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Iterative Unsupervised GMM Training for Speaker Indexing
M. Paralic,R. Jarina
Radioengineering , 2007,
Abstract: The paper addresses a novel algorithm for speaker searching and indexation based on unsupervised GMM training. The proposed method doesn't require a predefined set of generic background models, and the GMM speaker models are trained only from test samples. The constrain of the method is that the number of the speakers has to be known in advance. The results of initial experiments show that the proposed training method enables to create precise GMM speaker models from only a small amount of training data.
A Novel Approach to Face Recognition using Image Segmentation based on SPCA-KNN Method
P. Kamencay,M. Zachariasova,R. Hudec,R. Jarina
Radioengineering , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we propose a novel method for face recognition using hybrid SPCA-KNN (SIFT-PCA-KNN) approach. The proposed method consists of three parts. The first part is based on preprocessing face images using Graph Based algorithm and SIFT (Scale Invariant Feature Transform) descriptor. Graph Based topology is used for matching two face images. In the second part eigen values and eigen vectors are extracted from each input face images. The goal is to extract the important information from the face data, to represent it as a set of new orthogonal variables called principal components. In the final part a nearest neighbor classifier is designed for classifying the face images based on the SPCA-KNN algorithm. The algorithm has been tested on 100 different subjects (15 images for each class). The experimental result shows that the proposed method has a positive effect on overall face recognition performance and outperforms other examined methods.
Improved Depth Map Estimation from Stereo Images based on Hybrid Method
P. Kamencay,M. Breznan,R. Jarina,P. Lukac
Radioengineering , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, a stereo matching algorithm based on image segments is presented. We propose the hybrid segmentation algorithm that is based on a combination of the Belief Propagation and Mean Shift algorithms with aim to refine the disparity and depth map by using a stereo pair of images. This algorithm utilizes image filtering and modified SAD (Sum of Absolute Differences) stereo matching method. Firstly, a color based segmentation method is applied for segmenting the left image of the input stereo pair (reference image) into regions. The aim of the segmentation is to simplify representation of the image into the form that is easier to analyze and is able to locate objects in images. Secondly, results of the segmentation are used as an input of the local window-based matching method to determine the disparity estimate of each image pixel. The obtained experimental results demonstrate that the final depth map can be obtained by application of segment disparities to the original images. Experimental results with the stereo testing images show that our proposed Hybrid algorithm HSAD gives a good performance.
Genome Identity and Diversity Study in Gir and Kankrej (Bos indicus) Cattle Breeds using RAPD Fingerprints
Jarina Joshi,R.K. Patel,K.M. Singh,K.J. Soni
Biotechnology , 2007,
Abstract: RAPD-PCR techniques were applied to study the genetic identity and diversity in two Indian cattle breeds Kankrej and Gir with a battery of 16 decamer primers. The analysis was carried out by using Band Frequency (BF), Band Sharing Frequency (BSF), Genetic Identity (GI), Genetic Distance (GD) and Mean Average Percentage Deference (MAPD). RAPD pattern revealed polymorphism for 163 loci out of 196 loci (83.16%) in Gir and Kankrej breeds. The present study showed that within breed similarity in both the breeds was observed to be greater as compared to similarity between breeds. Within breed genetic similarity was higher in Gir cattle than Kankrej cattle. Primer KMS6 was able to resolve a product of 388 bp that was seen in 11 out of 12 Gir animals. Similarly primer KMS2 revealed Kankrej specific amplicon of 2274 bp that was seen in 11 out of 12 Kankrej animals. The estimate of band sharing frequency between breeds was highest (0.900) with the primer KMS6 and the lowest (0.557) with the primer KMS11. The band sharing frequency pooled over the primer was 0.738±0.2008 between these two breeds. The highest genetic identity estimate (0.943) between the two breeds was obtained with primer KMS3 and the lowest (0.696) with primer KMS10. Similarly the highest genetic distance estimate (0.20) between the two breeds was obtained with KMS2 and the lowest (0.000) with primer KMS12. The highest (44.2) Mean Average Percentage Difference (MAPD) was observed with primer KMS11 and lowest (9.98) with primer KMS6. The phylogenetic tree based on Nei’s formula revealed that the primers used for the study were able to show the genetic similarity and diversity within and between breeds.
Development of a System for Automatic Recognition of Speech Development of a System for Automatic Recognition of Speech
Roman Jarina,Michal Kuba
Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering , 2003,
Abstract: The article gives a review of a research on processing and automatic recognition of speech signals (ARR) at the Department of Telecommunications of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of iilina. On-going research is oriented to speech parametrization using 2-dimensional cepstral analysis, and to an application of HMMs and neural networks for speech recognition in Slovak language. The article summarizes achieved results and outlines future orientation of our research in automatic speech recognition. The article gives a review of a research on processing and automatic recognition of speech signals (ARR) at the Department of Telecommunications of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zilina. On-going research is oriented to speech parametrization using 2-dimensional cepstral analysis, and to an application of HMMs and neural networks for speech recognition in Slovak language. The article summarizes achieved results and outlines future orientation of our research in automatic speech recognition.
Enhanced Production of Ethanol from Cheese whey by Agarose and Alginate immobilization of Yeast Cells
Smita Shrestha,Fedip Shrestha,Prajwal Rajbhandari,Ramesh Baral,Shyam Krishna Suwal,Jarina Joshi
Journal of Nepal Chemical Society , 2012, DOI: 10.3126/jncs.v30i0.9388
Abstract: Yeasts cells isolated from dry yeast were immobilized in alginate and agarose to form beads. The fermentation of ethanol from cheese whey was optimized with respect to temperature, pH, and rpm. A comparative study was performed between immobilized and free cells to get the maximum ethanol production Results revealed that 35°C temperature, 4.5 pH and 60 rpm is the optimized condition for yeast immobilized in agarose bead. Similarly, 35°C temperature, 5.0 pH, 60 rpm is the optimized condition for yeast immobilized in alginate bead and 35°C temperature, 5.0 pH, 80 rpm is the optimized condition for the free yeast cell respectively. Immobilised cell resulted 4.25% ethanol with alginate bead whereas 4.35% with agarose bead and 4.30% with free cell after three days of incubation under optimized conditions. When the same cell immobilized beads were reused, obtained 1.8% ethanol with agarose and 1.7% ethanol with alginate bead. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/jncs.v30i0.9388 Journal of Nepal Chemical Society Vol. 30, 2012 Page: ?159-164 Uploaded date : 12/20/2013 ? ?
Avalia??o da incidência da toxicidade de amostras de Bacillus cereus em diferentes classes de alimentos comercializados e consumidos no Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Rabinovitch, Leon;Vicente, Maria Marfisa A.;Guaycurús, Thania V.;Freitas, Jarina Pimentel Gomes V. de;Mesquita, Roberto Pimentel de;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1985, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761985000100001
Abstract: one hundred and fourteen strains of bacillus cereus were isolated during presumptive plate-counts from 18 groups of industrialized, non-industrialized, crude or cooked food, belonging to 10 separate classes. specific presumptive counts ranged from 10[raised to the power of 2] to 6 x 10[raised to the power of 3]/g or ml. among these isolates, 13 strains were derived from 3 outbreaks of food poisoning (involving a minimum of 57 people), as determined by the assayed bacteriological quality of the ingested foods. as an adopted procedure to correlate toxicity and ability to promote illness in man, culture fluids of all strains were assayed to determine their ability to increase vascular permeability (apc) to cause necrosis in rabbits skin and to kill albino mice. apc was positive in 86.85% of the 114 strains, death of albino mice occurred in 65.79% and a combination of apc and death was observed in 59.65%. apc plus necrosis, or only necrosis, occurred with 34.21% of the culture fluids. death, apc and death with or without necrosis, were demonstrated in the strains implicated with illness. this confirmed the known individuality of action exhibited by certain b. cereus food-borne toxigenic factors. the low presumptive counts of this bacterium in the order of 10[raised to the power of 2]-10[raised to the power of 3]/g or ml found in food, implicated or not with illness, suggests that the recommended number of b. cereus per g or ml of food sample should be reevaluated in our country. furthermore, a wider range of food should be brought under bacteriological sanitary control for this species.
A prática de atividade física na cidade universitária da Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS)
Oliveira,Caroline Silva de; Stefane,Claudia Aparecida; Liziero,Leonardo; Gabilan,Jarina Gomes; Paranhos Filho,Antonio Concei??o; Guimar?es,Fernanda Karolline de Oliveira;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232011000700084
Abstract: the implementation and strengthening of initiatives on physical activity and health are needed to guide and propose body practice in a conscious and autonomous way. given the relevance of the investigation of places to the practice of physical activity in the development of public policies and practices of intervention, it is necessary knowledge about where and how this activity is developed, and the characteristics of the people interested. the objective of this study was characterize practitioners of physical activity in the campus of universidade federal de mato grosso do sul (ufms); identifying ways and reasons that led these people to seek for that space and the importance of vocational guidance for the practice. data was collected by observation and interview with 75 people in november 2006. the results indicated that most were men, adults, practiced mostly to walk without professional guidance. it is hoped that studies is encouraging the development of projects in recognition of where and how physical activity is developed and characteristics of who the search. this information can collaborate to interpretations based, interventions and initiatives in public policy, as they may drive development of programs to encourage physical activity, such as municipal atlas of sports, in operation.
Power Aware Routing Protocol (PARP) for Wireless Sensor Networks  [PDF]
R. Prema, R. Rangarajan
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2012.45019
Abstract: Several wireless sensor network applications ought to decide the intrinsic variance between energy efficient communication and the requirement to attain preferred quality of service (QoS) such as packet delivery ratio, delay and to reduce the power consumption of wireless sensor nodes. In order to address this challenge, we propose the Power Aware Routing Protocol (PARP), which attains application-specified communication delays at low energy cost by dynamically adapting transmission power and routing decisions. Extensive simulation results prove that the proposed PARP attains better QoS and reduced power consumption.
An Innovative Low Cost EM Pollution Measurement System  [PDF]
R. Sittalatchoumy, R. Seetharaman
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2016.78176
Abstract: Mobile phones and other electronic devices are emitting radiations that will provide harmful effects to the human health. In order to measure the radiation, an innovative low cost measurement system is proposed in this paper. The ideology is to simplify the circuit’s value by converting a voltage detecting circuit to a field detecting circuit by finding an optimum resistance on trial and error basis. The requirement for a trial and error technique is to not allow too high or too low resistance which can be either short or open, resulting provides more damage to the circuit.
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