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Textural and sensory properties of spreads with sucrose and maltitol
PetkoviMarko M.,Pajin Biljana S.,Tomi? Jelena M.,Torbica Aleksandra M.
Hemijska Industrija , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/hemind110902094p
Abstract: Spreads are confectionery products based on sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, milk powder and other ingredients. Basic properties of these products are good spreadability in wide temperature range (from ambience to fridge temperature), rich creamy chocolate taste, and homogenous smooth structure without oil phase migration. Undesirable attribute of these products is their relatively high energy value (2300 kJ/100 g). In recent years, cocoa cream products with reduced energy values have become very popular among consumers and today they are present in the assortment of many confectionery manufacturers. One way to produce spreads with reduced energy value is the replacement of sugar (sucrose) with adequate sweetener. Maltitol is a low-energy poliol capable to qualitatively and quantitatively replace sucrose. Cocoa spreads with maltitol and with the combination of maltitol and sucrose (produced at different temperatures and mixer rotation speeds) have similar texture and rheological properties compared to the spreads with sucrose. The spreads with maltitol have about 15% lower energy value in comparison to the same product with sucrose.
Institutional forms of contemporary ecumenical dialogue
Nikoli? Marko,Petkovi? Petar
Medjunarodni Problemi , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/medjp1102276n
Abstract: The article deals with ecumenism and the most important examples of its “institutionalisation”. It is stated that ecumenism implies the doctrine (idea), universal inter-church movement and the proclaimed goal of achieving Christian unity. It possesses at least theological, sociological and political determinants. The World Council of Churches is a universal inter-church forum for dialogue and cooperation that lacks clear ecclesiological identity. However, it is getting the characteristics of a typical international political movement. The Conference of European Churches is a similar European organization. The Parliament of World Religions tends to found and promote “global ethics” in order to accomplish pacifistic goals in the world.
Heuristic algorithm for single resource constrained project scheduling problem based on the dynamic programming
Stanimirovi? Ivan,PetkoviMarko,Stanimirovi? Predrag,?iri? Miroslav
Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/yjor0902281s
Abstract: We introduce a heuristic method for the single resource constrained project scheduling problem, based on the dynamic programming solution of the knapsack problem. This method schedules projects with one type of resources, in the non-preemptive case: once started an activity is not interrupted and runs to completion. We compare the implementation of this method with well-known heuristic scheduling method, called Minimum Slack First (known also as Gray-Kidd algorithm), as well as with Microsoft Project.
Hankel transform of a sequence obtained by series reversion II - aerating transforms
Radica Boji?i?,Marko D. Petkovi,Paul Barry
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: This paper provides the connection between the Hankel transform and aerating transforms of a given integer sequence. Results obtained are used to establish a completely different Hankel transform evaluation of the series reversion of a certain rational function $Q(x)$ and shifted sequences, recently published in our paper \cite{part1}. For that purpose, we needed to evaluate the Hankel transforms of the sequences $\seqn{\alpha^2 C_n-\beta C_{n+1}}$ and $\seqn{\alpha^2 C_{n+1}-\beta C_{n+2}}$, where $C=\seqn{C_n}$ is the well-known sequence of Catalan numbers. This generalizes the results of Cvetkovi\' c, Rajkovi\'c and Ivkovi\'c \cite{CRI}. Also, we need the evaluation of Hankel-like determinants whose entries are Catalan numbers $C_n$ and which is based on the recent results of Krattenthaler \cite{krattCat}. The results obtained are general and can be applied to many other Hankel transform evaluations.
Human dimension of strategic partnerships
Petkovi? Mirjana M.,Aleksi? Ana
Economic Annals , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/eka0462007p
Abstract: This paper aims to point to the widespread practice of neglecting behavioral aspects of different forms of fusions and integrations of enterprises that have emerged in the process of privatization through strategic partnerships with foreign companies among Serbian enterprises. The initial hypothesis in this paper is that the process of privatization, restructuring and transformation in Serbian enterprises cannot be completely successful and equally advantageous for all the subjects involved if there is no concern for human dimension of these processes. Without this concern there is a possibility for behavioral problems to arise, and the only way to resolve them is through post festum respecting and introducing elements that should never have been neglected in the first place. This paper refers to the phenomenon of collision of cultures and the ways of resolving it while forming strategic partnerships.
Fluctuation-induced noise in out-of-equilibrium disordered superconducting films
Aleksandra Petkovi,Valerii M. Vinokur
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1016/j.aop.2013.09.013
Abstract: We study out-of-equilibrium transport in disordered superconductors close to the superconducting transition. We consider a thin film connected by resistive tunnel interfaces to thermal reservoirs having different chemical potentials and temperatures. The nonequilibrium longitudinal current-current correlation function is calculated within the nonlinear sigma model description and nonlinear dependence on temperatures and chemical potentials is obtained. Different contributions are calculated, originating from the fluctuation-induced suppression of the quasiparticle density of states, Maki- Thompson and Aslamazov-Larkin processes. As a special case of our results, close-to-equilibrium we obtain the longitudinal ac conductivity using the fluctuation-dissipation theorem.
Pairing Fluctuation AC Conductivity of Disordered Thin Films
Aleksandra Petkovi,Valerii M. Vinokur
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1088/0953-8984/25/35/355701
Abstract: We study temperature $T$ and frequency $\omega$ dependence of the in-plane fluctuation conductivity of a disordered superconducting film above the critical temperature. Our calculation is based on the nonlinear sigma model within the Keldysh technique. The fluctuation contributions of different physical origin are found and analyzed in a wide frequency range. In the low-frequency range, $\omega\ll T$, we reproduce the known leading terms and find additional subleading ones in the Aslamazov-Larkin and the Maki-Thompson contributions to the ac conductivity. We also calculate the density of states ac correction. In the dc case these contributions logarithmically depend on the Ginzburg-Landau rate and are considerably smaller that the leading ones. However, in the ac case an external finite-frequency electromagnetic field strongly suppresses the known Alsamazov-Larkin and Maki-Thompson ac contributions, while the corresponding new terms and the density of states contribution are weakly suppressed and therefore become relevant at finite frequencies.
Quantum-chemical investigation of the 1-methylthymine dimer photoproduct: Pyrimidine-(6-4)-pyrimidone adduct
Risti? Miroslav M.,Petkovi? Milena,Etinski Mihajlo
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/jsc120522061r
Abstract: One of the products of a photochemical reaction induced by UV irradiation of 1-methyltimine dimmer is pyrimidine(6-4)pyrimidone. Due to the low yield of this product, it is difficult to examine its geometry and vibrational spectrum. In this study we used quantum chemical methods to characterize pyrimidine(6-4)pyrimidone structure. Its three conformers were optimized and their structures were compared. Their vibrational frequencies in the harmonic approximation are briefly discussed. It is shown that the most significant changes in the infrared spectra arise from formation of hydrogen bonds. All calculations have been performed both in vacuum and in D2O.
Resonant tunneling in short Josephson SFS junctions
Z. Radovi?,I. Petkovi,N. M. Chtchelkatchev
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.73.184510
Abstract: Josephson effect in short ballistic SINIS and SIFIS double-tunnel junctions, consisting of clean superconductors (S), a normal metal (N) or metallic ferromagnet (F), and insulating interfaces (I) is studied. For SINIS double-tunnel junctions, sharp peaks in the critical Josephson current as a function of the junction width result from the resonant amplification of the Andreev process when the quasi-bound states enter the superconducting gap. For SIFIS double-tunnel junctions spin split quasi-bound states partially amplify the supercurrent and trigger the transitions between 0 and $\pi$ states of the junction. Instead of the critical current reaching a peak value (which happens when the Andreev states cross the Fermi surface in SINIS junctions), a narrow dip opens up exactly at the peak due to the compensation of partial currents flowing in opposite directions. This is related to the spin polarization of Andreev states and explains the coexistence of stable and metastable 0 and $\pi$ states in the vicinity of the transition. With increased barrier transparency, the described mechanism of $0-\pi$ transitions is modified by the broadening and overlapping of quasi-bound states (transmission resonances). Temperature-induced transitions both from 0 to $\pi$ and from $\pi$ to 0 states are studied by computing the phase diagram (temperature vs. junction width) for different interfacial transparencies varying from metallic (transparent) to the tunnel limit.
On the Simplex Algorithm Initializing
Neboj a V. Stojkovi ,Predrag S. Stanimirovi ,Marko D. Petkovi ,Danka S. Milojkovi
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/487870
Abstract: This paper discusses the importance of starting point in the simplex algorithm. Three different methods for finding a basic feasible solution are compared throughout performed numerical test examples. We show that our two methods on the Netlib test problems have better performances than the classical algorithm for finding initial solution. The comparison of the introduced optimization softwares is based on the number of iterative steps and on the required CPU time. It is pointed out that on average it takes more iterations to determine the starting point than the number of iterations required by the simplex algorithm to find the optimal solution.
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