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Piericidins, Novel Quorum-Sensing Inhibitors against Chromobacterium violaceum CV026, from Streptomyces sp. TOHO-Y209 and TOHO-O348  [PDF]
Kazuhiro Ooka, Atsushi Fukumoto, Tomoe Yamanaka, Kanako Shimada, Ryo Ishihara, Yojiro Anzai, Fumio Kato
Open Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (OJMC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojmc.2013.34012
Abstract: Piericidin A1, 3’-rhamnopiericidin A1, and a novel compound piericidin E, a new quorum-sensing (QS) inhibitor
against Chromobacterium violaceum CV026, were isolated from the culture broth of Streptomyces sp. QS is well
known as a microbial signaling system and controls certain types of gene expression resulting in bioluminescence,
biofilm formation, swarming motility, antibiotic biosynthesis, and virulence factor production. C. violaceum CV026 is
commonly used to determine qualitative and quantitative QS activity. The structures of piericidin derivatives were characterized,
and their QS activities were determined.
Studies on the Effect of Ba2+ on Growth, structural, Morphology, Optical, and Mechanical Properties of L-Valinium Picrate  [PDF]
K. Russel Raj, P. Murugakoothan
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2011.1010075
Abstract: Single crystals of undoped (pure) and barium nitrate (Ba (NO3)2)-doped L-Valinium Picrate (LVP) were grown from aqueous solution by slow evaporation technique. Morphological changes have been observed when Ba (NO3)2) is doped into LVP crystals. The dopant concentration in the crystals was measured by ICP technique. Slight changes in the unit cell parameter of LVP after doping with Ba (NO3)2) have been detected. The powder X-ray diffraction of the grown crystals has been recorded and the various planes of reflection identified shows shift in the peak positions. FTIR and UV spectra reveal the functional group identification and optical property of the grown crystals. The relative second harmonic generation (SHG) efficiency measurements revealed that both 5 and 10 mol % of Ba (NO3)2) in LVP enhanced the SHG efficiency by 92.85 and 160.59 times that of KDP respectively. However, at higher concentration, SHG efficiency is not increased but rather decreased from it undoped condition. Microhardness studies show that hardness number (Hv) increased with increase in load for all the grown crystals of this work.
Computational Study of Induction Heating Process in Crystal Growth Systems—The Role of Input Current Shape  [PDF]
Mohammad Hossein Tavakoli, Tayebe Nadery Mostagir
Crystal Structure Theory and Applications (CSTA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/csta.2012.13021
Abstract: A set of 2D steady state finite element numerical simulations of electromagnetic fields and heating distribution for an oxide Czochralski crystal growth system was carried out for different input current shapes (sine, square, triangle and sawtooth waveforms) of the induction coil. Comparison between the results presented here demonstrates the importance of input current shape on the electromagnetic field distribution, coil efficiency, and intensity and structure of generated power in the growth setup.
Phospholipases A1
Gregory S. Richmond,Terry K. Smith
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/ijms12010588
Abstract: Phospholipase A 1 (PLA 1) is an enzyme that hydrolyzes phospholipids and produces 2-acyl-lysophospholipids and fatty acids. This lipolytic activity is conserved in a wide range of organisms but is carried out by a diverse set of PLA 1 enzymes. Where their function is known, PLA 1s have been shown to act as digestive enzymes, possess central roles in membrane maintenance and remodeling, or regulate important cellular mechanisms by the production of various lysophospholipid mediators, such as lysophosphatidylserine and lysophosphatidic acid, which in turn have multiple biological functions.
Julián A. Herrera M
Colombia Médica , 2009,
Abstract: Recientemente Colciencias clasificó a Colombia Médica en la categoría A1 como un justo reconocimiento a la labor de publicación científica durante cuatro décadas, al haber logrado que sus artículos se puedan consultar e informar en veintidós bases de datos internacionales donde se incluye la del Instituto para la Información Científica (ISI-Thomson), y contar con un factor de impacto (SCIMAGO). Todo esto por tener un compromiso hacia la excelencia.En sus comienzos la publicación de Colombia Médica se hizo en papel con un tiraje de mil ejemplares trimestrales para distribución nacional y canje extenso y solicitado con bibliotecas de prestigiosas universidades del mundo. Publicar la revista por la red fue un paso decisivo para aumentar su difusión a gran escala. Los registros de lectura e informes de las bases de datos internacionales muestran que una parte muy considerable de consultas (60%) se hace en países de los cinco continentes para superar en promedio mil consultas por día.La calidad de una revista se mide por el grado en que contribuya al conocimiento nuevo, por el debate académico de los temas de mayor controversia que tiene como eje central la frontera de los aportes a la ciencia y el estado del arte, y se refleja en el grado de citación de sus artículos en publicaciones del más alto nivel. Investigadores de veinte países en tres continentes han comunicado sus aportes de investigación en Colombia Médica, lo que demuestra y comprueba su visibilidad no sólo para los lectores habituales sino también para la comunidad científica internacional.La Universidad del Valle es una entidad de estudios superiores distinguida por el gobierno nacional por sus elevados patrones de excelencia y clasificada por SCIMAGO como la universidad pública colombiana con la mayor visibilidad científica. Este apoyo institucional a la investigación, en todas sus dimensiones, ha permitido desarrollar un reglamento interno que obedece a la estructura universitaria pero al mismo tiempo mantiene una independencia editorial para conservar sus altos estándares.Colombia Médica trabaja para implementar el sometimiento de los artículos, el proceso de evaluación por pares y el manejo de la decisión editorial con un sistema automatizado (web manager) que agilice estos mecanismos importantes a fin de que los autores utilicen en una mayor proporción el idioma universal de la comunicación de la ciencia. Los dieciseis artículos de este número se han recibido de cuatro países de dos continentes, más de la mitad de ellos escritos en inglés lo cual demuestra que se avanza en el logro de los o
Julián A. Herrera M
Colombia Médica , 2009,
Abstract: Colombia Médica was recently classified by COLCIENCIAS in A1 category as a fair recognition by its long undertaking of scientific publication during four decades, achieving articles to be consulted and informed in twenty two international data bases, including Institute for Scientific Information (ISI-Thomson), and having an impact factor (SCIMAGO). All of this is by being devoted to an outstanding quality: excellence.In the beginning Colombia Médica was printed out on paper with one thousand copies quarterly for national distribution and extended exchange requested by libraries from prestigious universities over the world. Web publication of the journal was a decisive step to increase its diffusion at a long scale. International data bases information of reading people show that a very important part of consultation (60%) is done over the five continent′s countries surpassing the mean of one thousand consults per day.A journal importance may be measured by its level of contribution to new knowledge, academic debate of highly controversial topics having as central axle scientific contribution frontiers and state of the art, which is reflected by the degree of article quotation in highest level publications. Investigators from twenty countries of three continents have communicated their research contributions in Colombia Médica; this demonstrates and proves the journal visibility both for regular readers and for the international scientific community.La Universidad del Valle is a superior education institution distinguished by national government due to its excellence patterns and classified by SCIMAGO as the Colombian public university of high standing scientific visibility. Institutional support to research, in all dimensions, has made possible to Colombia Médica the development of internal regulations that obey to university structure, maintaining at the same time an editorial independence which preserves its high standards.Colombia Médica works to implement an automated system (web manager) limbering important mechanisms like articles submission, evaluation process and management of editorial decisions, in order to increase in authors the proportion of an universal language use for scientific communication. In this number sixteen articles have been received from four countries and two continents, more than half of them written in English, which demonstrates an advance achieving the proposed objectives.Finally I would like to refer to a public health problem that continues with no solution in Colombia. It has been treated by some authors of various art
Transcriptome Analysis of Ten-DPA Fiber in an Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) Line with Improved Fiber Traits from Phytochrome A1 RNAi Plants  [PDF]
Qing Miao, Peng Deng, Sukumar Saha, Johnie N. Jenkins, Chuan-Yu Hsu, Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, Zabardast T. Buriev, Alan Pepper, Din-Pow Ma
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.810172
Abstract: Silencing phytochrome A1 gene (PHYA1) by RNA interference in Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. cv. Coker 312) had generated PHYA1 RNAi lines with improved fiber quality (longer, stronger and finer fiber). To reveal molecular mechanisms that govern fiber development with positive fiber traits, a study of global gene expression profiling of 10-DPA fibers in a PHYA1 RNAi line and its parent Coker 312 was conducted by high-throughput RNA sequencing. A comparative analysis of transcriptomes between the two lines had identified 142 genes that were differentially expressed in the 10-DPA fiber of the RNAi line. Gene Ontology analysis showed that these differentially expressed genes were mainly involved in metabolic pathways, heterocyclic/organic cyclic compound binding and multiple enzyme activities, and cell structures which were reported to play important roles in fiber development. Twenty-eight KEGG pathways were mapped for the 142 genes, and the pathways related to glycolysis/gluconeogenesis and pyruvate metabolism were the most abundant and followed by cytochrome P450-involved pathways, suggesting that fiber improvement could be through the regulation of proteins involved in cytochrome P450 pathways. Genes encoding WRKY transcription factors, sucrose synthase, xyloglucan endotransglucosylase hydrolase, udp-glucuronate: xylan alpha-glucuronosyltransferase, and genes involved in lipid
Express?o dos genes que codificam as proteínas anexina-1 e galectina-1 nos pólipos rinossinusais e sua modula??o pelo glicocorticoide
Fernandes, Atílio Maximino;Babeto, Erica;Rahal, Paula;Provazzi, Paola Jocelan Scarin;Hidalgo, Claudia Augusta;Anselmo-Lima, Wilma T;
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1808-86942010000200011
Abstract: rhinosinusal polyps physiopathology is not fully understand, despite numerous hypotheses regarding its inflammatory process. aims: a prospective study regarding the gene expression of proteins: anexin-1 and galectin-1, which has an anti-inflammatory action and is modulated by steroids. materials and methods: eleven patients with rhinosinusal polyps suffered a biopsy of their polyps at two moments: in the absence of systemic steroids and during its use. in the two samples we assessed the expression of these genes and compared it to the normal nasal mucosa in the middle meatus. results: we noticed that the mean expression of the genes which code anexin-1 and galectin-1 was predominantly increased, regardless of the use of steroids in relation to the control nasal mucosa. notwithstanding, in polyps without the use of steroids, the mean gene expression of anexin-1 was significantly higher than in the polyps which were under the use of steroids. regarding galectin-1, there was no significant difference between the expression mean values before and after the use of systemic steroids. conclusion: the genes present an expression increase in the polyp mucosa, regardless of the use of steroids; nonetheless, the relationship of these two genes of anti-inflammatory proteins with steroids did not happen the same way.
Tanti Octavia,Joni Cenderakiawan
Jurnal Teknik Industri , 1999,
Abstract: Shewhart's dan S(or R) control charts have been used very widely in industries . For several decades, many researchers have endeavoured to develop new algorithms to raise the detecting effectiveness of the control charts. While these methods do increase detecting effectiveness, they usually increase the type I error at the same time. This error give the warning that process is unstable. In this article, we design a single control chart to subtitute -S control chart that have the same sensitivity but doesn't increase error type I. We analyze those factors and their influence to a single and -S control chart. The ARL1 value in -S control chart i s compared with a single control chart . The result shows that a single control chart effective enough. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Sampai saat ini Peta Kendali dan S (atau R) merupakan peta kendali yang umum dipakai di kalangan industri. Pada beberapa dekade, sejumlah penelitian dilakukan untuk menemukan algoritma yang dapat meningkatkan kepekaan peta kendali dalam pendeteksian. Pada saat kepekaan peta kendali tersebut meningkat maka bersamaan dengan itu kesalahan dalam pendeteksian juga meningkat. Di dalam artikel ini penulis mencoba membangun sebuah peta kendali tunggal yang dapat menggantikan peta kendali -S yang memiliki kepekaan sama tetapi tidak meningkatkan kesalahan jenis I. Untuk itu dilakukan simulasi yang menganalisa faktor-faktor tersebut dan pengaruhnya terhadap peta kendali -S dan tunggal. Nilai ARL1 peta kendali -S dibandingkan dengan nilai ARL1 peta kendali tunggal. Hasil simulasi menunujukkan bahwa peta kendali tunggal cukup efektif. Kata kunci : ARL0, ARL1, a1
5'-Chloro-5'-deoxy-(±)-ENBA, a Potent and Selective Adenosine A1 Receptor Agonist, Alleviates Neuropathic Pain in Mice Through Functional Glial and Microglial Changes without Affecting Motor or Cardiovascular Functions
Livio Luongo,Riccardo Petrelli,Luisa Gatta,Catia Giordano,Francesca Guida,Patrizia Vita,Palmarisa Franchetti,Mario Grifantini,Vito de Novellis,Loredana Cappellacci,Sabatino Maione
Molecules , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/molecules171213712
Abstract: This study was undertaken in order to investigate the effect of chronic treatment with 5′-chloro-5′-deoxy-(±)-ENBA, a potent and highly selective agonist of human adenosine A1 receptor, on thermal hyperalgesia and mechanical allodynia in a mouse model of neuropathic pain, the Spared Nerve Injury (SNI) of the sciatic nerve. Chronic systemic administration of 5′-chloro-5′-deoxy-(±)-ENBA (0.5 mg/kg, i.p.) reduced both mechanical allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia 3 and 7 days post-SNI, in a way prevented by DPCPX (3 mg/kg, i.p.), a selective A1 adenosine receptor antagonist, without exerting any significant change on the motor coordination or arterial blood pressure. In addition, a single intraperitoneal injection of 5′-chloro-5′-deoxy-(±)-ENBA (0.5 mg/kg, i.p.) 7 days post-SNI also reduced both symptoms for at least two hours. SNI was associated with spinal changes in microglial activation ipsilaterally to the nerve injury. Activated, hypertrophic microglia were significantly reduced by 5′-chloro-5′-deoxy-(±)-ENBA chronic treatment. Our results demonstrated an involvement of adenosine A1 receptor in the amplified nociceptive thresholds and in spinal glial and microglial changes occurred in neuropathic pain, without affecting motor coordination or blood pressure. Our data suggest a possible use of adenosine A1 receptor agonist in neuropathic pain symptoms.
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