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Spin relaxation dynamics in InAs monolayer and submonolayer

Sun Zheng,Xu Zhong-Ying,Ruan Xue-Zhong,Ji Yang,Sun Bao-Quan,Ni Hai-Qiao,
孙 征
,徐仲英,阮学忠,姬 扬,孙宝权,倪海桥

物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: By using time-resolved photoluminescence and time-resolved Kerr rotation, we have studied the unique electron spin dynamics in InAs monolayer (ML) and submonolayer (SML), which were sandwiched in GaAs matrix. Under non-resonant excitation, the spin relaxation lifetimes of 3.4ns and 0.48ns were observed for 1/3ML and 1ML InAs samples, respectively. More interestingly, the spin lifetime of the 1/3ML InAs decreased dramatically under resonant excitation, down to 70ps, while the spin lifetime of the 1ML sample did not vary much, changing only from 400 to 340ps. These interesting results come from the different electron-hole interactions caused by different spatial electron-hole correlation, and they provide a direct evidence of the dominant spin relaxation process, i.e. the BAP mechanism. Furthermore, these new results may provide a valuable enlightenment in controlling the spin relaxation and in seeking new material systems for spintronics application.
Effect of light intensity on grain quality of rice at different spike positions during grain-filling stage

DONG Ming-Hui,HUI Feng,GU Jun-Rong,CHEN Pei-Feng,YANG Dai-Feng,QIAO Zhong-Ying,
,惠 锋,顾俊荣,陈培峰,杨代凤,乔中英

中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Light intensity is an important ecological factor that greatly influences rice grain formation and quality. This study discussed the effects of light intensity on rice quality at grain-filling stage and the differences in variety types and spikelets at different panicle positions. To do this, two pot-grown super rice cultivars, "Yangliangyou 6" (indica) and "Wuyunjing 23" (japonica), were subjected to three light intensity treatments (71%, 55% and 40% of normal light intensity respectively) at post-anthesis grain-filling stage, with normal outdoor growth as the control. The study aimed to throw more light on the physiological mechanisms of rice grain formation to lay the theoretical basis for improved rice quality. The results suggested that light intensity during grain-filling greatly influenced rice quality. Compared with the control, rice grain quality under the three treatments worsened with the weakening of light intensity. Grain quality response to light intensity varied with light intensity degrees, variety genotypes and grain positions on rice panicles. While grain quality on spikelets with late flower formation was poorly stability, that on spikelets with early flower formation was relatively stable. Milled rice and rice amylose content decreased and chalkiness increased with the weakening of light intensity. Amplitude change in grains on primary tillers was relatively larger than in grain on secondary tillers. Also the weaker the light intensity, the lower was the breakdown value, the higher were the setback value and crud protein content, and the worse were the rice cooking and eating qualities. Reasonable sowing times based on variety type and scientific cultivation practices for improved light conditions and rice growth likely mitigated any negative impacts of low light intensity on rice quality.
Field Performance Test Experiments of the Interference Imaging Spectrometer of Chang''e-1 Satellite

QIU Yue-hong,ZHAO Bao-chang,ZHAO Jian-ke,JI Zhong-ying,QIAO Wei-dong,WEN De-sheng,

光子学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Field performance test experiments of the Interference Imaging Spectrometer(IIS)of Chang'e-1 Satellite,which inlude focus length and MTF,measure spetral line position spectral radiation calibration check and spetral resolution,were described.The necessity of the test,performance criterions,schemes,conditional and environmental requirements and results of experiments were given.At the end,the results of experiments were obtained.The experiments ensure the suceesful launch of the Interference Imaging Spectrom...
Optical Properties of GaNAs and GaAsSb Semiconductors

LUO Xiang-Dong,XU Zhong-Ying,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Under short pulse laser excitation,it has been observed,for the first time,a new high-energy photoluminescence emission from GaN_ x As_ 1- x /GaAs SQWs.This new emission has totally different optical properties compared with the localized exciton transition in GaN_ x As_ 1- x ,and is attributed to the recombination of delocalized excitons in QWs.At the same time,a competition process between localized and delocalized exciton emissions in GaN_ x As_ 1- x /GaAs quantum wells is observed in the temperature-dependent PL spectra under the short pulse excitation. This competition process for the first time,reveals the physical origin of the temperature-induced S-shaped PL peak shift,which was often reported in the disordered alloy semiconductor system under continuous-wave excitation and puzzled people for a long time.We have also investigated a set of GaN_ x As_ 1- x samples with small nitrogen composition( x <1%)by PL,and time-resolved PL.After the PL dependence on temperature and excitation power and PL dynamics were measured,the new PL peak was identified as an intrinsic transition of alloy,rather than N-related bound states.This is the first observation in PL,showing that alloy state exists in GaN_ x As_ 1- x materials even when N composition is smaller than 0.1%. Finally by selective excitation,both type-I and type-II transitions were observed simultaneously in GaAs_ 1- x Sb_ x /GaAs SQWs for the first time.


中国物理 B , 1997,
Abstract: The time-resolved photoluminescence (PL) investigations of asymmetric coupled quantum well structures have been carried out in this paper. The experimental results show that for a wider interbarrier thickness the PL in the AlGaAs well will decay almost as a single exponential function, and for a thin interbarrier thickness the PL decay in the AlGaAs well is not a single exponential: the decay rate decreases gradually. These results indicate that when the tunneling becomes the main decay process in the AlGaAs well, the "effective mass filtering" phenomenon will be displayed in the PL decay process, which decreases the tunneling rate. At low temperature, the PL decay time increases with the increase of temperature. With further increase of temperature, the PL decay time decreases because of the increase of the tunneling rate and nonradiative recombination coefficient.

LI Qing,XU Zhong-Ying,GE Wei-Kun,

红外与毫米波学报 , 2000,
Abstract: 用简并激发-探测技术研究了77K温度下InAs/GaAs量子点中载流子快速俘获和驰豫过程,在瞬态反射谱测量中,降观察到与GaAs有关的驰豫过程外(时间常数约为1ps),还观察到一个时间常数为几个至20ps的反射率上升过程。提出了一个物理模型,表明上述上升过程与光致载流子被InAs层快速俘获过程有关,并由此得到载流子的俘获时间,俘获时间随载流子浓度增加而减小。
Application of ultrasonic to speciation analysis of heavy metals in soil
SUN Fu-sheng,ZHAN Zhong-ying,ZHANG Kun-song,WANG Yi,
SUN Fu-sheng
,ZHAN Zhong-ying,ZHANG Kun-song,WANG Yi

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2004,
Abstract: In order to reduce the operation time and improve the extraction efficiency, ultrasonic energy by means of ultrasonic bath was used to the modified Tessier sequential extraction for speciation analysis of heavy metals in soil. Extractable contents of Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb and Zn were measured by atomic absorption spectroscopy(AAS). The merit of the ultrasonic extraction(UE) applied to the modified Tessier method is not only that the operation time for the first 4 fractions was reduced from ca.18 h to 8 h, comparing with conventional extraction(CE), but also the extraction efficiency was higher. The results for both of UE and CE were consistent. The extractable Cu, Ni and Zn in the sample No.1 were mainly associated with the third fraction(Fe-Mn oxides fraction), and fourth fraction(organic matter fraction) in the sample No.2. The extractable Fe and Mn were all mainly associated with the third fraction, and Pb the fourth fraction in both of the samples. The effects of concentration of hydroxylamine chloride on the capability for the extraction of studied metals were also studied.
Research of Calibration Technology of InterferenceHyperspectral Imager on Secondary Planet

JI Zhong-ying,XIANG Li-bin,WANG Zhong-hou,HUANG Min,YUAN Yan,

遥感技术与应用 , 2004,
Abstract: This paper presents research of several calibration methods on secondary planet, according toprinciple and characteristic of the Interference Super-spectral Imager, and requirement of calibration onsecondary planet. A method of Calibration based at first image plane makes use of two ends of narrow slitor a hole beside it to introduce the calibration light. There are two methods of converging calibration light,one is using convergent lens, the others self-focus lens. In method of whole system calibration, calibrationlight can be introduced by rotating the mirror 90 degree. Lambert reflector or integral sphere can be usedin this calibration. Place Nd-in glass in optical circuit can achieve both radiometric calibration and spectralcalibration. In actual, Analyzing the structure and characteristic, according to optic design and realizationpossibility of structure, a method of integral sphere used in calibration is chosen. By contrast, acalibration method of using integral sphere has compact structure and large energy, can be used to achievethe calibration of total system, aperture, and part viewing field.
Effects of e-learning based international cooperative training on developing core competence of psychiatric nurses

SHI Zhong-ying
, ZHANG Shu-ying, GAO Qi, et al

- , 2015, DOI: 11.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2015.08.024
Abstract: 目的 探讨基于网络化的国际合作培训对提高精神科护士核心能力的效果。方法 于2013年6月—10月对实验组67名护士和对照组56名护士开展以巩固和提高精神科护士核心能力为目标的培训课程。课程为上海交通大学医学院附属精神卫生中心护理部与芬兰图尔库大学护理学院合作,采用网络化学习的形式。在实施医院常规业务培训的基础上,对实验组进行为期5个月的网络课程培训。应用注册护士核心能力量表(CIRN)分别在干预前后进行评定。结果 实验组CIRN总分和各因子值(除专业发展)培训前后自身比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);培训后实验组CIRN总分和各因子值(除临床护理和专业发展)与对照组比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论 基于网络化学习的国际合作培训对提高精神科护士核心能力具有良好的效果,有助于精神科护理继续教育领域国际间的合作与交流。
: Objective To explore the effects of e-learning based international cooperative training on developing the core competence of psychiatric nurses. Methods Nurses of the experimental group (n=67) and control group (n=56) attended the training courses for consolidating and developing core competence of psychiatric nurses from June to October, 2013. The Nursing Department of Mental Health Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine cooperated with Department of Nursing Science of University of Turku, Finland to provide the e-learning courses. Nurses of the experimental group attended five-month training courses in addition to regular hospital nursing training. Competency Inventory for Registered Nurse (CIRN) was adopted to evaluate the core competence of nurses before and after training. Results The differences of the overall score of CIRN and values of factors (except professional development) of the experimental group before and after training were statistically significant (P<0.01). The differences of the overall score of CIRN and values of factors (except clinical nursing and professional development) between the experimental group and control group after training were statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion The e-learning based international cooperative training has good effects on developing the core competence of psychiatric nurses and facilitates international cooperation and communication of psychiatric nursing continuing education
Experimental Study of T300/AG80 Composite Tensile Performances at High Temperature

CHEN Zhong-ying,LONG Lian-chun,LU Zhi-feng,YANG Zhi-guang,

实验力学 , 2010,
Abstract: 在CSS电子万能实验机上,采用QBT高低温环境箱实现控温,测试了T300/AG80复合材料试件纵向、横向的高温拉伸性能,其中纵向试件选取的温度范围为室温~375℃,横向试件的温度范围为室温~325℃.采用非接触方式即远程摄像和图像识别相结合的方法,测量了试件在不同温度、不同载荷作用下的变形,并依据变形计算材料纵向、横向的高温弹性模量.获得试件在不同温度下的力学性能保留率,分析了温度对材料性能的影响,进而对材料的高温性能进行评价.
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