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La cinéphilie chrétienne : Amédée Ayfre (1922-1964), sulpicien et critique de cinéma The Christian cinema enthusiasm: Amédée Ayfre (1922-1964), priest of the Society of saint Sulpice and film critic
Philippe Rocher
Cahiers d'études du Religieux , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/cerri.1067
Abstract: Prêtre fran ais de saint Sulpice et chrétien cinéphile, Amédée Ayfre a défendu l’esthétique et le réalisme cinématographiques contre le cinéma religieux du Cinéma catholique . Le réalisme cinématographique est un instrument de révélation chrétienne du Prochain. Brusquement décédé, Amédée Ayfre n’a pas eu la possibilité de dépasser ses premiers Jalons pour une théologie de l’image . In the middle Twentieth century, Amédée Ayfre, French priest of the Society of saint Sulpice and Christian cinema enthusiast, defended esthetic and realism cinema against the religious cinema of Catholic cinema . For him, realist Cinema is the Christian revelation instrument of fellow man. Brusquely to die, he can’t proposed any more his first “Jalons pour une théologie de l’image”.
The variation of the solar diameter and irradiance : eclipse observation of July, 11, 2010
Koutchmy Serge,Bazin Cyril,Prado Jean-Yves,Lamy Philippe,Rocher Patrick
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: The variation of the solar diameter is the subject of hot debates due to the possible effect on Earth climate and also due to different interpretations of long period solar variabilities, including the total solar irradiance. We shortly review the topic and show that rather long term variations, corresponding to a length well over a a solar magnetic cycle, are interesting to consider. The very recently launched mission "Picard" is entirely devoted to the topic but will just permit a short term evaluation. At the time of the last total solar eclipse of 11/07/2010, several experiments were prepared to precisely measure the transit time of the Moon related to the precise value of the solar diameter. Preliminary results coming from the use of a specially designed CNES photometer, put on different atolls of the French Polynesia, are presented. In addition the results of new experiments devoted to fast observations of flash spectra, including their precise chronodating, are illustrated and discussed. A new definition of the edge of the Sun, free of spurious scattered light effects strongly affecting all out of eclipse observations, is emerging from these observations, in agreement with the most advanced attempts of modelling the outer layers of the photosphere. We also argue for a definite answer concerning the solar diameter measurement from eclipses based on a better precision of lunar profiles coming from lunar altimetry space experiments which will be possible in the following decades.
L'idéologie du changement comme facteur de mutation sociale
Guy Rocher
SociologieS , 2008,
Abstract: Texte de Guy Rocher initialement publié dans Le Québec en mutation, Montréal, éditions Hurtubise HML Ltée, 1973, pp. 207-221. Guy Rocher’s text L'idéologie du changement comme facteur de mutation sociale , first published in Le Québec en mutation, Montréal, éditions Hurtubise HML Ltée, 1973, pp. 207-221. Texto de Guy Rocher Phénomènes sociaux totaux et dynamique sociale , publicado por primera vez en Le Québec en mutation, Montréal, éditions Hurtubise HML Ltée, 1973, pp. 207-221.
Helga-Jane Scarwell et Isabelle Roussel (dir.), 2010, Le changement climatique : Quand le climat nous pousse à changer d’ère, Presses Universitaire du Septentrion, Lille, 358 pages
Laurence Rocher
Développement Durable et Territoires , 2010,
Abstract: L’ouvrage Le changement climatique. Quand le climat nous pousse à changer d’ère , édité par les Presses Universitaire du Septentrion dans la collection Environnement et société, coordonné par Helga-Jane Scarwell et Isabelle Roussel, rassemble autour de la question du changement climatique plusieurs contributions de chercheurs en géographie, pour la plupart membres du laboratoire TVES de Lille. Ce livre apporte un éclairage original et intéressant, alliant des études de cas comportant un fo...
Pierre Guibentif, Foucault, Luhmann, Habermas, Bourdieu. Une génération repense le droit.
Guy Rocher
The Canadian Journal of Sociology , 2011,
Abstract: Book Review
Large p-groups actions with |G| /g^2 > 4/ (p^2-1)^2
Magali Rocher
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: Let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic p>0 and C a connected nonsingular projective curve over k with genus g>1. Let (C,G) be a "big action", i.e. a pair (C,G) where G is a p-subgroup of the k-automorphism group of C such that |G|/g > 2p / p-1. We first study finiteness results on the values taken by the quotient |G|/g^2 when (C,G) runs over the big actions satisfying |G|/g^2 >M, for a given positive real M>0. Then, we exhibit a classification and a parametrization of such big actions when M=4/ (p^2-1)^2.
Large p-groups actions with a p-elementary abelian second ramification group
Magali Rocher
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p>0$ and $C$ a connected nonsingular projective curve over $k$ with genus $g \geq 2$. Let $(C,G)$ be a "big action", i.e. a pair $(C,G)$ where $G$ is a $p$-subgroup of the $k$-automorphism group of $C$ such that$\frac{|G|}{g} >\frac{2 p}{p-1}$. We denote by $G_2$ the second ramification group of $G$ at the unique ramification point of the cover $C \to C/G$. The aim of this paper is to describe the big actions whose $G_2$ is $p$-elementary abelian. In particular, we obtain a structure theorem by considering the $k$-algebra generated by the additive polynomials. We more specifically explore the case where there is a maximal number of jumps in the ramification filtration of $G_2$. In this case, we display some universal families.
2-DE Mapping of the Blue Mussel Gill Proteome: The Usual Suspects Revisited
Béatrice Rocher,Florence Bultelle,Philippe Chan,Frank Le Foll,Julie Letendre,Tiphaine Monsinjon,Stéphanie Olivier,Romain Péden,Agnès Poret,David Vaudry,Thomas Knigge
Proteomes , 2015, DOI: 10.3390/proteomes3010003
Abstract: The Blue Mussel ( Mytilus edulis, L. 1758) is an ecologically important and commercially relevant bivalve. Because of its ability to bioconcentrate xenobiotics, it is also a widespread sentinel species for environmental pollution, which has been used in ecotoxicological studies for biomarker assessment. Consequently, numerous proteomics studies have been carried out in various research contexts using mussels of the genus Mytilus, which intended to improve our understanding of complex physiological processes related to reproduction, adaptation to physical stressors or shell formation and for biomarker discovery. Differential-display 2-DE proteomics relies on an extensive knowledge of the proteome with as many proteoforms identified as possible. To this end, extensive characterization of proteins was performed in order to increase our knowledge of the Mytilus gill proteome. On average, 700 spots were detected on 2-DE gels by colloidal blue staining, of which 122 different, non-redundant proteins comprising 203 proteoforms could be identified by tandem mass spectrometry. These proteins could be attributed to four major categories: ( i) “metabolism”, including antioxidant defence and degradation of xenobiotics; ( ii) “genetic information processing”, comprising transcription and translation as well as folding, sorting, repair and degradation; ( iii) “cellular processes”, such as cell motility, transport and catabolism; ( iv) “environmental information processing”, including signal transduction and signalling molecules and interaction. The role of cytoskeleton proteins, energetic metabolism, chaperones/stress proteins, protein trafficking and the proteasome are discussed in the light of the exigencies of the intertidal environment, leading to an enhanced stress response, as well as the structural and physiological particularities of the bivalve gill tissue.
Comunidad e individuo en la democracia antigua: Naturaleza, ley y sociedad
Sancho Rocher,Laura;
Circe de cl??sicos y modernos , 2011,
Abstract: nowadays, the vast majority of scholars agree that in the greek democracy there was never something analogous to the modern concept of human rights. this essay examines whether classical democracy was, as in the modern age, preceded or accompanied by the development of the notion of natural law, common to all mankind and based on dignity's natural equality among individuals. the pages that follow investigate texts by some vi-v b.c. philosophers and theoreticians that either show some evidence of an account of human progress or an outline of the hypothetical idea of the social contract, or that analysed the political development on the basis of the ν?μο?-φ?σι? anthithesis. it's impossible to find the existence of individual guarantees in athenian democracy previous and above the power of the δ?μο? and, in the same way, there existed no greek liberal thought that could have served as basis for that legal definition.
Avoiding the blue spectrum and the fine-tuning of initial conditions in hybrid inflation
Clesse, Sebastien;Rocher, Jonathan
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.79.103507
Abstract: Hybrid inflation faces two well-known problems: the blue spectrum of the non-supersymmetric version of the model and the fine-tuning of the initial conditions of the fields leading to sufficient inflation to account for the standard cosmological problems. They are investigated by studying the exact two-fields dynamics instead of assuming slow-roll. When the field values are restricted to be less than the reduced Planck mass, a non-negligible part of the initial condition space (around 15% depending on potential parameters) leads to successful inflation. Most of it is located outside the usual inflationary valley and organized in continuous patterns instead of being isolated as previously found. Their existence is explained and their properties are studied. This shows that no excessive fine-tuning is required for successful hybrid inflation. Moreover, by extending the initial condition space to planckian-like or super-planckian values, inflation becomes generically sufficiently long and can produce a red-tilted scalar power spectrum due to slow-roll violations. The robustness of these properties is confirmed by conducting our analysis on three other models of hybrid-type inflation in various framework: "smooth" and "shifted" inflation in SUSY and SUGRA, and "radion assisted" gauge inflation. A high percentage of successful inflation for smooth hybrid inflation (up to 80%) is observed.
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