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Prince Kumar
e-Journal of Dentistry , 2012,
Dinesh Kumar,,Prince Rana
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: Stemming is an operation that conflates morphologically similar terms into a single term without doing complete morphological analysis. Stemming is used in information retrieval systems to improve performance. We describe a method to get the stem from the given word. Stemming is a technique which is required in information retrieval system and it is used to increase the performance of the retrieval result. All natural language processing systems must require a stemmer for it. The common goal of stemming is to standardize words by reducing a word to its base. Porter's stemmers have been used as a standard for English language. In this paper we have used Brute force technique with suffix stripping approach. Here we are using two approaches to get the maximum accuracy from the stemmer. For a language like Punjabi it is not easy to create a stemmer for it. Well known techniques for stemming are suffix removal, brute force technique, rule based technique and hybrid approaches. The need for good stemming algorithms for these languages has increased in the wake of search and retrieval system. In this we have created a huge database and a list of suffixes. With the help of big database we are getting higher accuracy than the other stemmers. We also reduce the over-stemming and understemming errors by finding number of words which causes these errors. We have already added these words in our database so to avoid the errors.
Advanced Aircraft Material
Vivek Kumar Prince
International Journal on Theoretical and Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: There has been long debate on “advanced aircraft material” from past decades & researchers too came out with lots of new advanced material like composites and different aluminum alloys. Now days a new advancement that is in great talk is third generation Aluminum-lithium alloy. Newest Aluminum-lithium alloys are found out to have low density, higher elastic modulus, greater stiffness, greater cryogenic toughness, high resistance to fatigue cracking and improved corrosion resistance properties over the earlier used aircraft material as mentioned in Table 3 [1-5]. Comparison had been made with nowadays used composite material and is found out to be more superior then that
Location Privacy Using User Anonymity and Dummy Locations
Prince Kumar Sahu,Saroj Kumar Chandra
International Journal of Advanced Computer Research , 2012,
Abstract: This paper concentrates on location privacy, aparticular type of information privacy that can bedefined as the ability to prevent others fromlearning one’s current or past location. Here we areproposing a new technique that uses user anonymityand dummy locations for location privacy whileusing location aware application server. Usercommunicates with the server through a trustedproxy server. It sends dummy locations to theapplication server with its original position. Theuser uses temporary pseudonyms that are changedfrequently according to some algorithm. Wheneverpseudonyms are changed by a user, dummylocations are chosen in a tricky fashion. That makesthe task of tracing the user very difficult.
Charge Syndrome—A Case Report  [PDF]
A. Ravindran, A. Amirthagani, Prince Peter Dhas, S. Nagarajan, Senthil Kumar, Satheesh Kumar, ? Venkatesh
International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (IJOHNS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ijohns.2015.42027
Abstract: CHARGE syndrome is a rare, recently well recognized entity with non-random pattern of congenital anomalies. The syndrome associations consist of C-coloboma of the eyes, H-heart disease, A-atresia of the choanae, R-retarded growth and development, G-genital hypoplasia/genitourinary anomalies and E-ear anomalies and/or hearing loss. All anomalies are not seen in every case and a varied spectrum of associations is seen in most of the cases. The exact incidence is not known. However, the reported prevalence is approximately 1:10,000 births. We report one such case.
Cloud Implementation and Cloud Integration
Lalit Kumar,Dr. Gurdev Singh,Prince Jain
International Journal of Computers & Technology , 2012,
Abstract: Cloud computing is innovated model which deliversconvenient and on-demand computing services over internetto requested end users. Cloud service engineering is adiscipline that combines the business and technology thinkingfor purposes of engineering a cloud. The structure of cloudservice engineering plays an important role in order to createusable and economic cloud. The cloud development life cycle(CDLC) is the one of the component in structure of cloudengineering along with Base, Tools & Techniques andManagement components. CDLC consists of six phases thatare flexible, isolated executable and having feedback. Thework of this paper focuses on the cloud Implementation andIntegration phase of the CDLC. The cloud implementation isrelated to actual creation, enablement of the cloud services ofa computing system. The cloud integration performs the taskof integrating the various cloud solution in one cloudenvironment and deploys various resource, web service andapplications to the cloud.
Prosthodontic management of mandibular deviation using palatal ramp appliance
Prince Kumar,Chandni Jain,Ashish Kumar,Harkanwal Preet Singh
Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Segmental resection of the mandible generally results in deviation of the mandible to the defective side. This loss of continuity of the mandible destroys the balance of the lower face and leads to decreased mandibular function by deviation of the residual segment toward the surgical site. Prosthetic methods advocated to reduce or eliminate mandibular deviation include intermaxillary fixation, removable mandibular guide flange, palatal ramp, implant-supported prosthesis and palatal guidance restorations which may be useful in reducing mandibular deviation and improving masticatory performance and efficiency. These methods and restorations would be combined with a well organized mandibular exercise regimen. This clinical report describes the rehabilitation following segmental mandibulectomy using palatal ramp prosthesis.
Pooja Choudhry,kuldeep singh patel,Prince kumar jain,Monika Arora
International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research , 2012, DOI: 10.7439/ijbar.v3i11.466
Abstract: In an effort to reduce production costs, a simple, direct compression delayed release formulation consisting of pantoprazole was investigated. Pantoprazole is a proton pump inhibitor belongs to group of benzimidazole. It is very efficient for the treatment of gastric and duodenum ulcers. Even in solid state pantoprazole is sensitive to heat, humidity, light and especially to substances containing an acidic group. For such types of drugs, enteric coating added to the formulation tends to avoid the stomach's acidic exposure, delivering them instead to a basic pH environment where they do not degrade, and give their desired action. Subcoating is desirable to protect the enteric coating. Opadry and Acryl-EZE systems have been utilized for subcoating and enteric coating respectively. Delayed-release tablets with good physical, mechanical and technological properties were obtained with use of different combinations of diluents, binders, superdisintegrants and lubricants. A comparative kinetic study of the present tablets and commercial tablets was established. The value for the similarity factor (f2 = 71.6) suggested that the dissolution profile of the present two delayed-release oral dosage forms are similar. Hixona€“Crowell (erosion) kinetic profiles were achieved
Cognitive Constructivist Theory of Multimedia: Designing Teacher-Made Interactive Digital  [PDF]
Prince Hycy Bull
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.49088
Abstract: This paper discusses how educators could use the cognitive constructivist theory of multimedia (CCTM) to design interactive digital learning materials using Camtasia and Audacity. Camtasia allows educators to create videos that motivate students, inform parents and enhance learning. It allows educators to record live presentations or lectures and provide students with a file to review. Audacity is a free cross-platform audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. CCTM advocates for the design of instruction using pictures, videos, audios and words that tap into the prior experiences of the learner, promote active learning, collaboration, personal autonomy, personal growth and alternative assessment that is aligned with multiple intelligences of learners as espoused by Gardener (1993) which are Linguistics, Logico-mathematics, Spatial, Musical, Bodily-kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalist. Camtasia and Audacity promote use of CCTM because of their capabilities to construct knowledge through words, pictures, animations, videos and audio. Case studies show that use of teacher-made files could significantly impact students’ learning. Use of teacher-made interactive digital learning materials could revolutionize educational presentations and enhance e-learning delivery. CCMT produced by dynamic presentations creates a balance between the learners’ prior verbal and visual experiences, sensory repository, multiple intelligences and learning styles to construct new knowledge.
Heterosis under aerobic condition in hybrid Rice
K Amudha, K. Thiyagarajan, S. Robin, Silvas Jeba Kumar Prince, R. Poornima and K.K. Suji
Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding , 2010,
Abstract: An experiment was undertaken to identify heterotic rice hybrids for aerobic condition based on physiological and rootcharacters associated with water stress tolerance in rice. Panicle harvest index, a substitute for spikelet fertility is used as asecondary trait in the selection of drought tolerant genotypes. Deep roots are required to explore the soil profile foreffectively absorbing water at deeper layers. A cultivar which partitions more of its dry weight in root can explore more soilvolume for extracting water and thus can effectively sustain drought. Four hybrids viz., IR 68885A / IR 73718-3-1-3-3, IR67684A / CT-6510-24-1- 2, IR 70369A / IR 73718-3-1-3-3 and IR 70372A/ PSBRC 80 exhibited heterotic vigour for yieldand maximum number of yield components and showed better adaptability to aerobic conditions. These hybrids can becommercially exploited under aerobic condition.

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