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O corpo da mulher contemporanea em revista
Nascimento, Christiane Moura;Próchno, Caio César Souza Camargo;Silva, Luiz Carlos Avelino da;
Fractal : Revista de Psicologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-02922012000200012
Abstract: body emerged like "the most beautiful object" on contemporaneity, under the regency of capitalism. the consumption’s, the show’s, the narcissism’s society are expressions of contemporary culture, that through mass media influence the consumption’s habits and the feminine subjtectivity, mainly. the female body is frequently shown in television and feminine magazines, like the body-beauty expression. to achieve the objectives proposed on this article, that are to research the mass media’s influence about feminine subjectivity and to research the cultural place created to woman and her body on contemporanaity it was used the psychoanalysis’ "researched method". a brazilian female magazine and an advertisement (in this magazine) for a product to woman’s exclusive use were chosen like objects. at analysis, it was found a strong relation between consumer market, woman and consumption of herself, which demonstrated of the place created to woman is really the mass media, the advertising and the consumer market.
O jogo do nome nas subjetividades travestis
Próchno, Caio César Souza Camargo;Rocha, Rita Martins Godoy;
Psicologia & Sociedade , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822011000200006
Abstract: since the birth, the name is one of the first features to be acquired by the being, which shall follow him as a distinct mark in the society. at the same time, the name, through the male or female substantive grammar, imposes a rigid binary relationship between the genders, marking, beyond the denomination, the determination of norms related to the sexuality and the gender. through the participation in an extension project concerning the transvesty audience in the city of uberlandia, comes the interest to problematize the name's extreme personal right in the transvestite's subjectivities. the transvestite expressed problematic comes to question the name as personal distinctive, by the groups' characteristic ambiguity in the male-female border. there is, after that, a tension between the linguistic and juridical limits of the name's extreme personal right facing the "inventions and subvertions" of the transvesty gender.
A vincula??o afetiva para crian?as institucionalizadas à espera de ado??o
Oliveira, Shimênia Vieira de;Próchno, Caio César Souza Camargo;
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-98932010000100006
Abstract: the present research sought to understand the affective relations among institutionalized children who wait for adoption. four children (two girls and two boys) aged from six to nine years old participated in the study. their life histories were examined in the documents of the institution and the children were interviewed individually. they were observed at play, in routine activities and in drawing sessions which revealed their feelings and behavioral orientations in terms of their affective attitudes and the significance of these attitudes. it was found that their perceptions with reference to the institution were not as problematic as might be supposed at first. between the children and their caretakers a certain level of affectivity was observed. following a qualitative analysis of the data it could be perceived that the children were positively linked to the institution. they did, however, manifest the desire for a home. other categories of behavior used to identify feelings of affection included their play activities, friendships and the distinctions they made between good and evil. it can be said that the children observed, in spite of having established affective relations within the institution, still remained captivated by their own imaginations, longed for families and hoped for their inclusion in family situations. it was concluded that the themes of the study are related to the possibility of the child to establish relations with others in informal and symbolic manners.
Lofts: habita es para além do contexto moderno Lofts: habitaciones más allá del contexto moderno Lofts: habitations for beyond the modern scene
Bruno Ricardo Vasconcelos,Caio César Souza Camargo Próchno,Luiz Carlos Avelino da Silva
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 2012,
Abstract: Este artigo problematiza a habita o humana na contemporaneidade, tomando o loft como objeto de análise. Seu objetivo é dialogar, a partir de perspectivas críticas acerca das implica es que emergem da re-significa o do espa o da casa, lócus das rela es interpessoais contemporaneas. A partir de um referencial teórico que transita entre a psicanálise e a Sociologia, constata-se que as dinamicas que se d o num contexto de transi o, onde os modos de vida est o em metamorfose, assim como o seu contorno e seu substrato. E nesse contexto, o loft emerge como um símbolo da pós-modernidade, na transposi o do espa o público para o privado, sendo um local onde tudo se vê e tudo se mostra, da liquidez das rela es e da solid o. Este artículo problematiza la vivienda humana en la contemporaneidad, tomando el loft como objeto de análisis. Su objetivo es dialogar, desde perspectivas críticas acerca de las implicaciones que emergen de la resignificación del espacio de la casa, locus de las relaciones interpersonales contemporáneas. Desde un referencial teórico que transita entre el Psicoanálisis y la Sociología, se constata que las dinámicas que se dan en un contexto de transición, donde los modos de vida están en metamorfosis, así como su contorno y su substrato. Y en ese contexto, el loft emerge como un símbolo de la post modernidad, en la transposición del espacio público para el privado, siendo un lugar donde todo se ve y todo se muestra, de la liquidez de las relaciones y de la soledad. This article discusses the human habitation in contemporary times, taking the loft as an object of analysis. Its objective is to dialogue, parting from critical perspectives about the implications that emerges of re-signification of the house's space, locus of the interpersonal contemporary relationships. Using theorical references that moves towards Psychoanalysis and Sociology, it is observed that the dynamics which develops on a transitional context, where the life patterns are in metamorphosis, as it's shape and it's essence. In this context, the loft emerges as a symbol of post-modernity, in transposition of public spaces to the private ones, locals where everything is seeing and everything shows itself, space of liquid relationships and loneliness.
Pervers o: uma estrutura, uma montagem ou outra coisa?
Maria Tereza Perez,Caio César Souza Camargo Próchno,Jo?o Luiz Leit?o Paravidini
Revista Mal-estar e Subjetividade , 2009,
Abstract: At this article, since questions from a research about a possible perversion clinic, the distinction between perversion assembly and structural identity took part as a central case. So this work is aimed to make a contrast between perversion assembly and perversion structure through-out the narrative made by two clinic jingles and its subsequent analysis. By structure we can understand a set of a system of elements that adhere to internal laws of operation so that if one of the moving, the logic that governs the collection also modifies the other elements of the structure. By the other side, the assembly would be the joint of parts so they can run and deliver an end utility. The breakdown produced in such analysis led us to characterize through the appointment of tasks, the different sides that the other takes on perversion, where the engineering of the fetish makes the difference. Otherwise, passing by the way of structuralism in psychoanalysis, via Lacan, it was possible to consider some predicaments that have designed this when psychoanalyst seek generate subject and structure. In that sense, despite the distinction drawn between assembly and structural identities, something else takes the clinical stage as the key in the clinic of perversions.
Considera es teóricas sobre a psicanálise freudiana: da metapsicologia aos textos sociais
Caio César Souza Camargo Próchno,Moisés Fernandes Lemos
Revista Mal-estar e Subjetividade , 2006,
Abstract: The present study had the objective of tracking concepts in the works of Freud by verifying in which measure there could be indications of theoretical relation between Freud s meta-psychology (1915-1917) and his social texts (1913 [1912], 1921, 1927, 1930 [1929]/1987), particularly concerning the relation between pulsion of death and the malaise in civilization (1930 [1929]/1987), work in which Freud reveals his pessimism regarding the future of civilization. Our initial assumption for this study was that when of the production of the meta-psychological texts, even if it was unplanned, Freud had already a consistent concern with the future of civilization and that when he applied the interpretative method to the questions relating to the culture, he extended the reading of the social without, however, intending to establish his own sociology. This study intended, initially, to be only a bibliographical research and as I used the semiotic method by taking Freud s work as a speech, it opened new perspectives of analysis of the objectives. Special attention was dedicated to the concepts of identification, pulsion of death and sublimation, which lead to the understanding of both individual and social psychology. It has not been found, in this analysis, any consistent or strong indication of the pretense articulation of the meta-psychological texts (1915-1917) with the social texts of Freud, but it can be affirmed that Freud s analysis route began from the individual to the social by applying the concepts and findings of the Psychoanalysis to a wider reality than the one of normality duality X pathology, extending and making it possible new readings of the civilization. The concept of pulsion of death helps to explain the malaise in the civilization and, the psychoanalytic-meta-psychology continues to be open with its peculiarities, challenges and contradictions, waiting for new attempts for a better understanding of human social organization and contributing in this way for a more promising future.
Body building, travestismo e feminilidade
Próchno, Caio César Sousa Camargo;Nascimento, Maria José de Castro;Romera, Maria Lúcia Castilho;
Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas) , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-166X2009000200011
Abstract: in this work, we address the search for the feminine side by some men and also by women, from the standpoint of the idea of the virtual body, of sexuality and the history of transvestism and transsexualism. to this end, we have used the concept of body-building, a phenomenon that began in the post-war period and which, today, is stronger than ever due to the development of science in plastic surgery and other body building methods. we discuss the inadequacy of the term transvestism since the characterization of what is feminine in these cases is not only in the wearing of clothes, but also in the body itself. finally we question the power that femininity has over the human being and discuss the new individual that is emerging in society today, challenging theoretical concepts and cultural gender models.
Generalization of the Second Order Vector Potential Formulation for Arbitrary Non-Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates Systems from the Covariant Form of Maxwell's Equations  [PDF]
Denis Prémel
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2012.410055
Abstract: A great number of semi-analytical models, notably the representation of electromagnetic fields by integral equations are based on the second order vector potential (SOVP) formalism which introduces two scalar potentials in order to obtain analytical expressions of the electromagnetic fields from the two potentials. However, the scalar decomposition is often known for canonical coordinate systems. This paper aims in introducing a specific SOVP formulation dedicated to arbitrary non-orthogonal curvilinear coordinates systems. The electromagnetic field representation which is derived in this paper constitutes the key stone for the development of semi-analytical models for solving some eddy currents moelling problems and electromagnetic radiation problems considering at least two homogeneous media separated by a rough interface. This SOVP formulation is derived from the tensor formalism and Maxwell’s equations written in a non-orthogonal coordinates system adapted to a surface characterized by a 2D arbitrary aperiodic profile.
Perspective: Socio-economic development and child survival
PR Onike
Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics , 2012,
Abstract: Of the 8.8million deaths of children under 5 in the world in 2008, 4.5million were from Africa, especially West and Central Africa. Also, high maternal mortality rates, low life expectancy, and increasing food prices make the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals related to child survival unlikely for Sub-Saharan Africa. Soon after independence in the 1950's and 60's many African countries suffered political unrest, social upheaval and economic instability with military coups and or civil wars, leaving 20 million internally displaced or refugees, and adversely affecting child survival by the 1980's. Though the potential for economic growth exists and foreign investments are increasing, the African economy lacks adequate human resources, institutions, and physical infrastructures to ensure the growth that would improve child survival. African countries have the challenge of finding solutions for economic growth and development to enhance child survival. Possible ways include avoiding the commodity trap; reducing reliance on Official Development Assistance (ODA); and mobilizing domestic resource and stopping capital flight. prudent and judicious use of available resources and implementation of measures that address the structural causes of poverty, can improve child survival even in the prevailing conditions.
Book Review
Shankar PR
Australasian Medical Journal , 2011,
Abstract: .
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