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On the global regularity of 2-D density patch for inhomogeneous incompressible viscous flow
Xian Liao,Ping Zhang
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Toward P.-L. Lions' open question in \cite{Lions96} concerning the propagation of regularity for density patch, we establish the global existence of solutions to the 2-D inhomogeneous incompressible Navier-Stokes system with initial density given by $(1-\eta){\bf 1}_{\Om_0}+{\bf 1}_{\Om_0^c}$ for some small enough constant $\eta$ and some $W^{k+2,p}$ domain $\Om_0,$ and with initial vorticity belonging to $L^1\cap L^p$ and with appropriate tangential regularities. Furthermore, we prove that the regularity of the domain $\Om_0$ is preserved by time evolution.
Relationship between symptoms of traditional Chinese medicine and indicator of western medicine about liver cirrhosis  [PDF]
Yan Wang, Li-Zhuang Ma, Ping Liu, Xiao-Wei Liao
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2008, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2008.12017
Abstract: Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is one of the safe and effective methods to treat liver cir-rhosis. The practitioners of TCM assess hepatic function in term of syndrome. But the course of syndrome differentiation is subjectivity. At pre-sent most of all the researches are focused on the relationship between the syndrome and the Western medicine objective indicators such as child-pugh grade. In fact syndrome is the syn-thesis of signs and symptoms and collecting signs, symptoms is easy than syndrome differ-entiation. We try to explore the relationship be-tween the objective Western medicine standard such as child-pugh grade, decompensation or compensation stage, active or inactive period and the signs and symptoms of TCM by using the data mining method. We use the information gain method to assess the attributes and use five typical classifiers such as logistic, Bayes-Net, NaiveBayes, RBF and C4.5 to obtain the classification accuracy. After attribute selection, we obtain the main symptoms and signs of TCM relating to the stage, period and child-pugh grade about liver cirrhosis. The experiment re-sults show the classification accuracy is im-proved after filtering some symptoms and signs.
杉木(Cunninghamia lanceolata)、火力楠(Michelia macclurei)纯林及其混交林细根分布、分解与养分归还

LIAO Li Ping,

生态学报 , 1999,
Abstract: Soil corer was used to investigate the distribution of fine root and a traditional method of nylon litter bag to measure the decomposition in pure Cunninghamia lanceolata and Michelia macclurei var Sublanea ,and the mixed plantations.Nutrient returns of N,P,K,Ca and Mg in the above three plantations were estimated based on the decomposition experiment.The vertical distribution of live fine root for pure M.macclurei stand was the most superficial,the mixed stand was intermediate,pure C.lanceolata was the least.The fine root of M.macclurei decomposed more quickly than that of C.lanceolata because of its higher original nutrient content and lower C:N ratio.Nutrient return from fine root was largest in pure M.macclurei ,the mixed stand intermediate,and pure C.lanceolata the least.In the mixed stand,returns of N,P,K,Ca and Mg from fine root decomposition were 33 38%,5 82%,269 33%,34 12% and 376 08% of that from decomposition of leaf and twig litter respectively.It is suggested that fine root plays an important role in nutrient cycling of the stands.

Liao An-Ping,

计算数学 , 1998,
Abstract: In this paper, a class of inverse problems of matrix equation AX=B is studied on the linear manifold, the necessary and sufficient conditions for the solvability of the inverse problem and the expression of the general solution are given; at the same time, the best approximation problem is considered, the expression of the best approximate solution and the numerical method are also given. This paper extends the results in 1, 2].
Design Aspects of Scoring Systems in Game  [PDF]
Chun-I Lee, I-Ping Chen, Chi-Min Hsieh, Chia-Ning Liao
Art and Design Review (ADR) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/adr.2017.51003
Abstract: Scoring systems are a key component of game mechanics, and provide a mechanism whereby players are rewarded with point value whenever they accomplish a task in the game. The growing complexity of scoring systems underlines the importance of determining the degree to which the design of a scoring system affects player satisfaction. However, this requires a comprehensive understanding of the functions and design aspects of scoring systems. This study interviewed experts in the field of gaming to identify the 20 most important functions of scoring systems with the aim of elucidating current trends. The researchers then conducted a questionnaire survey among game designers and avid game players to evaluate each of the 20 functions in 12 representative games. Finally, multidimensional scaling (MDS) was employed to identify the main dimensions associated with the design of scoring systems. Our results indicate that perceivability, controllability, and relation to achievement are the primary aspects of design in the scoring systems commonly found in games.
The Effects of Microwave Pretreatment of Dairy Manure on Methane Production  [PDF]
Ian Chan, Asha Srinivasan, Ping H. Liao, Kwang V. Lo, Donald S. Mavinic, Jim Atwater, James R. Thompson
Natural Resources (NR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/nr.2013.43031

This study was undertaken to evaluate the efficiency of a liquid-solids separation process and microwave pretreatment, as well as anaerobic biodegradability of microwave pretreated dairy manure. Liquid-solids separation of raw dairy manure resulted in solid and liquid fractions having different properties, with the solid fractions richer in total and volatile solids content and liquid fractions richer in nutrients and metal ions. Substantial amounts of soluble chemical oxygen demand and nutrients were released into the solution after the microwave treatment. The microwave pretreated dairy manure was also subjected to anaerobic digestion. The kinetic parameters of methane production potential, maximum methane production rate and lag time were determined using the modified Gompertz equation. Anaerobic digestion of liquid manure, without microwave treatment, outperformed the sets with microwave treatment. The microwave-treated liquid dairy manure, without acid addition had better results in terms of methane potential and methane production, than with acid addition. Thermophilic digestion exhibited a higher maximum methane production rate than that of mesophilic digestion, but lower methane yields. The microwave pretreatment of dairy manure resulted in high soluble chemical oxygen demand; however, methane yield was not increased.

Decoherence-free quantum dynamics in circuit QED system
Ping Liao,Qin-Qin Wu,Jie-Qiao Liao,Le-Man Kuang
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: We study decoherence in a circuit QED system consisting of a charge qubit and two superconducting transmission line resonators (TLRs). We show that in the dispersive regime of the circuit QED system one TLR can be used as an auxiliary subsystem to realize decoherence-free quantum dynamics of the bipartite target system consisting of the charge qubit and the other TLR conditioned on the auxiliary TLR initially being a proper number state. Our study gives new insight into control and manipulation of decoherence in quantum systems.
Growth, distribution and exudation of fine roots of Chinese fir trees grown in continuously cropped plantations

LIAO Li-Ping,

生态学报 , 2001,
Abstract: 用土钻法研究了不同连栽代数杉木细根生长与分布,结果表明,杉木连栽1代后,细根生物量明显减少,第1代杉木活细根生物量的范围为646.4-799.7g.m-2,而第2代则为284.4-536.9g.m-2,在一定距离范围内,离树体的距离越远,细根分布越少,杉木连栽后,主要减少了表层土壤(0-10cm)细根的生长,根系分泌物的分析表明,杉木连栽1代后,根系阳离子NH4+,Na ,K ,Ca2 ,Mg2 的分泌量没有变化,而阴离子NO3-,Cl-,SO4 2-,HPO4^2-,的量都减少,但只有Cl-和HPO4^2-差异显著(P<0.05),第2代杉木根系分泌物中的HPO4^2-量仅为第1代的1/65,根-土界面磷交换过程的阐明有利于说明第2代杉木根系HPO4^2-分泌量减少的原因,杉木连栽后,表层土壤细根生长的减少和根系分泌行为的改变可能是生产力下降的重要原因。
Ethyl 3-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(dipentylamino)-4-oxo-5-phenyl-4,5-dihydro-3H-pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidine-7-carboxylate
Ping He,Qin-Qin Wan,Quan-Lei Liao
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812024609
Abstract: In the title compound, C31H37ClN4O3, the fused rings of the pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidine system form a dihedral angle of 5.80 (11)°. The phenyl and benzene rings are twisted with respect to the mean plane of the pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidine system [maximum deviation = 0.077 (2) ], making dihedral angles of 61.05 (12) and 75.39 (10)°, respectively. The ethoxy group is disordered over two positions with the site-occupancy ratio fixed at 0.54:0.46. In the crystal, molecules are linked via C—H...O hydrogen bonds, forming a two-dimensional network lying parallel to the ab plane. There are also π–π [centroid–centroid distances = 3.5954 (17) and 3.965 (2) ] and C—H...π interactions present.
A Preprocessing Algorithm for Blind Estimation of DS-SS Signals in Multipath
Hong Shu Liao,Qing Mou,Ping Wei,Wan Chun Li
Information Technology Journal , 2011,
Abstract: In this study, a criterion is derived to determine appropriate starting point of receiving data as a preprocessing algorithm of subspace method because inherent channel order uncertain and ill-conditional identification induced by random transmission delay may significantly deteriorate the performance of blind estimation of DS-SS signals in multipath. The proposed algorithm avoids channel order estimation and shows more robust blind estimation performance by simulations.
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