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Research on Tax Contribution of Tourism in Guangdong Province  [PDF]
Qiang Chen
Modern Economy (ME) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/me.2018.95062
Abstract: In recent years, tourism has become an important part of China’s emerging services industry, and is regarded as the “sunrise industry” of the 21st century. Relevant data from China National Tourism Administration show that the number of domestic tourists in China reached 5 billion times in 2017, and the total number of inbound and outbound tourists in China reached 270 million. The annual domestic tourism revenue reached 4.57 trillion Yuan and the international tourism revenue reached $123.4 billion. According to the preliminary calculation of China National Tourism Administration, the comprehensive contribution of tourism to China’s GDP in 2017 has reached 9.13 trillion Yuan, and tourism brings the employment population to 79.9 million. With the continuous development of society, the role of tourism in promoting national economic development will become increasingly prominent. Guangdong province is located at the southernmost point of mainland China, with a long history and rich natural and cultural tourism resources. 2018 is the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. As the forefront of China’s reform and opening up, Guangdong province is an important tourist reception center and tourism center in China, and the tourism industry has always been in the leading position in China. For years, Guangdong province ranked first among China’s provincial economic rankings. The rapid development of tourism in Guangdong province plays an important role in the economic development of Guangdong province. This paper studies the tax contribution of tourism in Guangdong province by combining the relevant data of macro tax burden (tax rate). The study consists of three perspectives. First, Guangdong province is compared with Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces. Second, the comparison of eastern China. Third, Guangdong province is compared with the national average. Based on the research, this paper concludes that tourism tax contribution of Guangdong province is low. This paper studies the tax contribution of tourism in Guangdong province and puts forward some suggestions to improve the tax contribution of tourism in Guangdong province.
A Bird’s Eye View of the Oriental History
Qiang CHEN
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2006, DOI: 10.3968/614
Abstract: Similar to the mankind, civilizations also occur and develop by certain life cycle. In the process of rationality growth, the Indian and Chinese civilizations melt the outside experience material continuously with their profoud spriritual potential and gave rise to two great “philosophical breakthrough”, thus renewing the original net of meaning. Just as Upanisad rules that Buddhism concerns how to set soul free, classical statecraft culture also rules that Chinese thinkers pay close attention to political order. With the emergence of their great spiritual masters, the two civilization grew up from the childhood and obtained their adult forms—Buddhism and Confucianism. Mahayana Buddhism as the crystal of the Indian “philosophical breakthrough” spread toward faraway east along the“Silk Road” and collided with the Chinese civilization which also experienced the similar“philosophical breakthrough” , as the result, the latter’s gene was changed forever. Keywords: philosophical break through, cultural gene, Buddhism, Confucianism, Mahayana Buddhism, statecraft culture, Neo-Confucianism Résumé Les grandes civilisations, comme le développement de l’humanité, ont leur propre cycle vital de la naissance au vieillissement. Dans le processus de développement rationnel, les civilisations indienne et chinoise constituent deux grandes percées philosophiques dans l’histoire de la pensée grace à leur renouvellement constant avec le temps. De même que Upanisad définit l’attention que le bouddhisme prête à la délivrance de l’ame de l’individu, la culture royale et officielle décide aussi la poursuite de l’ordre politique parfait par les différentes écoles de pensées de l’époque pré-Qin. Ces deux grandes civilisations ont réussi à accomplir leur développement spirituel et atteint l’état de maturité—le bouddhisme et le confucianisme. Le bouddhisme de grand Cheng hautement philosophique, en tant que la cristallisation du développement rationnel de la civilisation, a été diffusé vers l’Est lointain le long de la Route de la Soie et assimilé par la civilisation chinoise qui avait connu elle-même une percée philosophique, et a modifié ainsi à jamais le gène intérieur de la civilisation de la Chine. Mots-clés: percée philosophique, gène culturel, bouddhisme, confucianisme, bouddhisme de grand Cheng, culture royale et officielle, philosophie néo-confucianiste des dynasties Song et Ming 摘 要 各大文明也和人類一樣有著發生發育以至衰老的生命週期。在理性發育的過程中印度文明和中國文明以其深刻而豐富的意蘊不斷融化經驗材料,更新其原有的意義之網,從而形成思想史上兩次偉大的“哲學突破”。正如《奧義書》規定了佛學對個人靈魂解脫的關注,王官文化也規定了諸子百家對完美的政治秩序的追求。兩大文明在其偉大的精神導師那裏順利地完成了心智發育,從而獲得了自己的成年形態――佛教與儒教。高
Spatio-Temporal Variations of Precipitation Extremes in the Yangtze River Basin (1960-2002), China  [PDF]
Qiang Zhang, Xiaohong Chen, Becker Stefan
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2011.11001
Abstract: Daily precipitation data during 1960-2002 from 150 stations in the Yangtze River basin were analyzed with the help of linear trend analysis. Highest 5-day and 10-day precipitation amount (R5D and R10D) and percentile daily precipitation maxima (prec95p for 95th percentile and prec99p for 99th percentile) were accepted as the precipitation extreme index. The frequency of the R5D and R10D was in downward trend, this phenomenon is more obvious in the middle Yangtze River basin; The stations with total precipitation of R5D and R10D are in significant upward trend (> 95% confidence level) are mostly located in the lower Yangtze River basin and the south-western part of the Yangtze River basin; 2) the spatial distribution of the frequency of total precipitation of the percentile daily precipitation maxima is similar to that of R5D and R10D. However the frequency of prec95p and prec99p is in significant upward trend. The upward trend of total precipitation changes of prec95p and prec99p is more obvious than that of frequency of prec95p and prec99p. The regions dominated by upward trend of frequency/total precipitation of prec95p and prec99p are also the lower Yangtze River basin and south-western part of the Yangtze River basin. Therefore the occurrence probability of the flash floods in the lower Yangtze River basin and south-western part of the Yangtze River basin will be greater.
Probability Analysis for the Damage of Gravity Dam  [PDF]
Qiang Xu, Jing Li, Jianyun Chen
Engineering (ENG) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2011.34036
Abstract: Damage reliability analysis is an emerging field of structural engineering which is very significant in structures of great importance like arch dams, large concrete gravity dams etc. The research objective is to design and construct an improved method for damage reliability analysis for concrete gravity dam. Firstly, pseudo excitation method and Mazar damage model were used to analyze how to calculate damage expected value excited by random seismic loading and deterministic static load on the condition that initial elastic modulus was deterministic. Moreover, response surface method was improved from the aspects of the regression of sample points, the selection of experimental points, the determined method of weight matrix and the calculation method of checking point respectively. Then, the above method was used to analyze guarantee rate of damage expected value excited by random seismic loading and deterministic static load on the condition that initial elastic modulus was random. Finally, a test example was given to verify and analyze the convergence and stability of this method. Compared with other conventional algorithm, this method has some strong points: this algorithm has good convergence and stability and greatly enhances calculation efficiency and the storage efficiency. From what has been analyzed, we find that damage expected value is insensitive to the randomness of initial elastic modulus so we can neglect the randomness of initial elastic modulus in some extent when we calculate damage expected value.
Regional Evaluations of the Meteorological Drought Characteristics across the Pearl River Basin, China  [PDF]
Qiang Zhang, Mingzhong Xiao, Xiaohong Chen
American Journal of Climate Change (AJCC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajcc.2012.11005
Abstract: Regional evaluation of drought characteristics provides critical information for water resource management. In this case, this study attempts to analyze the probability behaviors of drought events of a given severity in the Pearl River Basin and to construct severity-area-frequency curves of drought events. Due to possible impacts of complicated topographical properties and diverse climate types within the Pearl River Basin, the entire Pearl River Basin is subdivided into different homogeneous regions. In general, the Pearl River Basin can be categorized into four homogeneous regions, and the severity-area-frequency analysis results for the short-, medium- and long-term drought episodes within each homogeneous regions indicate stressful challenge for the water resource management in the Pearl River Basin due to the fact that severe droughts usually occur over the entire Pearl River Basin. Meanwhile, the Pearl River Delta will face a higher risk of drought when compared to other regions of the Pearl River Basin in terms of the medium-term drought. The Pearl River Basin is highly economically development and is heavily populated, thus impacts of droughts and related resilience resolutions or policies should be taken into account in the formulation of regional sustainable development of water resources and socio-economy within the Pearl River Basin, China.
A Study on the Functional Reliability of Gravity Dam  [PDF]
Qiang Xu, Jianyun Chen, Jing Li
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2012.42009
Abstract: The research objective is to design and construct a method for functional reliability analysis of concrete gravity dam. Firstly, the pseudo excitation method was utilized to analyze to calculate the probabilistic characteristics of concrete gravity dam excited by random seismic loading. Meanwhile, the response surface method based on weighted regression was associated to that method to analyze functional reliability of concrete gravity dam. Eventually, a test example was given to verify and analyze the convergence and stability of this method.
On a half-discrete Hilbert-type inequality similar to Mulholland's inequality
Bicheng Yang,Qiang Chen
International Journal of Mathematical Analysis , 2013,
Abstract: By using the way of weight functions and technique of real analysis,a half-discrete Hilbert-type inequality similar to Mulholland’s inequalitywith a best constant factor is given. The extension with multiparameters,the equivalent forms, the operator expressions are also considered.
New challenges and opportunities for industrial biotechnology
Chen Guo-Qiang
Microbial Cell Factories , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2859-11-111
Abstract: Industrial biotechnology has not developed as fast as expected due to some challenges including the emergences of alternative energy sources, especially shale gas, natural gas hydrate (or gas hydrate) and sand oil et al. The weaknesses of microbial or enzymatic processes compared with the chemical processing also make industrial biotech products less competitive with the chemical ones. However, many opportunities are still there if industrial biotech processes can be as similar as the chemical ones. Taking advantages of the molecular biology and synthetic biology methods as well as changing process patterns, we can develop bioprocesses as competitive as chemical ones, these including the minimized cells, open and continuous fermentation processes et al.
Image Resolution Enhancement Using PCA Based Post Filtering
Qiang Guo,Ya Chen
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: In this study an image resolution enhancement method is presented that uses the NEDI method to generate an initial image. To increase the detail of this initial image, the given low resolution image is fused with it to achieve a new image. Then the final high resolution image is obtained by using a PCA based filtering to reduce the distortion of this new image. Experimental results on test images demonstrate that the proposed method provides competitive performance.
Effect of melittin on apoptsis and necrosis of U2OS cells
CHEN Yong-Qiang
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2004,
Abstract: Objective: To study the effect of melittin on apoptsis and necrosis of osteosarcoma cell line U2OS in vitro. Methods: Osteosarcoma cell line U2OS was treated with melittin. The growth and proliferation was observed by MTT assay and cell counting, and the necrosis was estimated by Trypan blue staining. The cell apoptsis, Fas and Apo2.7expression were detected by cytometer. Results: The data showed that melittin could inhibit the proliferation of U2OS dose-dependently at 16 and 64 mg/L. Cell apoptsis was detected by cytometer, when the cells were treated by 16 mg/L and 32 mg/L of melittin respectively, and the percentages of Fas and Apo2.7 positive cells were increased. Conclusion: Melittin inhibits the proliferation of osterosarcoma cell line through up-regulating Fas expression and inducing apoptsis.
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