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Effects of lead exposure on alpha-synuclein and p53 transcription  [PDF]
Pei-Jun Zuo, A. Bakr M. Rabie
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2009.22016
Abstract: Objective: Epidemiological studies have found that lead exposure increases the risk for Park-inson’s disease and patients with Parkinson’s disease have lower odds of developing non-smoking-related cancer (1). It would be inter-esting therefore to find the molecular links be-tween Parkinson’s disease and cancer. To do this, we studied mRNA expression of alpha-synuclein gene, a promising genetic marker for Parkinson’s disease, and expression of the tu-mor suppressor gene p53 after oxidative stress induced by lead. Methods: We used ATDC5 cell line as a model of tumor and treated by lead nitrate for 0, 2, 4, 16, 24 and 48 hours. The mRNAs of alpha-synuclein and p53 were quan-tified by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction and expressed as mean (±SD) for 3 samples at each time point. Results: Ex-pression of both of alpha-synuclein and p53 mRNA increased with increasing exposure of lead treatment. The levels of alpha-synuclein and p53 mRNA were correlated with each other (r=0.9830; P<0.001). Conclusion: We propose that lead’s neurotoxicity in PD is caused by al-pha-synuclein expression and aggregation, which releases the inhibitory influence of al-pha-synuclein on p53 expression, thereby al-lowing p53 to act as the cell’s guardian of the genome and reduce tumorigenic potential. Treatments that reduce alpha-synuclein aggre-gation may need to account for a concomitant reduction in p53’s protective effect.
Effectiveness of Pandemic H1N1-2009 Vaccination in Reducing Laboratory Confirmed Influenza Infections among Military Recruits in Tropical Singapore
Vernon J. Lee, Chi Hsien Tan, Jonathan Yap, Alex R. Cook, Pei-Jun Ting, Jin-Phang Loh, Qiuhan Gao, Mark I. Chen, Wee Lee Kang, Boon Huan Tan, Paul A. Tambyah
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0026572
Abstract: Background Limited information is available about pandemic H1N1-2009 influenza vaccine effectiveness in tropical communities. We studied the effectiveness of a pandemic H1N1 vaccination program in reducing influenza cases in Singapore. Methods A surveillance study was conducted among military personnel presenting with febrile respiratory illness from mid-2009 to mid-2010. Consenting individuals underwent nasal washes, which were tested with RT-PCR and subtyped. A vaccination program (inactivated monovalent Panvax H1N1-2009 vaccine) was carried out among recruits. A Bayesian hierarchical model was used to quantify relative risks in the pre- and post-vaccination periods. An autoregressive generalised linear model (GLM) was developed to minimise confounding. Results Of 2858 participants, 437(15.3%), 60(2.1%), and 273(9.6%) had pandemic H1N1, H3N2, and influenza B. The ratio of relative risks for pandemic H1N1 infection before and after vaccination for the recruit camp relative to other camps was 0.14(0.016,0.49); for H3N2, 0.44(0.035,1.8); and for influenza B, 18(0.77,89). Using the GLM for the recruit camp, post-vaccination weekly cases decreased by 54%(37%,67%, p<0.001) from that expected without vaccination; influenza B increased by 66 times(9–479 times, p<0.001); with no statistical difference for H3N2 (p = 0.54). Conclusions Pandemic vaccination reduced H1N1-2009 disease burden among military recruits. Routine seasonal influenza vaccination should be considered.
Using electroporation and transfection methods to transfer foreign gene into Turbot (Scophthat musmaximus)

LIU Ting,LIU Qing-hua,TAN Xun-gang,ZHANG Pei-jun,XU Yong-li,

海洋科学 , 2007,
Abstract: 对外源基因导入大菱鲆(Scophthat musmaximus)的两种方法进行了研究,采用经过改进的电脉冲方法以及哺乳动物细胞中常用的转染法导入外源基因,并对两种方法进行比较。电脉冲最佳导入条件为:脉冲电压为300V/cm,脉冲次数为5,外源DNA质量浓度为20mg/L;转染法的最佳操作时间为受精后50min。应用上述两种方法进行批量转基因鱼实验,得到外源基因的导入率分别为20%~28%和60%~70%。实验表明利用转染试剂jetPEI处理单细胞期的大菱鲆受精卵能得到较高的孵化率及较高的转基因效率。
Use of indirect ELISA to detect pathogenic bacterium Vibrio anguillarum SMP1

ZOU Yu-xia,MO Zhao-lan,GAO Guang,LIU Ting,ZHANG Pei-jun,

海洋科学 , 2007,
Abstract: An indirect Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay(ELISA) for rapid diagnosis of pathogenic Vibrio anguillarum has been developed.Antiserum specific for the V.anguillarum SMP1 was produced from a New Zealand white rabbit and used in indirect ELISA.The specificity and sensitivity of the antiserum were tested on the liver and kidney tissues of turbot,in which 87.7% out of 30 kidney samples and 90% of liver samples were positive,respectively.
Knockdown and overexpression of Unc-45b result in defective myofibril organization in skeletal muscles of zebrafish embryos
Elena P Bernick, Pei-Jun Zhang, Shaojun Du
BMC Cell Biology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2121-11-70
Abstract: Both knockdown and overexpression provide useful tools to study gene function during animal development. Using such methods, we characterized the role of Unc-45b in myofibril assembly of skeletal muscle in Danio rerio. We showed that, in addition to thick and thin filament defects, knockdown of unc-45b expression disrupted sarcomere organization in M-lines and Z-lines of skeletal muscles in zebrafish embryos. Western blotting analysis showed that myosin protein levels were significantly decreased in unc-45b knockdown embryos. Similarly, embryos overexpressing Unc-45b also exhibited severely disorganized myosin thick filaments. Disruption of thick filament organization by Unc-45b overexpression depends on the C-terminal UCS domain in Unc-45b required for interaction with myosin. Deletion of the C-terminal UCS domain abolished the disruptive activity of Unc-45b in myosin thick filament organization. In contrast, deletion of the N-terminal TPR domain required for binding with Hsp90α had no effect.Collectively, these studies indicate that the expression levels of Unc-45b must be precisely regulated to ensure normal myofibril organization. Loss or overexpression of Unc-45b leads to defective myofibril organization.Sarcomeres, the repetitive intracellular units within striated muscle fibers, are the basic contractile unit in skeletal and cardiac muscles. Sarcomeres contain highly organized arrangements of proteins and are responsible for the contractile properties of muscles. Two major types of filaments- thick and thin- can be found within these complex sarcomeric structures. In addition, sarcomeres contain other major structures, including the Z-lines and M- lines, which provide structural support to the sarcomere. Myofibrillogenesis, the process of assembling myofibrillar proteins into a highly organized sarcomere, is pivotal for normal muscle function and motility. Defective sarcomere organization often leads to malfunction and diseases of skeletal and cardiac muscles
Information Sharing - Effects and Problems

HUO Pei-jun,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2002,
Abstract: 利用一个允许初始信息量不对称的模型考虑双寡头企业进行信息共享时的效应 .双寡头进行信息共享后 ,每个企业的利润以及消费者剩余和社会福利都得以增加 .但在信息共享中存在着“囚徒困境”问题 ,即每个企业都试图通过减少给予另一个企业的信息来增加自己的利润 ,但结果每个企业的利润都降低 ,消费者剩余和社会福利也随之降低 .
The New Trends of Development Strategy on the International Space and Earth Observation Technology

GAO Feng,AN Pei-jun,

遥感技术与应用 , 2008,
Abstract: The recent development strategies and plans on space and earth observation technology of some countries such as the U.S.,Russia,Japan and Canada,and GEO and ESA are introduced briefly.The plans or reports are as follows:Development of the U.S.Integrated Earth Observation System:Progress and Recommendations for the Way Forward,Science Plan for NASA's Science Mission Directorate 2007~2016,the Earth Observation Satellite Plan 2006~2015 in Russia,JAXA 2025,Earth Observation for a Healthy,Safe and Prosperous Can...
Position,classification and educational system construction of resource discipline

SHI Pei-jun,

自然资源学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The root of environmental problems is how to use resources.Strengthen researches on resources science is a key measure to resolve a series of environmental problems resulted from improper resources utilization.Nowadays,while researches on environmental problems become more and more perfect and thorough,it is urgent for us to strengthen the construction of disci-pline system and education system in the field of resources science.This paper is based on the author's work in recent years,such as researches on resource problems,practices of education and actions on stimulating the discipline construction of resources.The author puts forward an initial framework of the position of resource discipline,classification of discipline system and the educational system construction of resource discipline.In other words,the natural,social and technical characters of resources have definitely located the discipline of resources in intersect disciplines,while the discipline of resources should be categorized into classes of physics,engi-neering and management sciences,that is,resources science in physical science(resourceolo gy),resources technology in engineering science(resourcetics)and resources management in manage-ment science(resources managementology)according to Catalogue of Disciplines and Majors on Awarding Doctor and Master Degree and Graduate Students Education promulgated by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and the State Commission of Education of China in1997.There are3first level subjects in resource discipline;they are resourceology,resourcetics and resources managementology.Resourceology includes3second level subjects,9third level subjects and31fourth level subjects;resourcetics includes2second level subjects,5third level subjects and19fourth level subjects.Resources managementology includes3second subjects,8third level subjects and9fourth subjects.The major of bachelor in resource field is resourceolo-gy,and the major of master is resourceology,resourcetics and resources managementology.The key curriculum system of education consists of3professional elementary curriculums,8profes-sional curriculums and22professional task curriculums,which add up to33curriculums.
Delay-dependent Asymptotical Stability for Neutral System with Time-varying delays
LIU Guo-cai,JU Pei-jun
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2011,
Abstract: This paper concerns delay-dependent asymptotical stability for neutral systems with time-varying delays.Some new delay-dependent stability criteria are derived by taking a new Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional(LKF)and free weighting matrices. The relationship between the cross terns is derived in the Leibniz-Newton formula.Neigher model transformation norbounding technique for cross terms has been given to derive the criteria. The proposed stability criteria are given in terms of strict linear matrix inequality (LMI) and it is accordingly easy to check the robust stability of the considered systems. Numerical example cited in the final part of this paper demonstrates that the proposed criteria are effective and are an improvement over the previous papers.
李明,梁力,GUO Pei-jun,李鑫
东北大学学报:自然科学版 , 2015, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1005-3026.2015.09.026
Abstract: 在非线性岩土/石力学问题中,网格质量是影响计算结果的一个重要因素.本文分析了弥散裂缝模型水力压裂数值求解方法中单元高宽比(AR)对计算结果的影响.材料的弹性部分采用线弹性和多孔弹性两种本构关系,屈服和破坏准则采用Drucker-Prager(DP)和Mohr-Coulomb(MC)两种模型.通过综合分析,无论采用何种本构关系,均存在网格敏感性问题.当裂缝的传播方向已知时,可以将单元的AR值控制在2.8~8.0之间,以避免弥散裂缝模型的网格敏感性问题,并得到稳定的结果.如果裂缝传播方向未知,建议使用线弹性本构关系和DP或者MC塑性模型,同时建议AR的取值为1.0.
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