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A epistemologia de Ludwik Fleck como referencial para a pesquisa no ensino na área de saúde
Pfuetzenreiter, Márcia Regina;
Ciência & Educa??o (Bauru) , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-73132002000200001
Abstract: a resume of the epistemological thought of ludwik fleck (1896-1961) is presented with special emphasis on concepts of style of thought and collective thought, with the aim of utilizing them as a referential for theoretical construction in research on the teaching of science and technology, giving special attention to the area of health. some writings are analyzed and the methodology employed in them according to the epistemological categories utilized by fleck, followed by the most important results found and the conclusions.
O ensino de saúde e os currículos dos cursos de medicina veterinária: um estudo de caso
Pfuetzenreiter, Márcia Regina;Zylbersztajn, Arden;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832004000200012
Abstract: an investigation was conducted on the curricula of the pioneer schools of veterinary medicine in the country, as well as on the course offered by the university of the state of santa catarina, the analysis of documents having been the data collection procedure employed. three main fields of action were identified in veterinary medicine, related with the practical activities carried out in the exercise of the profession and corresponding to the content of the courses: clinical veterinary practice, preventive veterinary medicine and public health, and animal husbandry and animal production. the connection between these three areas and the epistemological "style of thought" category proposed by l. fleck was articulated. the analysis of the data obtained indicated that social and preventive aspects were given scanty attention in veterinary medicine courses, causing the "style of thought" that focuses on preventive veterinary medicine and public health to be given little emphasis in comparison with the other "styles of thought" found in the profession.
Percep??es de estudantes de medicina veterinária sobre a atua??o na área da saúde: um estudo baseado na idéia de "estilo de pensamento" de Ludwik Fleck
Pfuetzenreiter,Márcia Regina; Zylbersztajn,Arden;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232008000900015
Abstract: as part of a case study conducted in the undergraduate course of veterinary medicine of the state university of santa catarina (udesc), brazil, freshmen and senior students were interviewed for identifying how they perceive their activities as refers to preventive veterinary medicine and public health. taking the ideas of ludwik fleck as a theoretical framework, a correspondence was established among the different fields of activity in veterinary medicine and the variations in "thought styles", a key idea in fleck's epistemology, allowing for the definition of analytical categories. it was verified that the teaching in the field of veterinary medicine leads to a thought style giving little importance to collective and preventive concepts. in the end of the article, we emphasize the importance of integration between the different fields of actions of the profession for a better professional education based on the national guidelines and bases for education of 19965.
Manifesta??es clínicas de pacientes com diagnóstico de neurocisticercose por tomografia computadorizada
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1999000400019
Abstract: a survey was conducted in the urban area of lages using patients who had been submitted to a computed tomography of the skull in the period of march-december, 1996, for different reasons. forty-two patients with a provisional diagnosis of neurocysticercosis, and 57 negatives were personally interviewed by one of the authors (pfuetzenreiter), using a semi-structured procedure. more individuals with a provisional diagnostic of neurocysticercosis reported clinical manifestations related to this infection than those found negative. this difference is more marked among women, except in relation to convulsions, more frequently reported by men (19.05%) than by women (7.14%). the greater percentage of inactive forms (83.33%) and a longer history of perceived symptoms among those positives suggest that the condition is not new.
Epidemiologia da teníase/cisticercose por Taenia solium e Taenia saginata
Pfuetzenreiter, Márcia Regina;Pires, Fernando Dias de ávila;
Ciência Rural , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782000000300030
Abstract: is described a review of the epidemiological aspects of teniasis and cysticercosis. cysticercosis is caused by the development of the larval form of taenia, wich results in the cysticercus in tissues, and is transmitted through ingestion of taenia eggs. human and animal cysticercosis are a great socioeconomic problem in many countries. it is a endemic zoonosis and is widespread in developing countries especially in rural areas. larval invasion of the central nervous system constitutes a serious complication in humans. cysticercosis is one of the great public health problems in developing countries and the neurocysticercosis is considered the most common parasitic disease of the human central nervous system. the freezing of meat for six days in temperatures below -15oc, its adequate cooking, meat inspection and treatment individual patients infected with adult worms in endemic areas are the main control measures.
Manifesta es clínicas de pacientes com diagnóstico de neurocisticercose por tomografia computadorizada
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1999,
Abstract: Foram estudados através de entrevistas semi-estruturadas pacientes submetidos a tomografia computadorizada de cranio em um centro de diagnóstico por imagem na cidade de Lages. Realizaram-se entrevistas em 42 pacientes positivos para cisticercose cerebral e 57 pacientes sem altera es patológicas ao referido exame. Os pacientes com diagnóstico positivo relataram com maior frequência manifesta es clínicas relacionadas à neurocisticercose, sendo este fato mais marcante para o sexo feminino, com exce o de convuls es, que ocorreram mais no sexo masculino (19,05%) que no feminino (7,14%). A maior percentagem de diagnósticos de formas inativas (83,33%) e o relato de sintomas em um tempo mais prolongado entre os entrevistados positivos sugerem que o problema é antigo.
Analysis of a didactical situation: comprehension of the health-disease process
Márcia Regina Pfuetzenreiter,José Francisco Custódio,Raica Koepsel
Investiga??es em Ensino de Ciências , 2003,
Abstract: The work describes a didactic situation that took place in the discipline of " Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Public Health" in a course of Veterinary Medicine, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The didactic situation examined the students' representation on health and disease seeking the development of a model to explain the phenomenon as a dynamic process. The situation was analyzed under the perspective of the objective-obstacle concept that was shown appropriate as a tool of interpretation of the process of understanding of the phenomenon health-disease for the students.
Replacing fentanyl infusion by enteral methadone decreases weaning time from mechanical ventilation
R Wanzuita, G Westphal, F Pfuetzenreiter, S Ayres, A Cavalcanti, LP Figueiredo
Critical Care , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/cc10155
Abstract: We tested the hypothesis that replacement of fentanyl infusion by enteral methadone decreases weaning time from mechanical ventilation.A prospective, randomized and double-blind study involving patients fulfilling criteria to weaning from mechanical ventilation but under high risk for fentanyl abstinence syndrome (defined as continuous fentanyl for more than 5 days or more than 5 μg/kg/hour during 12 hours). Patients were randomized into two groups, methadone (MET) group and control (CT) group, as follows: at first 24 hours both groups were given 80% of the original dose of fentanyl and received, additionally, in the MET group enteral methadone (10 mg each 6 hours) or enteral placebo in the CT group. After the first 24 hours, the MET group received enteral methadone and intravenous placebo while the CT group received enteral placebo and intravenous fentanyl. In both groups, the blinded intravenous solutions were reduced by 20% of the original dose, every 24 hours. Any abstinence symptoms were treated with a bolus of fentanyl. A Kaplan-Meyer curve was constructed and the Student t test was used to compare groups in following criteria: (1) weaning time from MV, (2) days under MV and (3) ICU LOS.Of 75 randomized patients, seven were excluded and 68 were analyzed: 37 at MET and 31 in CT. Between the beginning of weaning and extubation, there was a greater probability of anticipation of extubation in the methadone group, but the difference was not significant (hazard ratio = 1.44; 95% CI = 0.81 to 2.56; P = 0.21). The effects of treatment on weaning time were time dependent, and we observed that on the fifth day the probability of successful weaning was 2.27 times greater in the MET (P vs. 13.28 ± 12.85 days, P < 0.004). There was no difference between the two groups with respect to the duration of mechanical ventilation and ICU LOS.These data show that replacement of fentanyl infusion by enteral methadone reduces the weaning time from mechanical ventilation.
Replacement of fentanyl infusion by enteral methadone decreases the weaning time from mechanical ventilation: a randomized controlled trial
Raquel Wanzuita, Luiz F Poli-de-Figueiredo, Felipe Pfuetzenreiter, Alexandre Cavalcanti, Glauco Westphal
Critical Care , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/cc11250
Abstract: A double-blind randomized controlled trial was conducted in the adult intensive care units (ICUs) of four general hospitals in Brazil. The 75 patients, who met the criteria for weaning from MV and had been using fentanyl for more than five consecutive days, were randomized to the methadone (MG) or control group (CG). Within the first 24 hours after study enrollment, both groups received 80% of the original dose of fentanyl, the MG received enteral methadone and the CG received an enteral placebo. After the first 24 hours, the MG received an intravenous (IV) saline solution (placebo), while the CG received IV fentanyl. For both groups, the IV solution was reduced by 20% every 24 hours. The groups were compared by evaluating the MV weaning time and the duration of MV, as well as the ICU stay and the hospital stay.Of the 75 patients randomized, seven were excluded and 68 were analyzed: 37 from the MG and 31 from the CG. There was a higher probability of early extubation in the MG, but the difference was not significant (hazard ratio: 1.52 (95% confidence interval (CI) 0.87 to 2.64; P = 0.11). The probability of successful weaning by the fifth day was significantly higher in the MG (hazard ratio: 2.64 (95% CI: 1.22 to 5.69; P < 0.02). Among the 54 patients who were successfully weaned (29 from the MG and 25 from the CG), the MV weaning time was significantly lower in the MG (hazard ratio: 2.06; 95% CI 1.17 to 3.63; P < 0.004).The introduction of enteral methadone during weaning from sedation and analgesia in mechanically ventilated patients resulted in a decrease in the weaning time from MV.Critically ill patients are often subjected to procedures that cause pain and anxiety [1,2]. These procedures may also result in the increased activity of endogenous catecholamines, higher global and myocardial oxygen consumption, hypercoagulability and immunosuppression [3]. The use of potent analgesics, such as opioids, provides comfort and facilitates adaptation to mechanical vent
Análise videolaringoestroboscópica de pacientes submetidos à radioterapia para tratamento de cancer glótico
Quarteiro, André Luís;Dedivitis, Rogério Aparecido;Pfuetzenreiter Jr, Elio Gilberto;
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1808-86942010000100009
Abstract: radiation therapy is an adequate treatment for early laryngeal cancer, and it is important to study the vocal fold vibratory pattern, which is essential for a favorable voice outcome. aim: to analyze laryngostroboscopic findings in a group of patients who underwent radiation therapy for the treatment of early glottic cancer. methods: a retrospective study was conducted in order to evaluate 20 patients staged as t1a glottic tumors in the period from 1995 to 2005. a laryngostroboscopic protocol was applied. results: glottic closure was complete in 17 patients. the amplitude was normal in 14 treated vocal folds and in 18 contralateral vocal folds. the mucosa wave vibratory pattern was totally present in all vocal folds. the periodicity was always regular in all cases. the vestibular fold and arytenoid symmetry and movements were normal. there was occasional supraglottic lateral constriction in 4 cases. the mucosal appearance was normal in 14 and edematous in 6 patients. mucus build up was observed in 12 patients. conclusions: the vibratory pattern was normal or slightly diminished in both vocal folds after radiation therapy for early glottic cancer.
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