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Variations of soil labile organic carbon along an altitude gradient in Wuyi Mountain.

XU Xia,CHEN Yue-qin,WANG Jia-she,FANG Yan-hong,QUAN Wei,RUAN Hong-hua,XU Zi-kun,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: By using sequential fumigation-incubation method, this paper determined the soil labile organic carbon (LOC) content under evergreen broadleaf forest, coniferous forest, sub-alpine dwarf forest, and alpine meadow along an altitude gradient in Wuyi Mountain National Nature Reserve in Fujian Province of China, with its relations to soil microbial biomass carbon (MBC), total organic carbon (TOC), total nitrogen (TN), and fine root biomass (FRB) analyzed. The results showed that soil LOC occupied 3.40%-7.46% of soil TOC, and soil MBC occupied 26.87%-80.38% of the LOC. The LOC under different forest stands increased significantly with altitude, and decreased with soil depth. Soil LOC had very significant correlations with soil MBC, TOC, TN and FRB, and its content was obviously higher at higher altitudes than at lower altitudes.
The clinicpathologic features and MRI manifestations of the thoracic lumbar tuberculosis  [PDF]
Ruo-Qin Cheng, Hong-Hua Jin, Hua-Min Wang, Jun Zhou
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.412182
Abstract: Objective: To explore the clinicpathologic features and MRI manifestations of the thoracic lumbar tuberculosis by underwenting MRI and pathological examinations. Methods: 34 cases of Thoracic lumbar tuberculosis were collected which underwent MRI examination and confirmed by pathology or treatment of anti-TB drugs, the clinical cure from June 2008 to June 2012 in our hospital. The first MRI was performed on all patients, to determine the MRI findings, and surgical treatment for pathological examination in order to determine the pathological features. Results: 34 patients with 81 vertebral involvement, in which two adjacent vertebral involvement is the common, accounting for 72.25%, vertebral showed uneven long T1, long T2 signal. Intervertebral disc abnormalities accounted for 90.17%, the performance showed long T1, long T2 signal changes in the intervertebral disc damage, often accompanied by disc space narrowing or disappear. Paraspinal abscess accounted for 90.67%, often more than vertebra, up and down across one or more vertebral bodies showed long T1, long T2 signal. The vertebrae were damaged kyphosis or (and) the posterior longitudinal ligament abscess caused by the dural sac and spinal column with pressure accounted for 74.72%. In enhanced scan, vertebrae, intervertebral discs showed heterogeneous enhancement, paraspinal abscess was curved or ring enhancement. The pathological diagnosis may be obvious to confirm the degree of swelling and lesions. Conclusion: By doing the MRI and pathologic examinations, it can determine the clinical and pathological features and MRI findings of spinal tuberculosis patients with Thoracic lumbar spinal tuberculosis, and lay a reliable foundation for the treatment of the subsequent treatment.


物理学报 , 1985,
Abstract: It is clarified that the interaction picture introduced in CTPGF ought to be the incoming one and the perturbation expansion of CTPGF to be developed also in this sense.
Soil labile carbon in secondary Quercus variabilis forest and Pinus taeda plantation in hilly area of South Jiangsu, China

CHEN Yue-qin,XU Xia,RUAN Hong-hua,WANG Guo-bing,LUAN Yi-ling,

生态学杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: By using sequential fumigation-incubation method,the soil labile carbon in a secondary Quercus variabilis forest and a Pinus taeda plantation in hilly area of South Jiangsu,China was investigated.The results showed that soil labile carbon and microbial biomass carbon were significantly higher in secondary Q.variabilis forest than in P.taeda plantation,while the ratio of soil labile carbon to soil total organic carbon and that of soil microbial biomass carbon to soil labile carbon were higher in P.taeda plantation than in secondary Q.variabilis forest(4.7% and 54.3% vs.2.9% and 40.9%,respectively).The soil labile carbon in the two forests reduced significantly after litter removal.Soil labile carbon had significant correlations with soil microbial biomass carbon and total organic carbon.It was found that sequential fumigation-incubation was an effective and easy method to measure and estimate the labile carbon in forest soils in this area.Compared with P.taeda plantation,secondary Q.variabilis forest had more soil labile carbon,which might have greater influence on the local carbon cycle.
MMP-1/PAR-1 signal transduction axis and its prognostic impact in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Peng, Hong-hua;Zhang, Xi;Cao, Pei-guo;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2011007500152
Abstract: the matrix metalloprotease-1 (mmp-1)/protease-activated receptor-1 (par-1) signal transduction axis plays an important role in tumorigenesis. to explore the expression and prognostic value of mmp-1 and par-1 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (escc), we evaluated the expression of two proteins in resected specimens from 85 patients with escc by immunohistochemistry. sixty-two (72.9%) and 58 (68.2%) tumors were mmp-1- and par-1-positive, respectively, while no significant staining was observed in normal esophageal squamous epithelium. mmp-1 and par-1 overexpression was significantly associated with tumor node metastasis (tnm) stage and regional lymph node involvement. patients with mmp-1- and par-1-positive tumors, respectively, had poorer disease-free survival (dfs) than those with negative escc (p = 0.002 and 0.003, respectively). univariate analysis showed a significant relationship between tnm stage [hazard ratio (hr) = 2.836, 95% confidence interval (ci) = 1.866-4.308], regional lymph node involvement (hr = 2.955, 95%ci = 1.713-5.068), mmp-1 expression (hr = 2.669, 95%ci = 1.229-6.127), and par-1 expression (hr = 1.762, 95%ci = 1.156-2.883) and dfs. multivariate analysis including the above four parameters identified tnm stage (hr = 2.035, 95%ci = 1.167-3.681), mmp-1 expression (hr = 2.109, 95%ci = 1.293-3.279), and par-1 expression (hr = 1.967, 95%ci = 1.256-2.881) as independent and significant prognostic factors for dfs. our data suggest for the first time that mmp-1 and par-1 were both overexpressed in escc and are novel predictors of poor patient prognosis after curative resection. the mmp-1/par-1 signal transduction axis might be a new therapeutic target for future therapies tailored against escc.
An exploration of the surface tension of water - Is there a real so-called horizontal plane?
Cheng-Chih CHEN,Hong-Hua CHEN
Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching , 2009,
Abstract: The paper is a sharing of real practical teaching experience for some grade-6 gifted students to hunt the definition of horizontal plane. The researcher created 5 experiments concerning the knowledge of surface tension of water by ways of motivation of orientation, exploration of problem, explicitness of hands-on experiment and the conclusion of learning. In view of the conflict between the pre-concept and result of experiment, it obviously appears that students would rather believe the results what they observed with experiment than rely on what they have learned with reading or hearing. It’s deeply impressed by some contests when the experiments conducted. The paper aims at providing the elementary students with the exploration of misconception and a proper way of what the surface tension of water is.
Responses of soil nitrogen mineralization to temperature change along an elevation gradient in Wuyi Mountains, China

XU Xiang-en,ZHOU Yan,RUAN Hong-hua,HAN Yong,YU Hua,CAO Hui-min,WANG Jia-she,XU Zi-kun,

生态学杂志 , 2009,
Abstract: 采集了武夷山4个不同海拔的植物群落(常绿阔叶林、针叶林、亚高山矮林和高山草甸)的土壤样品,在实验室条件下, 将含水量调节为田间持水量60%,置于5 ℃、15 ℃、25 ℃和35 ℃人工气候箱中培养30 d,以测定土壤净氮矿化对温度的敏感性。结果表明:相同海拔植物群落的土壤净氮矿化量和氮矿化速率均随温度的升高显著增加;不同海拔间土壤氮矿化量和氮矿化速率大小均表现为:亚高山矮林>常绿阔叶林>高山草甸>针叶林。土壤氮矿化的Q10在1.03~1.54,并且15 ℃升高到25 ℃时的Q10比5 ℃升高到15 ℃和25 ℃升高到35 ℃时的Q10高,表明土壤氮矿化对温度的敏感性在15 ℃~25 ℃较高。
Seasonal variation and its main affecting factors of soil microbial biomass under different vegetations along an elevation gradient in Wuyi Mountains of China

HE Rong,WANG Guo-bing,WANG Jia-she,XU Bo-feng,WANG Ke-ji,FANG Yan-hong,SHI Zheng,RUAN Hong-hua,

生态学杂志 , 2009,
Abstract: 土壤微生物量的季节变化在陆地生态系统碳循环方面具有重要作用。为阐明中亚热带武夷山不同海拔梯度带土壤微生物量的季节变化规律及其主要影响因子,选择4种不同海拔梯度的植物群落:常绿阔叶林(EBF,500 m)、针叶林(CF,1200 m)、亚高山矮林(DF,1800 m)和高山草甸(AM,2100 m)于2005年6月—2006年6月期间进行了实验研究。结果表明:不同海拔梯度带土壤微生物量均具有明显的季节变化且变化趋势一致,均表现为早春最大,夏季最小;不同海拔梯度带土壤微生物量的季节变化与对应月份的土壤湿度、土壤有效碳均呈显著正相关,而与土壤温度、土壤有机碳、土壤全氮、凋落物输入量等因子相关不显著。土壤有效碳含量、土壤湿度是调控武夷山森林土壤微生物量季节变异的重要生态因子。
Mineralization rates of soil organic carbon along an elevation gradient in Wuyi Mountain of Southeast China

ZHOU Yan,XU Xian-gen,RUAN Hong-hua,WANG Jia-she,FANG Yan-hong,WU Yan-yu,XU Zi-kun,

生态学杂志 , 2008,
Abstract: 应用土壤培养法,比较分析了武夷山不同海拔高度土壤在25℃和60%田间饱和含水量条件下培养110 d有机碳矿化速率和矿化率的差异.结果表明:不同海拔高度土壤有机碳矿化速率随海拔高度的升高而加快,高山草甸(0.08 g CO2-C·kg-1·d-1)分别比亚高山矮林、针叶林、常绿阔叶林快14.3%、60.0%和166.7%,差异主要存在于0~10 cm.土壤碳矿化率以针叶林最高(16.6%),分别比亚高山矮林、常绿阔叶林、高山草甸高37.0%、67.6%和79.1%.土壤有机碳矿化速率和矿化率均随土层加深而递减,递减的幅度在不同海拔高度土壤间存在显著差异(P<0.05).研究结果揭示,土壤碳矿化速率和矿化比率随着海拔高度的变化而产生显著的变化.
Seasonal variation of soil respiration and its main regulating factors in a secondary oak forest and a pine plantation in north-subtropical area in China

WANG Guo-Bing,TANG Yan-Fei,RUAN Hong-Hua,SHI Zheng,HE Rong,WANG Ying,LIN Fei,SU Guang-Xin,

生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 土壤呼吸是陆地生态系统碳循环的重要组成部分.随着全球气候变暖趋势逐渐明显,土壤呼吸的时空变异及其对温度变化的响应已成为生态学研究的重要内容之一.利用LI-6400-09土壤碳通量观测仪,在江苏省南京林业大学下蜀实验基地,采用随机区组实验设计方法,连续两年测定了北亚热带次生栎林和火炬松人工林土壤呼吸的季节动态变化,结果表明:(1)两种林分内土壤呼吸速率均具有明显的季节波动,表现为:在最冷的1月份,土壤呼吸速率最低,随着土壤温度的升高,土壤呼吸速率也逐渐上升,在7、8月份达到最大值,随后又逐渐下降;(2)次生栎林月平均土壤呼吸速率在0.271~3.22μmolCO2 · m-2 · s-1之间,年变异幅度为11.88;火炬松人工林月平均土壤呼吸速率在0.336~3.06μmolCO2 · m-2 · s-1 ,年变异幅度为9.11;(3)次生栎林土壤呼吸的 Q10值在2.19至2.27之间,火炬松人工林土壤呼吸的Q10值在2.02至2.15之间,次生栎林土壤呼吸对温度的敏感性大于火炬松人工林;(4)土壤呼吸速率与不同深度层次土壤温度之间均呈显著性正相关,与土壤微生物生物量之间呈显著性负相关,而与土壤含水率、凋落物输入量之间相关不显著.研究结果初步阐明了江淮流域北亚热带典型森林植被土壤呼吸的季节动态特征及主要影响因子,为进一步揭示该区域森林土壤碳循环特点提供了理论基础.
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