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Isolation and Characterization of Pepsin-Solubilized Collagen from the Skin of Black Carp (Mylopharyngdon piceus)  [PDF]
Guo Ping Wu, Xiao Ming Wang, Li Ping Lin, Su Hua Chen, Qing Qing Wu
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2014.57076

To make more effective use of underutilized resources, pepsin-solubilized collagen (PSC) was successfully extracted from the skin of black carp (Mylopharyngdon piceus) with a yield of 45.7% based on dry weight. The PSC comprising two identical α1-chains and one α2-chain with no disulfide bond was characterized as type I, and it contained 195 imino acid residues vs. 1000 amino acid residues. The collagen showed an absorption edge around 218 nm, which was lower than the maximum absorption wavelength of other PSC. The denaturation temperature of PSC was 25.6°C, which was lower than that of porcine collagen by approximately 11°C. The isoelectric point (pI) was estimated to be 8.23, and the collagen was soluble at an acidic pH as well as below 40 g/L NaCl. It is thought that the high yield and stability of PSC from the skin of black carp warrant its application as a new source of collagen for industrial purposes.

First-principles Study of Electronic and Optical Property of Cr-doped and Mn-doped Anatase TiO2
WANG Wei-hua,FENG Qing
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper, the band structures ,density of states, charge population and optical properties of pure, Cr-doped and Mn-doped anatase-phase TiO2 were studied by using the plane-wave ultrasoft pseudopotentials method based on the density functional theory. The analysis from the band structures, density of states and optical properties showed that there are three new impurity bands located in the middle of band gap in Mn-doped TiO2. The top of impurity band was apart from the conduction band by 0.6 eV and the bottom of the impurity band was at a distance of 0.65 eV from valence band. The impurity bands are formed mainly by the O-atom 2p or bital and the Mn-atom 3d orbital hybridized together. The Cr-doped TiO2 produced a new band near the bottom of conduct band. The top of impurity band was apart from the conduct band by 0.1 eV and the botton of the impurity band was at a distance of 1.3 eV from valence band . The impurity band was composed of the O-atom 2p orbital and the Cr-atom 3d orbital hybridized together. Because of the emerence of impurity level, the band gap became smaller. It is theoretically predicted that Cr-doped and Mn-doped anatase-phase TiO2 would lead to the red shift of absorption wavelength and the increase in coefficience of light absorption. A new absorption peak in the low-energy region, corresponding to energy 0.9 eV has been found expermentally in Cr-doped anatase-phase TiO2. A peak corresponding to energy 0.8 eV has been found experimentally in Mn-doped. The present theoretical conclusion is in agreement with the experimental result.
Decision Support Technology Research of Emergency Disposal  [PDF]
Qing Wang, Yuanchun Huang, Yuelei He, Zhigang Liu, Hua Hu, Aiqin Sun
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2013.38084

This paper focuses on the problem about how to efficiently process the emergency of rail transit and guarantee the lowest accident loss in a short period of time, which is the urban rail transit management policy that makers are faced with, and which develops a high integrated system with strong information based on contingency plans to give the decision aid of urban rail transit emergency events. The paper uses formal methods to present the emergency plan, generate the emergency disposal plan, meet the requirements of on-site emergency disposal, and it realizes the modernization of urban rail transit emergency management which has an important significance. Finally, taking a subway fire as an example, it describes the practicality of the auxiliary decision system.

An Improved Direction Finding Algorithm Based on Toeplitz Approximation
Qing Wang,Hua Chen,Guohuang Zhao,Bin Chen,Pichao Wang
Sensors , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/s130100746
Abstract: In this paper, a novel direction of arrival (DOA) estimation algorithm called the Toeplitz fourth order cumulants multiple signal classification method (TFOC-MUSIC) algorithm is proposed through combining a fast MUSIC-like algorithm termed the modified fourth order cumulants MUSIC (MFOC-MUSIC) algorithm and Toeplitz approximation. In the proposed algorithm, the redundant information in the cumulants is removed. Besides, the computational complexity is reduced due to the decreased dimension of the fourth-order cumulants matrix, which is equal to the number of the virtual array elements. That is, the effective array aperture of a physical array remains unchanged. However, due to finite sampling snapshots, there exists an estimation error of the reduced-rank FOC matrix and thus the capacity of DOA estimation degrades. In order to improve the estimation performance, Toeplitz approximation is introduced to recover the Toeplitz structure of the reduced-dimension FOC matrix just like the ideal one which has the Toeplitz structure possessing optimal estimated results. The theoretical formulas of the proposed algorithm are derived, and the simulations results are presented. From the simulations, in comparison with the MFOC-MUSIC algorithm, it is concluded that the TFOC-MUSIC algorithm yields an excellent performance in both spatially-white noise and in spatially-color noise environments.
New Approach to WLAN Security with Synchronized Pseudo Random
Qing-Hua Zheng,David LPepyne,Qing Wang,

计算机科学技术学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Wireless transmission is becoming increasing ubiquitous, but there is a big black hole in the security of this kind of network. Although IEEE 802.11 provides an optional Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) to implement the authentication and confidentiality, it leaves a lot of vulnerabilities and threats. This paper proposes a protocol called SPRNG for wireless data-link layer security. SPRNG is based on the sender and receiver who generate in a synchronized way a pseudo-random number sequence. In each transmission, the sender and receiver use a pair of random numbers, one for data frame authentication, and the other for encryption key. The random numbers are used as "one-time passwords" for sender authentication and as fresh encryption keys for each frame. SPRNG is designed to be compatible with the existing 802.11 products. Like WEP, the current 802.11 security protocol, SPRNG uses a symmetric key as its seed. SPRNG has already been simulated and tested in experiment, it shows that SPRNG has stronger security than WEP because it reveals little information for attackers. The key problem of SPRNG, synchronization loss problem, is also presented. Though motivated by wireless security, SPRNG is generic for many other applications, especially in the point to point communication.
Power Crises Study for Restructuring China's Energy Regulation Using Equilibrium Theory
Chen Wang,Qing-ping Yang,Yong-Hua Song
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2010,
miR-346 Regulates Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Targeting the Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway
Qing Wang, Jie Cai, Xian-hua Cai, Lei Chen
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072266
Abstract: Osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) is regulated by multiple transcription factors and signaling molecules. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying this process remain to be fully elucidated. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) act as key regulators in various biological processes by mediating mRNA degradation or translational inhibition of target genes. In this study, we report that miR-346 plays critical roles in regulating osteogenic differentiation of hBMSCs. The expression of endogenous miR-346 was increased during osteogenic differentiation of hBMSCs. Overexpression of miR-346 significantly promoted osteogenic differentiation, whereas miR-346 depletion suppressed this process. Further studies confirmed that miR-346 directly targeted the 3′-UTR of the glycogen synthase kinase-3β (GSK-3β) gene so as to suppress the expression of GSK-3β protein. Similar to miR-346 overexpression, GSK-3β depletion promoted osteogenic differentiation, whereas GSK-3β overexpression reversed the promotional effect of miR-346. We further found that miR-346 overexpression activated the Wnt/β-catenin pathway and increased the expression of several downstream genes including CyclinD1, c-Myc, TCF-1 and LEF-1. Depletion of β-catenin almost completely blocked the positive role of miR-346 on osteogenic differentiation. Taken together, our data indicate that miR-346 positively regulates hBMSC osteogenic differentiation by targeting GSK-3β and activating the Wnt/β-catenin pathway.
An Algorithm for Deciding the Summability of Bivariate Rational Functions
Qing-Hu Hou,Rong-Hua Wang
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: Let $\Delta_x f(x,y)=f(x+1,y)-f(x,y)$ and $\Delta_y f(x,y)=f(x,y+1)-f(x,y)$ be the difference operators with respect to $x$ and $y$. A rational function $f(x,y)$ is called summable if there exist rational functions $g(x,y)$ and $h(x,y)$ such that $f(x,y)=\Delta_x g(x,y) + \Delta_y h(x,y)$. Recently, Chen and Singer presented a method for deciding whether a rational function is summable. To implement their method in the sense of algorithms, we need to solve two problems. The first is to determine the shift equivalence of two bivariate polynomials. We solve this problem by presenting an algorithm for computing the dispersion sets of any two bivariate polynomials. The second is to solve a univariate difference equation in an algebraically closed field. By considering the irreducible factorization of the denominator of $f(x,y)$ in a general field, we present a new criterion which requires only finding a rational solution of a bivariate difference equation. This goal can be achieved by deriving a universal denominator of the rational solutions and a degree bound on the numerator. Combining these two algorithms, we can decide the summability of a bivariate rational function.
Study of family environmental factor on only-children’s personality  [PDF]
Yi-Xiao Fu, Xiao Hou, Lu Jia, Tian Qiu, Qing Qin, Hua-Qing Meng, Yi Huang, Xiaohong Ma, Wei Deng, Qing-Hua Luo, Ying-Cheng Wang, Hua Hu, Lian Du, Hait-Ang Qiu, Peng Xie, Tao Li
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.53A075
Abstract: Objective: To analyze the impact of family environment on only-children’s personality. Methods: Using cross-sectional design to recruit only-children aged 6 - 16 years old; using EPQ to evaluate the children’s personality. The general questionnaire, PSDQ (Parenting Styles and Dimensions Questionnaire), FAD-GFS (The General Functioning Scale of MacMaster family activity device), SLE(Stressful Life Events), FSQ (Family Stresses Questionnaire), FLQ (Family Life Questionnaire), EFQ (Everyday Feelings Questionnaire) were used to collect information about family environment from parents. Results: In only-child family, standardized regression equations of family environment influence on children personality include: 1) EPQ-p = 0.087 × SLE + 0.207 × father autocratic parenting + 0.131 × education of father + 0.110 × family type - 0.110 × role of discipline - 0.080 × parental attitude + 0.087 × family adaptability; 2) EPQ-e = 0.105 × EFQ- 0.088 × SLE - 0.101 × family income; 3) EPQ-n = 0.143 × SLE - 0.090 × family cohesion + 0.089 × family income + 0.117 × the orderly’s attitude - 0.138 × the child’s role experience of FLQ - 0.101 × parents shaping the behavior of children of FLQ and 4) EPQ - l = -0.136× SLE - 0.093 × relationship between parents - 0.155 × attitude of the old. Conclusion: It is important for children to develop personality normally if the father doesn’t choose autocratic parent style. Children tend to be optimistic if the parent can feel happy. The stressful life events are a double-blade sword depending on the parent’s handling. The difference of the parenting style can influence the lie-personality of children.
Identification of Genes to Differentiate Closely Related Salmonella Lineages
Qing-Hua Zou, Ren-Qing Li, Ye-Jun Wang, Shu-Lin Liu
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055988
Abstract: Background Salmonella are important human and animal pathogens. Though highly related, the Salmonella lineages may be strictly adapted to different hosts or cause different diseases, from mild local illness like gastroenteritis to fatal systemic infections like typhoid. Therefore, rapid and accurate identification of Salmonella is essential for timely and correct diagnosis of Salmonella infections. The current identification methods such as 16S rRNA sequencing and multilocus sequence typing are expensive and time consuming. Additionally, these methods often do not have sufficient distinguishing resolution among the Salmonella lineages. Methodologies/Principal Findings We compared 27 completely sequenced Salmonella genomes to identify possible genomic features that could be used for differentiation of individual lineages. We concatenated 2372 core genes in each of the 27 genomes and constructed a neighbor-joining tree. On the tree, strains of each serotype were clustered tightly together and different serotypes were unambiguously separated with clear genetic distances, demonstrating systematic genomic divergence among the Salmonella lineages. We made detailed comparisons among the 27 genomes and identified distinct sets of genomic differences, including nucleotide variations and genomic islands (GIs), among the Salmonella lineages. Two core genes STM4261 and entF together could unambiguously distinguish all Salmonella lineages compared in this study. Additionally, strains of a lineage have a common set of GIs and closely related lineages have similar sets of GIs. Conclusions Salmonella lineages have accumulated distinct sets of mutations and laterally acquired DNA (e.g., GIs) in evolution. Two genes entF and STM4261 have diverged sufficiently among the Salmonella lineages to be used for their differentiation. Further investigation of the distinct sets of mutations and GIs will lead to novel insights into genomic evolution of Salmonella and greatly facilitate the elucidation of pathogeneses of Salmonella infections.
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