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The ALPHA health-related physical fitness test battery for children and adolescents La batería ALPHA de pruebas de forma física relacionada con la salud para ni os y adolescentes
R. Santos,J. Mota
Nutrición Hospitalaria , 2011,
SUSY QM, symmetries and spectrum generating algebras for two-dimensional systems
D Martinez,R D Mota
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1016/j.aop.2007.07.001
Abstract: We show in a systematic and clear way how factorization methods can be used to construct the generators for hidden and dynamical symmetries. This is shown by studying the 2D problems of hydrogen atom, the isotropic harmonic oscillator and the radial potential $A\rho^{2\zeta-2}-B\rho^{\zeta-2}$. We show that in these cases the non-compact (compact) algebra corresponds to so(2,1) (su(2)).
Aislamiento del virus de PRRS en México: Estudio clínico, serológico y virológico
Sierra,N.; Ramírez,R.; Mota,D.;
Archivos de medicina veterinaria , 2000, DOI: 10.4067/S0301-732X2000000100001
Abstract: the prrs disease is recognized in mexico by the swine practitioners as an important problem within the national swine pathology since several years ago. the outbreaks derived from prrs infections in susceptible populations brings about devastating economical effects. the purposes of this study were to identify the clinical signs in each farm and to compare them with others in order to distinguish a clinical displaying pattern to perform the syndromic integration on each farm and also to know the antibody level of the sampled farms and to classify them in terms of their s/p ratio (serum sample/positive control), and finally try to isolate the virus. eight productive farms were selected where a clinical, serological and virological study was done in pigs of all ages as well as of all productive/physiological stages. an average of 100 serum samples from each farm were taken for the viral and serologic studies. the results showed that all the farms were seropositive in addition to the isolation of the virus nevertheless, only one farm showed reproductive failure. the virus was present in all farms, but it was revealed in different ways, this is why we could not establish a clinical displaying pattern since it was different within the 8 farms. in relation to the age and the productive/physiological stage from which the virus was isolated, it stands out the fact that it was more frequently found in sows on their sixth farrowing in 7 out of the 8 farms analysed; as well as in suckling and one month old piglets in 6 out of 8 farms. the latter suggests that the sixth farrowing sows as well as the suckling and one month old piglets are the most suitable animals to attempt the virus isolation
Leptina, ghrelina e exercício físico
Mota, Gustavo R. da;Zanesco, Angelina;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302007000100006
Abstract: obesity is a major public health problem in the western world resulting in serious social, physical and psychological damages. the genesis of obesity is complex involving a variety of factors such as genetic, psychological, metabolic and environmental factors. progress in endocrinology and metabolism show that adipocyte is considered now as an endocrine tissue producing several substance including adiponectin, tumor necrosis factor-a, interleukin-6 and leptin. specifically, leptin is the main peptide produced by the adipocyte and its serum concentration represents an important peripheral signal in the regulation of food intake and energy expenditure in mammals. in addition to leptin, a new peptide was discovered recently named ghrelin. ghrelin, a peptide hormone identified in the stomach, is directly involved with the regulation of energy balance and obesity. physical exercise has been used as a non-pharmacological tool in management of body weight and the effect of physical activity on weight control is an important issue for clinical studies in endocrinology field. thus, this review will attempt to update the knowledge of leptin and ghrelin on the body weight regulation and the effect of exercise training on these peptide concentrations. it can be concluded that the relationship between physical exercise and the plasma concentration of these peptides is not clear. the reasons for that could be related to the differences in duration, intensity and frequency of the training program employed in each study. indeed, most of the studies have not analyzed the intensity of training program by either plasma lactate concentration or maximum oxygen consumption. on the other hand, genetic basis could also explain the discrepancies found in some studies, since it has been shown that polymorphism for a variety of genes might be an important factor to determine the differences of cellular response to physical training.
Isolamento de agentes bacterianos envolvidos em mastite subclinica bovina no Estado de Pernambuco.
T. C. F. Barbalho,R. A. Mota
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2005,
Abstract: RESUMO: Foram examinadas 43 vacas em lacta § £o totalizando 104 quartos mam rios os quais foram positivos ao California Mastitis Test (CMT). Antes da ordenha realizava-se a antisepsia dos quartos mam rios e em seguida colhia-se amostras de cinco mL de leite; estas eram homogeneizadas e uma al -quota de 0,01 mL era semeada na superf -cie de gar sangue bovino a 5% e incubados em estufa bacteriol 3gica a 37 o C ,sendo as leituras efetuadas ap 3s 24 e 48 horas de incuba § £o. Staphylococcus sp. foi o agente mais freq ente neste tipo de mastite e na regi £o estudada. PALAVRAS CHAVE: Mastite subcl -nica, Bovinos, Staphylococcus sp. SUMMARY: In this study were investigated 43 milking cows including 104 quarters of the udder that were positive for California Mastitis Teste (CMT). For that purpose the antisepsis before the milking was performed in the quarters and five ml of milk were colected asseptically and homogenized. Samples of 10 ml were inoculated at surface of Bovine Blood Agar and incubated at 37 °C for 24-48 h. Isolates were identifed by Standart Bacteriological Techniques. The results showed that Stapylococcus sp were the microorganism most frequently isolated. KEYWORDS: Subclinical mastitis, Bovine, Staphylococcus sp.
The roots of the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis: PIGS vs non-PIGS
Fernandes Costa Abel L.,Mota Paulo R.
Panoeconomicus , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/pan1105631f
Abstract: The main purposes of this paper are twofold: a) to determine if there are significant differences on the determinants of public expenditures and tax revenues between the so-called PIGS and the remaining Eurozone member states; b) to uncover possible explanations for the different situations in which these countries find themselves nowadays. The paper focus on the effects of the cyclical state of the economy on those fiscal variables, and on the actual adherence to the fiscal rules imposed by the Maastricht Treaty. Based on the estimated results we conclude that the anti-cyclical reaction with respect to the unemployment rate is much stronger among non-PIGS. We also find that fiscal rules have, in general, not been followed by those two groups of countries. Moreover, PIGS, in spite of their economic frailties, have tried to emulate the fiscal behavior of their more prosperous Eurozone partners instead of executing more rigorous policies.
The Euro zone peripheral countries’ sovereign debt crisis: Also a case of non-mature democracies?
Fernandes Abel Costa L.,Mota Paulo R.
Panoeconomicus , 2013, DOI: 10.2298/pan1303291f
Abstract: The euro zone peripheral countries face a profound sovereign debt crisis threatening the very existence of the euro as we know it. Therefore, the study of the various factors contributing to this crisis is of the utmost importance. Given the set of the twelve initial member States, the euro zone peripheral countries (Portugal, Greece, and Spain) have in common the fact that they are recent democracies. Independently from other valid approaches to this question, the specific contribution of this paper is to focus on the role played by institutional and political variables in the behavior of fiscal variables. We show that the behavior of these variables is indeed statistically different from the one observed for the other euro zone countries, which are mature democracies. These outcomes are also in line with what that literature expects from the relationship between non-mature democracies and the incidence of election year budget cycles.
Circles-in-the-sky searches and observable cosmic topology in a flat Universe
B. Mota,M. J. Reboucas,R. Tavakol
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.81.103516
Abstract: [Abridged] In a Universe with a detectable nontrivial spatial topology the last scattering surface contains pairs of matching circles with the same distribution of temperature fluctuations - the so-called circles-in-the-sky. Searches for nearly antipodal circles in maps of cosmic microwave background have so far been unsuccessful. This negative outcome along with recent theoretical results concerning the detectability of nearly flat compact topologies is sufficient to exclude a detectable nontrivial topology for most observers in very nearly flat positively and negatively curved Universes ($0<|\Omega_{tot}-1| \lesssim 10^{-5}$). Here we investigate the consequences of these searches for observable nontrivial topologies if the Universe turns out to be exactly flat ($\Omega_{tot}=1$). We demonstrate that in this case the conclusions deduced from such searches can be radically different. We show that for all multiply-connected orientable flat manifolds it is possible to directly study the action of the holonomies in order to obtain a general upper bound on the angle that characterizes the deviation from antipodicity of pairs of matching circles associated with the shortest closed geodesic. This bound is valid for all observers and all possible values of the compactification length parameters. We also show that in a flat Universe there are observers for whom the circles-in-the-sky searches already undertaken are insufficient to exclude the possibility of a detectable nontrivial spatial topology. It is remarkable how such small variations in the spatial curvature of the Universe, which are effectively indistinguishable geometrically, can have such a drastic effect on the detectability of cosmic topology.
Constraints on the Detectability of Cosmic Topology from Observational Uncertainties
B. Mota,M. J. Reboucas,R. Tavakol
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/20/22/008
Abstract: Recent observational results suggest that our universe is nearly flat and well modelled within a $\Lambda$CDM framework. The observed values of $\Omega_{m}$ and $\Omega_{\Lambda}$ inevitably involve uncertainties. Motivated by this, we make a systematic study of the necessary and sufficient conditions for undetectability as well as detectability (in principle) of cosmic topology (using pattern repetition) in presence of such uncertainties. We do this by developing two complementary methods to determine detectability for nearly flat universes. Using the first method we derive analytical conditions for undetectability for infinite redshift, the accuracy of which is then confirmed by the second method. Estimates based on WMAP data together with other measurements of the density parameters are used to illustrate both methods, which are shown to provide very similar results for high redshifts.
Consequences of Observational Uncertainties on the Detection of Cosmic Topology
B. Mota,M. J. Reboucas,R. Tavakol
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: The observed values of density parameters inevitably involve uncertainties. We study the conditions for detectability and undetectability of cosmic topology in presence of such uncertainties. We present closed analytical forms of (un)detectability conditions for infinite redshift, which are important because: (i) they allow the examine of the detectability of cosmic topology not only for individual manifolds (topologies), but also in whole classes of manifolds; (ii) they are, to a very good approximation, (un)detectibility conditions for z=1100.
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