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An Amperometric Sensor for Sunset Yellow FCF Detection Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polypyrrole  [PDF]
Jinfeng Xu, Yi Zhang, Hao Zhou, Mingwei Wang, Peidong Xu, Juankun Zhang
Engineering (ENG) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2012.410B041
An electrochemical method for fast detecting the concentration of sunset yellow FCF in wine samples was developed in this study. The sensor based on imprinted films which fabricated by electropolymerization of pyrrole on a glassy carbon electrode in the presence of sunset yellow FCF as the template. Comparing to the polypyrrole non-imprinted modified (NIP) electrode, the polypyrrole molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) electrode improved the electrochemical performance of the sensor significantly. The peak current at about 0.26 V was linear with the concentration of sunset yellow FCF from 0.4 to 2 μM and from 2 to 8 μM. It can be used for more than 10 times to maintain a stable response result. The sensor had the good selectivity on sunset yellow FCF, amaranth and tartrazine, which the selection factors were 1.00, 0.80 and 0.85respectively.
Fast Determination of Vitamin B2 Based on Molecularly Imprinted Electrochemical Sensor  [PDF]
Peidong Xu, Changsheng Qiao, Shufeng Yang, Lijuan Liu, Mingwei Wang, Juankun Zhang
Engineering (ENG) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2012.410B034
Under the condition of weak acidity of pH 5.2, a sensitive vitamin B2 electrochemical sensor based on molecularly imprinted nonconducting polymer of o-aminophenol by potentiostatic polymerization in the presence of template(vitamin B2) on a glassy carbon electrode was prepared, and its performance was studied. The sensor exhibited good sensitivity and selectivity to VB2. The detection limit went down to 2.3851nM, and a linear relationship between the current incremental and the concentration was found in the range of 10~120nM. And the sensor could use in detection of VB2 real sample for a long time and show good reproducibility. The average recovery rate to VB2 was 98.41%.
Short-term toxic effects of chlorobenzenes on broadbean (Vicia faba) seedlings
Wan Liu,Peijun Li,Qixing Zhou,Tieheng Sun,Peidong Tai,Huaxia Xu
Science China Life Sciences , 2005, DOI: 10.1007/BF02889799
Abstract: The root growth, changes in Superoxide dismutase (SOD, EC activity, malonyldialdehyde (MDA) and total soluble protein level of broadbean (Vicia faba) seedlings were researched at different soil concentrations of chlorobenzene (CB), 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene (TCB) and hexachlorobenzene (HCB). The results showed that root growth of seedlings was interrupted after 5d of 50–200 μg · g 1 TCB treatment. During a 3 d of recovery period, root growth was, however, restored to some extent although there was a delay in returning to the control level. The total soluble protein content in seedlings increased with TCB concentration and duration of exposure. Effect of TCB stress on SOD activity in seedlings displayed a significant dose-effect relationship for 1–5 d of 50–200 μg · g 1 treatment. When broadbean seedlings were placed in clean tap water for 3 d following exposure to 5 d of TCB stress to clear tap water for 3 d, SOD activity at 50 μg · g 1 TCB recovered towards control level (P> 0.05) while a significant increase in SOD activity was observed at 100 and 200 μg · g 1 TCB compared to control (P< 0.05). The experiments also revealed that a significant increase of MDA level in seedlings occurred after 3 and 5 d of 100 and 200 μg · g 1 TCB treatment (P< 0.05 andP< 0.01), and there was a positive correlation between TCB concentration and MDA level. All the above results showed that SOD activity and MDA level of broadbean seedlings might be proposed as the biomarkers for short-term TCB contamination in soil. Compared to TCB, the toxicity of 50 1000 μg · g 1 CB or HCB in soil to broadbean seedlings was not observed after a 3 d exposure.
The Decision Support System of Purchasing in Library

Jing Peidong Xu Zhengrong Wu Qiuling,

现代图书情报技术 , 2003,
Abstract: Acquisition of periodicals and books is an important issue in a library. On the basis of the theory of software engineering,the authors developed a prototype of the decision support system of purchasing in library. In this paper,the authors introduce the theory and technology in the system.and illustrate the function of the system.
Experimental Validation of Subject-Specific Dynamics Model for Predicting Impact Force in Sideways Fall  [PDF]
Masoud Nasiri Sarvi, Yunhua Luo, Peidong Sun, Jun Ouyang
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2014.77043
Abstract: Sideways fall has been identified as the most critical situation for the elderly to develop hip fractures. The impact force onto the greater trochanter is the key factor for predicting fracture risk. For the elderly, the impact force can only be determined by dynamics simulations, and the dynamics model must be first validated by experiments before it can be applied in clinic. In this study, subject-specific whole-body dynamics models constructed from dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) images of the subjects were validated by controlled and protected fall tests using young volunteers. The validation results suggested that subject-specific dynamics model is much more accurate in predicting impact force induced in sideways fall than conventional non-subject-specific dynamics model. Therefore, subject-specific dynamics model can be applied in clinic to improve the accuracy of assessing hip fracture risk.
Application of terrestrial invertebrates biomarkers in soil pollution ecology study

LI Peijun,XIONG Xianzhe,YANG Guifen,LIU Wan,XU Huaxia,TAI Peidong,

应用生态学报 , 2003,
Abstract: Biomarkers in terrestrial invertebrates play an important role in estimating either exposure or resultant effects of pollutants in soil ecosystem,which has received increasing attention and made significant progress. The present paper has drawn three important biomarkers,i.e.,lysosomes,stress protein and mettllothioneins (MTs). The lysosomal membrane stability of coelomocytes was assayed as neutral red retention time (NRR time) resulting from toxicant stress. Hsp70 and Hsp60 were commonly used in the stress protein families. The quantification methods of different isofoms of the mettllothioneins could specifically indicate different metal contamination. The rationale,characteristics,and relevant exemplary case of assaying the biomarkers and their promising application to ecotoxicological diagnosing in soil contamination were discussed.
Comparison of Spinning Spray and Megasonics Cleaning Method

Feng Kun,Shi Xunda,Li Gang,Xu Feng,Liu Peidong,

半导体学报 , 2005,
Abstract: This paper analyses and compares the mechanism for the removal of submicron particles from the silicon wafer surface by spinning spray and megasonics cleaning method.The experiments prove that the modified RCA associated with megasonics cleaning method can achieve a higher rate of submicron particle removal.
Effects of chlorobenzene stress on seedling growth and cell division of Vicia faba

LIU Wan,ZHOU Qixing,LI Peijun,SUN Tieheng,TAI Peidong,XU Huaxia,ZHANG Chungui,ZHANG Hairong,

应用生态学报 , 2003,
Abstract: Effects of 1, 2, 4-trichlorobenzene (TCB) stress on seedling growth, cell division and chromosomal aberration frequency of root-tip cells of Vicia faba were studied. The results indicated that the growth of the root length and mitotic index of root tip cells were successively decreased and even stopped with the increase of TCB concentrations and treatment duration. Numerical and structural chromosomal aberrations at metaphase and anaphase of root-tip cells in Vicia faba seedlings were produced by 50-300 micrograms.g-1 TCB treatment for 12-96 h. The percentage of c-mitosis, chromosomal bridge and chromosomal asymmetry array in root tip cells exposed to 50-100 micrograms.g-1 TCB for 12-24 h was up to 1.0-10.3%. The percentage of chromosomal stickness (S), chromosomal stickiness + chromosomal breakage (S + B), chromosomal stickness + chromosomal ring (S + R), chromosomal stickiness + chromosomal asymmetry array (S + A) and chromosomal stickness + chromosomal bridge (S + Be) in root tip cells reached 47.9-88.9%, and 18.1-29.6% for different kinds of chromosomal breakage at 300 micrograms.g-1 TCB for 12-96 h. Thus, the chromosomal aberration of root tip cells in Vicia faba seedlings could be used as a sensitive biomarker of monitoring soil contaminated with TCB.
Effect of short-term phenanthrene stress on SOD activities and MDA contents in soybean (Glycine max) seedlings

LIU Wan,LI Peijun,ZHOU Qixing,SUN Tieheng,TAI Peidong,XU Huaxia,ZHANG Hairong,

应用生态学报 , 2003,
Abstract: Growth of soybean (Glycine max) seedlings, changes of superoxide dismutase (SOD) activities, and malonyldialdehyde (MDA) contents were researched during different concentration phenanthrene stress and following recovery from stress. The results showed that seedling growth was interrupted after 5 d in 200 micrograms.g-1 phenanthrene treatment. However, during the period of recovery, growth was restored, although there was a delay in returning to control levels. The dose-related response of SOD activities were observed in manner of linear for 2 d and of parabola for 5 d and 8 d at 50-200 micrograms.g-1 phenanthrene. SOD activities of seedling were significantly induced by 100 and 200 micrograms.g-1 phenanthrene for 2 d (P < 0.05 and P < 0.01), while declined significantly under phenanthrene stress for 8 d, and was 88% of control at 200 micrograms.g-1 phenanthrene (P < 0.05). When releasing soybean seedlings from phenanthrene stress for 5 d to clear tap water for 2 d or 4 d, their SOD activities at 50 and 100 micrograms.g-1 phenanthrene recovered towards control level, while a significant increase in SOD activities was observed at 200 micrograms.g-1 phenanthrene (P < 0.05). The experiments also revealed that a significant increase of MDA contents in seedlings occurred after 5 d and 8 d in 100 and 200 micrograms.g-1 phenanthrene treatment (P < 0.05 and P < 0.01), which suggested that the membrane systems were damaged by phenanthrene stress. All of the above results showed that SOD activities of soybean seedling might be suitable to be the biomarkers of phenanthrene stress.
SRB Measures for A Class of Partially Hyperbolic Attractors in Hilbert spaces
Zeng Lian,Peidong Liu,Kening Lu
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, we study the existence of SRB measures and their properties for infinite dimensional dynamical systems in a Hilbert space. We show several results including (i) if the system has a partially hyperbolic attractor with nontrivial finite dimensional unstable directions, then it has at least one SRB measure; (ii) if the attractor is uniformly hyperbolic and the system is topological mixing and the splitting is H\"older continuous, then there exists a unique SRB measure which is mixing; (iii) if the attractor is uniformly hyperbolic and the system is non-wondering and and the splitting is H\"older continuous, then there exists at most finitely many SRB measures; (iv) for a given hyperbolic measure, there exist at most countably many ergodic components whose basin contains an observable set.
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