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Religiosity, parties and election: Islamization and democratization in post-Soeharto Indonesia
Pramono U Tanthowi
Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societies , 2012,
Abstract: The political development in Indonesian during the first decade of reform era witnesses a resurgence of Muslim politics, which had been facing a political impass during the 1970s and 1980s. In contrast to current political development in the Arab World, the resurgence of Muslim politics in Indonesia has been marching hand in hand with democratization. The blossoming of tens of Islamic political parties by no means that they speak with a single voice. Rather, political Islam is now represented by parties with more diverse platforms. Those parties are not only varied in their commitment to an Islamist agenda but also strongly divided on this agenda. Yet, they all welcome and uphold “Muslim” aspirations. As far as their performance in the 1999 and the 2004 elections is concerned, there was a significant decline for Muslim politics compared to the first democratic election of 1955. The results reflected the minority appeal of Islamism, regardless of both the fact that the majority of the Indonesians are Muslims and the fact that there has been increasing Islamic revivalism within Indonesian society.
Antiinflammatory Effect of Several Umbelliferae Species
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2005,
Abstract: A screening for antiinflammatory effects was performed on several Indonesian Umbelliferae plants based on the contents of saponins and flavonoids. They were compared with Bupleurum falcatum L. as an introduced antiinflammatory plant. Roots and grains of each plant were collected, dried, and extracted with ethanol. The ethanolic extracts were then analyzed for their saponin and flavonoid contents by gravimetric and UV-vis spectrophotometric method. Antiinflammatory activity test was conducted on carragenin induced rat paw oedema. The results showed that the highest contents of saponin and flavonoid were found in the grains of Apium graveolens L. and showed antiinflammatory effect that was equivalent to that of the root of B. falcatum.
Visible Light Photoelectrocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine B Using Ti/TiO2-NiO Photoanode  [PDF]
Sayekti Wahyuningsih, Candra Purnawan, Teguh Endah Saraswati, Edi Pramono, Ari Handono Ramelan, Setyo Pramono, Ari Wisnugroho
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2014.517154
Abstract: The method of Ti/TiO2-NiO photoelectrode prepared by using sol-gel method continued by calcination process was introduced. The prepared TiO2-NiO film was observed with XRD and TEM. The anatase-rutile TiO2 was mainly on the prepared TiO2-NiO composite surface electrode. In addition to NiO, the composite also formed NiTiO3 that increased with increasing calcination temperature. Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B (RB) using this electrode was investigated, and anodic potential and pH were optimized. RB degradation was investigated under different conditions, and it showed that photoelectrocatalytic degradation could achieve efficient and complete mineralization of organic pollutant. Through comparison of the photoelectrocatalytic oxidation using the Ti/TiO2-NiO electrode operated by single photoanode with the Ti/TiO2-NiO electrode operated by several photoanode, it was found that the photoelectrocatalytic efficiency of that by series photoanodes was higher. Additionally, photoelectrocatalytic system was performed at the several different photoelectrodes, which verified the higher photocatalytic activity compared with the single photoelectrode.
Dynamic Modeling and Damping Function of GUPFC in Multi-Machine Power System
Sasongko Pramono Hadi
IPTEK : The Journal for Technology and Science , 2011, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12962/j20882033.v22i4.76
Abstract: This paper presents a new dynamic model of multi-machine power system equipped with GUPFC for power system study, and using PSS and GUPFC POD controller some effective control schemes are proposed to improve power system stability. Based on UPFC configuration, an additional series boosting transformer is considered to define a GUPFC configuration and its mathematical model; Phillips-Heffron scheme is used to formulate machine model, and modification of network dealing with GUPFC parameter is carried out to develop a MIMO as well as comprehensive power system with GUPFC model. Genetics Algorithm method was proposed to lead-lag compensation design, this technique provides the parameter controller. The controller produced supplementary signals, the PSS for machine and POD for GUPFC. By applying a small disturbance, the dynamic stability power system was investigated. Simulation results show that the proposed power system with GUPFC model is valid and suitable for stability analysis. The installation of GUPFC without POD decreased the damping oscillation. But, the results show that the presence of GUPFC in power system network provided by PSS and POD controller is very potential to improve system stability. A 66% overshoot reduction could be reached, it is obtained 12 s in settling time (shorter), although the rise time become 700 ms longer. Simulation results revealed that the role of POD controller is more dominant than the PSS, however both PSS and GUPFC POD controller simultaneously present a positive interaction. Phase angle of converter C, δC is the most significant control signal POD in oscillation damping.
Agus Hartoko,Pramono Wibowo
Journal of Coastal Development , 2011,
Abstract: Semarang coastal waters is part of coastal zone at the north coast of Java that is still has their characters for coastal demersal fishery. It was known for a long time before, that Semarang coastal water is a very good fishing ground especially for some valuable demersal species, such as white shrimp (Penaeus merguiensis), (Metapeneus.sp); flat fishes (3 species); Gastropods : Tiger snails (Babylonia.sp) and Bivalves : Anadara.sp. Some study that had been developed earlier in transforming from individual station data at coastal and seas, into visual-spatial layer in order to give more accurate spatial analysis of multiple parameters in the invisible coastal waters. This study present further development in the analysis of multi-layer spatial analysis. The samples of demersal coastal shrimp fishery and its closely related ecosystem parameters (depth; sediment; salinity) were taken randomly to represent the area of Semarang coastal zone. Field ecosystem and fishery samples data then processed using spatial method known as Kriging, and overlaid on a Landsat_TM satellite data. The study develops especially a multi layer of the field variables approach in order to analyze possible spatial multiple correlations between ecosystem parameter, such as type of bottom sediment, depth, and salinity to spatial distribution of shrimps spatial distribution as to represent demersal coastal fishery. This benthic fishery resources is regarded as the most vulnerable fishery due it’s sensitive character ie. sedentary and limited movement, is a good example to be used to monitor the impact of the environmental changes such global warming and climate change, such as seawater temperature anomaly in Semarang Coastal water (was found 1.39 oC in March 1983) for the adaptation strategy in the future coastal resources management.
Effects of Adding Adenosine Triphosphate to Semen Diluter on Quality of Spermatozoa of Fat-Tailed Sheep
E Pramono,TR Tagama
Journal of Animal Production , 2008,
Abstract: The research aimed to investigate the effects of adding different levels of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to semen diluter on quality of sperms of fat-tailed sheep. Treatments consisted of 5, 10 and 15 mg of ATP addition into semen diluter (Egg Yolk Sodium Citric). Results showed that treatments have no significant effects on spermatozoa motility, significant effects on spermatozoa viability, and high significant effects on spermatozoa mortality. On average, sperm motility for control was 79.16 ± 3.99%; ATP 5 mg = 84.13 ± 5.36%; ATP 10 mg = 85.16 ± 4.54%; and ATP 15 mg = 85.33 ± 3.79 %; sperm viability for control was 25.28 ± 0.49; ATP 5 mg = 26.17 ± 1.53; ATP 10 mg = 27.56 ± 1.48; and ATP 15 mg = 28.34 ± 1.03 (hours); sperm mortality for control was 12.91 ± 1.05%; ATP 5 mg = 15.59 ± 5.12%; ATP 10 mg = 21.95 ± 2.32%; and ATP 15 mg = 22.25 ± 1.83 %; and quality of sperm for control was 198.216 ± 5.65; ATP 5 mg = 206.312 ± 5.67; ATP 10 mg = 208.164 ± 5.14; and ATP 15 mg = 207.104 ± 5.90. It can be concluded that addition of ATP into semen diluter was able to increase spermatozoa viability. (Animal Production 10(3): 151-156 (2008) Key Words: Fat-tailed sheep, spermatozoa, viability, diluter
Y.G. Harto Pramono
K@ta : a Biannual Publication on the Study of Language and Literature , 2005,
Abstract: Pictures are widely used to accompany texts as adjuncts to facilitate learning. This article discusses the role of such a combination in supporting learning and the underlying theory that explains how individuals process visual and verbal information and how they can benefit from such a combination. It is hypothesized that the facilitative effect of picture-text combination is attributed to the supportive role of pictures played in the cognitive processing involved in mental model building of the situation being explained.
Y.G. Harto Pramono
K@ta : a Biannual Publication on the Study of Language and Literature , 2005,
Abstract: This paper explores the types of prepositions and the common picture types used to teach these prepositions found in English textbooks commonly used in primary schools. The results showed that the types of pictures may be problematic for presenting spatial relations due to an ambiguity the pictures may create and so as may affect the understanding and use of prepositions. Ideally all accompanying pictures should play an active and effective role in supporting learning.
Increasing the Physical Quality of Instant Yogurt by Spray Drying with Instant Additive
S Mulyani,Indratiningsih,YB Pramono
Journal of Animal Production , 2004,
Abstract: This research was carried out to compare the effects of soy lecithin and yolk as instant additive, to know the effects of instant additive level and their interaction on physical quality of instant yogurt (rehydration rate, solubility and viscosity). The data were analyzed by statistical analysis based on Completely Randomized Block Design (CRBD) with factorial pattern (2x3) using one control treatment (without instant additive), if the result were significant, then continued by Duncan’s New Multiple Range test (DMRT). The first factor was variety of instant additive (soy lecithin, yolk), whereas the second factor was concentration of instant additive (0.5, 1.0 and 1.5% v/v). The result of this research showed that variety of instant additive has no significant effect on viscosity, but it has significant effect (P<0.05) on rehydration rate and solubility. The second factor has significant effect (P<0.05) on solubility, but has no significantly effect on rehydration rate and viscosity. Interaction of them only occurred on solubility of instant yogurt. The result of DMRT showed that the increasing physical quality of instant yogurt occurred on the 0.5% concentration. It was compared with control treatment. Increasing concentration has no effect on rehydration rate, solubility or viscosity, except on solubility. The solubility decreased at level of instant additive 1.5%. The conclusions of this research were soy lecithin and yolk had different ability to increase solubility and rehydration rate but gave similar effect on viscosity. Application of soy lecithin or yolk as instant additive up to 0.5% would increase physical quality of instant yogurt (rehydration rate, viscosity and solubility). As compare to soy lecithin, yolk has better performance in increasing and making stable solubility of instant yogurt. (Animal Production 6(1): 1-8 (2004) Key Words: Instant Yogurt, Soy Lecithin, Yolk, Physical Quality
Didik Wahjudi,Gan Shu San,Yohan Pramono
Jurnal Teknik Mesin , 2001,
Abstract: At this time about 3% of products produced by "X" plastic factory does not reach the standard. This factory has a problem to minimize the amount of defects. Taguchi method is used to lower the level of product defects. From the field survey, all the suspected factors can be obatained and it is shown ini the fishbone diagram. From the suspected factors, the factory chose factors that are to be used ini the experiments. Experiments were conducted using those four factors : pellet material percentage (60%, 70%, 80%), temperature (217°C, 225°C, 233°C), injection pressure (92 Bar, 93 Bar, 94 Bar), screw speed (81%, 83%, 85%). Taguchi method provide the combination and number of experiments. From each level of defects condition, analysis was done to obtain the affecting variables. The results of analysis shows that the combination of pellet material (80%), temperature (225°C), injection pressure (93 Bar), screw speed (83%) can minimize the amount of defects to 0.3%. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Pada saat ini sekitar 3% produk yang dihasilkan oleh perusahaan plastik "X" tidak memenuhi standar. Perusahaan mengalami kesulitan untuk menurunkan tingkat kecacatan produk tersebut. Hal inilah yang mendasari penelitian dengan metode Taguchi yang bertujuan untuk menurunkan tingkat kecacatan produk. Dari survey lapangan didapatkan faktor-faktor yang dicurigai dan ditampilkan dalam bentuk diagram tulang ikan. Dari faktor-faktor yang dicurigai berpengaruh, perusahaan memilih faktor-faktor yang diijinkan untuk dieksperimentasikan. Empat faktor yang akan dieksperimentasikan adalah persentase bahan pelet, temperatur (217°C, 225°C, 233°C), tekanan injeksi (92 Bar, 93 Bar, 94 Bar), screw speed (81%, 83%, 85%). Metode Taguchi dipergunakan untuk menentukan kombinasi dan jumlah dari eksperimen. Dari tingkat kecacatan tiap kondisi dilakukan analisa sehingga didapatkan variabel yang berpengaruh. Dari hasil analisa didapat bahwa kombinasi persentase bahan pelet (80%), temperatur (225°C), tekanan injeksi (93 Bar) serta srew speed (83%) dapat menurunkan tingkat kecacatan hinga 0,3%. Kata kunci: Metode Taguchi, cacat produk, diagram tulang ikan.

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