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Secondary succession of earthworm population in high production agro-ecosystem in North China

QIAO Yu-Hui,

生态学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The study was conducted in Huantai County Shandong Province in North China to study the secondary succession of earthworm population under low and high soil fertility in agro-ecosystem. The result shows that seven species were found both in two agro-ecosystems, but the earthworm population density and composition are different, the average earthworm population in the high fertility soil is relatively abundance, the population density is 83.83 in./m~2. Among the seven earthworm species, Aporrectae trapezoids is the dominant species. While in the low fertility soil, the population density is 40.18 ind./m~2 and Drawida gisti is the dominant species. Comparing the density of each earthworm species in the two kinds of soil fertility agro-ecosystems, the density of Aporrectae trapezoids and Amynthas hupeiensis is significantly higher in the high fertility soil than that in the low fertility soil, while the difference of other five species is not obvious. This result shows that with the succession of the soil fertility, the earthworm also has a process of succession; the abundance species in the low fertility agro-ecosystem Drawida gisti is gradually substituted by Aporrectae trapezoids in the high fertility agro-ecosystem. One-year experiment was also conducted to study the impact of the organic input on earthworm population and succession. The result shows that with the increase of the organic input, the earthworm population density is increasing, the earthworm density of the treatments has the following ascending trend: Chemical fertilizer
Application of Schema Theory in Teaching College English Reading
Yu-hui Liu
Canadian Social Science , 2010,
Abstract: The paper first introduces three models of reading comprehension theory: Bottom-up Model, Top-down Model and Interactive Model, and then discusses in detail the schema theory based on interactive model. Three types of schema theory ——language schema, content schema and form schema are introduced and their different functions in teaching college English reading are discussed with sufficient teaching practice. Key words: reading comprehension; schema theory; reading ability Résumé: Tout d’abord, l'article présente trois premiers modèles de la théorie de compréhension en lecture: modèle bas-haut, modèle haut-bas et modèle interactif, et ensuite il discute en détail la théorie des schémas basée sur le modèle interactif.Trois types de théorie des schémas - schéma de la langue, schéma du contenu et schéma de la forme sont introduites et leurs fonctions différentes dans l'enseignement de la lecture en anglais dans les collèges sont discutées avec une pratique pédagogique suffisante. Mots-Clés: compréhension en lecture, théorie des schémas, capacité de lecture
Combined acute toxicity of chloride Cd, malathion and acetochlor on Eisenia fetida earthworm

QIAO Wen-Peng,QIAO Yu-Hui,ZHAO Jing,SUN Zhen-Jun,

中国生态农业学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 以赤子爱胜蚓(Eisenia fetida)为试验动物, 选取氯化镉、马拉硫磷和乙草胺作为污染物, 通过人工土壤法研究了3种污染物在5种比例两种污染物复合条件下对蚯蚓的急性毒性。研究结果表明, 3种污染物在两两复合污染时的作用类型以拮抗为主, 仅在镉浓度19.46 mg·kg-1和乙草胺175.15 mg·kg-1 (1︰9)复合类型是相加作用, 说明复合污染生态毒理效应与污染物的化学性质和浓度水平均相关。从蚯蚓活体体重减少情况看, 在复合污染条件下, 污染物对蚯蚓生长的影响与单一污染的结果类似, 马拉硫磷对赤子爱胜蚓的影响最大, 乙草胺次之, 而氯化镉的影响最小。
Indication and response of soil microbe to acetochlor

GUO Xing-Hu,QIAO Yu-Hui,ZHAO Jing,SUN Zhen-Jun,
,乔玉辉,赵 晶,孙振钧

中国生态农业学报 , 2009,
Abstract: An experiment was conducted to determine the effect of acetochlor (a soil pollutant) on soil microbe and soil microbial biomass carbon. Then the potential of soil microbe and microbial biomass carbon as indicators for acetochlor pollution in soil was analyzed. The results show that soil microbe is inhibited by short-term acetochlor application, but it recovers over the long-run due to the acetochlor degradaton. During inhibition, the number of bacteria, actinomycete and microbial biomass carbon content exhibit negative linear correlation with the log of acetochlor concentration. On the 7th day, the correlation between the log of acetochlor concentration and bacteria and actinomycete are expressed in the respective equations as y = -2.97x + 12.36, R2 = 0.999 3; and y = -2.13x + 6.67, R2 = 0.956 4. For microbial biomass carbon, the correlation equation on 14th day is y = -89.25x + 348.90, R2 = 0.995 4; which are all significant. However, the effect of acetochlor on fungi is insignificant and hardly noticeable. Hence soil bacteria, actinomycete number and microbial biomass carbon content can be as good indicators for soil pollution by acetochlor in the short-run.
Method of rectangular angle vectorization and restriction used in auto-forming board and application

HE Lin,WEN Qiao,YUAN Jian,ZHANG Hou,WANG Yu-hui,
何 林
,文 桥,袁 健,张 厚,王玉辉

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: This paper presented a rectangular vector and restriction method used to auto-forming board, which based on the feature analysis of a great many charts involved to shear wall structural excogitation. Firstly, it deconstructed the constructional design drawings into elementary figure units which contained the lines and rectangular angles. Then it vectorized split functio-nal cells as well as restricted straight lines to reorder and reclassify these essential structural parts. Finally, it obtained the components made for the forming board from the identified cells combined with the shear well angle's locations. It also applied the auto-forming board technology in cast-in-place concrete practices and the results demonstrated that the presented method and technology could accurately identify complex constructional drawing constitution of building, and raised substantially the efficiency of auto-forming board engineering for building construction. The method also provides the key technique support for smart construction technology in the future.
Metabolomic Studies Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Tandem Mass Spectrometry to Discover Quality Markers for Oriental Beauty (Dongfang Meiren) Tea  [PDF]
Yi-Hong Chen, Yu-Hui Liu, Yi-Jhen Wu, Chu-Chin Chen
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2014.59092

In this study, a high-performance liquid chromatograph and an electrospray ionization (ESI) triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (TQ MS) detector were used to scan Oriental Beauty tea of different grades and prices. Principle component analysis (PCA) of the profiling data was performed for pattern recognition, clearly showing that the proposed MS profiling method was able to classify Oriental Beauty tea into different grades. The component mass ions primarily responsible for the separation were selected with high loading strength in the PCA for subsequent identification with tandem mass (MS/MS). Caffeine, citrate and salicylate were verified, whereas certain other compounds remained ambiguous. Regression analysis considering caffeine, citrate and salicylate showed a linear relationship between the prices of the Oriental Beauty tea with an adjusted R2 of 0.84. If all the selected marker ions (in addition to caffeine, citrate and salicylate) could have been identified and incorporated into regression analysis, a stronger relationship could have been confirmed. These results suggest that metabolomics can facilitate the determination of real markers in the quality control of Oriental Beauty tea, and may lead to the further application of metabolomics in other food quality controls.

Innovation Effect on Patent Pool Formation:Empirical Case of Philips’ Patents in Digital Versatile Disc 3C
Yu-Hui Wang,Benjamin Liu
International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology , 2013, DOI: 10.5875/ausmt.v3i3.176
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to understand the evolution of a patent pool over time, focusing on an individual firm. The legitimacy of patent pools requires a careful balance between innovation incentives, anti-competitive possibilities and consumer surpluses. Thus, it is an empirically important issue whether a patent pool continues to maintain this carefully struck balance even as the mix of its patent assets continues to evolve. The particular focus of this study is to examine the quality and quantity of Phillips’ patent holdings within the DVD 3C patent pool in order to understand the extent of the firm’s innovation within that patent pool over its lifetime, measured by four indicators that previous scholars have linked to the notion of patent quality. The result shows that, while the four indicators of patent quality varied, they together reveal that the breadth of exclusivity expanded significantly during the life of the patent pool, but that this expansion represented little innovative activity. Most of the patents issued post-formation are extensions of patents granted before pool-formation.
Development of organic agriculture in China-A case study from projects certified by ECOCERT

DONG Jie,MENG Fan-Qiao,LI Yan,QIAO Yu-Hui,WU Wen-Liang,
董 杰
,孟凡乔,李 艳,乔玉辉,吴文良

中国生态农业学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The variety,base acreage and distribution of organic production,which were certified by ECOCERT in China from 1999 to 2002,are analyzed and the trend of organic agriculture in China are stated.
Isolation of Sperm Cells in Doritis pulcherrima

WU Cheng-hou,ZHAO Yu-hui,YANG Yan-hong,TIAN Hui-qiao,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The mature pollen of Doritis pulcherrima is two-celled. The pollen began to germinate after pollinated one day. After pollinated five days, the division of generative cell occurred in pollen tube and formed a pair of sperm cells. The pollen tubes were induced to development in the ovary after artificial pollination and sperm cells were isolated from the tubes by immediately blowing up in a broken solution containing 5%-12% mannitol. The two sperm cells isolated were dimorphism, one was big and the other small, and the fluorescent intensity was distinctly different. It suggested that both sperm cells would have different futures.
study of Classification Association Rule Mining Algorithm on Rough set

YIN Shi-Qun,YU Jian-Qiao,GE Ji-Ke,QIU Yu-Hui,

计算机科学 , 2007,
Abstract: 本文给出了一种将属性约简和分类关联规则挖掘相结合的新型分类挖掘系统的算法(CARMA)。它运用粗糙集理论把关系数据库按属性值分成若干等价类、约简冗余属性及依赖属性,然后对数据约简后的目标关系表求取分类支持度大于阈值的强类和特征置信度大于阈值的强特征,从而有效获取强类中的强特征的决策关联规则。实验结果表明,CARMA对于数据的分类是有效的,比其它算法具有更高的分类精度和效率。它能够有效地克服ID3系列算法的冗余性、复杂性和对大数据量的不适应性,对增量数据能够达到较好的分类效果和具有广泛的应用前景。本文关键讨论了具体的算法、系统框架和实例。
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