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The health in the Italian regions. Synthesis of the Osservasalute Report 2004
Pietro Folino-Gallo,Walter Ricciardi
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2004, DOI: 10.2427/6021
Abstract: Osservasalute is the Italian Health Observatory (http://www.osservasalute.it) and it is aimed to study performances of regional health systems, to monitor quality of care in the Italian regions, to disseminate the main results of these activities and provide information to support decisions and choices of health programs and the allocation of resources.[1] In 2004 Osservasalute has published the results of its activity in the Osservasalute report 2004. A critical analysis of the data reported has revealed some phenomena of particular interest: 1. the good health of the Italian population; 2. the remarkable improvements obtained in last the 10-20 years, accompanied by a substantial reduction in regional differences; 3. a good level of regional health services; 4. the persistence of geographical variations; 5. the risk of incoherent and disconnected policy planning between several of the regions.
Why utilisation of medicines is a public health interest
Pietro Folino-Gallo,Walter Ricciardi
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2006, DOI: 10.2427/5942
Abstract: Utilisation of medicines exerts important effects on public health and health systems in different ways, including their pharmacological properties, their economic impact on health systems and their impact on the environment. Medicines cause intended therapeutic effects. Medicines are able to treat diseases, slow their progression or prevent their appearance as well as relieve symptoms. This is the reason why physicians prescribe, patients use and governments pay for medicines. Some therapeutic classes of drugs represent important progress in medicine and have dramatically improved the therapeutic approach to several diseases.As an example antiulcer agents have changed a severe disease (with fatal complications), requiring gastric surgical resection, into a disease requiring only the consumption of few pills each day for a short period of time, with a substantial improvement in prognosis and quality of life for patients. Avoiding the surgical intervention of gastric resection, and all of its complications, has resulted in substantial gains for individual patients and public health as well as a substantial reduction in the costs of hospitalisation. For other therapeutic classes the benefits are more limited, while the advantages of their use in everyday practice are less evident.
Patient safety in public health
Pietro Folino-Gallo,Walter Ricciardi
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2005, DOI: 10.2427/5954
Abstract: In 1991 the publication of the Harvard Medical Practice Study gave a new light to the problem of patient safety. Because of its rigorous methodology, its dimensions (more than 30,000 clinical records from 51 hospitals) and number and variety of the departments involved (medicine, surgeries, emergence, etc) the Harvard study represents a milestone in the patient safety research. It unequivocally demonstrated that errors happen in the hospitals, they can be life-threatening and most of them are preventable. A wide number of other reports have followed the Harvard study, most of them refer to hospitals while the rate of errors in primary care is less known.These more recent studies represent an important progress because the Harvard study is considered old in its approach describing errors as the result of negligence or misconduct and missing totally the problems of the medical environment (the system approach).
The Observatory on Health in the Italian Regions
Cinzia Marano,Pietro Folino-Gallo
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2004, DOI: 10.2427/6139
Abstract: Regions The Observatory on Health in the Italian Regions arises in response to three different phenomena (devolution, economic sustainability and regional variations). It aims to study performances of regional health systems, to monitor quality of care in the Italian regions, to disseminate the main results of this activity and to provide information to support decisions and choices of health programs and the allocation of resources. In 2003 the Observatory published the “Osservasalute Report”, a collaboration of more than 60 researchers, using 110 selected indicators and different data sources. It performed a comparative analysis of the regional health systems with a multidisciplinary approach. The structure of each of the indicators is articulated in six sections: significance, validity and limits, benchmark, source of data, description of results, Osservasalute’s recommendations. The results of all the indicators can be clustered into three different groups: indicators without regional differences (such as Standardised Mortality Rate for Infectious Diseases); indicators where the regional differences follow a North - South gradient and in some instances, an East – West gradient (as Life Expectancy at Birth; Movement of Patients Seeking Hospital Care) and finally indicators with important differences but without any gradient (such as Prevalence of Hypertension and Prevalence of Hypercholesterolemia). The Observatory’s perspective at a national level is to validate the indicators and the quality of the data reported and contribute, to define exactly what information is missing. At a European level is to contribute to the organisation of a network of Regional Health Observatories (RHONE) and to the production of a report on Health and health care in the European Regions.
Monitoring expenditure and utilisation of medicines in the European Union. A public health approach
Pietro Folino-Gallo,Group EUROMEDSTAT
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2006, DOI: 10.2427/5945
Abstract: Background Thousands of medicinal products are licensed in the European Union Member States.This large quantity of medicines has an important impact on individual and public health but the information available on the licensed medicines, their clinical properties, prices, utilisation and expenditure is difficult to retrieve. Thus there is a need for monitoring the price, expenditure and utilisation of medicines and their impact on the population’s health. For these reasons the European Commission funded a project to define a set of indicators and to build a European database of medicines. Methods A collaboration of academics and government agencies was formed to undertake the project which aims to fill the information gap on medicines in Europe by identifying the available data sources, defining a set of EU pharmaceutical indicators, and building a European database of medicines available on the internet. Results The project has formed a Library of European Union Pharmaceutical Indicators. This includes recommendations for national registers (to produce valid and comparable data), and a set of indicators (price, expenditure, utilisation) for monitoring pharmaceutical policies. Moreover, the project has built a (beta version) database of licensed medicines in Europe, which can be freely accessed on the internet.The database provides, in a simple manner, useful information difficult to retrieve by other sources. Conclusions The EURO-MED-STAT project has defined a set of indicators to monitor the utilisation and expenditure of medicines from a public health perspective. It has also proven that a European database of medicines is feasible and can provide useful information to stakeholders.
The EurMedStat proposals on indicators for price and utilisation
Tom Walley,Pietro Folino-Gallo,Michael Barry,Mario Bruzzone
Italian Journal of Public Health , 2006, DOI: 10.2427/5946
Abstract: Medicines account for an increasing proportion of healthcare budgets in all European countries. The EuroMedStat project aims to establish methods and systems for comparing the publicly funded pharmaceutical markets across Europe. A key issue is how to compare prices across countries. There are established methods for bilateral comparisons between two countries which are used in pricing negotiations but no means of a broader overview. Difficulties exist because of: a lack of directly comparable packages of individual medicines across Europe; currency conversion in some countries, despite the use of the euro; a range of different prices from different parts of the supply chain that could be studied; differences even within what are included in prices across countries (e.g. pharmacy fees etc); and most important, lack of availability of data on many of these points. Our aim was to produce pragmatic suggestions and these are presented. We suggest that the price used in the pharmacy retail price; that the denominator for price is the defined daily dose; and that the package size selected is that which most closely equates to one month’s treatment at the most commonly used dosage. From this, we derive a number of markers of the efficiency of national markets. It is important that the limitations of these are understood and that they are sued only as broad indicators to begin exploring areas of possible concern, and not for instance in price setting. These indicators now need field testing and the project will extent to include the new accession countries.
Slow motion for a hyperbolic variation of Allen-Cahn equation in one space dimension
Raffaele Folino
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to prove that, for specific initial data $(u_0,u_1)$ and with homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions, the solution of the IBVP for a hyperbolic variation of Allen-Cahn equation on the interval $[a,b]$ shares the well-known dynamical metastability valid for the classical parabolic case. In particular, using the "energy approach" proposed by Bronsard and Kohn [5], if $\varepsilon\ll 1$ is the diffusion coefficient, we show that in a time scale of order $\varepsilon^{-k}$ nothing happens and the solutions maintain the same number of transitions of its initial datum $u_0$. The novelty of our result consists mainly in the role of the initial velocity $u_1$, which may create or eliminate transitions in later times. Numerical experiments are also provided in the particular case of the Allen-Cahn equation with relaxation.
Criteria for standardising counselling for HIV testing
Luzi,Anna Maria; Mei,Barbara De; Colucci,Anna; Gallo,Pietro;
Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanità , 2010, DOI: 10.4415/ANN_10_01_06
Abstract: in the present work, we outline basic health counselling skills, specifically, those for performing pre-test and post-test counselling for hiv infection. the ultimate goal is to propose that counselling be performed in facilities that carry out screening for anti-hiv antibodies, following standardised (and thus replicable) criteria, with consistent focus on the quality of the relationship between the healthcare professional and the individual undergoing testing and on the individual's specific needs.
Enhancing Postgraduate Learning and Teaching: Postgraduate Summer School in Dairy Science
Pietro Celi,Gianfranco Gabai,Massimo Morgante,Luigi Gallo
Veterinary Medicine International , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/409549
Abstract: Dairy science is a multidisciplinary area of scientific investigation and Ph.D. students aiming to do research in the field of animal and/or veterinary sciences must be aware of this. Ph.D. students often have vast spectra of research interests, and it is quite challenging to satisfy the expectation of all of them. The aim of this study was to establish an international Ph.D. training program based on research collaboration between the University of Sydney and the University of Padova. The core component of this program was a two-week Postgraduate Summer School in Dairy Science, which was held at the University of Padova, for Ph.D. students of both universities. Therefore, we designed a program that encompassed seminars, workshops, laboratory practical sessions, and farm visits. Participants were surveyed using a written questionnaire. Overall, participants have uniformly praised the Summer School calling it a rewarding and valuable learning experience. The Ph.D. Summer School in Dairy Science provided its participants a positive learning experience, provided them the opportunity to establish an international network, and facilitated the development of transferable skills. 1. Introduction Internationalization of higher education refers to institutional arrangements set up by governments, universities, and education agents that involve the delivery of higher education services in two or more countries. For teaching and research, effective and appropriate national and international networks are essential. In some cases, the academic enterprise will depend on an international network of collaboration, while, in other cases, it is difficult to imagine how anything much could be achieved without such a network. Academics often establish their own networks, and the best role of the institution may often be facilitation, following after good leads, and reducing bureaucratic drag and friction. Individual research collaborations between academics from different countries are important; however, formal collaborations between universities that involve curriculum and program development are growing and likely to expand in the years ahead. Such arrangements could include short-term placements in overseas laboratories, arrangements for registration for specialized Masters level courses, teaching fellowships to widen experience, and joint supervision and coqualification arrangements, such as the increasingly popular cotutelle programmes. If appropriately organized, such bilateral arrangements can foster research collaboration, as research communities build interests
óscar Folino,Jorge;
Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría , 2005,
Abstract: this articlesdescribes forensic psychiatry in humorous terms. forensic psychiatry is a subspecialty of general psychiatrysthat comprises,samong others, the following topics: violence, fitness to stand trial, insanity defense, psychological harm, psychiatric malpractice, child custody, sexual abuse and confidentiality.
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