web (mexicano) que ofrece información sobre los visitantes: sus preocupaciones, su “historia” e incluso sus nombres y (en ocasiones) su lugar de residencia. Estas peticiones se han evaluado cuidadosamente, y se analizan en este artículo. Se ha descubierto que hay una gran demanda de información empírica sobre los juzgados y las prácticas judiciales. La transparencia en internet parece ser una solución, aunque todavía se deben explorar las mejores formas de ofrecer la información judicial. Although empirical data on courts and judicial systems are frequently discussed in comparative as well as in economic and sociological studies it turns out that the actors of court reform projects such as judges, law professors, civil servants or politicians don’t make adequate use of them. The paper posits that the reasons are of a structural nature which assigns different social roles to those actors. One solution may be the creation of specialized research institutions. A much wider, more pluralistic and more democratic approach is internet transparency which gives access to all kinds of documents including court statistics and empiricial studies t
Structural consequences of the coupling of gravitons
Walter Gessner
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: The hypothetical but in string theories predicted gravitons and their allied quanta of the linearized gravitation field G yield, when coupled with other particles T, a remarkable structure of the entire state space S and an autonomous concept of observables. It is shown that S is spanned by a family of continuously many, pairwise orthogonal, pre-Hilbert spaces, called sectors. Each sector is the tensor product of an eigenspace of the operator of the 4-momentum distribution within the state space of T, and a corresponding eigenspace within the state space of G, both with any spatial distribution of the total 4-momentum as the eigenvalue 4-vector. Thus the states from any sector and so far the entirety of 4-momentum densities appear to be inseparably dressed by the quanta of G. Probably this dressing contributes to the dark matter. Furthermore, the special structure of the sectors lead to an own concept of observables, all of which commute from the beginning with the operator of the 4-momentum distribution.
Aspirin plus Pseudoephedrine (Aspirin Complex) for the Treatment of Symptoms of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection  [PDF]
Michael Voelker, Ronald Eccles, Uwe Gessner
Open Journal of Respiratory Diseases (OJRD) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojrd.2017.71004
Abstract: Upper respiratory tract infections or common colds are a multi-symptom disease which is usually symptomatically treated with fixed dose multi-active ingredient medicinal products which are commonly used as non-prescription and over the counter. However, the active ingredients combined require a particular and clinically sound justification. Analgesics and decongestant can be combined to treat simultaneously the prominent symptoms cold-related pain (e.g. headache, muscle aches and pains), fever, inflammationand nasal/sinus congestion. This overview provides a summary of the evidence supporting the combination of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and pseudoephedrine available in the common cold product Aspirin? Complex.
Viktoria H. Gessner
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812010082
Abstract: The title compound, C21H21O2PS2, was obtained from the corresponding dilithio methandiide by treatment with iodomethane. The bond lengths and angles deviate considerably from those in the dimetallated compound. These differences are most pronounced in the PCS backbone. While the title compound features C—P and C—S distances of 1.9082 (17) and 1.8348 (17) , respectively, the dianion showed C—Pav distances shortened by 11% [1.710 (4) ] and C—S distances shortened by 12% [1.614 (3) ]. Additionally, the P—C—S angle experiences a contraction by methylation of the dianion from 121.4 (2) to 111.96 (9)° in the title compound.
Time evolution of the unstable two-fluid density fluctuations in Robertson-Walker Universes
Eva Gessner,Heinz Dehnen
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1023/A:1021635613916
Abstract: We consider density fluctuations of a two-fluid model consisting of hydrogen plasma and radiation prior to the cosmic hydrogen recombination. As investigation method that of the dispersion relations is applied, which have been derived from the general-relativistic sound-wave equations taking into account the coupling between plasma and radiation carefully. We obtain growing unstable acoustic modes within the mass range 2 \cdot 10^6 M_\odot < M < 6 \cdot 10^{12} M_\odot. In a second step the coupled differential equations for the amplitudes of the unstable modes are integrated numerically with respect to time where the integration extends from the initial time prior to the hydrogen recombination up to the present time. We find a significant increase of the amplitudes up to 4 orders of magnitude, if the Universe is described by a cosmological model with a positive cosmological constant (\Lambda \simeq 2,2 \cdot 10^{-56} {cm}^{-2}) and a positive curvature (Lema\^\itre-Universe) without an essential amount of cold dark matter. We conclude that the existence of galaxies confirm these statements.
Cáncer gástrico, epidemiología y prevención
Acta Médica Costarricense , 2002,
Abstract: gastric cancer is one of the tumors with higher worldwide mortality. although the incidence rate has been declining, it is still a major public health problem still. epidemiological information and knowledge about this cancer is abundant. this is an up to date review about commonly accepted risk factors: helicobacter pylori infection, diet, genetic predisposition and socioeconomic status. we also stress the new questions and challenges that recent discoveries about this pathology entail. the ways to tackle this cancer are discussed using x rays and biological markers such as serum pepsinogens in high risk groups or populations.
Trabalho, temporalidade e representa??es sociais de gênero: uma análise da articula??o entre trabalho doméstico e assalariado
Cyrino, Rafaela;
Sociologias , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-45222009000100005
Abstract: this article examines the "work and gender" question through the relationship between housework and paid work, considering that one of the key factors to explain the unequal insertion of men and women in the labor market is related to the issue of reconciliation between work and family life. despite being a preliminary study, the author intends to develop a research hypothesis to be examined in further studies on the nature of the central role that the work usually plays in the lives of women. thus, the paper aims to contribute in some way to the advancement of researches on the complex relationships between career and family life.
Order out of Chaos? A Case Study in High Energy Physics
Rafaela Hillerbrand
Studia Philosophica Estonica , 2012,
Abstract: In recent years, computational sciences such as computational hydrodynamics or computational field theory have supplemented theoretical and experimental investigations in many scientific fields. Often, there is a seemingly fruitful overlap between theory, experiment, and numerics. The computational sciences are highly dynamic and seem a fairly successful endeavor---at least if success is measured in terms of publications or engineering applications. However, for theories, success in application and correctness are two very different things; and just the same may hold for "methodologies" like computer simulations. A lively debate on the epistemic status of computer simulations has thus emerged within the philosophy of science. This paper discusses possible problems when computer simulation and laboratory experiment are intertwined. In present experiments, stochastic methods in the form of Monte Carlo simulations are often involved in generating experimental data. It is questioned as to how far a realistic stance can be maintained when such stochastic elements are involved. Taking experiments in high energy physics as a study case, this paper contends that using these types of entangled material and numerical experiments as a source of new phenomena or for theory testing must presuppose a certain understanding of causality and thus binds us at least to a weak form of realism.
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