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Reiki efficacy of therpy in improving pain, fatigue, quiality of life and its impact on activities′s of women daily living suffering from fibromyalgia
Lourdes Casillas Santamaría,Pilar Palazuelos Puerta,Irene de Blas Gómez,Ana Asenjo Montoro
NURE Investigación , 2013,
Abstract: Objective: The evaluation the Reiki therapy effectiveness to relieve pain, fatigue and its impact on activities′s of women daily living suffering from fibromyalgia.Methods: A controlled clinical trial, randomized to three groups (Reiki therapy, placebo and control) and hiding of random distribution. Subjects: 150 women, over 18 years, diagnosed with fibromyalgia, according to the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), diagnosed for more than a year and signing the informed consent. It will exclude those with mental or cognitive impairment that could impede their participation. Scope: Fibromyalgia Association of Madrid, with a record 2,500 members, with headquarters in downtown Madrid. Intervention: Standardization of Reiki therapy’s interventions, and placebo control. Reiki therapy will be applied by a solo Reiki Master, the placebo group will be attended by one solo nurse with no experience of touch therapy, simulating touches points of energy in the body; the control group receive no intervention. It will be 4 weekly sessions of 60 minutes in the case of Reiki and placebo groups. Participants in the control group will have to go to school to complete the questionnaires in the same periods of time. Variables (measuring instruments): main outcome variable: pain. It will be collected data on pain throughout the study (VAS), fatigue (VAS), quality of life (SF-36) and disease impact on activities of daily living (FIQ) at various times: at the studio’s beginning (baseline), after a month and 3 months later. Sociodemographic and clinical variables will be collected also. Analysis: It will be made by allocated treatment (intention to treat). Comparisons shall be made of pain, fatigue, quality of life and disease’s impact on daily life activities among the three groups. Statistical analysis was done by analysis of variance.
"Alternativas estratégicas en torno al petróleo y el gas natural", en Petróleo y gas en la geoestrategia mundial, Akal, Madrid, 2009, Capítulo 1.
Relaciones Internacionales , 2009,
Abstract: Este capítulo inicial del libro de Enrique Palazuelos Petróleo y gas en la geoestrategia mundial, presenta en primer lugar, la polarización de los procesos de producción y consumo de petróleo y gas, que dan lugar al aumento del comercio internacional de ambos hidrocarburos. En segundo lugar, expone los diferentes elementos que pueden formar parte de las respectivas estrategias de importación y de exportación, de modo que tanto en el seno de los países productores como en el de los consumidores se pueden plantear distintas vías alternativas para defender sus respectivos intereses. La elección de esas alternativas es la que permite establecer una gradación de escenarios de mayor/menor colaboración versus conflicto entre productores y consumidores, o bien en el interior de uno u otro grupo, según cuáles sean las opciones que se adopten. This first chapter of Palazuelos’ book Oil and Gas in World Geostrategy presents two main topics. First, the production and consumption proccesses polarization, resulting in the increase of the international commerce of both hydrocarbons. Second, it shows the different elements that can conform the respective import and export strategies, in a way that country producers as well as consumers can think about differents ways in order to defend their interests. The election between those alternatives allows to establish a gradation of scenarios of more/less cooperation versus producers and consumers conflict, or inside each group depending on the choices made.
On the largest Bell violation attainable by a quantum state
Carlos Palazuelos
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We study the projective tensor norm as a measure of the largest Bell violation of a quantum state. In order to do this, we consider a truncated version of a well-known SDP relaxation for the quantum value of a two-prover one-round game, one which has extra restrictions on the dimension of the SDP solutions. Our main result provides a quite accurate upper bound for the distance between the classical value of a Bell inequality and the corresponding value of the relaxation. Along the way, we give a simple proof that the best complementation constant of $\ell_2^n$ in $\ell_1(\ell_\infty)$ is of order $\sqrt{\ln n}$. As a direct consequence, we show that we cannot remove a logarithmic factor when we are computing the largest Bell violation attainable by the maximally entangled state.
La desconfianza en los partidos políticos y la percepción ciudadana de desempe o gubernamental: México ante América Latina
Israel Palazuelos Covarrubias
Revista Mexicana de Análisis Político y Administración Pública , 2012,
Abstract: El objetivo de este trabajo es hacer una revisión transversal del fenómeno de la desconfianza en los partidos políticos en México e indagar sobre su relación con la percepción de desempe o gubernamental. Se pretende tener una perspectiva comparada con los otros 17 países de América Latina ubicando al país en la Región y observando a qué países es más parecido y de cuáles es más distinto.
Envenenamiento infantil por plomo
Romieu Isabelle,Palazuelos Eduardo
Salud Pública de México , 2003,
Large violation of Bell inequalities with low entanglement
Marius Junge,Carlos Palazuelos
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s00220-011-1296-8
Abstract: In this paper we obtain violations of general bipartite Bell inequalities of order $\frac{\sqrt{n}}{\log n}$ with $n$ inputs, $n$ outputs and $n$-dimensional Hilbert spaces. Moreover, we construct explicitly, up to a random choice of signs, all the elements involved in such violations: the coefficients of the Bell inequalities, POVMs measurements and quantum states. Analyzing this construction we find that, even though entanglement is necessary to obtain violation of Bell inequalities, the Entropy of entanglement of the underlying state is essentially irrelevant in obtaining large violation. We also indicate why the maximally entangled state is a rather poor candidate in producing large violations with arbitrary coefficients. However, we also show that for Bell inequalities with positive coefficients (in particular, games) the maximally entangled state achieves the largest violation up to a logarithmic factor.
CB-norm estimates for maps between noncommutative $L_p$-spaces and quantum channel theory
Marius Junge,Carlos Palazuelos
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In the first part of this work we show how certain techniques from quantum information theory can be used in order to obtain very sharp embeddings between noncommutative $L_p$-spaces. Then, we use these estimates to study the classical capacity with restricted assisted entanglement of the quantum erasure channel and the quantum depolarizing channel. In particular, we exactly compute the capacity of the first one and we show that certain nonmultiplicative results hold for the second one.
Survey on Nonlocal Games and Operator Space Theory
Carlos Palazuelos,Thomas Vidick
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: This review article is concerned with a recently uncovered connection between operator spaces, a noncommutative extension of Banach spaces, and quantum nonlocality, a striking phenomenon which underlies many of the applications of quantum mechanics to information theory, cryptography and algorithms. Using the framework of nonlocal games, we relate measures of the nonlocality of quantum mechanics to certain norms in the Banach and operator space categories. We survey recent results that exploit this connection to derive large violations of Bell inequalities, study the complexity of the classical and quantum values of games and their relation to Grothendieck inequalities, and quantify the nonlocality of different classes of entangled states.
Channel capacities via $p$-summing norms
Marius Junge,Carlos Palazuelos
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we show how \emph{the metric theory of tensor products} developed by Grothendieck perfectly fits in the study of channel capacities, a central topic in \emph{Shannon's information theory}. Furthermore, in the last years Shannon's theory has been generalized to the quantum setting to let the \emph{quantum information theory} step in. In this paper we consider the classical capacity of quantum channels with restricted assisted entanglement. In particular these capacities include the classical capacity and the unlimited entanglement-assisted classical capacity of a quantum channel. To deal with the quantum case we will use the noncommutative version of $p$-summing maps. More precisely, we prove that the (product state) classical capacity of a quantum channel with restricted assisted entanglement can be expressed as the derivative of a completely $p$-summing norm.
Brote con síntomas respiratorios en la provincia de Almería por una posible exposición a microalgas tóxicas
Barroso García,Pilar; Rueda de la Puerta,Pilar; Parrón Carre?o,Tesifón; Marín Martínez,Porfirio; Guillén Enríquez,Javier;
Gaceta Sanitaria , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0213-91112008000600012
Abstract: aim: to describe an outbreak with symptoms of respiratory tract irritation reported in a village located on the almerian coast in august 2006, as well as the etiological research performed. methods: we performed a descriptive case-control study. the village was divided into three areas (from 1 to 3) according to the distance from the sea. symptomatology was subjectively assessed on an ascending severity scale (from 1 to 3). attack rates (ar) were estimated. to correlate symptom severity by areas and type of exposure, odds ratios (or) with 95% confidence intervals were estimated. the chi-square test and fisher's exact test were used. environmental research was performed. results: fifty-seven cases and 26 controls were surveyed. an ar of 69% was estimated. the most frequent symptom was sneezing (87.7%). residents in area 1 had a higher risk of more severe symptoms than those in area 3 (or = 46.7; 95%ci: 4.7-2,067.4). residents who reported having spent more time outside had a higher risk of more severe symptoms (or = 12.2; 95%ci: 1.1-615.1). a concentration of dinoflagellates ostreopsis of 1200 cells/l was determined in sea water. conclusions: an outbreak with respiratory symptoms and with differing severity depending on the distance of housing from the sea occurred. according to the environmental and epidemiological research, the symptoms were probably related to the presence of ostreopsis toxic microalgae.
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