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Political Change in Jalisco, Mexico  [PDF]
Alberto Arellano Ríos
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2015.51004
Abstract: This paper analyzes the political change in Jalisco, Mexico. It is a panoramic work that evaluates a democratic transition at the subnational level. The work focuses on the structures of authority of the local political regime. The analytical framework used is the one proposed by Leonardo Morlino. It analyzes the document and describes the political and institutional framework of the governments divided and unified, the relationship between the powers, among other aspects.
Metropolitan Coordination in Mexico  [PDF]
Alberto Arellano Ríos
Current Urban Studies (CUS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/cus.2015.31002
This paper reflects the theme of metropolitan coordination in Mexico. The Metropolitan phenomenon has been established as an urbanely complex and social reality. In this sense, this paper contextualizes this phenomenon in Mexico, and public policies in metropolitan areas are designed and formulated. Finally, it is that the problem is intergovernmental coordination so questions of institutional design than the subjects of planning or land use must be considered more.
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 2011,
Abstract: in this essay the principal concepts and methods applied on projects aimed at ecological restoration are reviewed, with emphasis on the relationship between conservation, biodiversity and restoration. the most common definitions are provided and the steps to take into account to develop projects on ecological restoration, which will be determined by the level of degradation of the ecosystem to be intervened.
Mercado y ejercicio profesional del bibliotecólogo en México
Escalona Ríos, Lina;
Investigación bibliotecológica , 2005,
Abstract: the potential market for the practice of librarians and for the activities that these professionals are performing in mexican libraries is identified. this was done through field and documentary research which emphasizes the number of public, school, university and specialized libraries that need librarians to carry out their activities. the highest percentage of these professionals is assigned to library administration (52.3 %), while the area of services absorbs 33.9%, and technical processes 33.5%. these data are then contextualized with academic income levels plus the requirements to obtain the posts and the sector where the professional is working. all of these are linked with the professional’s satisfaction with their activities and the opinion of their employers as to the level of performance.
Flexibilidad curricular: elemento clave para mejorar la educación bibliotecológica
Escalona Ríos, Lina;
Investigación bibliotecológica , 2008,
Abstract: the present work contains some reflections on what flexible curriculum means, its characteristics and advantages, and contextualizes it in the policies of higher education at international level, later to enumerate the characteristics of the bibliothecological/librarian education and finally relating the possibilities that flexible curriculum offers to the quality of the bibliothecological/librarian education.
La teoría en la educación bibliotecológica: directrices básicas para su ense?anza
Ríos Ortega, Jaime;
Investigación bibliotecológica , 2007,
Abstract: it is shown that, notwithstanding several decades of discussion on the problem of "theory" and "praxis", and the importance of the former for giving direction to library science education; the latter, technical education, has predominated. thus, only three methodological guidelines are systematized which derive fundamentally from the teaching of science, on the basis of which it will be possible to approach the teaching of the library science discipline and to overcome some of the problems associated with the teaching of a technical character. the first guideline holds that library science is built upon phenomena, concepts and theories. the second one underlines the fundamental role played by the intellectual history of concepts and library science theories. and the third one centers on the conceptual change undergone by library science students.
Evaluación de normalización de las revistas contenidas en el índice del Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de México
Ríos Ortega, Jaime;
Investigación bibliotecológica , 2006,
Abstract: results of assessment on the index of mexican journals of scientific and technological research of the national council on science and technology (conacyt) in relation to the percentage of standardization are shown. evaluation criteria were elaborated by the information and documentation work group of the national spanish commission of unesco. results indicate that none of the 76 journals evaluated, reached more than 90% of normalization percentage. the number of journals qualified as very well standardized was only 7 (9%); while 30 (39%) were acceptable in terms of standardization, and 25 (32%) were thought of as having considerable deficiencies, and 14 (20%) were found not acceptable in the same terms. based on the last two ciphers it can be appreciated that practically half of the journals in the index include important flaws of normalization. according to the media obtained for each section assessed, the one with the least average was the section called "summary or content". it is important to emphasize that in all cases there exists some kind of standardization problem that can be overcome.
Ríos álvarez,Lautaro;
Estudios constitucionales , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-52002009000100009
Abstract: for ages, throughout the course of history, states have been challenged by critical situations. these have included external or internal wars, significant and worrisome breach of public order, dangerous challenges to internal security and catastrophes. such situations have allowed and authorize governments to declare a constitutional state of exception (cse) and an example of such is the roman dictatorship. whilst a constitutional state of exception has been declared, some fundamental and core rights can be limited with the sole objective of ameliorating the crisis and returning to normality. the chilean constitution regulates four cse and guarantees that only during such situations these core and fundamental rights can be suspended or restricted. the present paper refers to the judicial protection of such rights during and whilst a cse.
La selección de candidatos a la presidencia municipal de los partidos políticos en Ciudad Juárez como práctica y reforzamiento de democracia interna
Sarabia Ríos, Cecilia;
Estudios fronterizos , 2011,
Abstract: the internal democratic of political parties are one of the numerous analyses that can be performed on an electoral process. in this regard, this document aims to understand the logic of development of internal democracy in the party organizations in ciudad juarez, focusing on one aspect of it: the selection of candidates. the observation of the selection of candidates for municipal office in the last decade in ciudad juarez allowed to comment the advantages and disadvantages for the internal democratic life of party, to understand its development level and the logic that motivates their evolution or turn to be attractive only for external voting and not for the militants.
Complejidad territorial y sustentabilidad: notas para una epistemológia de los estudios territoriales
Ther Ríos, Francisco;
Horizontes Antropológicos , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-71832006000100006
Abstract: the epistemology enunciated in the proceeding lines asks and continuously repeats: why and for whom are territorial studies?, suggesting through these that approaches to local processes essentially require the application of interdisciplinary points of view and methods matched with modelizations that contain the double challenge: first, to be open to reflexion and, second to possibly be applied to the immediate local reality. in the first part of the text, and starting from the relationship between knowledge and territory, the need to develop an epistemology of territory is discussed; in the second part, a virtualization of the local territory is advanced in the context of the world-system. these notes for an epistemology of territorial studies constitute an open invitation to deparalize thinking and actions that deal with territory in order to, from there, comment about the replica-in-process of the local.

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