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Flexural-torsional vibration analysis of axially loaded thin-walled beam
Proki, Aleksandar;Luki?, Dragan;
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-58782012000300006
Abstract: the present paper considers the flexure-torsion coupled vibrations of axially loaded thin-walled beams with arbitrary open cross section, by means of an exact solution. the effects of axial force, warping stiffness and rotary inertia are included in the present formulations. in the case of simply supported thin-walled beam, a closed-form solution for the coupled natural frequencies of free harmonic vibrations was derived by using a general solution of the governing differential equations of motion based on vlasov theory. the method is illustrated by its application to two test examples, to demonstrate the effects of bending-torsion coupling and axial force on the dynamic behavior of thin-walled beams. compared with those available in the relevant literature, numerical results demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed method.
Effects of different drought treatments on root and shoot development of the tomato wild type and flacca mutant
Proki? Ljiljana,Stiki? Radmila
Archives of Biological Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/abs1104167p
Abstract: The effects of drought and partial root drying (PRD) on shoot and root growth was assessed in the wild type Ailsa Craig (WT) and the flacca tomato mutant deficient in the plant hormone ABA. Our results show that drought had an inhibitory effect on shoot growth in flacca and especially in WT; the most profound effect was observed in FI (full irrigation), then PRD and the smallest in D plants. Root development in both WT and flacca was stimulated after the 3rd day of the experiment following a decrease in the soil water content. On the 11th day of the experiment, when the soil water content was reduced by about 50% of full irrigation (FI), the root density was increased in the drying part of the PDR and on both sides of the drought treatment. On the basis of these results it can be assumed that increased root density and root length represent an adaptation or root adjustment to drought conditions.
Healing of open fracture of shoulder bone in owl
Proki? Branislav,Lazarevi?-Macanovi? Mirjana,Proki? Branko B.
Veterinarski Glasnik , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/vetgl0706351p
Abstract: Curing and treatment of accidental injuries in birds that have the nature of complex, old and contaminated wounds demand maximum caution from the surgeon. Birds, in particular wild fowl, are sensitive to manipulation during examinations and the diagnosis of the injuries. The estimate of the complexity of an injury and the general condition of the patient are of key importance for the correct choice of diagnostic procedures, anesthesia, and the operative procedure. The implementation of ketamine and diazepam for general injection anesthesia provides possibilities for the unhindered executing of the surgical procedure. The implementation of Kischner needles and pins is a good choice for the fixation of long bones in birds. The postoperative course in the patient requires constant medical and professional supervision which must be followed to the letter.
Corrective surgery of external sexual organs in female pseudo hermaphrodite dog
Proki? Branislav,Milijevi? Du?an,Mrvi? Verica,Proki? Bogomir B.
Veterinarski Glasnik , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/vetgl1106443p
Abstract: Hermaphroditism is a congenital anomaly characterized by the presentation of sexual characteristics of both sexes in one individual. Hermaphrodites can occur in every mammal species. Real and pseudo hermaphrodites can be distinguished. Both ovaries and testes (ovotestes) are presented in real hermaphrodites, while the conformation of the individual does not correspond to any sex in particular. Pseudo hermaphrodites are more frequent. Male pseudo hermaphrodites have testes and female external genital characteristics, while female pseudo hermaphrodites have ovaries and rudimentary external genitals reassembling to masculine ones. Corrective surgical removal of a rudimental penis in a female pseudo hermaphrodite dog is presented in the paper.
Negative correlation between maorophage proooagulant and migraion ability in the course of inflammation
I. Vilić,L. M. Prokić
Mediators of Inflammation , 1996, DOI: 10.1155/s0962935196000397
A review of the strategy formation process: Empirical evidence from the IT sector in Serbia
Stefanovi? Ivan,Proki? Sloboda,Milo?evi? Dragan
Industrija , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, we survey, classify and synthesize different theoretical concepts and empirical studies that examine the nature of the strategy formation process. The paper starts by providing multiple points of view on the notion of strategy. It continues by explaining the possible sources of strategy formation. Furthermore, the elaborated insight on the nature of strategy formation process is given. In order to confirm the presented theoretical background, the case study of two IT companies is presented in the end of the paper. Some of the conclusions are that strategy can start its formation anywhere within an organization, but the main craftsmen are the members of senior management team. Strategies are forming along the emergent-to-planned continuum and the part on the continuum on which the strategy-making will take place depends on a variety of factors. Finally, two companies presented in the case study confirm the presented theoretical framework of strategy-making.
Ivan Stefanovi?,Ljubodrag Rankovi?,Sloboda Proki
Serbian Journal of Management , 2011,
Abstract: Entrepreneurs are playing a major role in the economy of each country on the planet. Theycontribute to national economies by starting up and running small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs), which make more than 95% of the total number of enterprises and which are providing jobsto more than 60% of all employees within each country. The significance of entrepreneurship foreconomic development oblige goverments and all other relevant institutions within each country tocontinue to facilitate its growth by all means necessary. In order to do this, these institutions need tobe familiar with motives of entrepreneurs to start their own business. In this paper, results ofempirical research concerning motivational factors of entrepreneurs in Serbia are presented. Thisresearch presents a continuation of serie of research on this topic which were conducted in severalcountries, by using the same methodological approach.
In vivo MRI biocompatibility evaluation of functionalized carbon fibers in reaction with soft tissues
Proki? B.B.,Ba?i? G.,Proki? B.,Kalijadis Ana
Acta Veterinaria , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/avb1206683p
Abstract: In modern medicine implants are very important and so is their design and choice of materials. Almost equally important is the choice of imaging technique used to in vivo monitor their fate and biocompatibility. The aim of this study was to evaluate the ability of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in monitoring the biocompatibility of two newly designed carbon fibers. We have analyzed the interaction of surface functionalized carbon fibers (basic and acidic) with muscle and subcutaneous tissues of rabbits. MRI techniques showed to be useful in longitudinal monitoring of the surrounding tissues, assessment of biocompatibility of new implants, and in the distinction of in vivo surgical edema from inflammation. Histopathology confirmed MRI results, thus showing that MRI has a great potential for in vivo studies of such materials. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. III 45006 and III 41005]
Histologic variant form of autoimmune hepatitis with prominent zonal necrosis
Stankovi? Ivica,Zlatkovi? Marija,Proki? Dragan,Plamenac Pavle
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0204103s
Abstract: Autoimmune hepatitis type 1 in a 8-year old girl is described. The diagnosis was established using International Autoimmune hepatitis group scoring system. In addition to characteristic histologic features of autoimmune hepatitis (periportal hepatitis, piecemeal necrosis and rozettes) prominent centrilobular necrosis was discovered. As an isolate finding in autoimmune hepatitis, this type was described only in five cases. In our unique case centrilobular necrosis is a very important parallel finding previously not detected in autoimmune hepatitis. Some experimental studies suggest that cytokines present in inflammatory cell infiltrate in the liver play a pathologic role in autoimmune liver cell damage.
Idiopathic and secondary acquired megacolon in dogs is associated with diminished vasoactive intestinal polypeptide innervation of the affected colon
Proki? B.,Todorovi? Vera,Drndarevi? Neda,Vignjevi? Sanja
Acta Veterinaria , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/avb0901053p
Abstract: It is well established that megacolon in carnivores, including both cats and dogs, is a common finding. Megacolon occurs more often in the cat that the dog. Based on current data idiopathic megacolon is a common cause of constipation in cats (62% of constipated cats are affected by diopathic megacolon). There is no evidence of idiopathic megacolon in dogs and publications about this disease in this species is very scarce. We investigated the enteric nervous system in the dilated portion (DP) of the colon in dogs with idiopathic aquired (n=7) or secondary aquired megacolon (n=21) and compared the results with a normal colon in control dogs (n=3). Colonic sections of surgical specimens were investigated by conventional and immunohistochemical methods, including pan-neuronal markers (NSE, synaptophisin, and neurofilament) and VIP, as well as S-100 protein for detection of ganglionic glial cells. Compared to controls, the two megacolon groups showed no changes of density of enteric neurons in both submucosal and myenteric nervous plexuses in DP of the colon and of enteric glial cells. However, compared to controls and dogs with secondary megacolon, there was a significant decrease in the density of NFP-ir nerve fibers in the longitudinal muscle layer in dogs with idiopathic acquired megacolon. In addition, dogs with idiopathic megacolon display decreased VIP-ir in the myenteric plexus and lamina propria mucosae, and absence of VIP-ir neurons in the submucosal plexus of DP of the colon. Similar alterations, although of lesser severity, may be found in dogs with secondary aquired megacolon. We consider that both idiopathic and secondary aquired megacolon might occur on the basis of a dysplastic changes of VIP-ir enteric neurons.
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