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Evaluation and Selection of Mutative Artemisia (Artemisia annua L.) According to the Altitude Variants
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2011,
Abstract: Induction of genetic variant of Artemisia annua L. was conducted through the application of gamma ray irradiation in 2007-2008. The aim was to obtain a plant with high artemisine content > 0.5% and late flowering period of about > 7 month after planting. Tweleve selected genotypes were subsequently examined to gain genetic stability on altitude of 1500, 950, and 540 m asl. The results showed that the plants had shorter flowering age in Cicurug (540 m asl) than that of in Pacet (950 m asl) and Gunung Putri (1540 m asl). Genotype 8 had the latest age of flowering in the three locations than the other genotypes, however, the growth and biomass were the lowest. Vegetative growth of Artemisia in Pacet and Gunung Putri was better than those in Cicurug. Genotype of 15 in Cicurug and 5A genotype in Gunung Putri and Pacet had higher wet and dry weight than that of two other associates. Based on plant biomass, 5 genotypes from Gunung Putri and Pacet i.e. 1D, 3, 5A, 14, and 15 genotypes were selected, as well as 5 genotypes i.e. 1D, 3, 4, 5A, and 15 genotypes from Cicurug. Analisys on artemisin content successfully obtained 5 selected somaclone lines i.e. 1B, 2, 4, 14, and 3 somaclones.
Application of Rice Straw Compost with Different Bioactivators on the Growth and Yield of Rice Plant
Yunita Barus
Jurnal Tanah Tropika , 2012,
Abstract: Turnover of organic matters to the soil can increase the efficiency of chemical fertilizers, improve the plant growthand sustain the environment. Field experiment was carried out in the Buyut Udik Village, Gunung Sugih District,Central Lampung from May to August 2009. Rice straw was composted by three kinds of decomposer (bioactivatorA, B, and C). Rice straw compost (2 Mg ha-1) was applied to the paddy-field soil that was planted by rice (Oryzasativa) of Ciherang Variety. The experiment was arranged in a randomized block design with three replicates. Theresults showed that application of rice straw compost reduced the numbers of empty grain per tiller compared tocontrol (without compost) in which control had the highest percentage of empty grain (15.9%). The application ofrice straw compost that was decomposed by bioactivator A gave the highest numbers of grain per panicle and yieldper plot as followed 162.5 seed and 33 kg plot-1, respectively. Application of various rice straw composts that weredecomposed by three kinds of bioactivator increased the rice grain up to 13-26% compared to control.
Solvent Extraction of Nickel and Cobalt from Ammonia-Ammonium Carbonate Solution by Using LIX 84-ICNS  [PDF]
Mohammad Zaki Mubarok, Fariza Eka Yunita
International Journal of Nonferrous Metallurgy (IJNM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ijnm.2015.43003
Abstract: In the present paper, separation of nickel and cobalt in ammonia-ammonium carbonate solution that simulates pregnant leach solution of Caron Process by solvent extraction using LIX 84-ICNS was studied. LIX 84-ICNS is a novel extractant which is still being studied, especially for nickel and cobalt separation in ammonia-ammonium carbonate solution. A series of solvent extraction tests were performed at various equilibrium pH, temperature, extractant concentration, and volume ratio of organic to aqueous solution (O/A ratio). The investigation results show that the highest nickel and cobalt extraction percentages of 99.8% and 90.3% were obtained from the extraction test at equilibrium pH of 8.75, temperature of 55°C, extractant concentration of 40% (v/v) and O/A ratio of 1/1, respectively. Oxidation of cobalt in aqueous solution prior to extraction is needed to minimize co-extraction of cobalt. Co-extracted cobalt can be decreased from 90.3% to 30.3% by mixing 1% (v/v) H2O22 in aqueous solution prior to the extraction stage. It was found that nickel and cobalt extractions by LIX 84-ICNS are endothermic processes with enthalpy changes of +171.03 and +7.64 kJ/mole, respectively. Based on constructed McCabe-Thiele Diagram, nickel extraction level of more than 99.9% can be obtained in 2 stages at O/A ratio of 0.5. The highest stripping percentages of nickel and cobalt of 98.82% and 3.16% respectively were obtained at 200 g/l H2SO4 stripping agent.
Juniarti Juniarti,Frency Yunita
Jurnal Akuntansi dan Keuangan , 2003,
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of disclodure level to cost of equity and the significancy of the influence to companies with bluechips and nonbluechips stock. Thirty listed companies in Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) selected based on certain criteria were used as research sample. Data are collected from documentation of financial statements and are analyzed by using statistical tool i.e. multiple regression. This research indicate that there is significant influence of disclosure level to cost of equity. However, this research cannot prove that there is a significant different of the influence of disclosure level to cost of equity to the companies with bluechips and nonbluechips stocks. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji pengaruh tingkat disclosure terhadap biaya ekuitas dan signifikansi pengaruh tersebut pada perusahaan yang sahamnya tergolong sebagai saham bluechip dan non-bluechip. Sebanyak tiga puluh perusahaan yang terdaftar pada Bursa Efek Jakarta (BEJ) yang memenuhi kriteria yang ditetapkan diambil sebagai sampel. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan cara mengambil dokumentasi laporan keuangan dari Bursa Efek Jakarta (BEJ) dan diolah dengan menggunakan uji statistik regresi berganda. Penelitian ini membuktikan bahwa terdapat pengaruh yang signifikan tingkat disclosure terhadap biaya ekuitas. Namun penelitian ini gagal untuk membuktikan akan adanya perbedaan signifikansi pengaruh tingkat disclosure pada biaya hutang pada perusahaan yang sahamnya tergolong sebagai saham bluechip dan nonbluechip. Kata kunci: Disclosure, Biaya ekuitas.
Priscilia Yunita Wijaya
Nirmana , 1999,
Abstract: We have seen many desain all around our everyday living. Design exist in the form of brochures%2C posters%2C banners%2C signages%2C book covers%2C and etcetera. Some are nice and easy to understand%2C some are ok%2C and some look like they are not fully develop and thought. A word that run across our mind whrn we enjoying a design is idea . A good design almost always associated with a good idea%2C is it tru? This paper is going to discuss about desain and its relationship to idea. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Banyak desain yang diamati dalam kehidupan kita sehari-hari. Desain hadir dalam bentuk brosur%2C poster%2C spanduk%2C tanda-tanda%2C sampul buku%2C dan lain sebagainya. Ada beberapa yang bagus dan mudah untuk dimengerti%2C beberapa yang biasa%2C dan beberapa yang tampak asal dibuat. Sebuah kata yang terlintas dalam pemikiran kita dalam menikmati sebuah desain adalah ide . Sebuah desain yang baik selalu di identikan dengan ide yang baik%2C benarkah hal ini? Apakah desain dan apa hubungannya dengan ide akan dibahas pada tulisan ini.
Priscilia Yunita Wijaya
Nirmana , 2000,
Abstract: Often we feel discomfort and awkward in looking at a design which mostly is caused by the unbalanced composition. At other time we might found a very well balanced design that we were not attracted to. This paper is going to discuss balance as one of the element to attract viewer to a design. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Seringkali kita merasa adanya kejanggalan dan perasaan kurang pas terhadap sebuah komposisi. Pada umumnya hal ini disebabkan oleh ketidak seimbangan pada komposisi tersebut. Di saat yang lain%2C kita merasakan kestabilan dan keseimbangan yang sangat kuat pada sebuah komposisi%2C tetapi kita tidak merasa tertarik untuk menikmati komposisi tersebut. Tulisan ini akan membahas keseimbangan sebagai salah satu unsur yang membuat pengamat tertarik pada sebuah komposisi. balance%2C visual dynamic%2C dynamic balance
Priscilia Yunita Wijaya
Nirmana , 1999,
Abstract: The presence of Visual Communication Design is needed especially in today s information era. Just as its sound%2C the function and goal of visual communication design is to communicate to its mass audience with the right perception. One of its elements that determine the effectiveness of a design is typography. This paper is going to talk about the role of typography and how it effects a design in visual communication design. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Di dalam era informasi saat ini kehadiran desain komunikasi visual sangatlah dibutuhkan. Sesuai dengan namanya%2C desain komunikasi visual mempunyai tujuan untuk mengkomunikasikan pesan yang dapat ditangkap oleh massa dengan benar. Salah satu elemen desain yang sangat penting dalam menunjang keberhasilan suatu desain dalam berkomunikasi dengan masyarakatnya adalah tipografi. Tulisan ini membahas bagaimana dan apa peran tipografi tersebut dalam desain komunikasi visual.
A perspectiva enatista e rela es sociointeracionistas da aquisi o da linguagem =The enactive perspective and sociointeractional relationships of language acquisition
Rossa, Adriana Angelim,Rossa, Carlos Ricardo Pires
Letras de Hoje , 2011,
Abstract: A contribui o dos achados da neurociência para o estudo da linguagem humana é uma realidade cada vez mais presente. Profissionais da área da alfabetiza o podem encontrar nessas descobertas explica es e possíveis aplica es na sua prática docente. O objetivo de nosso trabalho é apresentar uma vis o holística sobre cogni o humana e estabelecer rela es com a aquisi o da linguagem Para tal oferecemos uma breve descri o da teoria enatista (holística). As rela es estabelecidas entre os assuntos discutidos podem contribuir para uma percep o diferenciada do processo de aquisi o da linguagem. The contribution of neuroscience findings for the study of human language is an ever-present reality. Professionals in the field of literacy can find explanations on these findings and possible applications in their teaching practice. The goal of our work is to present a holistic view on human cognition and engage with the acquisition of language. For this we offer a brief description of the enactive theory (holistic). The relations established between the issues discussed can contribute to a different perception of the language acquisition process.
O paradigma conexionista e o ensino de língua estrangeira
Rossa, Adriana Angelim,Rossa, Carlos Ricardo Pires
Letras de Hoje , 2009,
Abstract: O ensino de línguas adquire cada vez mais um papel de grande importancia no mundo acadêmico. Este artigo analisa brevemente as teorias behaviorista, cognitiva, da constru o criativa e o paradigma conexionista. As teorias s o apresentadas e seus principais pontos ressaltados. Concluímos que o ensino de língua estrangeira incorre em um grande erro quando da utiliza o dos modelos existentes. O paradigma conexionista pode dar uma explica o plausível para a elabora o de uma abordagem de ensino de línguas estrangeiras que esteja em consonancia com os achados recentes da neurociência.
Njo Anastasia,Yunita Handayani,Emmanuelle Christiane
Jurnal Manajemen dan Kewirausahaan , 2002,
Abstract: One primary need is housing, so developers must build it, but consumers are now more selective in buying housing. The developer who has a good concept and accountability can attract consumers, especially middle to high income buyers. This research discusses the relationship between accountability of developers, viewed from the type of attention given to security, environmental cleanliness, street conditions, street lighting, drainage, and parks, for housing developments which are not finished being built, with variables such as experience, region, estate management, and cost. The results show that the ten developers who were analyzed have good accountability for their unfinished housing development especially Graha Family and Araya Bumi Megah. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Salah satu kebutuhan primer adalah rumah tinggal, maka diperlukan peran serta pengembang untuk menyediakannya, namun konsumen saat ini lebih selektif dalam membeli rumah. Pengembang yang memiliki konsep dan akuntabilitas baik, yang dapat menarik calon konsumen terutama konsumen menengah ke atas. Penelitian ini membahas hubungan akuntabilitas pengembang ditinjau pada jenis pemeliharaannya, yaitu pada segi keamanan, kebersihan lingkungan, kondisi jalan, penerangan jalan, saluran, dan taman untuk kawasan perumahan yang belum selesai dibangun dengan pengalaman kerja, wilayah pengembangan, keberadaan estate management, dan biaya pemeliharaan. Ternyata hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa ke-sepuluh pengembang yang diteliti memiliki akuntabilitas pada pemeliharaan kawasan perumahannya yang belum selesai dibangun, khususnya Graha Famili dan Araya Bumi Megah. Kata kunci: pengembang, akuntabilitas, pemeliharaan kawasan.
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