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Practice and Cognition of Midway VSP in High Temperature and High Pressure Field of South China Sea  [PDF]
Aiqun Liu, Peiyuan Zhu, Bing Liu, Yunpeng Wu, Bentian Ou
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2018.85029
Abstract: Ying-Qiong Basin is a typical high-temperature and overpressure basin, which is the main battlefield of oil and gas exploration in South China Sea and has made great breakthroughs in recent years. During drilling process in high pressure, the relationship between the deep and the pressure is directly related to the drilling safety and costs. In order to improve prediction accuracy, the VSP operation is carried out through the midway, and three points have been obtained: 1) The VSP has a higher accuracy of the interface depth in certain depth range of the drill bit. 2) When the low-frequency trend prediction is accurate before the drill bit, interval velocity of the VSP inversion is consistent with the formation velocity. 3) The VSP pressure forecast is based on the inversion layer velocity and under-compaction pressure. If the velocity prediction is not accurate, the pressure forecast must be erroneous. If the pressure has other sources, the formation pressure is not accurate even if the inversion velocity is accurate. The application scope and exploration effect of midway VSP operation are summarized and applied to Ledong 10-1 block in Yinggehai basin, which realize the breakthrough in the field of high temperature overpressure and provide the basis for other similar exploration areas to do VSP operation.
Mechanism and Distribution of Calcareous Interbeds in Songtao Uplift and Its Periphery of Qiongdongnan Basin  [PDF]
Peiyuan Zhu, Li You, Qingtao Yuan, Jia Zhong, Aiqun Liu
Open Journal of Marine Science (OJMS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojms.2018.83020
Based on core and casting slice observation, well drilling and logging data, the source of carbonate materials, lithology together with electric properties, types, genesis mechanism and distribution of calcareous interbeds in Songtao uplift and its periphery of Qiongdongnan Basin have been thoroughly analyzed. Results show that typical features have been appeared from well logging curves, containing low gamma-ray, low acoustic travel time, low neutron value, high density, as well as bright white calcium nodules or bands in electrical imaging well-logging curves. Drilling results reveal that calcareous interbeds developed mostly in high position of paleostructures and their distribution was controlled by the combined effects of macroscopic and microscopic factors. Macroscopically, calcareous interbeds relate to paleogeomorphology together with the combination of sandstone and mudstone. They are also controlled microscopically by the source of carbonate cements and pore space. Under normal circumstances, with regard to the same sand, the closer to the mudstone and the thicker of mudstone, the more conducive to the formation of calcareous interlayer. Low compaction strength, high content of rigid particles, coarse grain size, well-sorted sandstone and large pore space during carbonate cementation are favorable for the development of calcareous interbeds.
Dendritic Cells in the Cancer Microenvironment
Yang Ma, Galina V. Shurin, Zhu Peiyuan, Michael R. Shurin
Journal of Cancer , 2013,
Abstract: The complexity of the tumor immunoenvironment is underscored by the emergence and discovery of different subsets of immune effectors and regulatory cells. Tumor-induced polarization of immune cell differentiation and function makes this unique environment even more intricate and variable. Dendritic cells (DCs) represent a special group of cells that display different phenotype and activity at the tumor site and exhibit differential pro-tumorigenic and anti-tumorigenic functions. DCs play a key role in inducing and maintaining the antitumor immunity, but in the tumor environment their antigen-presenting function may be lost or inefficient. DCs might be also polarized into immunosuppressive/tolerogenic regulatory DCs, which limit activity of effector T cells and support tumor growth and progression. Although various factors and signaling pathways have been described to be responsible for abnormal functioning of DCs in cancer, there are still no feasible therapeutic modalities available for preventing or reversing DC malfunction in tumor-bearing hosts. Thus, better understanding of DC immunobiology in cancer is pivotal for designing novel or improved therapeutic approaches that will allow proper functioning of DCs in patients with cancer.
The Research on Financing of New-Model Culture Industry
Peiyuan Li
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v4n1p156
Abstract: New-model Culture Industry is a newly-developing industry even in the whole world, and is also a “sunrise” industry. In this paper, a full-scale view over the direct financing of New-model Culture Industry in China will be taken. The Paper discussed New-model Culture Industry of china in many angles, like the definition of New-model Culture Industry, the direct financing of New-model culture Industry; these problems are mostly have no universal answers. Based on the generalization and analysis of many researchers, the paper advanced its own opinion on these problems. At last, through the empirically research, we establish a Direct Finance Model of New-model Culture Industry. Hopefully, this Direct Finance Model will help the development of our country’s New-model Culture Industry.
On Policy Related to Sci-tech Journals Charging Publication Fee on Writers and Our Suggestions

ZHU XiaoDong,SONG PeiYuan,ZENG JianXun,

中国科技期刊研究 , 2007,
Abstract: 对科技期刊版面费收取的原因、作用、有关政策依据,出现的问题进行了详尽的论述,指出当前收取版面费之所以引起关注,并产生了不同看法,其主要原因是缺少对收取版面费的专项法规。根据相关政策的分析并结合科技期刊的特性,认为科技期刊收取版面费合情合理,是科技期刊稳步发展的需要,及时出台相关法规和收费方式,使其合法化并有章可循,是顺应时代潮流的科学举措。对版面费收取的范围、数额、用途、具体操作规范提出了观点和建议。
Criterion for Appraising Scientific and Technical Journals

ZHU XiaoDong,SONG PeiYuan,ZEN JianXun,

中国科技期刊研究 , 2007,
Abstract: 科学技术期刊评估标准在20世纪70年代末国家科委着手研究制订。为了能准确反映每种科技期刊的共性及特色,首先对科技期刊进行了分类研究,确定科技期刊划分为学术、技术、科学普及、指导、检索五大类,并对五大类分别制订了各类的质量要求,在此基础上制定了五大类的评估标准。评估标准为便于操作,采用了百分制的原则。80年代末经各省、自治区、直辖市及各部委对所属期刊的评选优秀期刊实践后,加以修订,于1992年国家科委、中宣部、新闻出版署用此标准联合举办了首届全国优秀科技期刊评比。此后,经过进一步完善,国家科委于1994年正式颁发《关于颁布五大类科技期刊质量要求及评估标准的通知》(国科发信字1994]148号),要求科技期刊的管理、审读、期刊质量的白检白查、评选优秀期刊等工作,按此通知执行。
Discussion on Managing China'' Sci-tech Journals by Classifying their Quality and Subjects

ZHU XiaoDong,SONG PeiYuan,ZENG JianXun,

中国科技期刊研究 , 2008,
Abstract: 科技期刊分级并针对性进行管理是一项巨大的系统工程。经过二十多年的努力,现条件已具备。实施分级管理首先要对科技期刊进行类型划分,之后要制定各类的期刊质量要求和评价体系。根据我国科技期刊现状,划分为七大类较为科学。分级模式分为两种:第一种是在七大类的基础上按类对期刊进行分级;第二种是在七大类基础上按类再按学科对期刊进行分级。首先采用第一种模式。通过第一种模式的实践,积累经验,完善评价体系和质量标准,最终过渡到第二种模式。分级操作方法按百分制。
Development of Chinese Sci-tech Journals in Past 60 Years and Prospect

ZHU XiaoDong,SONG PeiYuan,ZENG JianXun,

中国科技期刊研究 , 2009,
Abstract: 分为五个阶段回顾了我国科技期刊建国以来发展历程和取得的丰硕成果.在每一阶段,分别介绍了学术类、技术类、指导类、检索类、科普类期刊发展状况.对全译本期刊、高校自然科学版学报、外文版本特殊类型期刊的发展历程作了回顾.各阶段分为两部分介绍,一是出台的管理政策和法规,其保证了科技期刊健康有序的发展,二是期刊发展的具体过程和各类期刊不同阶段的数量、功能、发挥的作用.最后在描绘我国科技期刊现状的前提下,对今后科技期刊的发展和繁荣,充满信心地加以展望.
Problems and Solutions of Velocity Modeling in Natural Gas Exploration  [PDF]
Aiqun Liu, Caiwei Fan, Yong Deng, Peiyuan Zhu, Qianwei Hu, Peng Song
Open Journal of Marine Science (OJMS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojms.2017.71005
Abstract: Recently, velocity prediction and modeling have been focus of the geophysical exploration in the high temperature and high pressure of the south China sea area, especially for new offshore exploratory areas. The error is large with great difficulty owing to fewer exploratory wells and misunderstanding. Firstly, on the basis of three typical velocity prediction and modeling examples in Ying-Qiong basin, it’s easy to put forward the corresponding not common but urgent problem in each instance, then combined with the velocity problem and misunderstanding to expand method discussion and solution, which include geological model to guide the velocity interpretation and analysis, the establishment of forward velocity of the auxiliary model explaining and constructing high precision velocity model. This research basically solves existing velocity problems in gas exploration of south China sea in recent years, and proposes corresponding solution and application, which is of great significance to the further exploration and productive practice.

Guo Tangyong,Wang Peiyuan,Li Xin,Zou Tang,Zhu Wei,
,王培源,李 欣,邹 彤,朱 威

大地测量与地球动力学 , 2008,
Abstract: 介绍流动卫星激光测距仪TROS-I使用高重复频率激光器对Ajisai等卫星进行观测的部分结果.
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