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La historia multimedia. La transformación de la memoria evenemencial
Raúl Magallón Rosa
Historia Actual Online , 2008,
Abstract: La transformación de la memoria, producida en parte por las nuevas tecnologías, no sólo supone una nueva forma de revisitación de la Historia, sino también la aparición de una concepción reversible del tiempo desde un punto de vista pasional y mediático.
Comparativa de modelos en las relaciones Prensa-Estado: Colombia, Italia, Francia, Espa?a y Portugal
Sanmartí-Roset,Josep M.; Aguado-Guadalupe,Guadalupe; Magallón-Rosa,Raúl;
Palabra Clave , 2010,
Abstract: the purpose of this article is to compare the role of the state in the evolution and development of the colombian press in relation to european-mediterranean press models. within this framework, it considers the historical moments that can be regarded as decisive to the current makeup of the colombian press and significant in its evolution. the more prominent legislative measures in the development of the press market in recent years are examined as well. the influence of the state in the development of journalistic enterprises is addressed from several perspectives; namely, press censorship, systems to control the press, regulations concerning the role of journalists, assistance to the press, media pluralism and limits to concentration
Comparativa de modelos en las relaciones Prensa-Estado: Colombia, Italia, Francia, Espa a y Portugal
Josep M. Sanmartí-Roset,Guadalupe Aguado-Guadalupe,Raúl Magallón-Rosa
Palabra Clave , 2010,
Abstract: El objetivo de este artículo es comparar el papel del Estado en la evolución y el desarrollo del sistema de prensa colombiano en relación con los modelos de prensa euro-mediterránea. En este marco se abordan los momentos históricos que se pueden considerar decisivos en la configuración actual del modelo colombiano de prensa y que han influido en su devenir, y se examinan las medidas legislativas más destacadas en el desarrollo del mercado de la prensa en los últimos a os. La influencia del Estado en el desarrollo de las empresas periodísticas se aborda aquí desde las siguientes perspectivas: censura de prensa, sistemas de control de prensa, regulación de la figura del periodista, ayudas a la prensa, pluralismo informativo y límites a la concentración. Se han seleccionado estos aspectos por cuanto son claves para entender las relaciones prensa-Estado
Entrevista a Ulrich Beck. Globalidad y cosmopolitismo
Magallón, Raúl
Revista Internacional de Sociologia , 2008,
Abstract: Not available No disponible
Stages of chronicity in fibromyalgia and pain catastrophising: a cross-sectional study
Baltasar Rodero, Benigno Casanueva, Javier García-Campayo, Miquel Roca, Rosa Magallón, Yolanda López del Hoyo
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2474-11-251
Abstract: In this cross-sectional study, the sample of 328 patients diagnosed with FM was divided into 3 groups based on level of chronicity: Group A (6 months to 2 years, N = 46); Group B (2-4 years, N = 59); and Group C (more than 4 years, N = 223). The three subscales of the Pain Catastrophising Scale (PCS), rumination, magnification, and helplessness, were used as predictors of dysfunction. The Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire and the McGill Pain Questionnaire were also administered. A hierarchical regression analysis was performed on the entire sample and, subsequently, for each group to determine the effect of the continuous process variables (castastrophising and pain) on the stages of chronicity.Total score and PCS subscales were strongly associated with pain and impact in all the stages of chronicity in FM patients (r = 0.27-0.73, p < 0.05). For Group A, a regression analysis revealed that rumination predicted FM impact beyond the variance accounted for by age and pain. Both magnification and helplessness predicted impact in Group B, and helplessness was a significant predictor of impact in Group C.These findings provide preliminary evidence that stage of chronicity is an important moderator of psychological vulnerability for FM impact and should be taken into account by tailoring psychological interventions.Fibromyalgia (FM) is defined by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) as chronic (>3 months), widespread pain (axial plus upper and lower segment plus left and right sided pain) and tenderness in at least 11 of 18 tender points [1]. Patients frequently describe sensations of fatigue, sleep disturbances, morning stiffness, symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome and affective distress. The prognosis for symptomatic recovery is generally poor, and the estimation for lifetime prevalence is approximately 2% in community samples [2,3]. Most patients report a high degree of impairment in their daily functioning. When compared to patients with other chro
Extracción de hojas de la palma Brahea dulcis en una comunidad otomí en Hidalgo, México: Efecto sobre algunos parámetros poblacionales
Pavón,Numa P; Escobar,Rosa; Ortiz-Pulido,Raúl;
Interciencia , 2006,
Abstract: the palm brahea dulcis is exploited commercially in the center of mexico. this species is used as raw material for the elaboration of traditional crafts. in this work we evaluate how harvesting leaves of this palm by indigenous otomíes can affect some population parameters in the biosphere reserve of barranca de metztitlán, hidalgo, méxico. the economic relevance of the resource for the otomíes was also determined. the study was carried out in three sites differing in the quantity and intensity of extraction of leaves (continuous, restricted, and null exploitation). the continuous cutting of leaves causes a physognomic change in the population, leading to higher density, smaller plants and higher production of leaves. these characteristics are favorable for the exploitation of the palm. in the null extraction site, the plants are significantly taller, with low density. the restricted site had an intermediate pattern with regard to the other two sites. otomí traditional management of the b. dulcis population is simple and limited to the constant cutting of leaves, but that helps the economy of the community in satisfying their basic needs. this palm management has maintained the population from pre-hispanic times; however, it could be affected by laws that do not consider the traditional management and the characteristics of each species.
Isotopic Variations of Oxygen (δ18O) in Benthic Foraminifera under Antiestuarine Conditions in the Colorado River Delta  [PDF]
Miguel A. Santa Rosa-del Río, Ismael Yarbuh, Rigoberto Guardado-France, Ronald M. Spelz, Raúl Herrera-Gutiérrez, Karla Mejia-Pi?a, Miguel Agustín Tellez-Duarte, Luis Antonio Cupul-Maga?a
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2018.82007
Abstract: Benthic foraminifera are excellent environmental indicators; CaCO3 test records the isotopic concentration of their surroundings and can be used to analyze environmental changes that occur during a certain time period. Stable isotopes, particularly those of oxygen (δ18O), are useful for interpreting ancient environments, given that they are used as “proxy” environmental variables (temperature and salinity). In this study, we provide ranges of isotopic variation in benthic foraminifera communities from the Colorado River delta. Four sampling campaigns were conducted in one year (2009-2010) in the adjacent subtidal zone of Baja California. Four transects with a total of sixteen sample station were drawn perpendicular to the coastline. Here, we recorded the following in situ: sand-type, salinity, and temperature. In the laboratory, 300 individuals per sample were separated, and sub-samples were taken for isotopic analysis. Data was processed using the software’s R 2.12.2, PAST 1.81 and Arc Map 9.3. Forty species were identified in the dead assemblages (Thanatocoenosis), whereas thirteen species were found in the living assemblages (Biocoenosis). The most abundant species in both communities belong to the genera Ammonia and Cribroelphidium. In the living assemblages, isotopic variation 2.15% to 5.94% within a temperature interval of 11°C, indicated antiestuarine conditions. In the dead assemblages, isotopic composition 3.04 to 0.74 served as a sign of estuarine conditions prior to damming.
Low intensity vs. self-guided Internet-delivered psychotherapy for major depression: a multicenter, controlled, randomized study
Yolanda López-del-Hoyo, Barbara Olivan, Juan V Luciano-Devis, Fermín Mayoral, Miquel Roca, Margalida Gili, Eva Andres, Antoni Serrano-Blanco, Francisco Collazo, Ricardo Araya, Rosa Ba?os, Cristina Botella, Rosa Magallón, Javier García Campayo
BMC Psychiatry , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1471-244x-13-21
Abstract: The study is made up of 3 phases: 1.- Development of a computerised cognitive-behaviour therapy for depression tailored to Spanish health system. 2.- Multicenter controlled, randomized study: A sample (N=450 patients) with mild/moderate depression recruited in primary care. They should have internet availability at home, not receive any previous psychological treatment, and not suffer from any other severe somatic or psychological disorder. They will be allocated to one of 3 treatments: a) Low intensity Internet-delivered psychotherapy + improved treatment as usual (ITAU) by GP, b) Self-guided Internet-delivered psychotherapy + ITAU or c) ITAU. Patients will be diagnosed with MINI psychiatric interview. Main outcome variable will be Beck Depression Inventory. It will be also administered EuroQol 5D (quality of life) and Client Service Receipt Inventory (consume of health and social services). Patients will be assessed at baseline, 3 and 12 months. An intention to treat and a per protocol analysis will be performed.The comparisons between low intensity and self-guided are infrequent, and also a comparative economic evaluation between them and compared with usual treatment in primary. The strength of the study is that it is a multi-centre, randomized, controlled trial of low intensity and self-guided Internet-delivered psychotherapy for depression in primary care, being the treatment completely integrated in primary care setting.Trial registration: Clinical Trials NCT01611818
Experience with using second life for medical education in a family and community medicine education unit
Elena Melús-Palazón, Cruz Bartolomé-Moreno, Juan Carlos Palacín-Arbués, Antonio Lafuente-Lafuente, Inmaculada García García, Sara Guillén, Ana B Estebán, Silvia Clemente, ángeles M Marco, Pilar M Gargallo, Carlos López, Rosa Magallón-Botaya
BMC Medical Education , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6920-12-30
Abstract: Design: Qualitative study of accredited clinical sessions in SL included in a continuing professional development (CPD) programme for primary healthcare professionals. Location: Zaragoza I Zone Family and Community Medicine Education Unit (EU) and 9 health centres operated by the Aragonese Health Service, Aragon, Spain. Method: The EU held two training workshops in SL for 16 healthcare professionals from 9 health centres by means of two workshops, and requested them to facilitate clinical sessions in SL. Attendance was open to all personnel from the EU and the 9 health centres. After a trail period of clinical sessions held at 5 health centres between May and November 2010, the CPD-accredited clinical sessions were held at 9 health centres between February and April 2011. Participants: 76 healthcare professionals attended the CPD-accredited clinical sessions in SL. Main measurements: Questionnaire on completion of the clinical sessions.Response rate: 42-100%. Questionnaire completed by each health centre on completion of the CPD-accredited clinical sessions: Access to SL: 2 centres were unable to gain access. Sound problems: 0% (0/9). Image problems: 0% (0/9). Voice/text chat: used in 100% (10/9); 0 incidents. Questionnaire completed by participants in the CPD-accredited clinical sessions: Preference for SL as a tool: 100% (76/76). Strengths of this method: 74% (56/76) considered it eliminated the need to travel; 68% (52/76) believed it made more effective use of educational resources; and 47% (36/76) considered it improved accessibility. Weaknesses: 91% (69/76) experienced technical problems, while; 9% (7/76) thought it was impersonal and with little interaction. 65.79% (50/76) believed it was better than other distance learning methods and 38.16% (29/76) believed it was better than face-to-face learning.SL is a tool that allows educational activities to be designed that involve a number of health centres in different geographical locations, consequently eliminatin
Sea Clutter Reduction and Target Enhancement by Neural Networks in a Marine Radar System
Raúl Vicen-Bueno,Rubén Carrasco-álvarez,Manuel Rosa-Zurera,José Carlos Nieto-Borge
Sensors , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/s90301913
Abstract: The presence of sea clutter in marine radar signals is sometimes not desired. So, efficient radar signal processing techniques are needed to reduce it. In this way, nonlinear signal processing techniques based on neural networks (NNs) are used in the proposed clutter reduction system. The developed experiments show promising results characterized by different subjective (visual analysis of the processed radar images) and objective (clutter reduction, target enhancement and signal-to-clutter ratio improvement) criteria. Moreover, a deep study of the NN structure is done, where the low computational cost and the high processing speed of the proposed NN structure are emphasized.
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